Derrick Goold is back from the World Series and ready to chat Cardinals baseball at 11 a.m. Monday

Derrick Goold is back from the World Series and ready to chat Cardinals baseball at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to a live chat with Derrick Goold at 11 a.m. Monday.

    Why do you think Mr. DeWitt doesn't take the heat for poor personnel decisions from the fans and media? I know this isn't New York or Dallas but he seems to be as much involved in the team's decisions as Steinbrenner and the Yankees in the 90's or Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Those two have been rightly held to account for their meddling by the media and fandom while Mr. DeWitt seems to consistently avoid scrutiny. What gives?
    Interesting question. He has taken a lot of criticism this year, and some of that was directly for the personnel decisions and his comments about profits. He was criticized here locally for not having the team pursue Scherzer, when the pitcher was there to pursue. He also has been the one who urged the team to go after Stanton, and that got some attention. It's probably largely because he's hired someone to be the forward-face of the moves and explain the moves and be out there in front of the media and the fans to take heat for the moves. That's part of Mozeliak's job, and Mozeliak has said has much.
    Thanks for answering question on Mets and everything you do. Best follow in the Twitterverse, and the time you take to talk with fans is unmatched.

    I agree on Carlos M. Maybe he's not the right guy in a deal with Mets. And my original thought was Bader along with a Ponce or Gomber or even Oviedo. The Mets need SP badly, and they'll likely get a bigger name so they'll need a cheaper option. I just love Nimmo's OBP at the top of a lineup, and Dom Smith is very intriguing. One of those guys is likely getting moved. The two teams just seem to match up well. Thanks again.
    Now you're talking. And that is definitely in the scope of conversations for the Cardinals. I see the Mets real reluctant to part with talent via trade when the market will be teeming with options they can just get for money, and the new owner can spend money.
    Yadi's comments about his Gold Glove exclusion is something some fans don't like. Seemed to me Molina didn't care what Cardinal fans thought. I thought that meant he's gone. Does this have any traction?
    It does not, no. He was speaking his mind. And he fielding the criticism for it.
  • Hi, Derrick! Thank you for your time and insight. As a little background - I'm 58 years old - spent the first 40 of those years in St Louis and the rest out in Phoenix. Just moved to NC. I've gotten to the point in my life where I've found its better for my mental health to view the Cardinals - and really all of sports - as entertainment first. As a Cardinal fan - we have to be honest that there are franchises that are way better positioned to spend money on improving their teams (Dodgers, Cubs, and now the Mets - amongst others). And I think its myopic - tp an extent - to heap a ton of blame on Mo. Did he error on the Carpenter extension and the Cecil contract? Absolutely. But he has hit on alot of others (not giving Albert all the money, bringing in Beltran and Berkman, selling ridiculously high on Craig, etc). I'm in the faction that thinks the jury is still out on the Arozarena deal - depending on how Libertore turns out. I pay to follow the team from afar - either through DirecTV's MLB Extra innings or through the MLB ap. And I'm a paid subscriber here at stltoday so I can 'keep in touch.' I've seen the Cardinals win several titles, finally and unexpectedly got to see the Blues win a Cup. Now I'm just waiting for the Cardinals to win a Super Bowl and all of my childhood teams will have finally won. But its entertainment - not life and death.
    I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us, Dave. To piggyback on what you've said here, I try to keep that in mind too when people talk about the salaries for the players, and don't seem to get worked up in the same way about actors getting millions for movies, or any other entertainment industry that has a marketplace where elite talent gets paid elite, when that talent is available on the open market.
    if they dont resign Waino do we get another starter in FA or trade.
    Probably. It would be wise for them to do so, yes. And there are options out there. Some really buy-low, high-return candidates. The Chris Carpenters of 2021, if you will.
    Hey Derrick - Just got here, so sorry if this is asked and answered. What should we anticipate that Spring Training will look like this year? We make the trip annually, and are nervous about making plans until there is some sign of what to expect.
    Great question. And I wish, I wish I had an answer. This is about the time of year when I put the finishing touches on our spring training travel plans and where we'll stay and what that looks like, and all of it. Too many unknowns to do that now. As of right, the Cardinals and baseball have a spring training schedule.
    -- It's expected to start around Feb. 15.
    -- There is Grapefruit League schedule on the Cardinals' web site.
    But the list of things we don't know is long:
    -- Will fans be allowed at games?
    -- If so, how many?
    -- Will media be allowed at games?
    -- Will media be allowed to cover practice?
    -- Will all access be by Zoom again?
    -- Will there be a bubble?
    -- Will there be a vaccine?
    -- Who will have access to it?
    -- When will the regular season start?
    -- Will it be 162 games?
    I could go on and on and on and on and on. So many questions. And we may not get resolution to any of them before January, or later. That's because MLB doesn't have the final say in such things. The virus still does. Still. After all this time. The virus still does.
    Any scenario where Wong comes back to the Cardinals on a longer deal with a lower AAV for the next couple seasons to mitigate the financial impact of COVID or has that ship saled?
    There is. Yes. That has not sailed. That is possible. We'll see what offers line up.
  • Was Kolten Wong surprised his option wasn’t picked up, did his agents warn him this could be a likely scenario?
  • He was notified. He reads the newspapers, too!
    Is the money that Springer will command outside of the Cardinals price range? Is their thinking their impacted at all by the ROI on Fowler?
    In total, probably. Sure seems that way at this moment. Let's watch how this develops.
    DG, What about park dimensions? What used to make baseball fun was the 80s Cardinals were built around speed, but the Big Bad Twins were mashers. It was fun to see all the different styles collide. Why not build a ballpark with special dimensions tailored to how you play? I'm thinking mostly of moving the fences way back. All of a sudden you have a larger outfield and less HR's which means you'd need to invest in speed to cover the giant outfield. I feel like baseball fields are becoming way too cookie cutter in the dimensions which is hurting the variety of styles of play.
    Probably not going to happen because moving fences back means moving rows out, and moving rows out means selling less tickets, and this is not the time for teams to find reasons to sell less tickets. 
    I think the issue is the style of game and how it's rewarded and how its laundered through the data. I propose a far simpler change that will alter the game, restore some of what we're talking about.
    It's easy.
    Lower the strike zone by the diameter of a baseball. That's it.
    Keep the top where it is. Lower the strike zone by the diameter of a baseball.
    Who, in your opinion, is the one FA the Cardinals should pursue? Who is the FA worth taking a flier on?
    Pederson makes a lot of sense for this team. Almost as much as some of the outfielders who will be available via trade (Renfroe?), or more than most. A flier? Odorizzi. Or Robbie Ray. Kluber. A pitcher like that.
    As far as trades and signings go, who actually has the final say on those, with Mo being the President and Girsch being GM?
    Mozeliak. He runs baseball operations. He's in charge of it. DeWitt also can put a thumb on the scale, because he's the owner. Girsch has a heavy say in the direction they go, and that is supposed to grow year by year.
  • Derrick;

    Good afternoon!

    One of the reasons that I/we love baseball is not only the game but all the off-field stories that go with it. You, Comish and the rest of the staff bring the stories into perspective and very much to life.

    A question, When a pitcher gets hurt like Trevor Rosenthal did in his last year with the Cardinals and misses all the next year does he get any payment since he was hurt “on the Job” or since his contract is over, he is not compensated in any way?
    Correct. There is a workers comp element to it. Insurance comes into play for teams, too. But a player who is not under contract does not get a salary. Ryan Sherriff is an example of this. He was rehabbing from Tommy John when the Cardinals released him. There is a grievance filed that is still going through the process. But the Rays offered him an unusual three-year deal that did cover part of his recovery and his rehab, and then he made that work for them by now being under control for 2021.
    What are your thoughts on a neutral site for the World Series? I'm sure as someone covering the games it makes travel much easier, but that seemingly ruins home field advantage. You would have to think a west coast site with east coast teams would be hard tickets to sell. Thanks for all your work.
    I could not be more vehemently against a neutral-site series. Seriously. No thank you. My travel ease should not and does not and will not factor into that opinion. Who cares about if it's difficult for baseball writers to get that 5 a.m. flight a few hours after covering a game. 
    I do care about a city being electrified by its team winning a World Series game at home.
    Is David Freese's Game 6 the same if it happened at Marlins Park?
    Or is the home crowd part of that magic?
    We know the answer. Let's keep it that way.
    Alright. I've run out of time -- but not out of questions. There are more than 275 still in here. Incredible. Thank you all for participating in this weeks Cardinals chat. It was lively for sure. Great questions. Many thoughtful opinions. Excellent way to start the offseason. Kudos.
    The chat will be back next Monday -- at a later time, 1:30 p.m. St. Louis time.
    I will again be at the keyboard. We're going to have a lot of time to kill this winter between moves, for sure. And that's fine. It may get frustrating. But it does give us plenty of time to talk and explore things, and hope for the health that assures a longer, better season in 2021. 
    The results of the poll were fascinating.
    Which reminds me: If you haven't, vote. If you have, excellent!
    Stay healthy. Chat with you next week -- on the other side of the news.
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