Ben Frederickson Live

Ben Frederickson Live

Bring your Cardinals, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

    Greetings, chatters. Hope you all have your holiday shopping finished. Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll see you at the stores this weekend. Let’s roll.
    Good Morning Sir. Just wondering if Gregerson has approach Goldy to offer No 44 !! I really do not think he will be on the roster, so it may be available in SP
    Not to my knowledge. Goldschmidt said during his introduction that he wasn’t going to ask for someone’s number. I doubt that changes as long as Gregerson is on the team. And if the Goldschmidt uniforms are being sold with 46, then he would make a later change knowing the people who bought it were out of luck. I’m not sure he would want to do that either. I imagine he might stick with 46.
    The story goes that the Cards might get into the Harper market if it falls to 7-8 years but wouldn't a bunch of other teams? And if a bunch of teams get involved at that point couldn't that push the terms back up towards 10 years? I just think there's gotta be a few teams willing to offer more than STL, if nothing else just for the marketing power, and don't really see a scenario where he signs with STL
    I think that’s a fair way of viewing it until we have evidence otherwise. The Cardinals can always adjust their plans if a rare opportunity crosses into their take-the-chance range. Stanton got there. I don’t think Harper will. But we will see. I’ve compared this to car shopping. If you go to the lot with 55k you are willing to spend on a 75k car, you’re probably not walking out of there with the car. There’s probably going to be a salesman who tells you to kick rocks. Or another buyer who will spend more. But on the right day, in the right market, maybe you go to browse and wind up with a deal. The Cardinals arent even test driving. They have just made a call to the salesman (Boras) at this point. They are not on the front lines of this and it could end without them ever getting there. That’s what I would bet on.
    Given the amount and quality of players the cardinals have that are in the final year of their contract, do you think it is possible that they might be more inclined to sell at the deadline if they are out of contention? Have to believe that between Mikolas, Goldschmidt, Wacha and Ozuna the cardinals could get a haul of young prospects if desired.
    Awful early to play buyer/seller isn’t it? The Cardinals have avoided being pure sellers for how long now? I doubt they would do it this season, with so much emphasis on this season, unless they are so out of it they can’t catch up. I don’t think they will be.
    Trading for Goldschmidt was a great move. BUT taking our best hitter over the last 2 years, Jose Martinez's bat out the line up and replacing it with Dexter Fowler.
    If Mo goes with that, Fowler in the lineup Martinez gone, does the Goldschmidt trade really make the Cardinals line up that much better?
    We need Martinez and Goldschmidt in the line up together!
    What do you say Mr Ben??
  • It depends on how Fowler plays.
    Simple as that.
    This is why I personally hope they keep Jose around.
    They sometimes seem determined to make that not the case.
    Adding Goldschmidt’s bat and glove are very big changes. Don’t underestimate that. He is perhaps the best hitter in the NL in any given season. He’s also a regular Gold Glove winner at a position that produced a ton of the Cardinals errors last season. Goldschmidt changes this team.
    Ben, many in the media think the XFL will fail. If you were commissioner how would you make the league a success?
    I would hire Jim Thomas as my ambassador to STL. I’m serious. He has some really good ideas on what could make it a hit here, what could make it stick here. They should prioritize local ties, former Rams players, former Mizzou and Illinois players. Pour on the nostalgia.
    I think if I hear one more time a player say in a post-game interview “We just weren’t ready” I’m gonna puke. We’re back to a bunch of independent contractors again. There has got to be a cancer in this locker room but nobody is calling out who it is or who they are. Management cannot be that blind and if they are, then we have bigger problems. As far as I’m concerned you can get rid of Tarasenko, Steen, Petro, Parayko. You should be able to get a decent haul back for these players. Parayko plays like he’s trying to win a Lady Byng Trophy.
  • Careful, criticism of Tarasenko is grounds for lifetime banishment from STL.
    We are just suppose to be happy he’s here, remember?
    This team is just pathetic and not very good.
    I’m not sure it needs more calculus than that.
    They are not as good as we thought they would be, not even close, and instead of responding to that realization and improving, they just continue to disappoint.
    GM Doug Armstrong has a very tough job at the moment. He called out the core, for the second time in as many head coach firings. He built that core. If he has addressed the problem (twice) and does not change it, no matter how painful, how should we view him?
    At this point, he either fixes the problem or admits he is the problem.

    Mo saying Dexter Fowler will be the right fielder and the GM saying at the winter meetings that the starting 8 in the Cardinals 2019 starting line up would be on the team when the winter meetings were over.
    Does that not mean we can forget signing Harper or Machado and for get about trading for Cody Bellinger?
    No place for them in the out field. Please do not tell us that Mo is going to trade Ozuna and J.Martinez? Thank You Mr. Ben
    We’ve covered the Harper stuff a million times. The Cardinals are watching but haven’t met with him and are not willing to engage at this point. Maybe the market changes, but it might not, meaning they could never get in it.
    The public recommitment to Fowler is yet another sign the Cardinals won’t be signing Harper. The Cardinals hold their cards close, but a very thorough and public return to Fowler as the starter only to add a starter at that position would be an uncharacteristic move for the Cardinals.
    Trading Ozuna before what could be a big season doesn’t add up. He’s playing for a contact.
    Jose Martinez could be traded for relief. Hopefully the Cardinals don’t ship him for prospects to alleviate the Fowler pressure. That would be very disappointing.
    Regarding the Blues struggles, I read recently that "There’s a belief that Blues players are unhappy because they don’t think Armstrong has his finger to the pulse of the room." Combining that with the recent Berglund issue in Buffalo, do you think those two items are related? Apparently Berglund's full no trade clause changed to a partial at the end of June, and before he submitted his list of teams, he was shipped off. Seems that treatment of a well liked teammate would irk some in the locker room, and maybe bring some animosity towards the guy we get in return (although he had no control on that)?
  • I don't think Armstrong should give a damn about the "pulse of the room."
    Someone asked about a mystery player who might be a "cancer" in the dressing room.
    Perhaps it's better to ask which players have not yet been infected.
    Over time Blues players have developed this remarkable confidence that they are untouchable. They can get coaches fired. But they remain. They can whine about the GM, and his seat has never been hotter, but they think they will outlast him too. They are aware of the salary cap restrictions. They are aware of the fans' love for them. Too often these seem to be used as a shield.
    Armstrong's primary goal the rest of the season should be to cut out every player who is hurting the team more than helping, and I'm not talking about on the ice. He has diagnosed a culture problem. Those are not fixed easily, and half measures never do the trick.
    It is very interesting to see how everyone thought that there will be lots of competition for Harper and Machedao when the time comes. To be honest with you it is all about money and there are only few teams that can afford to take a risk with a long term big contract. So at the end of the day it will come down to two or three teams with big pockets. I see Machedao going to NY and Harper to LA when the dust settles. Your comments please
  • I would not count the Phillies or the White Sox out of the sweepstakes.
    Both are desperate and seem willing to spend big, based off their comments.
    The competition is just now picking up. I think it developed more slowly than folks assumed, probably in part due to the timing and promotion of winter meetings. Machado just visited the White Sox yesterday. Things could still get nuts.
    Hi, Ben: The Cardinals have re-set their sights to having a division championship team this year, as opposed to prior years when they simply wanted to get into the playoffs. Yet, they seem to be repeating the mistakes of prior years, by saying that they think they will win the division if everybody has a career year and nobody gets hurt (and of course, neither of those things ever happens). In addition to signing a quality left-handed reliever, what do you think they will need to do to be a clear favorite for a division championship this year, assuming a typical amount of player slumps and injuries, and assuming that the Cubs and Brewers try to improve themselves?
    They could sign Harper. That would make them a World Series favorite. Would love to see it. But don't bet on it.
    They could get not one but two quality left-handed relievers and try to match Milwaukee's beastly bullpen.
    I think the bullpen is the realistic way the Cardinals can sharpen an edge.
    Ben: I don't think going into 2019 and relying on D. Fowler and Tyler O'Neill to have break-out seasons is a good idea. Harper would solve this problem for years to come. Besides, if Bader does't pan out and Ozuna walks after this year, we are back to square one.... looking for an impact outfielder...again!
    Even more reason to keep Jose Martinez, right?
    OK, I think we can quit kidding ourselves that this Blues team is capable of making any kind of run this year, much win three games in a row. This team is void of leadership and heart and it’s time to start looking at how we can make this team better for 2019. It starts with a coach. Let’s get a new coach in here no later than mid-January so he can watch the team for a few weeks prior to the trade deadline. This way he can determine who goes and who stays.
    Why not get the best coach, period?
    The Blues let some intriguing candidates enter and leave the market while Mike Yeo was wearing the interim tag.
    Sometimes it's best to wait for the market to open up a bit more.
    Another thing: Why is Joel Quenneville not on every billboard in downtown St. Louis? Fans need to step up and recruit this man.
    You better not be skipping next weeks chat. I wanna be sitting around the tree with my laptop demanding accountability while my family members open presents.
  • You want my family to have to deal with me after chat brain?
    How cruel.

    BenFred, do you think Mizzou football will be ranked in the top 25 at the start of next season?
    If they win their bowl game, yeah, I think they will be.
    QB was the big question, and Bryant filled that.
    When is Ballpark Village scheduled to be completed? Just wondering when the Cardinals will start trying to spend our money to compete in the deep end of the free agent pool?
    You and Scott Boras are on the same page.
    Harper's agent referred to the Cardinals -- if I interpreted his odd analogy correctly -- as a nest atop a big vault that is big enough for two birds (meaning Goldschmidt and . . . )
    This was during winter meetings, so I asked Girsch what he thought of Boras more or less calling the Cardinals cheap.
    He declined to get into a back-and-forth with Boras through the media, though I admitted that would be fun.
    He said the Cardinals have their budget, that they stick to it unless rare circumstances present themselves, and that they really aren't going to say much more about it than that.
    They have reasons to disagree with the cheap tag: money spent on extensions for home-grown players, money spent internationally, money on landing a second Dominican League summer team that could lead to major leaguers down the road, money that would have been spent on exceptions they identified (Stanton, Price, Heyward, etc.)
    I realize some fans dismiss this stuff.
    And I have said repeatedly that the Cardinals should stretch more for the kinds of players they don't have, players like Harper.
    But, their stance is nothing if not consistent.
    What changes will a full season of Schildt bring?
    We gotta start spelling the man's name right.
    That's the first change: it's Shildt.
    And we should know pretty quickly from spring training.
    I think it will be a more engaged, purposeful, attentive spring training.
    Some of the fundamentals that got ragged in past seasons will be an emphasis.
    More importantly, I think that pedal-down style of play that launched the Cardinals back into relevancy after the managerial change could become the brand.
    We'll see.
    Who out of all the potential Cardinals do you see the Cardinals signing before they become free agents and go some where else? Goldschmidt, Ozuna, Mikolas, Wacha?
    Any chance they re-sign all 3 of Ozuna, Goldschmidt and Mikolas?
    If I had to guess today, I'd rank them from most likely to least likely as follows: Mikolas, Goldschmidt, Ozuna, Wacha.
    If the Cardinals will pay Mikolas market value, I imagine he will stay. He's my sleeper pick for a spring-training extension.
    Goldschmidt is going to be a goal. That was clear from the day the trade was completed.
    Ozuna and Wacha have health concerns that could be more or less concerning after this season.
    Has your MLS4STL confidence level changed at all after the recent MLS league meeting?
  • Not much.
    It seems clear the competition is between Phoenix and Detroit and St. Louis for the 28th expansion team, with more expansion teams to come down the line.
    The most interesting part, to me, was the sign of a shift in thinking about using NFL stadiums.
    Riding the high of the massive crowd that packed the Falcons' home in Atlanta all season and especially for the MLS Cup, the league suddenly seems more willing to consider playing in a massive NFL venue.
    No, that does not mean it will reconsider the dome.
    But it might mean it will reconsider Ford Field in Detroit.
    MLS had seemed to stick its nose up in the air at the notion previously.
    Maybe there's been a thaw there?
  • Have you talked to Berguland since he left? Sad situation in Buffalo.
    I've just read the reports.
    Gordo had a story up on it today.
    Not ideal, but you have to show up for work or let your employer know why you're not.
    That's called being a professional.

    Gordo: Unhappy Berglund wants out of Buffalo

    stltoday.comPatrik Berglund never wanted to go to Buffalo and he very much wants out, despite that team's success.
    Come on Cardinal fans. We all know Mo will not sign Harper or anyone else out of the top 11 free agents this year.
    Before we all start on next years "Who will the Cardinals sign Anthony Rendon or Nolan Arenado" the answer is neither! To much money to spend and they will both be in the top 11 free agents and to much money for DeWitt to spend.
    Besides with Ozuna and Goldschmidt gone as free agents and Jose Martinez finishing his 1st year with some other team and Fowler still starting in right or center field who would want to sign here?
    Bien tell me what is wrong with my thinking here?
    Yes, it is best to take a believe-it-when-you-see-it stance on the Cardinals landing top-tier free agents.
    We can agree on that.
    But I'll pump the brakes on assuming Goldschmidt is for sure gone after next season.
    There's nothing "wrong" with your thinking.
    You have decided to ignore the upcoming season and focus on what would be the worst-case scenario one year from now.
    I choose to care more about the season that happens first.
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