Gordo: Goodell loses again, this time on "Deflategate"

Gordo: Goodell loses again, this time on "Deflategate" Live

This has definitely not been Roger Goodell's best 365 days on Earth.

He suffered still another setback, this time in the "Deflategate" fiasco. Goodell turned some minor equipment shenanigans into the Outrage of the Century, apparently trying to maintain a firm posture in the face of his many other disciplinary blunders.

Aggrieved New England Patriots quarterback
Tom Brady took the NFL to federal court and won, getting that pesky four-game suspension set aside.

By order U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman, Brady can play in Week 1. The NFL can appeal the ruling, but Goodell's black eye will linger for a long time.
Berman chastised Goodell for administering "his own brand of industrial justice" and noted that the suspension was "premised upon several significant legal deficiencies.''

Here is how the Twitterverse reacted:


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