Man, they hate the Cardinals

Man, they hate the Cardinals Live

See that? Most hated team. Of course, we're playing the second-most hated team in the division series. This ranking received lots of attention on Twitter, even from the mayor of St. Louis.

Deadspin, Gawker's sports blog, pounced on the opportunity to write another post hating on the Cardinals. (Warning, profanity. Lots of it. Not linking to it here, because the Deadspin's tweet with the link has profanity in it.)

Ugh, the Cardinals. We hate them, they're always in the postseason:

Cardinals fans: "Don't hate us because we're successful."

(Hey, no reason to be mean to hockey fans.)

Top-notch farm-team system = great reason to hate a team.

Can't hate them for their hot manager, though.

Or the catcher:


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