Cardinals chat: Derrick Goold takes your Cardinals questions at 11 a.m. Monday

Cardinals chat: Derrick Goold takes your Cardinals questions at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to a live chat with Derrick Goold at 11 a.m. Monday

    They were. Baseball is magic.
    Why doesn’t Shildt bat Arenado 3rd and Goldy 4th? At this point, Arenado is a better hitter.
    Arenado has expressed on how enjoys hitting cleanup. That seems to be a contributing factor. Also, Arenado is a RBI monster, and Goldcshmidt gets on base. That's another part of it. Have Arenado drive Goldschmidt home, not set Goldschmidt up.
    Is Edman currently on pace to be in the mix for a bench spot at the All Star game this July?
    Way too early to tell. They haven't even played a third of the games before the All-Star break yet.
    OK. I have to step aside for a bit, then I'll be back to try and speed through a lightning round. I have a commitment and appreciate your patience. Here's hoping I can get to another hour of questions before signing off around 4 p.m. 
    Thanks again.
  • I know Randy and Voit are getting all the publicity, but the Cards gave me away for nothing. Did i get a fair shot in StL, or did my stumble around 3rd unfairly get me ran out of town? My 13 Hits and 5 HRs and good defense would be pretty nice right now no? Yeah, i still strike out, but so does everyone.
    1) You did not get a fair shot in St. Louis. What you did get is more money than any of the other examples du jour about outfielders or sluggers succeeding elsewhere.
    2) It had zero to do with running around third. C'mon. It had zero to do with anyone running around third and stumbling even if Arozarena had shared video of it on TikTok. That's just not how transactions work in baseball.
    Credit the Texas Rangers who were eager to get Garcia, had a good strong scouting report on Garcia, and had a feel that the Cardinals were going to depart with at least one of their righthanded hitting outfielders, and they didn't have to trade for one until they knew they couldn't get one off waivers. Solid play by the Rangers to know the Cardinals' predicament with the roster, their abundance of righthanded-hitting outfielders, and what was likely to happen. The Cardinals did explore trade options for Garcia. And there was some internal push to make a play for Mazara that was a their lefthaned bat for the Cardinals' righthanded bat. Obviously that did not get traction.
    The Colorado GM shouldn't bare all of the blame for the Arenoda trade, I'm sure ownership signed off on the money involved. We have better GM's on these chats!
    That trade was completed only with the direction, approval, and active participation of ownership. The Cardinals worked directly at times with the Rockies owner.
    How are teams like Rays and Rangers able to get “good strong scouting reports” on Cards players but the Cardinals themselves don’t seem to have a full feel?
    Fair question. I don't think the Cardinals scouting report on Arozarena was all that different than the Rays' scouting report. He hit at every level. Pretty common scouting report on Arozarena, honestly. Heard the same thing from scouts regardless of the team. Garcia, you'll call, didn't have a big impact on the Rangers in 2020. He was there. But he had a scout who advocated for him, and he fit the profile of the hitter the Cardinals were willing to move (they had O'Neill) and a hitter the Rangers did not have (very lefthanded-hitting outfield). Scouting reports might be the same. Opportunity is not. Patience is not. Those are factors here.
    Molina is back in the lineup. He's at fifth. Arenado still at cleanup. Carlson still at second. Looks like the lineup you'd expect, honestly.
    Since there will be a lot of rain Wednesday, if there is a rainout would Oviedo be moved to Thurs and push everyone back another day or does his spot just get skipped?
    Don't know. They're going to plan as if they'll play the game, and then adjust from there. Anything I say here would be pure speculation and irrelevant if they play the game. The rule of thumb they're following is this: Honor the off days. They want to get every starter five days between each start. That's the map they've set up.
  • Carpenter isn't the only bench player that has limited use. We could use a proven pinch hitter.
    Not sure what one of those are, honestly. Pinch-hitting is hard. I guess having Brad Miller off the bench would be good. One issue. He's in left and leading off for the Phillies tonight, I believe.
    I'm not saying that Oviedo will become Jack Flaherty, but do you (or the Cardinals) see any similarities in their development? Both signed young, projectable frames, and their stuff got better and better as they grew into their frames.
    Both are athletic. Both have above average sliders. Oviedo has more horsepower and height. Flaherty has a feel and command of more pitches.

    There has been a lot of focus on exit velocity, and I find the metric fascinating. Does EV tell the entire story though? Contact made from a 96 MPH fastball vs a 79 MPH slider with the same EV would have different bat speeds correct? How could bat speed be measured in game?
    Exit velocity alone is trivia. All stats alone really are. Stats are best when used in concert. Or think of them as a symphony. Each stat plays a part in the larger story, and without them they lose rhythm, lose context, and just make a bunch of noise. Tell me an exit velocity and I'll know if it's impressive, but not whether it was a hard ground ball or a hard hit ball in the air. Tell me the launch angle and the exit velocity and I have more information. But not all the information. Tell me how many times the hitter gets contact, and then the average exit velocity -- I need the denominator to know if it's telling, or just one or two examples. 
    Exit velocity however is a good surrogate for bat speed, regardless of the pitch. Bat speed used to be a visual thing. Hey, Gary Sheffield has great bat speed. Hey, Matt Holliday is a savage high-average hitter with great bat speed. Now we have exit velocity to tell us what our eyes saw, and teams can use that to identify something that is hard to develop. So, exit velocity is how bat speed is measured best in game. It's basically reversing engineering physics to find the number from a hitter that increases force.
    Any chance Sosa gets released and they try Jose Rondon at 2B, with Edman permanently at RF?
    Doesn't appear likely, or necessary at this point. I thought Cardinals fans wanted Edman at second, where he's played well.
    I apologize if this was already discussed. I just now jumped in. I do not understand all of the talk about Bader in CF when he gets back. The outfield is doing well offensively, something Bader was unable help with for some time. I view him as the lesser paid version of Carp, he can contribute defensively, but others are getting on. Should he not play his way onto a spot, not be handed one? If so give the spot to Carp and move Edmond to RF.
  • When Harrison Bader returns he'll do so as the incumbent in center field -- not necessarily the everyday starter. You're going to hear a lot about holistic lineups from Shildt and the Cardinals, and what he means by that is taking into account the defense as well as the offense. That will get Bader some starts. That won't get Bader all the starts. They're still going to use matchups to guide their lineup, and Bader has struggled against righthanded pitchers, and they see a lot of righthanded starters.
  • Derrick, with the Cards game on Wed a near certainty for rainout, will they schedule a double header on Thur?
  • I don't know. We'll find out together based on what happens Wednesday.
    Who is a comparable mid-market team to the Cardinals - Cleveland, Minnesota, or someone else.

    The stock line for the FO is they have had more success than other mid-market teams - in spite of all their misses on deals and signings - but a lot of fans think they should be held to a higher standard than other mid-market teams and certainly in a weak division vs the Brewers, Reds and Pirates.

    The Cubs, Astros and Braves should be our “comp set” - one level down from Dodgers Yanks and Red Sox
    To me the Cardinals should compare themselves to Atlanta. That's a far bigger city, far more population, and yet the Cardinals, due to their fans and their cable deal, compare favorably with Atlanta in terms of revenue, so they can compare favorably to Atlanta in terms of spending and contending. Of course the Cubs should be a competitor, but why compare the Cardinals to the Cubs at this point? The Cubs won one World Series from what was supposed to be a dynasty. I guess Atlanta did as well -- but the Braves were there every year, pushing and winning and claiming division titles. That's the measure the Cardinals chase. 
    As far as population hubs the Twin Cities and Cleveland make sense, and Cincinnati a bit. But the Cardinals surpass them in ticket sales and in rights fees for their television package. They're a small market team by population only. And while that matters when it comes to the cable boxes in the region and the fan base they have to draw immediately from, the Cardinals' fans allow the team to maximize both of those.
    There's no reason why the Cardinals cannot compare themselves to Atlanta when it comes to team building and the Dodgers or any other team when it comes to team achieving. That's what history demands.
    Is Matt Carpenter fighting injuries??? It’s obvious he is currently over match this season. Plus—- he had a good eye at the plate in the past—— yet there’s a lot more strikeouts now. A less walks. He just doesn’t even resemble the Matt Carpenter who was the team table setter.
    He has insisted multiple times -- on Zoom and in one-one-one conversations over the phone that he is not.
  • Does Delvin Perez start the season in AAA? He looked impressive in camp
    Maybe the Cards need to sign a independent scout to evaluate our players.
    I don't know how this would work, honestly. Volunteer? The moment the scout is paid by the Cardinals is the moment the independent tag drops, right? But having an outside advisor would make some sense for the Cardinals, yes. To get some information from beyond their walls, and to hear where some inefficiencies might be surfacing. The Cardinals have lost some of their edges when it comes to scouting, development, and analytics, and have spent the past year or so finding ways to get back in the lead.
    Hello DG! Realistically, wouldn’t most teams in MLB prefer to have the Cardinals “problem” of correctly evaluating the large number of talented players within their organization? Fan angst is understandable when former prospects or players succeed elsewhere, but the Cardinals success in recruiting and signing potentially high-end ML talent is something many fans take for granted, even if some of these platers slip through the cracks. Your thoughts?
    This speaks to something I've been trying to point out as often as possible. It's not the scouting or the acquisition. It's the development and deployment. Too much focus is on the beginning and end of a prospect's time in minor leagues -- how they were drafted, when, and who was missed and when they debut and how well they perform. The third leg of that three-legged stool is development. A first-round pick taken by the scouts might have all the raw ability implied by the place he was drafted. But if he falters, doesn't development take some of the blame for not harnessing, nurturing, or shaping the raw talent the scout saw. Too often I see the blame going to the scout. The scouts did a lot right to find Arozarena. The Cardinals sided with defense in the majors. That's not the scout's fault. He couldn't get Arozarena more at-bats. 
    I think it's really important to point out that no team bats 1.000. While there is a lot of focus on the Cardinals -- because that's the team you care about -- there are 29 other teams that go through these same issues. Remember Ryan Ludwick? Remember how he was a six-year free agent, dropped by another team, and then became an All-Star with the Cardinals.
    Well, fans celebrated that unearthed gem.
    For some fan base, he was an Arozarena, or a Garcia, only he also did it for the entire year. For some fan base, Michael Wacha the NLCS 2013 MVP was their Walker Buehler. For Kansas City, Jose Martinez's performance with the Cardinals was like Voit's with the Yankees, with fewer home runs but still that grimace of we knew he could produce because that's what he did in the minors. The Cardinals have done this so often to other fan bases that a term was coined for it: Cardinals' Devil Magic.
    This is the correction. No, wait, is it the karma?
    Actually, it's neither of those. The other teams want to win, too.
    Well, most do.
    Who is our fastest pitcher? I mean, who has the less time between pitches? I watched DeGrom mow down the Nats the other night and he would get the sign and throw—no waiting. It kept the hitters off balance. Does Maddox teach them to get in a strong rhythm and just pound the zone?
    This was a focus of spring training, yes. It was something that the pitchers talked a lot about and Maddux made a point of all the spring starts. He talked about pace. They wanted pace. They wanted to set a brisk pace. They wanted to stay active, stay quick, stay in rhythm, and the celebrated when the starters did that. 
    Kim sets the swiftest pace, with Gant being a close second. Carlos Martinez can, but doesn't always sustain it when the runners get on base.
    Did Yadi or the team say if he hurt himself on the bases running home in Fridays game? Regardless, when is Molina's likely return to the starting line up taking place?
    The thought was the injury occurred on his the swing, but if it was tenderized by running on the bases, I'm not sure. He felt it worse after the swing.
    How much of an impact is the delayed minor-league season having on callups, and do you see that continuing even once those other leagues begin play?
  • Not much of a factor, no. Teams usually go with what they know off of spring training in April, and that's just been a continuation of that this year. If anything there really hasn't been the injuries in the minors because everything is happening in controlled settings, not games.
  • The homerun that Williams hit in DC was impressive. He has slowed in the last three games offensively, but he put the ball in play against a couple of lefties last game. It seems to me like he is taking some good at bats and doesn't appear overmatched. What is the current view of the Cards on his performance?
    They are bullish on him. Look no further than his starts vs. lefties.
    The Cardinals have a 2021 payroll of about $165,000,000. I'll tell you one thing, $165,000,000 doesn't buy you what it once did.
    Inflation, man. Nothing is as it once was. Baseball cards used to be a quarter. Now, I cannot find them anywhere on eBay but for more than $20 a pack, or something. Good gravy. Even my baseball card is going for 75 cents in some places.
    Is there any Scott Rolen HOF kind of gentle push campaign with sportwriter's that may be already going on behind the curtain involving the Cardinals that us fans may not be aware of?
    Sure. It's been going on for years -- with the writers, not the Cardinals. I don't know of anything being done by the team. But as writers we spend a lot of time talking with other voters. That's why his total keeps rising.
    I like 100 mph too, but I liked it a lot better when only Nolan Ryan was doing it.
    Not me. The more the merrier. Bring the heat.
    Brian's question brings to my mind something I've wondered for a while - is there any more value in being consistent than streaky? I know a wRC+ of 100 is average, but is a player who consistently stays around 100 all year more or less valuable than a player who, say, might see that number rise to 110 after a hot streak then fall to around 90 after a prolonged cold streak before eventually settling in right at 100?
    To me, consistency is the sixth tool. Being a given, a known quantity, a certainty is a sixth tool. This is a debate that Mozeliak and I have had -- debate? Maybe the wrong word for it. Discussion. He's brought it up in press conferences and I've pushed back or explained my point. To me, a known quantity has value, even if that known quantity is going to be a 4.50 ERA as a starter with 4 out of every five starts being the baseline quality start. That's still has value for me as a team because I know I'm getting six innings every five days. That's a skill. That's a marketable talent that helps a team build. Now, of course, you'd like that consistency to be an All-Star fine. But there's a cost to that. And we're actually seeing consistency/known quantity get a price in the marketplace too. That's why teams are willing to go for the possible, maybe, could produce the same at a lower cost -- the gamble. They'd rather take the gamble at lower dollars and risk not getting much in return than pay 1.10 on the dollar for the known quantity of average. To me, that is actually an area where the market is inefficient. And I think Houston fortified its team by recognizing that.
    I was recently debating Yadi's HoF outlook with a friend, and while we agreed he's deserving of enshrinement I posited that he's not the first-ballot lock that many in Cardinals Nation would believe. Yadi's career overlapped with Pudge, Piazza, Posey, and Mauer who were all superior offensive players (all but Piazza have MVPs to show for it as well). And while Yadi has amassed some solid counting stats over his career, his numbers are actually comparable to guys like Benito Santiago and Jason Kendall. Santiago makes for an interesting comp, as he was also a highly regarded defensive catcher who won some awards (three GGs, four Silver Sluggers, a ROY, and an NLCS MVP). Santiago doesn't match Yadi's durability and postseason credentials, but there's certainly an argument for HoF voters that Yadi is more like Santiago than Pudge (apropos of nothing, all three are from Puerto Rico).

    Is there something more that should be considered in evaluating Yadi's career?
    I don't know anyone who is saying he's a first-ballot lock for the Hall of Fame. Only that he's a Hall of Famer. That could come in Year 2 or Year 7 or Year 3 on the ballot, or in Year 1. Either way, he signs the autograph the same -- HOF. He doesn't have to specify how many years he was on the ballot to get there. That's not how election works.
    There is a galaxy of things to consider, for sure.
    Molina didn't win "some" Gold Gloves. He's got more than any catcher not named Pudge or Bench. He didn't have some counting stats. He's got more hits than only a few catchers, more doubles, too, and he's got more games now with one team than any catcher ever. He is second in his era for defensive WAR. Second. Behind a shortstop. And he's one of the all-time leaders in that stat for catchers. There's a lot to his candidacy, and you can include how teams don't run against him, and pitchers run to him, and also how much influence he has over a single game. Seriously. His fingerprints are all over the one of the two most successful eras, season to season, in Cardinals history. 
    The poll had fascinating results today, not the least of which is how the polls about the Cardinals don't match the tone of the questions about the Cardinals in the chat. That's fascinating. 
    Thanks for an enjoyable chat. It was lively. And there were many many thoughtful questions. The sweep of Cincy this past weekend allowed for a great variety of questions and for more of a conversation than just a rapid fire chat. I appreciate that. Rick Hummel is at the keyboard for all of the coverage from Busch Stadium tonight.
    I've got a doubleheader. Catching a HS game before heading to the MLB game.
    Cardinals aim to build on their weekend with a rematch against the Phillies. Bryce Harper's only visit to St. Louis, unless there is an October rematch 10 years later in the works by the baseball gods. Nola vs. Flaherty is the Creed II for Carpenter vs. Doc's Rocky IV. 
    Next Monday we'll be back with the Cardinals chat, like we are every Monday. This will be coming on the day the team returns home to continue this 17 games, 17 days stretch that will see the advent of a six-man rotation. No small thing for the Cardinals who have avoided such a phrase in the past. What's next? The pitcher batting eighth?
    Enjoy the game. Talk to you next week. Stay tuned. Stay informed. Stay healthy.
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