Tipsheet: Bradford beware: Tebowmania hits Philly

Tipsheet: Bradford beware: Tebowmania hits Philly Live

Tebowmania lives!

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Tim Tebow to back up Sam Bradford, joining Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley in that very crowded quarterback corps.Tebow will step away from his successful broadcasting career to take one more stab at sticking in the NFL.

He has worked diligently with throwing coach Tom House to learn how to actually throw pro-caliber passes. Apparently he has cleaned up his mechanics quite a bit. He is much better throwing downfield than, say, Jon Lester is at throwing over to first base.

But . . . 

Once again Eagles coach Chip Kelly left experts shaking their heads. Maybe he really is an offensive genius. Or maybe he is just nuts.

The man made a big play to get Bradford, sending Nick Foles to St. Louis. He still had Sanchez and Barkley. And now Tebow will come in and hog the limelight.

The Twitterverse exploded with this news. Everybody had an opinion about this marriage.

Here is a sampler:


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