Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Cardinals chat with Derrick Goold

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments, and talk to Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold at 10 a.m. Monday in a live chat.

    Yes. Yes, I do. And I don't know what to make of it because it's hard to tell how much of the fan base is represented here or on Twitter, and we all know that social media and chats like this tend to skew negative because people who are content are rarely moved to write or join in with questions. Criticism spurs questions. But, yes, it is hard to reconcile the tone of the emails I get day in day out with how far the Cardinals got into the postseason.
    What would you say is the percentage of "big time" free agents who actually deliver what's expected of them?
  • Far, far, far better than your question would imply you expect. We were talking about that during the postseason. Take a look at some of those high dollar players in play in the World Series. Go down the list of pitchers with more than $100-million contracts.
    Scherzer -- worth it.
    Greinke -- worth it.
    Verlander -- worth it.
    Corbin -- we'll see, but on his way, no?
    It's remarkable the return those pitchers have given the teams that signed them. Holliday turned out well. Harper has a long way ahead. Machado, too. Carlos Beltran was a beast during his $100-million contract for the Mets. Teams tend to focus on the ones that don't work, and hold them up as some sort of example of why these deals are bad. Well, look around, some of these players making what they're finally/actually worth on the open market are giving a return on the dollars.
    This is a big issue with baseball right now. Given their options, teams would rather get 0.75 cents of production on a 0.50 expense than a 1.00 of production on a 1.00 of spending. They want to be the smart team, the one that got the most value, the biggest return, and there's something to be said about just paying for the actual production your receive, because that's what the free-agent market is about after all.

    How about #TradeWong

    I thought the question earlier about trading Wong made sense. I get you aren't going to get a MLB player back that's better, but I think the question was about using his money saved to sign a better FA for another spot, since we have Edman, not trade him to get a better player. It's about upgrading in a different sort of way!
    OK, I'll bite. What money would be saved? Kolten Wong is due $10.25 million in 2020. Earlier in the chat, for example, Rick Porcello was touted as a reasonably priced option for starting pitcher -- at $11 million. Is trading Wong really that big financial flexibility that the Cardinals need to overhaul the team, or is it just making a move for no reason, getting no real return that helps the team, and not freeing up much money anyway? I'm going with the latter. And why the concern about saving the Cardinals money all of the sudden?
    I'm not that baseball smart, but couldn't a team be a winner without any what you call elite players? What if a team was comprised of just very good players who all had a good year?
    If you could bottle that and expect it and assure that you'd get that, then absolutely that would be a good team. But it might lose to the team that has four elite players, eight good players, and 13 complementary players some of who are having OK years, some of whom are having years they expect, and one or two of whom are having excellent years.
    We like Tommy Edman because he plays the game the RIGHT WAY!
    And the left way. He's a switch hitter, after all.
    Earlier you said that Fowler is a "known". I understand that, but when your "known" is sub par, why not gamble and try to do better with the young kids? I would think we could find a "Dexter Fowler level" player out of that group. If we can't, then what does that say about our minor leaguers?
  • Known has value. If you know you're going to get better than you make the move for it. If it's a gamble, then you're risking getting less, too. Just FYI.
  • You have answered 5 of my questions today! Thanks Derrick!!
    Did you get a punch card at the door?
    I was at the Wainwright game in the NLDS and it was rocking...until it wasn't. Shifting gears. I think the vocal minority are the only group that questions attendance and wants to poo poo the ownership group over it. I am sure the FO worries too but many things change. I don't go to nearly as many games any more because the HDTV experience is so great. The cardinals fair as well as almost any team in the attendance area. Baseball needs to fix "boring" not time of play IMHO.
    The Cardinals do really well when it comes to attendance -- both in turnstile totals and ticket sales totals and however you want to measure revenue regards to market size. They are definitely doing well in all of those regards. There is a contrast afoot in Cardinals Nation, and at some point it's going to come to a reckoning, I imagine. Either the Cardinals win a World Series and all is right on one end, or the Cardinals come tumbling down, have a series of losing seasons, and all is right on that same one end because it can claim to have seen it coming all along.
    Could Hudson bring bat any kind of elite hitter? I'd hate to part with him, but you have to give to get. I think he could be more easily replaced than not having a true #4 hitter.
    He would be involved in a deal like that, sure. He'd be a big part, Weaver+.
    Wow DG you are on a roll this week! I am just now able to join the chat.

    One thing that came up late in last week's installment was that Keuchel told you that he never heard from the Cardinals last year? That upset me a lot. Girsch said at the trade deadline that they had beaten the bushes(my words) for pitching and couldn't make it happen. In my book not even calling a player like Keuchel, who wound up signing a one year deal, leaves does not meet the criteria for beating bushes.

    I feel like the Cardinals misled the fans on this one.
    It's possible that you're merging lanes here. Keuchel told me he never got an offer from the Cardinals, not that he never heard from them. He specifically said they spoke. He specifically said they came to his workout, and he specifically said the Cardinals were one of eight teams represented and one of his throws last season. He just didn't get an offer from them. Girsch could be right. And Keuchel also make a point about what the Cardinals didn't do to make a play for a pitcher. You can look back to make sure, but I do recall trying to prepare and prepare and prepare people for this with my reporting that the Cardinals were going to be sold Keuchel, but they had reservations about his health and about what he would provide for the second half of the season. They were proven wrong. But they didn't have that info at the time, and weren't willing to make the leap based on the info they did have, not at the price. So there's that.
    Thanks for the response.

    Yes, trading Wong saves 10.25 M.
    I was still referring to an earlier question, that wanted to trade Wong and either a Fowler or Martinez. (Could be separate trades.) This would allow the Cards to go spending in the deeper end. Also, some money maybe not spent on Ozuna.

    I don't care at all about saving the Cards' money.....Spend, baby spend!!!! I was just looking at ways to free up money in order to get a bigger FA. Especially since they said they are pretty landlocked right now.

    Thanks for the discussion!!
  • No it wouldn't. I'm sorry. It would free up cash for 2020. It would free up some for 2021. And that's it. The deals you're talking about -- at the deep end -- are for beyond 2021. It's interesting because your question strikes at the earful I get every so often from Mozeliak about how the media never thinks about the big picture, never thinks about the out years of contract, only wants the immediate gratification of the big spending for the next season. He can feel that way. Doesn't make it so. The media spends a lot of time talking about the length of deals and how contracts signed now limit them later. But by suggesting that cutting a few salaries from 2020 and 2021 means they could go wade into the deep end of the pool gives credence to his argument. Only it's not the media doing it in this case, because despite what he says, most of the media doesn't.
  • #KeepWong It makes no sense to trade an elite defender and also a player beginning to come into his own offensively. Do people expect Kolton to lead the team in home runs and RBI's?? That isn't his game. Give him a chance to lead off or hit early in the lineup and we will have a player who can score 100+ runs every year. He is a valuable piece to this Cardinal puzzle.
    Thanks for taking our questions.

    Do you think the Cardinals will make any moves during the winter meetings? Or are they more likely to wait out the market and see what's left?
    Depends on what they hear back from Carlos Martinez in the next few weeks.
    Could one say that popcorn is the BSIB?
    I would not put a ceiling on popcorn that way. Why not all sports? Why not all pastimes?

    Could the so-called apathy from the fan base (previous discussion about postseason crowd and a lot of empty seats all season) have to do with the quality of players on the field?

    I've been a fan a long time, but sure miss the days of Albert, Edmonds, and Rolen.

    Yes, Goldy is a start......but, Fowler, Wong, Ozuna, DeJong, etc. just aren't that level.

    Also, I think the Cards organization puts Carpenter in the same category as Molina and Wainwright as Cardinal greats. He's been okay, just not one of the greats.
    I guess. Paul Goldschmidt is one of the best all-around players in the game. Jack Flaherty is one of the best pitchers in the National League. Period. Jordan Hicks does what no one else in the game does. I think there's something deeper here. There's probably something to your point, what when Paul DeJong can spend half a season doing things at shortstop that only Trevor Story does and yet for some reason I get emails suggesting Story is an MVP candidate and DeJong is a DFA candidate ... Something is out of joint, and it will take someone smarter than me to figure it out. I don't get it.
  • Back to Jean's question about very good but not elite players. What, exactly is the criteria? If we're talking top 5 or even 10 at their position in the game, that leaves a lot of quality could have a team with players like Jose Abreau, Matt Chapman, Wong, Molina, Dansby Swanson, Michael Brantley, Marte, Pham, etc...without going through the pitchers, I think I would take my chances.
    Matt Chapman is an elite player. Kolten Wong is elite at his position. So, you've got to consider the framework, as you suggest.
    How do you consider Ozuna's $17.8M as "saved money" on the payroll? The increases to Goldy, Carp, and Mikolas more than ate that up. The Cardinals finished the season around $160M and that is where they are today. So, how can the team add new payroll this winter without subtracting current payroll, unless ownership is bluffing about keeping payroll the same?
    Well they offered it didn't they? He could say yes and they'd have to pay it. That's how I do the math.
    You can do the math on ownership sticking to something they've never actually said they would stick to. But whatever.
    Seems like a good place to end. There is a Thanksgiving story to work on, some popcorn crumbs to clean up, and other things to catch up on. This has been a solid chat. Questions coming from all directions, and I tried to do my best to wade through the many many many multiply submitted questions. It can get tricky when someone posts the same question seven, eight, 10 times. So, I apologize if your question got lost in the occasional flurry of repeats. I'll try to do better next time. The Cardinals chat is here throughout the offseason. And we're two weeks away from the winter meetings when Ben Frederickson and I will be in San Diego with daily chats from the crucible. I hesitate to say from the hot stove, because we have yet to see any real evidence that it will heat up as hoped by then. It's climate change in baseball! February is the new December.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the stuffing. You can have my portion.
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