Gordo: NFL world reacts to Fisher's firing

Gordo: NFL world reacts to Fisher's firing Live

Nobody was completely surprised that the Rams finally got around to firing Jeff Fisher.

One, his bad team got even worse after moving to LA. He got into a no-win feud with Rams legend Eric Dickerson, then tried to blame his team's collapse on the personnel of the operation -- even though he has significant say on personnel matters.

On his watch, the Rams made big mistakes in free agency and huge blunders in the draft. They did a terrible job of developing young players and their offense was consistently dull and ineffective.

Who decides to go young all at once on the offensive line? Who decides to trade up to pick a so-so quarterback prospect first overall.

Who does that, then opts not to invest in quality wide receivers?

Fisher did . . . and now he is gone, finally. Stan Kroenke pulled the trigger despite that earlier two-year extension Fisher got. John Fassel replaces him on an interim basis.

Here is how the Twitterverse reacted


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