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Bring your Cardinals, Blues, Mizzou and STL sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

  • As one who made a comment on Pham, I'm rooting for him and agreed that his edge is probably a good thing. It is not naive however to be concerned about a guy that is so important to this franchise's future becoming abrasive Kevin Brown Style. I have no idea what the other guys in the locker room think, but it is important. I get the context about his contract, but words and delivery do trends. Mo's response to Pham after the season was something and kinda funny.
  • You bet.
    Pham doesn't sugarcoat his words, so Mo won't either -- that was the "I don't want him to be a spokesperson" line.
    But Mo wanted him to be the starting center fielder and top-3 hitter.
    Some friction doesn't mean fire.
  • How does the club view Adolis Garcia? He's already 25 and seems very talented. Do they see him as a possible regular at some point?
  • He roared out of the gates this spring.
    Mega talented.
    Likely at Class AAA this season.
    Outfield logjam is real. 
  • Ankiel's book is a very good read. I recommend Boys of Summer about Brooklyn Dodgers. Thanks for the chat and the good work,
  • Thanks, Jay. I guess I need to read Rick's book!
  • Let's say March 24 rolls around and Mikolas is still struggling. Not just bad numbers, but just not getting swings and misses. What do the Cardinals do? Do they turn to Flaherty, stick with Mikolas and hope he rights himself once the games count, or start looking to a FA/trade?
  • Important to keep in mind that Mikolas doesn't have options. So, that would make this a challenging situation. The contract and the Cardinals' confidence in Mikolas suggests they would give him chances to right the ship. Obviously, everything has a limit.
  • Did you hear Mo's comments about Mikolas yesterday..."so far so good"...and his general positivity about the rotation? Is that posturing, perhaps leading to a move, or is he that delusional about this rotation?
  • I did. He's backing his guy. We'll see how it plays out.
  • The Cards won't admit it publicly, but it's obvious they need a veteran's inning eater in the rotation. But every time anyone mentions Lance Lynn, that idea can't get shot down fast enough. Cobb and Arrieta get some version of "Probably Not", but with Lynn it's always "No Way. Never." Was there some sort of conflict between Lynn and the Cardinals that the public isn't aware of?
  • The Post-Dispatch has confirmed and reported that the Cardinals are not in on Lance. So, that's why it's shot down. Because there's not truth to it. At least there wasn't at the start of spring, and no hint that anything's changed.
  • Gomber has pitched 5.0 so far in spring training. Given up 4 hits , 4 BB, 3 SO. Batters are hitting .235 off of him, what does he need to do to take the next step? Is it just matter of limiting the walks?
  • He looks good. He needs to keep doing that , and get some luck on a path emerging for him.
  • I know it is early and spring training does not count BUT i get a gut feeling the 2018 Cards are going to be like watching the 2015-16-17 Cardnals. Slow, not very exciting to watch and will have to win the 3-2, 2-1, games to have a better than 500 year. What do you think?
  • I haven't been to Florida yet. Headed there Sunday. Following from here, I haven't seen anything that screams contender.
  • Your chats are a must read and might be the best weekly chat (sorry Derrick).

    A couple quick questions mixed in with some comments. First, something tells me that the Blues are in for more changes then people realize. I say this because this is the same core that forced Armstrong to fire one of his best friends and if Yeo wasn't coming off such a tremendous turnaround last year and if Yeo wasn't so new to the job, fans would be calling for the head of another coach. New younger players will be coming into the fold next year and with young players comes growing pain and slumps and losing streaks. Strong leadership and a complete buy-in into the coach are the only way a team can be successful and overcome difficult stretches during the season. That being said, I don't see strong enough leadership with the current team and I think their play for the last few months indicates that the whole team hasn't "bought in" to Mike Yeo. If the Blues were going to subtract multiple pieces for the existing veteran core, who do you see as the most likely candidates? Do you think they need to subtract from the core and bring in some fresh veteran players? And if you were in charge of the Blues, what areas would you focus your attention on improving the major league roster?

    My second question is on the Cardinals. I have no idea if Mikolas is going to pan out or not or if Waino can get by with a high 80s fastball, duct tape and bubble gum. What I do know is, if the Cardinals were truly committed to winning the division, it could be had. And frankly, after the Cubs won the World Series, I didn't think they would be this vulnerable in 2017, 2018 and beyond. I can't speak for everyone else, but I can say for myself is that is what really bothers me with the ticky tack moves they have made to address major issues with their pitching staff. A pitching staff that was horrible at times last year. You subtract Lance Lynn, by far our second best pitcher for Mikolas and Reyes, who is coming off of Tommy John. Why does everyone just naturally assume Reyes will be the same pitcher he was before? Most pitchers aren't the same after that injury. Waino never was and I could list dozens of other guys. I understand that you don't want to block your young pitchers path to the majors with a starting staff of 5 guys with big money deals. As of right now, they only have 1. Their are numbers that suggest that Lance Lynn was a very lucky pitcher last year and his stats and results should have been much worse, so that explains why they weren't excited about a four or five year deal. But I can not understand why they wouldn't jump at the chance of resigning Lynn or signing Arrietta or Cobb if they can be had for 3 year deals. Most of the young pitchers they have will not be solid major league starters. It doesn't make sense to rest your season on unproven quantities that will most likely let you down. Of the starting pitchers, who if any, would you target if you were the Cardinals, what type of money would you pay them? Do you take a gamble that Arrietta bounces back after nagging injuries bothered him last year and count on his post-season success, or go back to what's comfortable in Lynn or do you take a gamble on a risk/reward pitcher like Cobb who will require far less money than Arrietta and hope that the last two months of 2017 will translate into a full season of production?
  • Thanks. I think we view the rotation similarly, so I'll go with the Blues question. I agree that a shakeup could be a good thing. Army should do an audit of the entire team. If Yeo is your guy, include him on the process. By the end of the season, I would want a list of guys this team moves forward with and guys who are holding this team back, on and off the ice. I'd get rid of anyone who wasn't helping in those categories. With as much talented youth in the system, eliminate the chance of a poisoned well. Some new blood might be good.
  • My question was - Let's PRETEND Pham demands a trade. I know he shouldn't be traded, etc. but IF he had to be traded on short notice, what would he bring back?
  • It doesn't work like that. The Cardinals could just tell him, hey, we aren't trading you. He's the starting center fielder and one of the best hitters in the lineup. He's cheap. There's no reason to trade him. He knows that. He's said that before.
  • OK, everybody. Gotta run. Thank you for swinging by. We will do it again next week, this time from sunny Florida. Cheers!
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