Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments, and talk to Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold in a live chat starting at 1 p.m.

    Derrick, thanks for the chat. You and the other writers at STLPD catch a lot of unnecessary flack for what some people describe as parroting the team's talking points. Firstly, to those of you bandying this about: stop it. Journalism is not your enemy.

    Back to the point, are the Cardinals' culpable in allowing their echo chamber to shape that mistrust, or is it more simply a broader symptom of society's disavowal of society's established journalists (and their integrity) in favor of content that only serves to confirm the readers' own opinions?

    It would seem that, at least in the Matheny era, there was little in the way of openness or frank discussion with members of the media, and you've remarked that there was even an open disdain between him and those of you tasked with asking the questions. Shildt has already clearly embraced the "the media can be an asset if you let them" philosophy, which is good, but in 2018 does that get weaved into this fallacy that those with a byline are loyal to their sources over their readers?
  • Perhaps. This is a thoughtful look at things, and I appreciate that. I was recently talking with a friend about this situation and telling him how I like to watch cable news from a variety of sources because it gives me a sense of what people think "journalism" is, and I can brace myself for it. I would imagine that if most people get their journalism from cable networks, then they are used to that journalism being partisan, and they expect that from wherever they get coverage. More and more, they're right. Criticism abounds. For movies, for books, for sports, for news -- for anything. Edge is a brand, and everybody needs a brand, right? I try to be aware of this because knowing what people expect from journalism gives me a sense of how they'll react to and digest our coverage.
    There are times when my job is to relay the Cardinals' explanation for things so that it is on the record and fans can see it. That does not have to be done without pointing out when it doesn't make sense, or when it's cloaked in secrecy, or when it's done to hide something else or to explain the rules around why things are done.
    Analysis is the job. Context is the job. Explanation is the job. And, yes, there is an element of entertainment to the job because do you want to read a dull feature, a lifeless game story, a tepid notebook, or wade into a lake of porridge that calls itself a chat?
    Opinion is what columnists offer.
    If we accept those ground rules, of course a manager that is willing to explore and explain decisions he makes is going to have some room in ink to do so. A manager that chooses not to do that doesn't make the questions disappear. He only gives the writer license to answer them for the manager -- with informed reporting and analysis. The more of these conversations I have and the more I do the chat, the more I realize the importance of media literacy, and the more I welcome chances to talk about it like this.
  • Mark Reynolds raved about working with Cardinal hitting coaches, huh?

    Let's see how he actually performed here, compared to elsewhere.

    In St. Louis he batted .230 with a 93 OPS+
    The next year he had a 101 OPS+
    Year after that, a 104
    Then this year, a 114

    Man, you've got nerve. Guess you thought nobody would check? Or maybe you yourself didn't bother to check? You cite Mark Reynolds, even though he had a below average year here, was immediately better as soon as he left, and has continued to be better. Every. Single. Year.
    Now you see why people like me feel you aren't and never were tough enough on John Mabry.
  • I hoped you would check. Take it up with Mark Reynolds. It was his opinion. Not mine.
  • I just wanted to thank you for taking questions all season and here's to hoping that we have more than six regular season games for these chats. Thank you.
  • The chats will continue into the postseason and the offseason -- whether the Cardinals do or not. The chats persist.
  • But you do see what "Dan" was driving at, don't you?
    He was rude in spots, and overreacted, but his underlying complaint/concern was understandable.

    Your interview with Dexter Fowler read exactly the same as if it had been a press release penned by his agent. There was no injection of reality, no journalistic sense of balance to it. Heck, you practically praised him for batting .200 for Mike Shildt, Derrick.
    The team took off the day he was removed from the roster, for all practical purposes: Far more runs, and far more wins. Giving voice to his continued kvetching and weird overconfidence felt just wrong, frankly. There seemed to be little or no sense whatsoever that Fowler was "owning" his terrible season. No, he said it was someone else's fault, for not playing him more. And you went right along with it. As a loyal reader of the P-D and you in particular, it was disappointing to say the least.

    I know you must be tired of this topic. But it represents a crossroads, I think. Are you reporting the facts, the events that happened...or are you being used as a promotional conduit by an aging and arrogant athlete?
  • Sorry that you feel this way, Dan. Or, Alice. Others disagree. I stand by my body of work.
  • I really want to see Fowler rebound, and I want him to get the chance. It bothers me that people minimize it when he says that he wasn't quite right mentally, especially when you consider that having the right mental attitude is likely the most important thing to have to succeed in this game. His physical skills may have eroded, but he deserves the chance to prove himself. I believe that the difference in the clubhouse will make a big difference in him.
  • I agree with you on the point about the mental aspect. It is too easily dismissed, and it's insulting to do so. I get that it's a tough topic to relate to at times, and it's a tough topic for me to really latch onto at times -- but I try to do so with respect and I try to get as detailed an answer as I can. It's not my place to judge because it's foolhardy to suggest I can empathize. But I can ask. I do ask.
  • You’ve got some nerve relaying another persons opinion of a hitting coach in this chat Mr. Goold... man people are fun.
  • Lesson learned. I'll do it again. You just watch me.
  • Is it just me, or were you and BenFred just waiting for Matheny to be fired so you could blame him for everything from the Chicago Fire to Jimmy Hoffa's killing? Now it's not only Dexter fowler who needed more playing time, it's Luke Voit too? Boy, I sure don't know how Matheny won all those regular season games, beating the Pecota computer predictions by more than 5 wins a year, and Vegas by 4 wins a year, always playing the wrong players. How he won 5 of 9 playoff series despite being underdog in 7 of them. Must have been the single luckiest manager in MLB history. Yup, that's gotta be it I guess.
  • Huh? The Voit answer had nothing to do with the manager. That was a roster thing. He's not going to play ahead of Martinez or Carpenter. Casey Stengel could be manager -- oh, sorry, this is a St. Louis crowd -- Earl Weaver could be manager that would be the case. Lighten up. I'll make the Hoffa jokes from now on.
  • And the Chicago Fire was an excellent football team, gone too soon.
  • Derrick,

    Thank you for your reporting, your willingness to endure the slights thrown your way, and your commitment to both fairness and the English language.

    Who would be the most likely team to seek Carlos Martinez in a trade? And what should the Cardinals expect in return? Same questions for Jose Martinez. Thank you!
  • My grasp of the English language has been tested today, for sure. It's not been the best day of typing, let alone writing. I'll try again tomorrow. These are great questions, and they're not ones I really have a good handle on for an answer at this point. Cleveland and Tampa Bay have been two teams with some tendril of connection to Jose Martinez. Baltimore at one point, though it was hard to discern the legitimacy of that or if it was just lining up pieces. American League teams would be the pursuers. Carlos Martinez I have less of a feel for because it wasn't clear that any teams came calling on him this past trade deadline -- or it wasn't public, leaked, confirmed, the like. Angels have pitching needs. Astros would have the familiarity and comfort with Martinez -- and the model that he'd fit, as far as payroll and approach. It would seem that the Cardinals could get a good nest of teams interested, and learn whether he's worth more to them as the starter he can be or as the asset that can be moved because of their depth. Pitching is a place they can move from.
  • Bottom line..will cards make the playoffs..yes or no..your opinion??
  • Math is on their side.
  • What happened to that Fire team? They just burn out?
  • Alas, no. The Chicago Fire burned bright during its only season in the WFL. It won seven of its first 10 games. But then at the end of the 1974 season disbanded, and there wasn't a Bears alternative until the Blitz came along. The Fire never had a chance to burn out.
    This chat, however, has.
    The game is starting. The Brewers have a starter ready. They also have two other pitchers warming in the bullpen. This could get bonkers. Wild-card fever catch it. 
    Next week's chat, set tentatively for Monday, will have to hinge around what happens in the next six games. The Cardinals could be on their way to a wild-card game, on their way home to host the wild-card game, or bound for a tiebreaker or bound to box up their things and call it a third consecutive year without a playoff appearance. What happens will determine when and what day the chat is on, but you know where: Check your local listings for time, day, and host. But know this: The chats will continue throughout the postseason. Chats from the World Series. Chats from the GM Meetings. Chats from the Winter Meetings. And chats from all throughout the hot stove. Enjoy the final six games of the season. They matter. 
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