Twitter wonders if hacking is the Cardinal Way

Twitter wonders if hacking is the Cardinal Way Live

The New York Times is reporting that the FBI is investigating Cardinals front-office employees who allegedly hacked the Houston Astros.

As usual when a controversy arises, Twitter is the place to go to quip.

(How many people made this joke? A LOT.)

The Cardinal Way, in case you're not familiar with it, was explained by Bernie Miklasz, who also wrote about how manager Mike Matheny is tired of the phrase.

This next one crosses the line:

No. Don't bring The Wizard into this. His backflips are sacrosanct.
Moving on:

The "Baseball's Best Fans" account regularly RTs messages that display the Cardinals' fans' ... overzealous support for their team. A few examples:

And, from the team's biggest fan over at Deadspin:

The schadenfreude is on full display:

Are the Cardinals involved AND is it bad news? You KNOW this guy's gonna make an appearance.

But cheer up, Cards fans: 

meanwhile, at the stadium: 


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