Critics dismiss Cards penalties as too light

Critics dismiss Cards penalties as too light Live

Major League Baseball is making the Cardinals give $2 million and their top two picks in the 2017 draft to the Houston Astros as punishment for the "Hackgate" scandal.
Of course, $2 million is a very small drop in a very large financial bucket to the Cardinals, who figure to draw in excess of 3 million fans this season and are headed toward much larger local TV dollars.
Since the Cardinals already spent their first-round pick to sign free agent outfielder Dexter Fowler, the Astros will get the No. 56 and No. 75 overall pick in the draft.
That's a hit, but not a gigantic one -- since the Cardinals spent extra dollars in the international market to load up on prospects and they also fared well in the 2016 draft.
And while this incident clearly tarnished the Cardinals, former scouting director Chris Correa was the only employee implicated. The organization will be able to dismiss this whole matter as the unfortunate actions of a rogue employee.
Here is how the Twitterverse reacted to all of this:


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