Fans celebrate Red Schoendienst

Fans celebrate Red Schoendienst Live

The St. Louis Cardinals and fans are sharing messages to Red Schoendienst today. Using the hashtag #LoveRed2, fans are sharing videos and pictures detailing why they love Red.

Schoendienst's MLB career began more than 70 years ago, and he still assists the team in many ways. As Rick Hummel pointed out in a review of his career: "For most of the 25 years since [managing the team], Schoendienst has been listed as a special assistant to the general manager. His duties there basically consist of offering opinions when asked, and sometimes they are short ones, such as one he delivered to a reporter prattling on one day about what he thought was a young prospect. Schoendienst listened for a while and then said three words — “He can’t play” — and the conversation was over."

And many, many more:

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Some videos:

Just be careful how you spell Red's last name:

-- Compiled by Beth O'Malley, @PDBeth,


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