Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments, and talk to Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold at 10 a.m. Monday in a live chat.

    I don't think so. The whole thing got so weird. Pujols' side said that the Cardinals never offered him a personal services contract (that's true). The Cardinals said they thought by saying "lifetime Cardinal" it was implied. They did check with the commissioner's office about what it would look like to offer him ownership of the team after his contract was up and his career over. I'm not sure how he responded to that information. It's clear that the Angels had a good approach, offered a lot of money, and put in writing and articulated a "lifetime" with them that the Cardinals either assumed Pujols would understand or didn't spell out as best they could. Also, $250 million matters.
    I’m guessing from your Fantasia like response you are not in disagreement with my suggestions. What do your sources say about a replacement for Ozuna’s numbers
    Fantasia response? Cute reference. But perhaps incomplete, and not as insulting as you intend because I actually have seen the movie. I stand by my answer.
    The HOF ballot for next year dropped today. I know you've been a gigantic advocate for Larry Walker being inducted (deservedly so) so I'll ask: is this the year??
    Let's all hope. Sure seems like momentum is building for him. Overdue.
    We know actual attendance is way below tickets sold. Can the Cards continue to count on businesses and organizations buying tickets that are not being used?
    This is a good question because it helps draw the line between "soft" totals and "hard" totals. For example, there are definitely "soft" ticket sales that are included in the total tickets sold for each game -- and those tickets include the ones described here as the business bulk and reduced-price tickets. The "hard" sales would be at full cost, right. And it's a big question, big concern, and yes part of how the Cardinals are able to aim for 3.4 million tickets sold is because they reduce prices and they adjust accordingly to the demand in order to surpass the 3 million. They're not selling those are full price, nope. It's when the percentage of reduced-price tickets surpasses the revenue needed that the Cardinals and other teams have issues, and this is a conversation around baseball -- not for the big attendance teams but for the ones with half the tickets sold of the Cardinals and others. How many of those are "soft" -- how much trouble are they in? 
    The answer to your question about whether the Cardinals can continue to count on the ticket purchases of businesses and organizations that are not being used is ... well, evidently. But less so, and they're keeping an eye on it. Looking at the number of events they're offering beyond the ticket purchase as incentive to buy in such bulk.
    A few national columnists have speculated that Fowler would accept a trade to the Angel's to play for Madden, and Carpenter would go to KC to be reunited with Matheny. Do you get the feeling this is something either player would consider, or is this another pipe dream not based in reality? Thanks for the chats.
    This is classic stuff. Find player who makes a lot of money or who has struggled and has a no-trade clause and connect him to --
    a) home-town team
    b) team with spring training near where he lives
    c) former manager
    d) BFF!
    It's like Flow Chart Speculating as much as it is reporting. There's been no indication from the Angels that they would pursue this trade, and that's rather important. And there's also been no indication from the Royals that they want to add that kind of contract, even if Matheny were to make that request. Nope. If we're doing offering up options by connecting dots like the above examples, then the only one that checks out even slightly, like really really really slightly, is Texas and Carpenter, and whether the Rangers would have interest and Carpenter would accept. There's not brewing there, only some dot-connecting that at least as more substance than hey he had the manager at one point in his career and we thinking maybe possibly maybe he likes him.
    Tony LaRussa with A’s:
    • .542 win percentage in regular season
    • .594 win percentage in postseason
    • 3 Manager of the Year awards
    • 1 World Series
    Tony LaRussa with Cards:
    • .544 win percentage in regular season
    • .543 win percentage in postseason
    • 1 manager of the year award
    • 2 World Series

    I get what you are saying, but I guess my point was that I think TLR needed his time with both teams to be a hall of famer, thus the blank cap. Whereas Pujols was probably already a hall of famer at the end of his time with the Cardinals. The milestones were icing on the cake, but he's nowhere near the same with the Angels. Perhaps a buy out isn’t plausible or the right question to ask, but do you think that the Cardinals have any interest wooing him to make sure he has an STL on his hall of fame plaque or are they content to just let the chips fall where they may?
    Again, we'll have to agree to disagree. TLR gave up a connection to Cardinals history that would have been assured with the STL on his cap. That's just how I feel. A century from now, a young fan will be wondering the Hall and see that Gibson, Brock, Musial, and players yet to come will have an STL on their cap, but not that other guy who is ... blank? What team did he call home? Huh. Again, that's just my opinion. I've shared it with TLR. 
    No one said Albert Pujols was a better player with the Angels than he was with the Cardinals. He just had all of his significant, fancy, big-number milestones with the Angels, and that does count for something, Heck, LA paid for that.
    The Cardinals are content to see where the chips fall. They've got their legacy players in place with Molina and Wainwright.
    Maybe splitting hairs but I'm not so sure Bradley Jr. would cost more in a deal than Pederson. Both free agents after 2020 but Bradley Jr. (11M) makes more money then Pederson (8.5M), is two years older and Pederson is projected to be worth about a win more above replacement.
    You get me wrong -- Pederson will cost more than Bradley. Ascending order.
    DG, why do you keep pushing the Cardinals front office agenda on us!? They should have gotten Christian Yelich, and I'm sure Randal Grichuk could have been traded for Mike Trout instead of Leone! **insert Tony Stark eyeroll**

    I know you've been out of town and busy (thanks, as always), but did you get a chance to check out The Mandalorian yet? Thoughts?? Seems like TV format would be the the best platform (outside of books, obviously) to really expand the Star Wars universe, both for places and characters.
    I've enjoyed it. Caught up on it with my son this past weekend. Strong stuff. One of the strengths of Star Wars -- not that you asked -- is how flexible it is. It's the Saran Wrap of storytelling because it can go from genre to genre and make it fresh again. That's mainly because it is so rooted in Joseph Campbell's work on heroes. And here we are with Star Wars as a Western. Fantastic. I cannot wait to see it unfold like The Magnificent Seven, which itself is a remake of the classic samurai film that inspired some of Star Wars. Great stuff.
    Ah yes I see now that I mis-read the order on the Peralta/Bradley Jr/Pederson answer. TomBruno23 stands corrected.
    It happens to us all. Trust me.
    Will someone from the Cards work with CMart in the off season, or is he on his own?
  • They'll work with him. Carlos Martinez is currently in the Dominican -- as you can probably guess from his social media -- and he's got a few weeks there before having to come back to Florida to see how the PRP is working. He will have a check in every month with the Cardinals, and that likely will be in Jupiter. The Cardinals also want him to spend some time during each of those check ins working with the medical officials/training team at the facility in Jupiter. The current plan is for him to be there starting in January. Why some of this matters for the offseason is not just Martinez's readiness but the Cardinals' understanding of his readiness, because come December -- around the time of his planned check in/evaluation in Jupiter -- the Cardinals want to know whether they need to start making bids on free agent pitchers, or trades.
    Do you think Cole Hamels makes sense for the Cards? Thanks.
    Absolutely -- two years ago. They missed on that. Now, not so sure. I think he could make some sense, especially if Martinez has a setback. I think as of right now, they should aim higher. If they can get a starter they think will be better for them than they can expect from Martinez, then make the move and have Martinez as a closer. Be conservative when estimating Martinez as a starter and try to find better. I'm not sure Hamels is at this point. But other available pitchers are.
    What happened to former Cardinal and Cardinal killer, Bud Norris? Did he retire?
    He was with Toronto for a bit last year, and then didn't find a taker after release. I haven't seen anything official on his retirement, and last I heard from him that wasn't an option he was seeking. Sometimes that is forced upon a player, as we all know.
    "Third base is in play for an addition from outside the organization. That much is clear."
    You said this last month in a chat. Do you still believe this to be true?
    Less so. And I'm glad you've brought this up, because this stuff changes, especially as we get more info. That was definitely a product of the information available at the time. This past week, at the GM Meetings, judging from people who spoke with the Cardinals, they are less inclined to make a move on third base and see that as Carpenter -- or Edman, at this point. At the start of the offseason, I was told that the Cardinals would at least explore options at third base, see what was there, see what the cost was. Maybe they did that and came back empty. Their interest in the market definitely cooled in the past two weeks. What we do also know is that the Cardinals have also had talks with Matt Carpenter recently about his winter, about what he wants to achieve, and how they can help to bring him back from the difficult year.
    I disagree that writing off $30 million is a bad business decision. There are many businesses that will right off a $30 million dollar investment if there is better production from a less expensive assets. As far as other veterans are concerned, the club paid him his salary and let him find another job. Is that worse than sitting him on the bench and paying him?
    Is this your Castaway counterpoint? I think you're on an island here.
    BTW, I know the 3 years for Ozuna came from a reporter not from my imagination.
    Didn't say it did. I spelled out where that's coming from. It has to do with reading the roster and the prospects and making an argument that isn't entirely valid.
    I don't see why they would pay money and take a prospect beating to trade either Fowler or Carpenter? Both are 3-V players. Veteran, Valuable, and Versatile. There would not be many major league teams that they would not be able to help in some capacity. The big question is will the Cardinals let them come off the bench if they lose their starting job to a lower cost player?

    Obviously it is not sustainable for teams to continually pay $18-20 ,million for bench players, but hey the money is spent! The decision is made, the contract is signed. Why pay that money to have them play somewhere else? These players can help the team. Can the team deal with them playing behind younger, cheaper players if it comes to that?
    They can. They will. And you've struck at the crux of the situation. Well done.
    If the Brewers fail to resign both Moustakas and Grandal, could they fade to the bottom of the division? Certainly looks like they won't get Grandal back and their pitching operates on thin margins seemingly.
    Not as long as Pittsburgh is playing baseball in the NL Central in 2020.
    DG - Who do you think has more ill-feelings toward his former club and thus would love to get back at: Mike Matheny or Joe Maddon?
    Interesting question. Really. The answer is probably neither, but gosh if we're going for drama and for building up hype let's go with Matheny because he'll actually face his former team in 2020. But in reality I think they're out to prove different things when it comes to their former teams. Maddon is out to show he can win a championship with another team -- and how the Cubs missed out on that. Whereas, Matheny's is more about personal growth, based on the comments he's made there in Kansas City and Rick Hummel of The Post-Dispatch. He wants to show that he's improved as a manager in a way that he didn't -- wouldn't have? -- with the Cardinals, and thus needed the move to another team more than Maddon did. Gosh, I really think it's an interesting to explore from all sides.
    Here's a nice penalty idea for the Astros...

    Baseball death penalty / give up that intl national money, all of it for 5 years - no domestics draft picks before the 7th round and a 15 million dollar fine that counts against the hard 209. Thoughts?
    That would be steep, even obliterating, and a real test of how smart Houston is. I like the way you've used the financial penalty here. That's creative and cool.
    Is there any reason to believe Reyes is trending in a positive direction? I'm not very hopeful nor would I bet on him at this point, but if he can finally break through he would be a huge addition to our rotation (and bullpen for that matter)
    Yes. He's about to have his first normal offseason in years. He doesn't have his health to worry about, his rehab to focus on, his limits to test his frustration, and even if you think back a few years he had his daughter's illness weighing on him. Spoke to his agent this past week, and he described a much stronger and at ease and comfortable and relieved Alex Reyes. He's working out in the Dominican and using the Cardinals' academy there at times, so even the scenery has changed for him. That has to be good.
    Alright. Had to step aside to grab a snack. We've got about an hour to go, so let's do some lightning round, and get those questions in you've got them.
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