GO! St. Louis marathon runners (and cheerleaders) posts to social media

GO! St. Louis marathon runners (and cheerleaders) posts to social media Live

What almost as fun as running a marathon? Posting about it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

From pre-race jitters: 

Daisy is ready to run her leg of the #gostlouis marathon relay!
by sjsoffer via Instagram

To sunrise ogling:

To a little more waiting:

There they go!

GO! Full & Half Marathon runners knocking out the miles! They put the training in, and it all came together today! WAY TO RUN!
by RunWell via Facebook

Lots of friends and family lined the route to cheer. Even Clydesdales!

Finishers proudly displayed their medals:

13.1 miles dressed like this? We're not worthy.
by GO! St. Louis® via Facebook

(Slow! That split makes me tired just looking at it.)


Good Morning #stl #gomarathon
by mondster via Instagram

Running is fun and cool and you get good snacks after races #halfmarathon #gostlouis
by grafbag via Instagram

Thanks for being (half)crazy with me and helping me finish my first half marathon this morning! @therayneezy @kaitfras #GOStLouis #halfmarathon #13.1 #runner
by randi_rene via Instagram

#halfmarathon #bestfriends #gostlouis We ran 13.1 miles and our egos are on cloud 9
by toriforthewin via Instagram

My First Half Marathon! #gostlouis @harrisrachel
by nkdinamo via Instagram

Way to go Dad/Gramps! #gostlouis #halfmarathon #rundadrun
by mrskateallen via Instagram

And amazement for the elite runners: 

The route had mixed reviews:

Cool place to run! #gomarathon
by mondster via Instagram

-- Compiled by Beth O'Malley


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