Chat Mizzou sports with Dave Matter at 11 a.m. Thursday

Chat Mizzou sports with Dave Matter at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Howdy, chatters. Let's get to this. Already a lot of questions in the hopper.
    Did you find it surprising that Alabama took players from the portal when it has consistently been ranked with the top recruiting class for years. I was disappointed for Missouri not getting the second wide receiver from Ohio State. The rich just get richer.
    I'm not surprised at all that Alabama is getting good players from the portal. Not every recruit who signs with Alabama makes it as a starter or even stays in the program. Alabama has lost six players to the portal since the end of the season. They're being selective in who they bring in to replace those roster spots. Here's what Nick Saban said about it last week, as quoted by 
    On taking transfers, he said: “They have to be better than a guy is that we have in the program right now at their position. And so we’ll be selective and how we choose guys, we’re still going to recruit quality players that we can develop in the program.”
    This comment summed up Bama's approach: "I don’t think our good players are going to be leaving. But I think we’ll be able to get some good players to join us, when we have room to do that.”
    I see that the St. Louis Cardinals have their game only available on YouTube for viewing today. Did you know if CFB is or has considered this plan? I don't know how it will go over, but it is an interesting experiment.
    It's not all that different from college football having games that are only available on livestreams such as ESPN-plus or SEC Network-Plus, but to my knowledge I'm not aware of CFB having games available exclusively on YouTube. But I can't imagine we're too far off from that happening.
    Good morning Dave,
    With over 1,000 players still remaining in the protocol, is there one more player Coach is pursuing? Seems to me maybe when the final set of top-notch players decide which schools they will attend, there may be some residual talent MIZZOU can offer a spot to.
    Talk to me.
    John L
    Missouri hasn't been strongly connected to any of the undecided transfer options here recently, so I'm not sure they're desparately trying to fill that last scholarship. Martin has said they'll keep an open mind on that last spot and fill it if the right player comes along who fits what they'd like to add but they won't just fill it for the sake of filling it.
    I think that's the wise move considering MU only has one true senior on the roster for next year but will want to add multiple players in the 2022 class. 
    As hot as Eli has been recruiting I was surprised he didn't get the kid from Ohio State or Jordan Johnson from Notre Dame in the transfer portal? Is that due to already being loaded at receiver?
  • Mizzou certainly pursued both players, so missing out on them doesn't say anything about being too full at receiver. I wouldn't use the word loaded to describe this group of receivers by any means. This was a below-average SEC receiver group last year and the only additions are two players who have never played a college game. Mookie Cooper and Dominic Lovett might turn out to be fantastic players, but this group of wideouts still has plenty to prove.
  • I recently saw on Bally Midwest a Mizzou commercial while watching a Cardinal's game. It was well done and from what I recall touted mizzou as the Missouri school and called for an identification with mizzou.
    Doesn't seem here in south west Mo Jasper County. Although our population is 122,000, it is rare indeed if Mizzou is ever mentioned on one of the Joplin tv stations. Matter of fact, in my 6 years living here I can recall zero times Mizzou mentioned on local sports unless they were playing Arkansas or like in the NCAA this spring when playing Oklahoma State.
    Yes, we are only 86 miles from Fayetteville and just 200 miles plus from both Norman and Stillwater, but for goodnes sake, Mizzou is supposed to be the state's school. Mizzou however is a non entity seemingly down here. If local students don't go to Missouri State or Missouri Southern, then go to Arkansas or Oklahoma universities. Mizzou is not mentioned on sport news and not mentioned as a real option for students
    What should/can Mizzou do to get attention here? Certainly that great commercial should air down here. But getting a presence should be important I would think
    I'm not sure what to tell you. I just cover the ball teams. I'd present your concerns to the university or the athletics department. I know Jim Sterk made it a priority when he came to Mizzou to assign an ambassador from the athletics department at every one of the state's 114 counties through the university's Extension Council Network. He's talked about that a lot over the years.
    What is the next "event" for football leading up to fall camp? Any recruiting weekends like Odom did with the top players in Missouri arriving all on the same weekend?
    The football team has some camps and a designated night for unofficial recruiting visits the first week of June. Otherwise, there's nothing official on the calendar until SEC media days in mid July, then training camp the first week of August.
    Based on current NCAA guidelines, what are football players allowed to do (with and without coaches present) from this point till fall practices start? What is the date fall practices will start? Incoming freshmen / transfers will be able to participate in all summer workouts once they graduate or finish their semester, correct? Go Lady Tigers in the SEC tourney! Thanks for the fine job you do covering Mizzou athletics.
    Football teams can have limited workouts with the coaches this time of year. No full pads or contact from what I understand about the rules. Then they'll have summer conditioning and "voluntary" workouts in June and July. Preseason camp usually begins the first week of August, but that date hasn't been released yet.
    Incoming freshmen and transfers usually report to campus for the start of workouts in early June. 
    Who is the first assistant on the football staff to move to greener pastures via a promotion?. Are any of them head coach candidates from what you can discern?
    I certainly think a handful of Drinkwitz's coaches can run their own programs some day. Off the top of my head, I'd lean toward Curtis Luper, Casey Woods and, obviously, Steve Wilks, who's been a head coach in the NFL. I haven't really gotten to know many of the coaches on the staff, and a few of them I've never met because of COVID and media access rules. I'd have a much better feel for that question under a normal coverage environment.
  • Has HCCM ever developed assistant coaches in his career to where they have moved on to better roles elsewhere?. In other words, does he have a coaching tree?
    Yes, former Cal head coach Wyking Jones worked under Martin at Cal and is now on staff at Washington.
    Jon Harris coached under Martin at Missouri State, Tennessee and Cal, was later the head coach at SIUE.
    De Smet HS coach Kent Williams coached under Martin at Missouri State and Tennessee. 
    Tim O'Toole coached under Martin at Cal and is now on staff at Pittsburgh.
    Steve Woodberry coached under Martin at Missouri State and is on staff at Wake Forest.
    If Larissa Anderson isn''t SEC softball coach of the year, I don't know who is. Watching this exciting slugging team of lady Tigers has been a joy this season, and they just could make a run in the SEC or NCAA tourney. Missourians may not know where Long Island, NY, is, but they'll know the name Jenna Laird for three more years. Run ruling and nearly no hitting Florida, taking a series at Arkansas, and at Tennessee, where these teams have rarely lost ... all bodes well for the future. All they need now is another Chelsea Thomas to round out that staff. What say you, scribe?
    Arkansas' Courtney Deifel was named SEC coach of the year for guiding her team to its first ever SEC championship. The Razorbacks were picked sixth in the preseason poll. I'd say she's a worthy winner. 
    That said, don't count out Mizzou to win the SEC tourney this week and make a run in the NCAA tourney. The Tigers don't have that one shutdown ace, but Anderson has made the most of her four arms to compliment the best lineup in the conference. 
    I wrote about the softball team in today's paper. Check it out if you haven't already:

    Mizzou softball hopes to mash its way to SEC title

    The Tigers open SEC tournament play against LSU with a chance to host NCAA regional round next week.
    What impact do you expect from Blaze Aldredge in football? What about Degray in basketball? Could they become all conference guys or more role players? I haven’t been able to find a ton of info on them.
    I'd expect Alldredge to compete for a starting job and see the field quite a bit at one of the two inside linebacker positions. Devin Nicholson is fairly entrenched at one of those spots, but there's not as much game-day experience beside him. Chad Bailey got the bulk of the first-team snaps during the spring. Let's see how Alldredge makes the transition to the SEC before projecting any all-conference honors. He was very productive at Rice, but he'll be chasing down a different caliber of playmaker in the SEC and taking on a better class of blockers. 
    As for Ronnie DeGray, he seems like a versatile defender, efficient inside scorer who can  hit the occasional perimeter shot. I'm not sure I'd forecast stardom, but could be a good program guy who develops into a reliable two-way player. 
    MIZZOU softball go make your own luck!!’
    Hi Dave, which statement would you agree with more then the other at the SEC Level.
    Good coaching make better players or better players make better coaches
    Better players make better coaches. Obviously you have to know what you're doing to win a championship at this level, but Gene Chizik wasn't very good when he didn't have Cam Newton. Over time, the great coaches are the ones who collect the best talent and know how to get the most out of them. I think that's more important in college football than being an Xs and Os mastermind. Recruit elite talent and have proficient play-callers on both sides of the ball and you'll win a lot of games. 
    At some point will all of the players left languishing in the transfer portal pull there names out and return to their original school if it looks like they won't get an offer from somewhere else? Not really sure how that works.
  • Most players who enter the portal won't be welcomed back to their original school. That's just how it works. Teams either recruit to fill in the hole they left behind or have zero interest in a player who decided to leave. So, to answer your question, there will inevitably be a lot of players without a home when the next season begins - or will have to settle for a landing spot far less desirable than what they hoped.
  • I'm one of those "defense wins championships" guys. Like the D-Line depth but wondering about the proficiency and depth at the Cornerback position. Also, would like to know your prediction for who replaces Nick Bolton - so excited he's with the Chiefs!
    Someone asked about Blaze Alldredge earlier. I'd say Bolton's spot will be replaced by Alldredge or Chad Bailey. I don't really see one of the incoming freshmen making the leap to play inside linebacker. That's a difficult position to play as a true freshmen - though Devin Nicholson became a starter midway through his freshman season two years ago. 
    I think the D-line needs another consistent force to emerge. Trajan Jeffcoat sure showed signs last year of being one of the league's best edge rushers. They could use a rebound year from Kobie Whiteside. Maybe one or both of the juco D-linemen emerges. 
    As for the secondary, any regular chatter knows I'm high on Martez Manuel. He's got a chance to be one of the SEC's most productive safeties no matter where they line him up. JC Carlies sure seemed to make a strong first impression on the staff when they moved him from corner to safety. There's a lot to like about Ennis Rakestraw at corner. I expect him to be a much better player as a sophomore. Who wins that other job? I figured Jadarrius Perkins would be the favorite - as long as Jarvis Ware is still recovering from  his injury - but Ish Burdine, Chris Mills or one of the freshmen could make a move in camp to lock down that job.
    Hi Dave, responding to the gentleman from Jasper County. In addition to the 5-hour drive to some sections of the state, there are some other factors at work here.
    I'm Columbia born and raised, and had to spend almost 4 years in Springfield for work. I was basically an outcast. As Missouri has become such a hard-corps conservative state, the cultural and political differences between Columbia and some more rural areas become very real. I was told many times that people would never let their kids come to Columbia, as it was perceived as some sort of wide open, hedonistic liberal paradise, and those folks just don't go for that. This was in the '90s, well before the controversial players' stand of 2015.
    Can't we all just get along, and support Ol' Mizzou when they kick some booty this year?
    Thanks for sharing your perspective.
    The outside perceptions of Columbia always fascinate me. 
    Dave, hi! I understand all of the historical challenges with supporting Mizzou baseball including cold weather springs, not great in-state HS recruiting base, classic “Show Me” fan base POV of win before support, no money put into facilities, etc. That said, it is frustrating to see Mizzou not be competitive in a sport the SEC does a terrific job with. How fun would April & May be if Mizzou baseball actually played meaningful series vs Arkansas, Florida, etc.?

    My question ... One potential advantage that Mizzou might have is fact that they have 2 in-state MLB teams with long time committed fan bases that love those teams. Is there anything Mizzou could do to leverage support from either/both Cardinals & Royals to drive those fan bases to have interest in Mizzou baseball? As example ... Having former players be a presence at games, former/current players doing Mizzou camps around the state, playing games at Busch & Kauffman, etc. Make Mizzou baseball feel like a natural extension of those teams to those fans. Is that a crazy thought?
    It's not a crazy thought, but I don't think there's a natural crossover between fans who love their MLB teams and loving college baseball. College baseball in general and Mizzou baseball more specifically has never really resonated with a big chunk of the population in this state. And it's challenging to make people become fans of something they didn't grow up loving. Mizzou has played plenty of games at Busch and Kauffman over the years. It hasn't happened this year because of COVID, but MU and Illinois have played at Busch in the past and the same with MU and Kansas in Kansas City.
    Hi Dave, would like to know your thoughts about Elijah Young's role now that Larry Rountree has ascended to the NFL. Excited for Young's development, and tons of respect for Rountree - hope he can stick with the Chargers, who could use some of his dedication and versatility in their backfield.
    I'd say Young is clearly the No. 2 option at tailback going into camp and will probably get more carries than Tyler Badie did last year as the No. 2 back. Rountree was much more of a proven workhorse and commanded the bulk of the carries. Badie has never taken on that kind of workload. He's eager to get more carries, but I suspect it'll be more of a committee approach - or at minimum a tandem between the top two backs. Badie is a better downhill runner than some realize, but he's more dangerous getting the ball outside or catching passes out of the backfield. There's a huge void in the offense for Young to have a steady role.
  • Are there any recruits about to announce commitments with Mizzou "in their Top whatever" that we should be watching out for?
    Yes, on Friday evening St. Charles HS D-lineman Marquis Garcial is announcing his commitment and choosing between Alabama, Arizona State, Iowa State, Missouri and Oregon. He's a four-star prospect, a top-200 recruit overall the No. 17 D-tackle in the 2022 class by Would be a big addition to MU's next class.
    Let's see how good Saban would be with Kansas players!
    But he'd never have Kansas players because he wouldn't take that job or recruit those players.
    Did miz miss on that stl nd transfer that chose ucf or was there not a huge push from miz standpoint?
    Mizzou definitely pursued Jordan Johnson. I'm not sure how strongly he considered MU, but the Tigers were in the mix along with Auburn, Florida and Texas A&M. There was one report that the final decision came down to UCF and Florida. 
    Some were surprised he picked UCF because it's not a Power Five program. Let's not forget a few things: 
    1. UCF is a better program than a whole bunch of Power Five teams. It's harder to make the four-team playoff when you're outside the five major conferences, but making the playoff isn't always a top goal for every recruit.
    2. Gus Malzahn is a damn good coach and is going to win a lot of games in Orlando. He hasn't a lot of receivers who became NFL draft picks - just five at Auburn, including two this year - but his receivers coach is Darrell Wyatt has coached some pretty good ones at Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, etc. 
    3. Johnson will catch passes from one of the best QBs in America in Dillon Gabriel. 
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