Ben Frederickson Live

Ben Frederickson Live

Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

    BenFred, Razorback fan living in STL here. Just gotta say that I am really impressed with the success that Mizzou has had under Pinkel and Odom without the usual four & five star recruits.
    I do not think that most Mizzou fans appreciate either coach near enough, given what they must recruit against in the SEC. Big Boy football is not for the faint of heart. Coaches Pinkel and Odom seem to get the most out of the talent on hand. Mizzou fans expectations are a little over the top.
    Your take please?
    "if the Cardinals would be better off by finding out how close they could get to the luxury tax -- and what the benefits would be -- instead of claiming they can't survive that way."
    This is what frustrates fans, when the Cardinals plead poverty. Every Cardinal fan out there knows that the Cardinals absolutely CAN afford it, as easily as the "big boys." Don't spend stupidly, bet spend wisely and improve your team, and if you have to spend more than you want to win, then do it. Otherwise, don't get mad when fans stop (maybe?) coming.
    Happy Tuesday Ben, and thanks for the chat!

    With today being the July 2nd International spending day extravaganza, I was disappointed to find that despite having one of the largest bonus pools ($6.5 mil), the Cardinals were tied to exactly zero of the top 30 international prospects (I did see this morning that they did at least get involved with the #1, Jasson Dominguez, but he ultimately signed with the Yankees for what would have been most of the pool at an estimated $5 mil). Can you elaborate as to why this is the case? For a team that hasn't had the fortune (or maybe has had?) of ever drafting near the top of the draft, it would seem like the international market would be a good place to get a true high-end talent.

    Is this a disconnect in the Cardinals scouting vs other teams/talent evaluaters? Is it because the Cardinals weren't in on these guys early, so they just simply lost out to other teams based on familiarity? Or is their strategy to simply "spread the wealth" and go with quantity over quality? I understand most of these kids are 16 or 17 years old, and it can often be even more of a crapshoot than the draft, but it seems nuts to me that in a market where the Cardinals can spend with anybody, they didn't seem involved in any of the consensus top guys. The Cubs & Brewers, by comparison, each had over $1 mil less to spend and signed 4 of the top 30 (Cubs #6, #11, & #30, Brewers #13).

    Appreciate the time!
  • Ben, I’m sure Jordan Binnington will get a contract of at least 4.5 to 5.2 million dollars for at least three years. I know there has been talk of holding onto Allen in case Binnington is not the real deal, which I think is a wise move for a couple of reasons. Let’s say the season starts and 15 games in Binnington is playing his fool head off and the Blues are 13-1-1 and one of the teams in the east loses their starting goalie. By holding onto Allen haven’t we increased his rate of return in a trade with a team in desperate need of a goalie?
    I don't really care about Shildt's comments, because frankly, I don't know what goes on day to day in the clubhouse. It's his job and his business to keep the team together, and if he thinks it's worth speaking his mind, great! However (and there is always a however), what did he mean by "And it’s just not from media." I realize that his intent was not directed toward fans, but what are fans supposed to think when he clearly said that he is hearing negative comments from people other than the ones in the media not asking the questions? Thanks!
    What is the plan for Carpenter long term? In terms of the prospect depth we have at 3B. He can't move over to 1B. The extension they signed him to still makes zero sense to me.
    Has anyone asked Mo why wait until the trade deadline to make a move? Seems like the sooner a deal is made to bring help the better. Cubs already made a big move with Kimbrel, why not strike sooner rather than later for once?
    Hi Ben, hope y'all have a great weekend at the lake celebrating 'Merica's birthday.

    Do you think that it's a good sign that Maroon hasn't signed anywhere yet? I'm wondering myself about if it's a good thing to bring everybody back or not? Isn't a little roster churn a good thing? Keeps everyone hungry I would think...
    Do you get the feeling this team will make some legitimate move (either selling or buying) or will it be another season of "we almost got a deal done and came in second again".
    Going for it has to be more than MadBum. A iffy old pitcher with attitude. We need a difference maker.
    I've never been one to say sell. This is the St. Louis Cardinals we are talking about. One of the proudest franchises with the most passionate and loyal fanbases. But even I feel this might be the year to do it. Unfortunately our team is simply not very good. Even if we squeak into the playoffs, we do not have the team that can compete with the upper echelon of teams. Am I wrong? And if so, what are you seeing that says we can?
    BenFred, thanks for the time and effort on the chats.
    Not gonna say that DeWitt is just printing money.
    Not gonna say that Mozeliak has lost his fastball.
    Not gonna say that the team's talent pool is non-playoff level.
    But at some point this season, all of these accusations will come into play if the teams fails for the fourth consecutive year. Fans are on fleek at the moment. Easy to see why.
  • Team is 2.5 back from the Cubs and have 6 games with last place teams before the break. Could very easily be tied or 1 game back from the Cubs at the deadline. Let's all breathe
    The fans have not held the team accountable. We still fill the stands and dump our money into the team. Because this occurs the team can take that as our approval because we haven't hit them where it counts to them: the wallet. And we shouldn't have to. They should take all that merchandise sold and tickets purchased and use that money to improve the team. We shouldn't have to hold the team hostage by not showing up. Our loyalty should be rewarded with a better product.
    I know the chat can't be reasoned with but can't it be acknowledged that this team is in the hunt despite pretty much everyone having a worse than expected season? Any optimism from that?
    No I'm not giving up on the season, but it's a challenge not to. Their pitching could better, but which team wouldn't say that. The problem is a limp offense. They need a spark. If you score more than a couple runs you don't put near as much pressure on the pitching staff. They would know they're not one mistake pitch from a loss.

    I hate to see Ozuna get hurt, but now several different players that otherwise might not get much plate time will get their chance to show us what they have. They're forced to make lineup changes instead of trotting the same lineup card out night after night. Right now no one has earned the right to bat leadoff so see who's willing to take it.
    The Cardinals for what I believe is the fourth year in a row have no fan selected All-Star. Their branding has took a hit, and they should be worried about that.
    Everyone used to complain about matheny’s constant lineup shuffling. Now they hate shildt having a consistent lineup. He has tinkered too to try and get things going. Eventually the blame has to go on the players not the manager.
    What do you think the REAL reason Tommy Pham was traded?
    In response to your answer to USMC's question, you discussed the lack of pitchforks for Goldschmidt compared to the other issues with the team. I agree with you. He was brought in to be that dynamic franchise altering player and has not even come close to that. My take on that is it's due to his newness to the team. This team has experiences extended terrible play from Carp and we are seeing it again. The fans have seen Mo fail for years to get the pieces the fans think the team needs. Simply put Goldschmidt is still new and we haven't seen consistent failure from him in a Cards uniform. Just my two (maybe four) cents.
    Ben, I've noticed my group of die-hard Cards fan friends seem to be less and less interested in the team this year. Is there such a thing as fan fatigue? Are you seeing less interest in the chats?
  • Gotta run, folks. Thanks as always for the convo. Have a good 4th of July! As always, find me on Twitter (@Ben_Fred) if I missed you here.
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