Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments, and talk to Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Monday.

    Baseball owners are business people.
    Will the safety nets extend all the way to the foul poles at Busch this year?
    No. To the "elbow," according to officials.
    Do you hahve a sense of how the club rates bader's defense vs lane Thomas'?
  • I have heard from scouts internally and outside the Cardinals organization on this. Bader is viewed as an elite center fielder. Thomas is viewed as an above-average center fielder. The gap may be narrower than the adjectives imply. Bader has great speed and uses it to great advantage when tracking down the fly balls. Thomas has good jumps, and that helps him reach balls while not having that same burner speed of Bader. Bader has a strong arm, probably the best of the group left on the roster now that Garcia has been traded. Thomas has a true arm. He'll handle the position well. Thomas is considered the second best center fielder in the organization to Bader.
    Are there any athletes you've come across who are especially good with their professional earnings and made great investments?
    Todd Wellemyer seems to be doing OK.
    You get to witness a "Field of Dreams" type of exhibition game with your favorite past and present players, announcers, etc. Who would be participating?
    My grandfather would be pitching. I'd like to see that again, if it's allowed. That would mean a lot. Maybe they'd let me play an inning at third, just to his right.
    Derrick, thank you for being here today, on Christmas Eve eve. It does not go unnoticed. Haven't heard much on Starling Marte in a while, for any team. Would the Cardinals be in play on him? They are a team looking for a catcher, reportedly. Maybe Knizner, plus an OF? More?
    Lots of reports linking the Mets to Marte and then saying the Mets had cooled to Marte and then that they were still interested in Marte. The Cardinals have only entered this mix haltingly because they have been reluctant to make such moves within the division. One reason is because they wouldn't want to look at Knizner against them for the next six years while Marte and Molina have moved on and left them wondering. It's honestly a little bit more of an emotional reason than you usually get from the Cardinals.
    In your view, should Don Mattingly be in the Hall of Fame?
    Not before Dale Murphy or Larry Walker. And I've given this a lot of thought. But I could see how I would vote for Mattingly if there was room on the ballot, but I wouldn't bump some of the deserving players there off to make room. It's difficult for me to write that. I like to think that he was the first player who gave me an idea what a Hall of Famer was and did, like Mantle did for my father or Musial did for my grandfather, but Mattingly's career comes shy.
    Carlos Martinez to Blue Jays for Ken Giles?
  • The Cardinals haven't had any traction in trade talks that include Martinez.
    Do the Cardinals have a chance for the Arenado sweepstakes via trade or is it completely dependent on what happens with Ozuna as I assume the Cardinals are not looking to sign to big multi-year contracts? If they are linked, who would the Cardinals prefer to sign (since Ozuna is free agency so don't give up anyone)? Yet do they control the sequence given other teams are involved?
    I don't see how these things are related at all. If the Cardinals have a crack at Arenado -- and there's been no evidence that they have any traction whatsoever in talks -- then why would they continue to talk with Ozuna? They'd make the move for the player they want more, and move on from the other one. I think you believe the Cardinals are more actively pursuing Ozuna than they are at this point.
    Fun stat coming. The following ten great pitchers have allowed a collective career OPS of .639 when used as a starting pitcher: Scherzer, Kershaw, Strasburg, Cole, Verlander, Greinke, DeGrom, Bumgarner, Kluber, and Sale. Again, that's a .639 OPS allowed as a starter.
    There's a current Redbird twirler with just a couple years experience who has allowed a mere .632 OPS as a starter. Think about that, huh? By one meaningful measure, slightly better so far than the career average of a bunch of superstar arms. And that Cardinal pitcher's name is not Jack Flaherty or Dakota Hudson. It's Daniel Ponce De Leon. As Casey said, you can look it up.

    Question, DG. If the Cubs & Brewers make no further substantive moves (I think the Cubs sneak in for ex-northsider Rich Hill on an incentive-heavy deal, but that's idle supposition) aren't the Cards distinct favorites for the division? Cubs have lost Hamels & Castellanos, and unlike the Cards with Ozuna, the Cubs have nobody in the wings at all to replace either of their departing contributors. (Brewers were largely illusory last year, allowed as many runs as they scored.)

    Thanks for the Holiday chat!
    Daniel Ponce de Leon does get overlooked too often as a factor for the coming season, and that includes when I was listing starters for the coming season. It's a small sample size that you're drawing on there. But your message is received. Ponce de Leon as a reliever of some sort should be intriguing -- more more than the discussion seems to give him.
    The Cardinals are the reigning champs. Other teams have shriveled. The Reds have improved. The Cardinals are betting big on internal improvements. Follow the pitching for the favorite, and the Cardinals still have the best of that.
    Will the Cardinals sign any of the 3 big bat outfielders to play left and bat forth??
    I need to know who these three are. Depends on who you ask. They continue to look into possible trades at this point. Dickerson at some point will be more of an option, it seems.
    I know I'm getting out in front of myself and the Cardinals when asking this, but if certain roster changes were to occur that would move Matt Carpenter to LF, how would strain on the body, specifically his that has had back/oblique problems, compare to his work at 3rd? I know that LF is where big bats go to hide their stone gloves, cement feet, etc., but would they consider moving Carp out there to lessen the toll taken on his body, since it's not like he's a great glove at 3rd anyhow?
    I get what you're saying. The wear and tear on playing the outfield definitely depends on who you ask. It wasn't too long ago that the Cardinals had Allen Craig and Lance Berkman on the same team. If I remember this correctly, Berkman said that playing first base was more physically taxing than playing the outfield, and Craig said the exact opposite. So, it's a matter of opinion. I think we've both seen left fielders who seem to play a physically demanding style out there, and others who, um, well, don't.
    Thanks for the yuletide chat, Derrick!
    For those fretting over replacing Marcell Ozuna's production, please bear in mind two things. (1) According to his OPS, OPS+, wRC+, or whatever context-independent metric one chooses, Ozuna's hitting was BELOW average for an MLB left fielder.

    (2) His robust RBI totals were inflated by coming to the plate over the past two years with more men on base, and more men in scoring position, than any hitter in the entire Senior Circuit. (And for those who think he night have been "clutch," his hitting with men on base over the past two years collectively was indeed slightly better than with the bases empty -- but the thing of it is, across all of MLB the average hitter in the average season posts an OPS nearly 40 points higher with men on base, and Ozuna's 2-year "clutch" performance was less than 30 points better. So he was in fact slightly LESS clutch than the typical hitter.

    Take the draft pick, and let the young guns play.
  • This has increasingly been the Cardinals' stance.
    I am still concerned, as the team currently sits, with the 4 hole protecting Goldy. This could result in him seeing less pitches in 2020. The front office must realize this issue and what it could cause, correct?
    One way to avoid that is to finally have players on base ahead of him. That's another way to protect him -- don't give the opponent anywhere to put him. Last year that did not happen enough, and that was the root of how often Goldschmidt was behind in the count, how few fastballs he saw, and so on. Get more runners on base ahead of him and he's already bound to have a better season. It's preemptive protection.
    The thing about Lindor, is the Cards already have a shortstop.
    Lindor is a 6-WAR superstar who you can have for two years and roughly 18-20 million per year. That's an excellent deal.
    But the Cards have DeJong, a 4-WAR borderline star, whose contract is for 4 or 5 or 6 years (team's choice entirely) and he's only going to be paid a pittance. An average of $5M or $6M or $8M per year, depending on how long they keep him. That's probably an even better deal than Lindor, provided Paul stays healthy of course.
    And no, the Birds should NOT move DeJong to the hot corner -- that would negate much of his defensive value, which stems from the range he's worked so diligently to improve at shortstop.
    Lindor is great, but DeJong's very good talent & amazing contract gives the Cards long term stability at his position, and the financial flexibility to do things like the massive Goldschmidt contract. (Which doesn't look so hot right now, admittedly. But flexibility in payroll is an intrinsic good.)
    I appreciate the thought that went into this explanation and think it does a great job outlining how a team looks at moving players and acquiring players. Well done.
  • Can you explain what happens with the cash received in the Garcia trade? Do they use it on player payroll, can it be used on international players - like when we missed out on Luis Robert, or does it go to help build more things in ballpark village? Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas!
    It's just cash. It is not international spending money, no. That would go into that purse specifically. This is just cash. Sometimes the cash is as little as $1, sometimes it's $10,000. It's cash that goes to the other team.
    What would a Flaherty extension look like? Do you think there's a way to lure a couple years of free agency away from him with an offer that's maybe slightly past the Cardinals' "puke point", or is Flaherty set on reaching free agency as soon as possible regardless of the Cardinals' offer? I would think at some point the money could get too good to pass up - 7 years 100 million?
    As of right now, a Flaherty extension -- before he even hits arbitration -- would look something like the deal that Leake got as a free agent, well north of what Carlos Martinez got in the same spot of his career. That seems to be the market rate, or at least you could see how it would line up. Flaherty does not seem eager to go in that direction at this point or to hand over any of his free agent years for that matter. He was pretty steadfast in his view last spring, and went so far as to reject the Cardinals offer and take $10,000 penalty to be renewed. A wild card in this is going to be a new CBA. It's coming. And there will be some push to have younger players make more earlier in their career to line up with their production. That's the way the game has gone, and that's the way the union would like to argue the spending should go too. We'll see. Flaherty and the Cardinals would have to factor the unknown into any offer at this point.
    I cannot see that making the trade happen, but I appreciate that it's closer than most offers in here because it at least gives the Rockies the control, the cost-control, and the beginning of the talent they'd be chasing.
    So you hate the Cardinals AND Joc Pederson??? Geez.

    Real question: Have you heard any talk of expanding the wild card game to a best-of-3 series? I think it would give more of a chance for the better team to prove it. Too many random things can happen in one game.
    I also think Cindy Lou Who's hair is ostentatious. #TeamGrinch. 
    This comes up every so often and just as often comes the concern from MLB or from the players that it would extend the season by another day or two and then delay the other teams from playing another day or two. The regular season has already intruded on late March to avoid pushing the World Series into November, and this would make that almost unavoidable. I do think it would be better to have it best-of-three. But, baseball wants the excitement of a Game 7 immediately, and they get that with one game to decide who advances, while also not depleting a team entirely to make that next round a dull tromp for the higher seed. Have to keep that in mind.
    Call me crazy but I miss the old days of baseball. I know I’m in the minority here but I never was a fan of replay. I think blown calls were just another aspect of baseball. The only three certainties in life are death, taxes, and blown calls in a baseball game.. how players and managers reacted to blown calls was entertaining.
  • And now all of that pent-up frustration that used to have a valve for release is targeted at balls and strikes. Imagine what will happen when managers cannot even argue those anymore. Where is the steam going to go? Dugout feuds? Brawls between teams? It's not going to vanish. The competitive furnace still burns, so it's just going to be redirected somewhere else, and it may not be good.
    Fun stat. The ZiPS forecasting model says new Redbird Mr. Kim will post a 106 ERA+ in 2020. There are only ZiPS projections available for 5 or 6 teams so far, but here are all of the other MLB starters with projected ERA+ between 102 and 110:

    Marcus Stroman, Dustin May, Robbie Ray, Kenta Maeda, Chris Paddack, Ross Stripling, and phenom Luis Patino. Those seven average 106, same as the new Cardinal southpaw. Looks like exceptional company, considering he's supposed to be the team's number 4 or 5 starter.

    My question: Do you think the Cardinals will grab any free agent relievers for bullpen depth?

    Thanks for the chat, DG!
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