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Bring your Cardinals, Blues, Mizzou and STL sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

  • Any chance LYNN accepts qualifying offer? He was our best pitcher last year.
  • He was so good for so much of last year. And really, during his whole STL tenure. And no, I don't sense that he wants a one-year deal. This is his time to get paid.
  • Hey Ben, I was wondering what your thoughts were on ex-athletes as commentators/sportscasters. Personally, I think the market is severely saturated with ex-athletes on pregame shows/broadcasts etc. I think the majority aren't that well received and it seems as if they get the job just because they played the game once. There are exceptions obviously, but it gets old that the big networks just hand out jobs to some of these guys when they usually dont sound that well. Comparing that to broadcasters and journalist who have worked their tail off to get where they are. Shannon Sharpe, Vick, Bruce Bowen
  • Well, the ex-athlete-in-the-booth thing has been part of sports broadcasting for decades, if only because the old ballplayer provides credibility and anecdotes that add to the broadcast or pregame show. But I will say, one of the reasons I don't watch the NFL much anymore is I couldn't take the pregame/postgame shows. The combination of screaming and bad jokes was overwhelming. It reminded me of the 30 Rock episode when the Jon Hamm character kept doing things poorly, because no one ever told him he was bad at the things, since he was so handsome. It's like these athletes were never told they weren't funny or weren't likable, because they've always been adored for their on-field prowess. Anyway, I suppose it's a fine line. Because I DO think it's important to have ex-players as part of the broadcast. Edmonds is so good with Danny Mac because Edmonds teaches you things you didn't know about the inner-workings of a baseball game -- and he has fun stories from the past. And I've enjoyed Reggie Miller on TNT games. So I'm for ex-athletes as broadcasters, but not 17 of them screaming all at once about some feud between a receiver and a cornerback. Also, an MLB Network does this, but the reality is, it's important to include advanced stats into the full story of a baseball player or team. It's 2017 -- the sport is looked at differently. It's frustrating to see old ballplayers just dismiss stats as noise.
  • It will be fun to watch the development of Jontay and Harris. He wants a nine man rotation but I see at least 12 players. Never been this excited for Mizzu basketball since Frazier transfered from SLU.
  • One angle to the Mizzou team that'll be fascinating is Terrance Phillips. I'll admit, I used to haaaate Terrance Phillips, but during the summer, I liked what I heard about his leadership and chemistry with the new freshmen. So I thought/still think Phillips would be an important cog on this year's team. But Blake Harris, who you mentioned, brings so much speed and size to the point guard position. And he started the Kansas game. So what I'm getting at is -- can Phillips be a veteran leader and a game-swayer while coming off the bench? Also, how funny is it that two of the key seniors at Mizzou, Robertson and Barnett, have combined for one semester played for the Tigers?
  • What about jay bruce he just costs money
  • A lot's got to go wrong if he's the marquee guy you get. Now if it's Bruce and also Donaldson? That's something to discuss. Also I like his nickname on baseball-ref: Full Name: Jay Allen Bruce
    Nicknames: Bruuuce
  • Cardinals baseball feels really lame without a perennial MVP or Cy Young contender on the roster. As good as the farm system has been the last several seasons, I don't see that guy. I see all star, but not pereni-allstars *trademark*
  • I see what you're saying, but I'll ask you -- how "lame" did Cardinals baseball feel in 2015, when they won 100 games but didn't have an award candidate? That said, I hear you, and that's the whole point of this offseason. Some sportswriters like to do the position-by-position comparison with a team, and yes, with the Cards and Cubs, the Cubs "win" most positions. But to your question, this is why THIS winter is so fascinating. Not only will the Cardinals likely acquire a prominent ballplayer, but this leads into a spring in which numerous top pitching prospects -- with HIGH ceilings -- will make their foray into their first full big league season (Weaver, Reyes, Flaherty, possibly Alcantara and who knows, maybe even others in the bullpen). And of course there's Carlos. One thing about the MVP though -- it doesn't guarantee winning. Look at Votto or Stanton. One of those two will likely be the MVP.
  • Hochy, gimme some of your favorite Thanksgiving songs. And please omit Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song." A classic, no doubt, but I want some hidden gems.
  • In our family, the Thanksgiving song we like is "Make Em Say Uhhhh" by Master P no I'm kidding, the song we like is Arlo Guthrie's Thanksgiving hit "Alice's Restaurant." They'd always play it on Turkey Day on KSHE (I believe at noon?). My parents were also married on Thanksgiving, so the holiday has a lot of meaning. Growing up, that was a big song in our house. Years later, my mom actually met Arlo Guthrie. He was kind of a weirdo, older hippie. She said, "Arlo! I want to let you know, my whole family knows all the words to Alice's Restaurant!" And Arlo told my mom: "That's pathetic!"
  • When do you think the first shoe drops as far as trade or signing for StL?
  • I don't have a day for you, but I sense that by December there will be new Cardinals
  • Does Tommy Pham finish top 10 NL MVP?
  • You'd have to think so. He finished fourth overall in position player WAR on (6.4, while eighth in offensive WAR at 5.0). He just kept getting better, never fading away. I remember talking to Girsch in the late summer, and he said this (I just looked it up and the column was from August 14: “When he’s been able to stay healthy, and his vision hasn’t been an issue and all that sort of stuff, he’s never really not played well,” general manager Michael Girsch said. “But those things have been issues. Which is why as a 29-year-old he’s sort of finally breaking through. This is not a 29-year-old nobody — we drafted him fairly high, gave a bunch of money to him, he was on prospect lists throughout the minors. He’s always been a talented player, which gives you a little more hope that this is what he always should’ve been.

    “As far as how the future of our outfield shakes out, Tommy has earned himself a prominent role in that process, but it just depends on how things shake out. We have a lot of outfielders under control, and there are outfielders out there who might become available.” .... OK so that was Girsch on Aug. 15... on that day Pham was slashing .309/401/.498.... he finished 2017 at: .306/.411/.520. He got even better in the final month and a half! So yes, there will probably be a pitcher or two in the top 10, but here's thinking Alexander Phamilton will be in the top 10.
  • in case "2 Benz in a Car" needs an in-house amateur rap artist, hit up ya boy Sportz Rod
  • I think we're good with our current in-house amateur rap artist, Lil' Freddy
  • How about those Blues! They are the class of the division and playing so well early on.
  • I gotta DVR the game tonight because we're doing one of Ben Poremba's restaurants tonight (haven't picked which one yet, so I'll take suggestions), but I can't wait to watch -- that Schwartz-Schenn-91 line looks like a group that's played together for years, not weeks.
  • Bruce Sutter and Jason Ingrehousen(sp) were far superior to Trevor. What say you?
  • I agree. I mean, Bruce is in the Hall and Izzy did it longer than Trevor. But they're all up their on the Cards' Mount Rushmore of Closers. Alongside Jeff Brantley.
  • OK I've gotta run... thank you all for hanging sure to read the Post-Dispatch this exciting week for college basketball preview columns and articles, and obviously some Cards and Blues coverage too. See you next Tuesday at 11 -- mark your calendars!!!
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