Aug. 4 STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

Aug. 4 STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

    Don't you think the players have to make it public? It would be obvious from who plays (or gets added to roster) on Friday who would be missing.
    It's up to them. Clearly it's going to be pretty obvious based on who's not on the field. But if they don't want to disclose the reason, they don't have to.
    Let's talk about something more uplifting than the Cardinals health issues.

    I'm very impressed with the NBA and how they are presenting their games. Virtual fans, crowd noise. I don't watch the NHL but it seems to me they aren't doing things like this. Do you think they should?
  • The NBA, from what I've watched, has the best setup. I like the virtual fans when they are real people. Baseball has toyed with virtual generic fans, and that's creepy. I also like the cardboard cutouts. The NHL games need to do something other than those logo tarps, I think.
    Mo is obviously invaluable to DeWitt and clearly he has left his stamp on a lot of areas of this organization, but is he spread too thin? The free agency signings of the last 4 years look worse every day. I am not sure he has hit a proverbial home run with any player he has signed for decent money and term.
    The prominent free-agent signings have been rough for a while. There's no doubt about that, and Mozeliak is the face of those moves. The punt on the Brett Cecil deal and the Miles Mikolas injury have shined a light back on that conversation. The Cardinals have been fortunate to make up for some of the lack of performance in other areas, whether it's trade or draft-and-develop, but it's totally fair to say the team has had more misses than hits on free agents for some time now, and it's not just relief pitchers either, though those have been drastically bad.
    So, ignoring protocol (apparent if you watched any Cardinals game) means no real penalty at all. Glad you’re cool with that, but I’m not.
    The lack of spread between teams would seem to suggest what happens or does not happen on the field during outdoor games is not all that impactful in containing or not containing the virus, but I don't think that's going to change your opinion. What is the answer? If a player gives a high five, should that turn into an out? Should a guy who spits be fined? How is that going to be enforced? What if a guy spits and no one sees it? What if the players give an air-high-five; who determines if they really touch? See the point?
    What do you think about the teasers and fun MLS4THELOU have been having in the lead up to 8/13? Where do you think they're leaning with their name/colors based on these teasers?
  • I love it. 
    Fans were hungry for a stirring of the pot, and they're getting it.
    I thought the fun confirmation of the fan-suggested names that did not make the cut was done the right way, though I am sorry for all of the Lazer Snake fans out there. (Not sure if I spelled that right.)
    Seems like they're going heavy on the yellow.
    That would be a nice change of pace from the red and blue that are already heavy in this city's sports landscape, though I feel the color would not do much for my pasty skin tone.
    There were some player who had the virus coming into Spring training 2.0,correct? Could they have spread it to others,and they weren't over the virus?
    Correct, but the on-boarding process was specifically put into place to not allow players with the virus to enter the ballpark before camp started. That's why some players were delayed arrivals while they waited for multiple negative tests. So, it's safe to say this outbreak was caused by a new introduction of the virus that came after the on-boarding process.
  • Is the MLBPA or MLB considering putting a pause on the season to move to a bubble? That seems to be the only effective way for a sports league to operate in this pandemic. Just plowing through the season with all these positive tests seems like wishful thinking (at best). I don't understand why the only choices are playing out the season as if there's no pandemic or canceling the season.
  • I'm not sure how it would be possible to reverse course now and set up a bubble format on the fly.
    That would require quarantines of all those entering to make sure the bubble works, meaning no games for at least two weeks.
    You would have to find an area of areas with the proper accommodations.
     And a big part -- the players would have to agree; they didn't like the bubble notion last time around. (Though it's fair to wonder what a better relationship between the commissioner and players' union could have come up with if they didn't despise one another.)
    Just seems like a lot of moving parts to arrange on the fly, not to mention how it would disrupt the timing and schedules of athletes who are already adjusting to this current format.
    In hindsight, baseball should have been more dogged on pursuing a bubble format that could work, but if they could not come up with a suitable plan before the season, I don't see how they would come up with one on the fly during the season.
  • Is there any evidence that players were at a casino or wherever they allegedly were? Reading lots of comments but nobody can provide evidence.
  • Mozeiak was asked directly about those rumors/reports yesterday.
    He refuted them.
    Unless there's evidence that suggests he's lying, that's where it stands at the moment.
  • A couple weeks ago you regarding statue removal you said "In general, on this topic, I tend to want to see proof of how removing a statue is going to do something to actually help us make up ground in the fight to end racism -- not just make up ground in the fight for white people to feel less guilty about how bad racism was years ago."

    What would count as "proof?"

    Ultimately, statues are placed to honor those figures cast in stone/metal. During the dedication ceremonies they don't typically present the good and bad sides about the person honored, they don't have speakers praise the person and then invite someone to speak on ugly instances from that person's past. Definitely not if the person is still alive. The plaques attached to statues don't say here are his good qualities, but here is equal time to the bad qualities. Perhaps that's a solution, keep these statues up, but provide a permanent marker of shame to the person as well?

    When a statue is placed it is an outward sign to everyone in the community that this person should be honored. What if the person had some "ugly" things in the past? Well, putting the statue up with that knowledge implicitly signals to all in the community that this person is exemplary they deserve to be honored in spite of those bad things.

    In cases where the person honored was a racist, what does that say to the people in the community affected by the racism? If the leaders honor this person what does that say? If the community continues to honor this person what does that say?

    I'm making these comments generally, not so much about Enos Slaughter or the Forest Park statue of St. Louis. I do agree knee-jerk reaction and empty gesture doesn't move us all forward. Perhaps the time that's elapsed since the person lived may save something like the statue of St. Louis, but in the history of America, and in the time since at least the Civil War (maybe longer) the more recent the person was honored the more unacceptable it is to ignore these things and the less "racism years ago" flies as any sort of excuse to keep it up even if the racists things weren't known at the time a statue went up.
    If every statue included a list of all of the bad things that person did over the course of their life, I'm guessing there would not be many statues -- or a lot of statues with a plaque that was bigger than the statue. What we should probably agree to stop doing is building statues of people, period. It's a slippery slope toward false idols, and statues can be found along that slope. There are better, more productive ways to honor people worth honoring.
    Let's pull the plug on this $#&% show. Baseball this year isn't even close to being entertaining. One of these players be it pitcher or fielder are going to get hurt from shutting down and restarting, shutting down and restarting. Athletes are not conditioned to work off a light switch. This is just stupid now.
    I keep reminding myself the players have the option to walk away if they don't see the point in continuing. We have seen some more opt-outs across the league, but for now the only Cardinals player to do so was Jordan Hicks, who has a pre-existing condition that made it a health concern; thank goodness Hicks opted out, right? I couldn't help but shake my head when I heard the Cardinals are expected to have just two practices after five nights of quarantine before they play the Cubs. Baseball has already observed an uptick in the rate of arm injuries during this pandemic-squandered season, and I'm afraid that could worsen as schedules are remade on the fly daily.
    If Carp goes back in at third,how about Weiters for dh,and Knizner at catcher?
  • Could make sense for pitchers Wieters matches up well against. Not sure you want him as the permanent DH all the time.
  • What's the latest on whether high school fall sports will happen in Missouri (or Illinois)?
    Illinois made the call to shift most fall sports to the spring, and shift spring sports to an early summer season.
    Missouri is taking a different approach and planning to host seasons for schools that can play them. That means schools that can't due to being online only will miss those opportunities.
    There's no good answer.
    What would you say are the odds that they make the playoffs now? Not saying that we can't field a .500+ team still but do you think we play the kids now or still go for it?
  • They've taken a significant hit, even with the expanded postseason. But who knows, the other teams in the division could take a similar hit before the playoffs arrive, if the playoffs arrive. DeJong was the cleanup hitter. Molina is the undisputed captain and a key reason the pitchers perform so well. More problems could stem from rushing back after so many forced off days. The missing coaches will make some sort of a negative impact. Team morale is going to take a hit, I imagine. I get no joy out of being a downer, but I have a hard time seeing this as anything other than a season-altering setback. I had the Cardinals as a wild-card team before the playoffs expanded. If they make it in now, it would be a small miracle. Some of it could depend on how fast Molina and DeJong can make it back. There's no guarantee on that.
  • I just read a PD article that stated "corner infielder "corner infielder Ravelo". So is Ravelo considered a potential 3b possibly platoon with Carl?
  • We saw him there just a little bit during summer camp, so it would not be shocking to see that happen given the current pinch the team has found itself in.
  • I think yellow as the primary color for MLS4THELOU is perfect. Then all of the primary colors of the St. Louis flag are covered.
  • I don't know if that's for sure the case, just that yellow seems to be the lead color in most of the teases. Maybe it's a misdirection. The ownership group is good at hiding name/team/color info.
  • Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?
    Hopefully, a revival.
    The BattleHawks should rise again, returning Phoenix-like from the ashes of ruin to their proper state of glory.
    Kaw is The Law.
    Where is Brad Miller in his recovery from his ankle/heel injury? He would be another option at short allowing Edman to stay at third.
    Last update on Miller had him rehabbing in Springfield at the alternate site. Edman might be better at shortstop and Miller at third, but yes, he could be back in the mix if his rehab is trending in the right direction.
    I realize we don't know how Molina contracted Covid and IF he did not follow protocol but obviously if the team knows they are not saying. If Molina didn't follow protocol how can this NOT effect DeWitt/Mozaliak's desire to sign him for a extension to 2021 and beyond? It will be costing the team and his teammates a lot of money.
    Again, I don't understand or agree with this thinking.
    We can keep presenting it in different formats all day, but my opinion on it is not going to change.
    I have a friend who found out this weekend that he has the virus.
    He called his work to tell them, and they asked him to work from home.
    He was not fined, fired or given the impression he should be worried about his next contract.
    His company had asked him to come back to work. He did. He got the virus. Now he's recovering and working from home.
    People are going to get the virus. Players are going to get the virus. We have not done a very good job as country at stopping the spread. Baseball has not done as good of a job as other pro leagues and creating a system where the virus can't break in.
    So, no, I don't see how a player getting COVID-19 will or should impact his standing with the team or his contract negotiations.
    Molina's next contract could be impacted by how the pandemic changed the finances of baseball teams, but to suggest it will be changed by the fact he tested positive? No. I'm not buying that.
    Why did a verified reporter who appears to be legit and get good information tweet a player on the Cardinals had tested positive per his sources, and then delete it? He has not addressed it since.
    I've been in the chat here with you all, and don't know what this is about. Fill me in.
  • I'd have to imagine this is the time that Carlson gets called up. With at least one starting infielder down, Carpenter likely will see more time in the field, and with Yadi out, that means neither catcher will DH. I'd imagine they will need a DH, and I don't think that Lane Thomas is going to be the answer there. I'd also wonder if Carlson could have a legit grievance claim - covid is an unprecedented situation and it would be fairly jarring if he weren't one of 5 called up to replace the players who have Covid.
  • If Kris Bryant didn't win his grievance against the Cubs, Carlson won't be winning any grievance against the Cardinals. The Cardinals should call him up because a) it's passed the five-game window and b) it would be some rare good news in a season that has been turned on its head.
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