Tipsheet: Twitterverse reacts to Deflategate "findings"

Tipsheet: Twitterverse reacts to Deflategate "findings" Live

More likely than not, Tom Brady knew all about those deflated footballs.

More likely than not, a couple of "support" staffers on the bottom rung of the Patriots organization were responsible for serial football deflation.

Naturally there was no evidence that the evil genius, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, had any knowledge of this. Of course not!

The voluminous but vague Wells Report could not prove these allegations beyond a shadow of a doubt, of course, so Tom Terrific still has some wiggle room as he confronts this public shaming.

He can expect a firm wrist slap from the league while the two Bobos with the needle
, Jim McNally and John Jastremski, get clipped. On their way out the door those two provided us with lots of entertaining reading with their text message exchanges highlighted in the report.

Here is what pundits had to say about all of this nonsense:


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