Blues chat with Jeff Gordon

Bring your questions about the Blues and the NHL, and talk to Post-Dispatch hockey columnist Jeff Gordon in a live chat starting at 1 p.m.. Friday.

  • Why would the Sens pick up Magnum PI given their current situation? What can he do to possibly help them? Am I correct that by losing him on waivers the Blues get nothing for him but cap space? What was he making?
  • Right, the Blues simply subtract his $800,000 contract from their books. That is not much in the way of cap relief, since that is about the least you can make while sitting on a NHL roster. Ottawa is a team tight against the cap, so Magnus gives them affordable depth. That team could be pitching some veterans at the trade deadline so it will need placeholder guys to finish out the season.
  • I've heard a few rumors involving the Blues and Canadiens. A couple mention Carey Price and us giving up Robert Thomas? Have you heard this insanity as well?
  • There is some crazy talk out there. Price's 8-year, $84-million contract kicks in next year. He has been a shell of his former self. The Canadiens desperate need to fast-forward their rebuild and, like everybody else, their people like Thomas and some other Blues prospects. They also want future high picks. From the Blues standpoint, dealing with Price's $10.5 million salary cap would be a huge matter going forward. Then there is the question of whether this team's championship window is open. With multiple good young players (like Thomas) on their roster at once on entry-level contracts, THAT would be the time to add a big salary guy to go over the top. Now? The timing seems off.
  • Still think Hutton's bubble could burst at any time? He is playing with a lot of confidence
  • It's been a nice run. He's also had a bit of luck. The Avalanche hit him with a late shot he never saw and they had some good lucks at open nets. But Hutton did make some huge late saves to win an absolutely essential game.
  • On the Blues/Canadians rumor it was also mentioned that Price was recently diagnosed with Cronic Fatigue Syndrome.....Please tell me the Blues are staying MILES away from even looking at this.
  • There was some chatter about his vitamin deficiency. Whatever the case, he has been a shell of his former self. Can he get back to being one of the elite goaltenders in the world? That would be a huge gamble for a team taking on his contract.
  • Wasn't it the Sens that were also looking at Fabbri and asking to review his medical records? Anyone else? Any update on his condition? Why would any team want to take a flier on him until it is proven he can come back at all and what could the Blues get for him now within being a proven commodity?
  • Nobody will know if Fabbri is OK until he returns to action and plays well at full speed for at least a couple of months. Only then could a team be reasonably sure that two major surgeries on the same knee didn't ruin his career. Trading for him now would be a huge gamble from the other side. If the Blues could get back a forward with some contract term left -- term that it could fit into the cap puzzle moving forward -- then it would be interesting from their end. Let somebody else take the risk. If the Blues keep Fabbri, the team will surely want to sign him to a "make good" contract with shorter term because of that risk.
  • Jeff, good afternoon. See media reports about Blues exploring trades. As much as I would like the team to upgrade, just not at the cost of Thomas, Kyrou, Klostin, or Thompson. I believe the window is opening next year and beyond, and do not sacrifice talent. A team having to use Jaskin, Paajarvi (no longer), Sundqvisk, and Blais is woefully short on offensive talent. Next year will be promising. Your thoughts on a quiet trade front this Feb?
  • For me., rental help for a second-round pick is OK because this team can take a draft off -- given what is in the near-term pipeline. Obviously Schmaltz is a guy the Blues can trade, but even moving Kyrou (as TSN is floating) would be a huge mistake. Even losing Walman in a rental move seems like a strain -- unless the team has reason to doubt his potential after seeing in the AHL for one full season.
  • Hey Gordo, much needed couple of victories there before the all star break!! We have been over the difficult situation the Blues are currently in, in terms of trying to acquire another top 6 forward with not wanting to part ways with kyrou, thomas, thompson, and kostin and not having a 1st rd pick in the next draft. However, can you imagine Nashville going all in (as they say) and getting yet another impact top 6 forward on that team? Say a Hoffman or Paxcioretty? They would be near unbeatable in my book. Arvidsson, forsberg, turris, Johansen, Harntell, and then add a Paxcioretty? yikes!
  • The Preds see their window as now, especially given Rinne's age. The Turris trade was pure gold and it helped them survive some big injury hits. They have some cap space after losing James Neal in the expansion draft and the Kyle Turris contract extension doesn't kick in until next season. So, yes, they could add another scorer and go for it.
  • Two weeks ago, it was all about Allen. Last week, it was about your hockey knowledge. Wonder who takes all the hits this week!
  • Jake Allen is still on the team?
  • Any truth to the Blues' interest in Evander Kane? He doesn't seem like a good fit, nor does he seem like he would be worth the Sabres' asking price.
  • Buffalo has buried Kane, taking him off the top power-play unit and moving him down to the third line at even strength. Once again he has managed not to fit in. Since Buffalo will want a No. 1 pick or an elite prospect of that caliber in the return package, I can't see the Blues going there for a rental.
  • Pacioretty has another year at team-friendly terms ($4.5 million), so he would the top target. Galchenyuk is a bit of a reclamation project, but not a bad bet with two years left on his deal at $4.9 million per. Hoffman has two more years at $5.2 million, which is OK at today's dollars. He seems like a more solid bet than Galchenyuk. As for Kane, he is rental player that would fit better for a team going for it this spring and not looking beyond this season.
  • Who do you think would be the best fit for the Blues Max Pacioretty, Alex Galchenyuk, Mike Hoffman or Evander Kane? And why.... Personally I would prefer one of the two Habs...
  • Jeff,
    TGIF!!! I first want to say I’m a huge Allen fan! What is going on with him? This is the second year in a row with a funk! The first goal he let in vs Arizona was very soft and it didn’t it seem like he tried or cared? Please tell me things will be okay! Oh and Way to go Hutts!!!!!!!
  • He ended up stopping 30 of 32 shots against Arizona, so I don't seem as needing to spend the break at the psych ward. IMO he had two bad games at a time when the team was fragile. That timing pushed Yeo to ride Hutton and Carter has taken full advantage of his chance. The risk Yeo is taking, though, is that he could lose Allen. And then if Carter Hutton reverts back into career-backup form, then what? Ryan Miller has a job in Anaheim and he's not leaving SoCal.
  • Jeff, the Blues look primed for their traditional "make the playoffs, get eliminated in the first or second round". Do you think the addition of a top 6 forward gets them to the conference finals this year? I don't. I see no reason to make dumb trades. Next year and the year after it will be different as the young guys get experience and take on a more prominent role. What do you think?
  • That is the consensus assessment of this team. This team could use another proven scorer, like most teams, but it is building toward something better. There is no point in compromising that potential unless there is a trade that makes up a Cup threat immediately. I don't see such a trade out there.
  • Blues goaltending woes still the Blues playoffs Achilles heal. Should the Blues make a trade for a goaltender that has won a Stanley Cup on their resume. This team has reminded me of the Red Wings before they made Mike Vernon their netminder. Nothing against Hutton/Allen but we have seen this before with Elliot/Allen etc
  • The Blues have gone the Cup resume route before, but it's funny how that seldom translates. Perhaps Grant Fuhr would have had one special spring had he not been injured against Toronto in the playoffs, but on balance his play didn't measure up to his reputation. And goaltenders are a strange lot. Guys can be world-beaters one year and just awful the next. Matt Murray! Cam Talbot! Martin Jones! Henrik Lundqvist among the older guys. Even with so-called proven goaltenders, it's amazing how poorly they can play for long stretches.
  • The Blues have few right shoots in the forward mix, is that a real issue or at this level is it minor? I ask because I heard an interview where it was stated the blues are looking to shore up the right side and a player like Hoffman is a left wing.

    Also, glad to see the Blues didnt have a 5-3 last night, it seemed to get you awfully worked up on the podcast.
  • Yes, Hoffman is a left shot forward who prefers left wing. For the Note, he could play opposite Tarasenko and balance up the first two lines. Some fans have anguished over the whole right-shot forward thing this season, but Steen and Tarasenko do OK as left-shot RWs.
  • Do you see the Blues trying to move on from Berglund and Steen? I feel those contracts are going to be killers for us sooner rather than later.
  • The Blues haven't soured on Steen in the few months since his kicked in. He is scoring at a point-per-game pace since the holiday break. He remains an strong two-way forward who plays at a good level in all scenarios. When Armstrong mapped out the team's long-term cap plans, he saw Steen as a leader for a team that would integrate lots of young players. He could do for this team what Marian Hossa did for the Blackhawks, even as he got less playing time. As for Berglund, his AAV is below $4 million. That is not an onerous contract for a third-line player who can play in all scenarios.
  • Yeo seems to be really struggling in trying to determine which defensman to sit. Even going with the 11 forwards and 7 dmen one game. How do you see this playing out? I know you can never have too many capable d-men but do you see Gunnarsson being moved if the right offer came along? and what would that offer look like?
  • Gunnarsson is the odd man out, if everybody is healthy and playing well. And he's played at a good level this season. There are lots of D-men on the market these days and not so many forwards, so I don't know if the right deal will emerge. But this team has depth in the minors, so offloading him at some point would make sense.
  • The Blues are 26-3-1 when they score three or more goals I don't see the need for a new goalie. Someone who could help get pucks in the net could put them over the top. Is Schwartz that guy?
  • He certainly has been when in the lineup. You can see the lineup balance up nicely with him there. Getting a proven guy in Barbashev's place would be great and something might happen still before the deadline. Between now and then Sanford may get some spins. So the scenario looks much better with No. 17 adding more punch. When he got hurt, he was playing about as well as any forward in the league.
  • The crazy season for NHL trade rumors seems to have begun. Several sites are claiming that the Blues are on the market looking for a top six forward. But given their very limited cap space, do you see them being active? It would seem that they'd have to give up a roster player(s) to free up cap space PLUS one of their high end prospects (Kyrou, Thomas, etc) to get something of that caliber done. Do you see them making a move like this, or waiting until next season to see how some of their prospects pan out?
  • Those sites also point out that most teams in the playoff hunt are looking for a Top 6 forward. Cap space and the lack of a first-round pick are deterrents for the Blues, as well and the realization that their best seasons are still down the road. For the right price (second-round pick, less critical prospect) the Blues could add somebody. Paying a bigger price than that would have to bring back a player with contract term left that fits the cap going forward.
  • In terms of identity for the Blues it seems to me its that they have a strong D and the forwards are willing to back check and close gaps. When they dont play defense first they seem to be lost. In the playoffs however, every team i swilling to do those things adn its here where the blues lack of skill has hamstrung the team. Any thoughts?
  • Yeah, teams that win with smothering defense and hard work can't expect to outwork and outcheck opponents in the playoffs. That is more of a concern for Vegas than the Blues, since this team is more skilled with the addition of Schenn up front and the ability of Dunn to replace a lot of what Shattenkirk did. Those two things are huge for this team. If Edmundson can jump into more plays and Thompson, Barbashev and Sanford can add some punch up front, that would help as well.
  • So fun/rare I finally get to see one of these chats going on live. This comment is in response to a chat 2 or 3 weeks ago. Somehow you'd gotten into a discussion on the Blues' unstable goalie history. You claimed outside of Cujo and Mike Liut, we've never really had it. In general, I agree with that. However, you left off the Glenn Hall-Jacque Plante years. THAT was a pretty stable situation. I'd even add Ernie Wakely to that list. He led the league in GAA albeit in limited duty in the Bruins SCF loss year. Since then it's admittedly been a struggle.
  • Those early days were unique, since the Blues added those two greats and many other Hall of Fame-caliber veterans (Doug Harvey!) as the league expansion extended careers. But since the team operated under normal conditions, drafting and building teams the usual way, goaltending has proven elusive.
  • What do you think the Knights are going to do at the trade deadline? They can’t be sellers with the leagues best record? Will they add or will they ride out what they have? They couldn’t trade for future picks could they? Thanks
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