Tweets, comments highlight complaints about long lines at Busch Stadium

Tweets, comments highlight complaints about long lines at Busch Stadium Live

Cardinals fans are letting the team know how they feel about the metal detectors at stadiums. On comments from today's article: Busch Stadium staff seeks balance of new security rules, fan patience

Not really sure how this was a surprise to the staff. We attended the US Women's soccer game when they gave it the initial trial run and stood in a huge line for nearly 45mins trying to get in. They were well aware that it would be a huge [problem] before opening day.Luke Schneidervia Facebook at 8:41 AM

I used Gate #3 (Musial). Waited till gates opened so at least the line was moving. Waited a few minutes, but entered without incident. If you're prepared for it, it shouldn't be a problem. When going to a ticketed event, the least one could do is have their ticket ready, not be "fumbling" for it. People have been wanded and patted down at NFL stadiums for years. Only makes sense MLB would follow suit.Kathleen Wilson Griswoldvia Facebook at 10:19 AM

We did arrive early. The crowd management was a joke and the Cardinals were completely unprepared. You could not find an usher to save your life. ... It was a nightmare.Beckie Baum Pricevia Facebook at 8:33 AM

I don't know whether to chuckle or not at the fact that 20,000 fans missed the opening day festivities because of the long lines due to the metal detectors, and the fact that the team turned them OFF 40 minutes before game time shows how truly irrelevant they really are. If they were vital, they would have kept them on. Period. This kind of 'security' is completely unnecessary. All it ends up doing is angering good people who have purchased tickets and who show up for a game. ...John Cannonvia Facebook at 9:02 AM

I understand that MLB feels the need to legally protect itself, but in the long run I think these measures will discourage attendance. It's just a bad idea. ...John Moynihanvia Facebook at 7:52 AM

I will be monitoring this throughout the season. I split season tickets with a group of people. I go to 20 or so regular season games a year, plus about 75% of the home playoff games. If it's terrible through the entire season, I'll probably drop out. I can only imagine how bad week night games are going to be when everyone is rushing to get there after work.Todd Breervia Facebook at 8:47 AM

Solving this:
1) Open more lines at more gates. This also means more detectors and more staff. They can afford it.
 2) They know, and we know, which gates are the busiest. There's more parking and highway access south and west of the stadium so that's where people walk into the ballpark. Adding to the problem is that pedestrians CANNOT walk around the entire ballpark outside of the gates. If you want to walk around the south side from east to west or east to west, you have to go all the way south to Gratiot St and back. This is ridiculous. I see this this as yet another major design flaw (or omission) of Busch III. Fix it please.
3) Metro trains drop off on the west side of the stadium, next to the Stan Musial statue. The Cardinals know this so at the very least, expand the staff and detectors here. This area is a complete mess before every "big" game, and most games period.
Keith Carvervia Facebook at 7:47 AM

On Twitter:

Fans return to the stadium tonight at 7:15 p.m. when the Cardinals play the Brewers - the question is if the long lines will also return.

-- By Beth O'Malley, @PDBeth


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