Tipsheet: Seahawks earn ridicule for play-calling blunder

Tipsheet: Seahawks earn ridicule for play-calling blunder Live

Well, that was some crazy stuff in the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Katy Perry and various television advertisers combined to stage quite the spectacle.

What did we learn? That Tom Brady can make some very human mistakes. That Perry can fly and Lenny Kravitz does not appear to age.

That insurance companies don't
mind bumming out 200 million Americans just to move a few more policies. 

In the end, Seattle's disastrous last-minute play call trumped everything else what happened. With the Seahawks a mere yard away from another Super Bowl title, they had two play call options:

A) Stay in Beast Mode and let running back Marshawn Lynch bang out the final yard so the Skittles party could start for real.

B) Let quarterback Russell Wilson fake a hand-off to Lynch and waltz into the end zone untouched for the winning TD.

Attempting a pick play/slant pass should have been about Option Z, given the inherent danger in throwing the ball into traffic in the middle of the field. Ask Rams quarterback Shaun Hill about that.

Sure enough, Patriots safety Malcolm Butler read the pick play and broke on Wilson's pass, beating Seattle receiver Ricardo Lockette to the ball. Certain victory became an agonizing, utterly avoidable defeat.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he made the fateful call, deflecting some of the heat on offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Bevell, in turn, blamed Lockette for failing to seal off Butler's break on the ball.

Folks went nuts on Twitter as the Patriots escaped with a 28-24 victory. Here is a small sampling of the fun:


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