Chat Mizzou sports with Dave Matter at 11 a.m. Thursday

Chat Mizzou sports with Dave Matter at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Not to beat the topic to death, but I leave in SW Missouri as well. There is a large amount of Arkansas coverage, but just as much Mizzou coverage. Not sure where the others are watching. What is annoying is the Jayhawk coverage...
    While Mizzou might not have lured Johnson from ND, that might be so bad as it counts toward next year’s 25. Is that correct? That’s what I heard and they said college coaches will eventually learn the perils of going after too many transfers? Or is that perception incorrect?
    There is some wiggle room when it comes how and when you count newcomers to your program. Either way, if you want to add a player, there's always a way to find room for him, whether that's counting them back a year or nudging someone else off the team or delaying the start of someone else's scholarship. MU put at least three walk-ons on scholarship after the 2020 season, so there has clearly been some roster space to add an impact player.
    Am I wrong to consider Sterk extremely average? His biggest plus is fundraising. On the hiring front, it is a mixed bag...Larissa Anderson is a home run. Cuanzo is a meh and he gets zero credit for Drink. Now it sounds like his volleyball hire is in hot water. On the negative side...paying a settlement for a lawsuit from an opposing coach is embarrassing stuff. Plus the whole “make it right” campaign was a massive failure. You either bend over backwards to appease the ncaa or you lawyer up and admit nothing. Mizzou chose a bizarre middle lane in which they admitted wrong doing but then started a public campaign bashing the ncaa. Really shortsighted and dumber than dirt. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that factors into Mizzou missing out in hosting a softball regional.

    I’m not looking to run Sterk out, but I won’t lose a second of sleep when he does depart.
    Sterk has done a good job of raising money for major projects. I'll give him that. He made the south end zone complex a priority and got it done fairly quickly. Drinkwitz deserves a lot of credit for the fundraising efforts for the new indoor practice facility, but ultimately that's on Sterk's watch, too. 
    Sterk made a great hire on Larissa Anderson. Not everyone is a Cuonzo Martin fan, but I'll argue that was a very solid hire at the time and four years later. Yes, the BOC stepped in during the last football coaching search and urged Sterk to reset the search, but ultimately it was Sterk and his staffers who came up with Drinkwitz. I give him credit for listening to those around him. He could have moved forward despite the opposition. Volleyball is dealing with a mass exodus of players right now and a major roster transition. I'm not going to speculate on any unconfirmed rumors on that situation. 
    I thought the NCAA/tutoring situation probably could have been handled better from a PR standpoint, but so much of MU's response was shaped by the lawyers who were managing the case.
    So, I'm not here to trash the job Sterk has done - or demand Mizzou builds a statue of the guy. It's a complex job. Any AD who's been in position for five years or more is going to have some hits and some strikeouts. He's always said he wants every program on campus to be a top-25 caliber program on a national level. There have been exceptions clearly, but across the board there has been progress.
    Do you think Gicinto was basically placed in the doghouse by Coach D after a notable drop in the UF game? When he signed with New Mexico State, he thanked Odom and Hamdan but not Drinkwitz.
    I can't speak for the guy. As always with a transfer I reached out and asked him if he wanted to answer some questions about his decision and he never replied, which is typical these days. I thought they had better players on the team at his position and he probably understood his role wasn't going to get any bigger going forward. He missed some time during the season because of COVID protocols, too.
    Where is Sterk on the soccer hire? Blitz was a clown that should not have been renewed at least a decade ago.
    Nothing imminent on the search from what I've gathered.
    Jerry World hosted a boxing event last weekend with 73k in the stands. Just sayin
    Dave, thanks for the chat. I hope this hasn’t been asked already, but a few days ago Mizzou football shared pictures of what appeared to be the turf being replaced. Does this mean that there will be a new look to the football field, or is the turf just being refreshed/cleaned up?
    Yes, there will be a new design on the turf, but I'm not sure yet what it will look like.
  • You knew this already if you read our coverage during the spring, but Scott Linehan is now officially on the Mizzou staff as an offensive analyst. He spent the spring at MU practices in an unofficial capacity. The former St. Louis Rams head coach was LSU's passing game coordinator last year.

    From Drinkwitz: "Scott Linehan is an exciting addition to our staff. He's a true veteran of the profession with experience at a variety of levels. We all look forward to working with him."

    Linehan: "I have great respect for Coach Drinkwitz and his vision for our program. Mentoring collegiate players is an aspect of the profession I've always enjoyed and I'm thankful for this new role. Additionally, the opportunity to work with my son, Matt, as he begins his coaching career is truly special."

    Dave, who has been the most interesting non-Mizzou related individual or personality that you’ve had the privilege of interviewing or talking to?
    Good question. I'm not counting people I've interviewed in a large group setting. These are people I've talked to one on one. Just off the top of my head .... and this is very random ... Jon Hamm, Bobby Bowden, Urban Meyer, George Foreman, Harley Race, Phil Mickelson. I'm sure there are more.
    Let’s look back for a second. Say that the pandemic never happened and Mizzou football played their original schedule for the 2020 season. Knowing what you know now, what would you say would’ve been their final record?
    Wins over Central Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Eastern Michigan
    Losses to BYU, Georgia, Florida
    Toss-up games: Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Tennessee
    I know Mizzou beat Arkansas and South Carolina, but the Gamecocks were missing a handful players and early opt-outs, including their first-round draft pick who would have played in the game had there not been a pandemic. Arkansas was a tight game won in the final seconds. Could have gone either way.
    I think Mizzou's defense would have struggled against Zach Wilson at BYU. No reason to expect the UGA and Florida games to be much different. 
    Maybe Mizzou beats the Vols if Connor Bazelak is the starting QB.
    If you win two of the five toss-up games that's a 6-6 record. Win three of the five and it's 7-5.
    Could you please help me understand your distain for Kim Anderson? Seems like anytime you can make a dig at KA you seem more than happy to do. It has been several years since he has coached at Mizzou. Isn't it time to move on? Don't get me wrong I like your chats. I just want to understand your dislike for KA. Then I know why you would word a unfavorable comment in his direction.
    When and where did I show distain (disdain?) for Kim? He oversaw the worst three-year period of Mizzou basketball in more than half a century. That's not up for debate. I've never had anything against him personally. We got along fine when I covered his three years.
    Can you tell us anything about Jordan Wilmore's progress. How coachable is he? Is he focused in practice sessions? Is he a gym rat? He could make a big difference this year if he makes serious progress.
  • This is a big summer for Wilmore and his conditioning. He's obviously got the frame to be an inside presence, but one thing Martin said late in the season that struck me was that Wilmore has to love the game. That told me Martin didn't seem convinced Willmore was completely invested in the process.  Now, here's the good news: He didn't transfer. He's got a chance to get major minutes. But he clearly has to lose some weight or convert some of that bulk to muscle.
  • What do you think about the Scott Linehan hire? Seems like a good addition.
    Meh. He's an analyst, which means he'll do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Film study and advance scouting. He clearly knows the game and his experiences can only help a staff in terms of the week to week preparation.
    Hey Dave, quick question. On Mizzou Football’s Twitter, they’re posting graphics of “this or that” regarding some of the coaches on the roster. Almost all of them I believe have chosen the block M on the same graphic when given the option between that and the tiger head. The Block M saw a resurgence last season, and it appears the football field is getting a makeover. Could this be a foreshadowing to a rebrand of sorts?
    It seems the new regime favors the Block M. I don't know if there's a real concerted strategy there or just a preference.
    OK, friends. That's all for today. We'll do this all over again next week. See you then.
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