Reaction to 'National Car Rental Field' announcement

Reaction to 'National Car Rental Field' announcement Live

The proposed riverfront stadium may not have a team to play in it, but it does have a name: National Car Rental Field. And you know that Twitter users had a few things to say about the new name.

From "Who cares, just build it"

To "WHAT?!"

To jokes:

Sorry, folks, no name for the new stadium will ever top the proposal for a sponsor to title the current football facility, "The Dirt Cheap Dome". It just sings, doesn't it? Can't you just picture 70,000 fanatic football fans chanting, "Cheap! Cheap!" at every stoppage of play?Ray Kylevia Facebook at 8:28 AM

To "stadium shouldn't be built anyway"

To suggestions to improve the name:


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