Ben Frederickson Live

Ben Frederickson Live

Bring your Cardinals, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

  • Yeo is taking the blame for not getting the team ready to play every night. Army is also taking heat for putting the team together. But they’re not forcing Allen to let in soft goals or forcing several players to play like pee-wees. Is a guy like ROR uncomfortable taking on a leadership role, being new to the team?
  • I actually think Ryan O'Reilly should be commended for trying to lead by example.
    He's playing well and doing the little things -- like staying after practice for more work.
    Shrug that off if you want, but it sends a message perhaps some of his teammates should follow.
    It should not go unnoticed that a good chunk of the under-performing Blues are the  guys who have been around, including the captain and the goalie. Hitch had to go because these guys would not play their best. Now Yeo is on the hot seat. Sometimes, it's the players.
  • Jeremy Rutherford on 101ESPN said after the Minnestoa game Saturday he didn't ask any questions or report any answers after the game because none of it was worth reporting and it was the same answers....that says A LOT. How about some fire/accountability. Call someone out if that's what it takes.
  • Check the clips.
    I haven't been pedaling sunshine and rainbows from Enterprise Center.
  • I asked this before on a chat but I didn't see the answer. Coaches need to be held accountable for their team. Lack of preparation and lack of hustle. This seems to be the case with Yeo. Do you know the reason Yeo was fired from Minnesota? (other than record?). Did he have the same issues there?
  • Like pretty much every hockey coach who gets canned, he got fired for not winning enough.
    There was also chatter about how he was too reliant on veterans and not trustworthy enough of young players.
    That same old song and dance about the message getting old.
    All things that we have heard before. All things that come about when a coach gets fired.
    I'm not giving Yeo a free pass here. And he will be the one who has to pay if this team does not start climbing out of the cellar soon. I'm just pointing out that the players deserve some heat here. It's OK to expect more from them.
  • In the winnipeg game Jaybo was playing 3rd pairing, then in the 3rd period with a big lead jaybo got moved to top pairing and dunn moved down, jaybo was then on the ice for every goal against, this is directly on Yeo for doing that and for continuing to play jaybo on top pair when anyone can see hes not that player anymore. He use to be but isnt now. Thats not good coaching and then to say today that jaybo isnt fully heeled from the hip surgery, then why play him there? Its embarrasing.
  • Today's news is a bad look for Yeo, J-Bo and all involved.
    It's either an excuse to get J-Bo off the ice, or an admittance of coaching malpractice.
    And Yeo is not in a position to be admitting coaching malpractice.
    Bad look.
    But, to your first question, citing the festering J-Bo situation as the reason the Blues have been bad across the board seems like a reach. This seems to be the tip of the iceberg at the moment. Lots of problems, and this is a big one.
  • Ben, so I am going to see the Blues play in Vancouver and Calgary in December. Should be a great time. However, I live in Denver and the Blues play at the Avs November 30th. For the first time in my life, I don't want to go see the Blues play (in Denver that is, Canada is going to be an unreal experience). They are playing garbage hockey. And let me know if you think differently but the Pepsi Center sucks mainly because I can't get my iPhone to work in there. It's sad that Mizzou Athletics can afford to bulk up the cell phone coverage at Faurot Field. However, the Kroenke's are worth $13 billion (far more than the current financial state of Mizzou athletics) and they go cheap on the Pepsi Center.
  • Kroenke cheap? I'm shocked. At least you are not a tenant on the Texas land he chased residents from.
  • Is Mizzou's season a failure if they fail to make either the NCAA tournament or the NIT?
  • I mean, the tournament is the goal every season.
    That's not going to change.
    But they lost their best player (again) the same month the season starts. They lost their top two scorers. They have some impressive youth, but some big questions.
    I think you can have a good season, in terms of the future of this program, without making the big tournament, is my point.
    That said, those who wrote off Mizzou after MPJ went down were surprised by the outcome.
  • Im not citing just jaybo as the only problem, coaching and goaltending have been an issue too, but jaybo has been one. The fancy stats and corsi rating do not support jaybo and the affect he has on whoever he is paired with. I was always a rare defender of him because his defense and PK were outstanding for many years IMO. he just doesnt have it anymore and thats ok, it happens, just want the coaches to realize it when we have other options that arent bad.
  • Agreed.
    It's bad.
    And they have stuck with him too long -- ESPECIALLY IF HE'S NOT HEALTHY.
  • Ben, you indicated that you are in your 20s. Are you premature gray?
  • I've got a few grays. They started popping up after I started a weekly chat.
  • Any news on if coach Q is looking to continue coaching? No better place to get revenge on his former team than in STL. With Yeo seemingly to blame for the slow start, what are the chances of bringing in coach Queneville?
  • Don't know.
    But considering he just got canned today, I imagine he has some things to sort through, one of which is if he wants to coach again, and how soon.
    He's 60.
    But, if he's interested, the Blues would be crazy to not gauge that interest and seriously consider the possibility.
    So would every team with a hot-seat coach.
    If I'm Q, I would take the rest of the season to sort through my options and not jump into  a new situation immediately. He will have more options during the offseason. He will likely get to determine his return, if he wants to make one. And teams will adjust accordingly, because of his stature, impact and legacy.
  • Ben, another thing about Denver. So the Mizzou Alumni Association is having a Mizzou Night at the Nuggets game when they play the Cavs. MPJ-Clarkson. And I don't understand why some Mizzou alumni are so enamored with MPJ, he didn't do anything for Mizzou on the court. Heck, he probably will not play in that game agains the Cavs with his injury. They are auctioning off signed MPJ gear and a few months ago a bunch of Mizzou Alumni went to his first public appearance in Denver. I just don't get it though man. The guy hasn't done anything since high school. Why are so people so crazy about him? I appreciate how he helped Mizzou's recruitment. But all the hoopla he caused last season for Mizzou basketball wasn't needed. As I'm sure you've heard apparently Kassius Robertson wanted to beat him down a few times.
  • Yeah, I don't really understand the desire of some Mizzou types to force MPJ into a thing.
    It could have been amazing. It wasn't. Let it go.
    As for Robertson, he did more than want to.
  • I don't understand why everyone thinks the Cards NEED to improve the offense. It was better than the Cubs and Brewers last year (out scored one and was only 2 behind the other, with those 2 given to them on the last Sunday) playing in a much tougher offensive ballpark. I say improve the left side of the BP, improve the bench on defense and a lefty hitter, and then find someone like Lamb to platoon at 3rd.
  • It wasn't better than the Cubs and Brewers.
    It was about the same, in terms of production.
    Runs per game:
    Cardinals 4.69
    Cubs 4.67
    Brewers 4.63
    Brewers .747
    Cubs .744
    Cardinals .730
    The offense does not need to be detonated. No one is making that case.
    It does need another middle-of-the-order bat that can help lengthen and lift the lineup.
    The hope would be that Ozuna gets his shoulder right, and becomes the hitter he can be; that Carpenter has another MVP-ish season; and that another addition would turn an OK lineup into the kind of lineup you see dominating in the postseason.
    Take Moustakas for example. He hit what, sixth, for the Brewers? He would have been a heart-of-the-order hitter for the Cardinals. They need more meat in the middle.
  • You know those comparisons of how Presidents age during 8 years in office? They should post some of how P-D scribes age after 8 years of chats.
  • Its obvious Mike Yeo has committed serial incompetence in managing this team. I don't think he can get this team back to playing for him, I believe he lost them last year. Armstrong has to make some decisions before the season is lost, or before he gets canned. First, replace Yeo with a strong leader like Coach Q (if he didn't want to coach he would have retired after last season). The guys don't fear Yeo. Decide to go with youth, they are faster and have more upside (Sandy won't score another goal the rest of 2018). Tell this team to get mean or get out. Finally, tell Parayko do two things: He must fight someone next one fears him....they know he is all poke check and no body check, and start taking more slap shots even if someone is in front of him....when he starts breaking ankles the league will get the message to get out of the way, believe me. What say you?
  • A+  rant.
    A few thoughts ...
    Hitch was too hard on the players. Yeo is too soft? Perhaps the players should just show some more professional pride. But that's just me. I've watched Yeo try about every tactic to motivate these guys. They keep blowing up in his face.
    Yeo has made mistakes. No question there. This J-Bo loyalty is bizarre and even more concerning after today's news.
    Coach Q wanting to coach his team again this season is not the same as Coach Q wanting to jump to a different team this season after his team fired him this season. Should the Blues find out if he's interested in that idea? Hell yes.
    This is Parayko's fourth season. If he's not playing like he's 6-foot-6, 230 by now, what makes you think he suddenly will? It's hard to think of a more over-hyped player in this town.
  • Morosi is now linking the Cardinals to Kimbrel. Have you heard anything on this or is it one of the afore mentioned cases of an agent using the Cardinals to drum-up interest?
  • Do me a favor.
    Go to Twitter and punch "Morosi" and "Cardinals" into the search field.
    Press enter.
    See how many times he has linked the Cardinals to a player they do not get.
    Could the Cardinals be in on Kimbrel? Sure. Does Morosi linking the Cardinals to Kimbrel mean it's going to happen? Well, check the history.
  • Tyler O'Neill is more overhyped than Colton Parayko. He's Randal Grichuk 2.0 except he can't catch a flyball in the lights and he can't hear his centerfielder. Banking on anything from O'Neill for the next 5 years is a gross miscalculation.
  • Who is banking on O'Neill for the next five years?
    I'd like to see him not strike out 40 percent of the time before I'm confident he can be anything more than a fourth outfielder.
  • Thanks for the chat, BenFred.
    The appetite for Bryce Harper is apparently driving some otherwise reasonable minds to the brink of delusion. One prominent national voice recently referred Harper as "durable" and also as having a "predictable career arc." In reality, Harper has played 132 games a year, just 6 more per season than the brittle Dexter Fowler. And Bryce, for all his talent, has registered perhaps the *least* predictable career arc of anyone in baseball in many, many years. Per Baseball-Reference, Harper's bizarre last 5 years are a dismal 1.1 WAR in 2014, then 10.0 WAR in his MVP outlier season, then 1.5, 4.7, and finally 1.3 in 2018. That's a yo-yo, not a great ballplayer.

    My question, Ben, is have you heard anything about the Cards and a possible trade for Edwin Diaz? Thanks for your time!
  • I'll bite on the Harper challenge.
    Let's look at the last four seasons, ages 22-25.
    Harper has averaged 142 games per season during that span.
    His slash line during that time reads .283/.410/.543.
    Adjusted OPS? 150. (League average is 100.)
    He's averaged 32 homers and 93 RBIs.
    He's made every All-Star game.
    He's 26 years old. 
    I care more about what he did the past four years than what he did or didn't do between 2012-14.
    As for Diaz, he's an intriguing trade chip if the Mariners do indeed sell off. Have to think they would want quite a bit. Cardinals have been clear they are prioritizing lefties. He's right-handed. 
  • I'm with Brad on Harper. WAY overrated! Compare his first 7 years to Pujols...
  • Pujols was a rookie at 21*
    Harper was a rookie at 19.
  • Tyler O'Neill dominated with a .311 average and 53-homer pace in AAA last year at age 22, then (strikeouts or not) put up a solid 114 wRC+ and 115 OPS+ in the majors, better than Yadi & DeJong & Gyorko & Bader. Brother, THAT is a hitter.

    Don't forget: Tyler O'Neill was a consensus top 40 overall prospect in 2017 when the Cards traded for him, and the Birds were praised throughout baseball for the shrewdness of that deal. Strikeouts will always be a part of his profile, but they've never been prohibitive. In fact, last year Tyler only struck out 24.9% of the time in AAA. Give him a year to adjust to MLB, and he'll be much better at making contact. That's how it almost always works.

    My question, Ben, is have you heard any scuttlebutt connecting the Cards to Taylor Rogers the excellent Twins reliever? Thanks for all the time you give us!
  • I've got no doubt that Tyler O'Neill can mash Class AAA pitching.
    We've seen it.
    And yes, we won't know what he can become until he gets the chance to face major league pitching regularly.
    But I'll plant my flag in the cautious camp until I see fewer strikeouts or more home runs.
    Not sure the mix he showed last season secures him a long-term place in MLB.
    Rogers is very good as you mentioned and maybe there could be a deal there that involved Jose Martinez, but that's just connecting dots at this point. No traction to report.
  • No Mizzou love today? HCBO just saved his job and no one cares.
  • How about that?
    Guess it describes the nature of the chat.
    Firing mobs are the rage online.
    Not so much when it comes time to admit it might have been premature.
    I've said all along Mizzou should bring back Odom if he gets to 7 with a chance to make it 8 in the bowl game. Now it's looking like the Tigers could do better than that. They have to, gulp, maintain momentum. That's been a challenge for them at time, but they have finished stronger than they started under Odom.
  • I think you hit on it earlier about the Blues. Look at the holdovers from Hitchcock era and tell me they're not playing the same as when the HC got canned. The players wouldn't play for Hitch and they're doing the same thing with Yeo. I'm not saying they need to tank and rebuild, but I think some of the under performers are needing some new scenery starting with Petro and Tarasenko. Get a good return on them while you can.
    And good for Mizzou HCBO. I'll share some love today. After a hear wrenching game that was very easy to watch and cheer. Maybe he could whisper in Yeo's ear.
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