Join Blues beat writer Tom Timmermann for his live chat at 1 p.m. Wednesday

Join Blues beat writer Tom Timmermann for his live chat at 1 p.m. Wednesday

Get your questions ready and join in at 1 p.m. Wednesday for our weekly Blues chat.

    Getting a little bit of an early start here because I have to end the chat at 3:30 p.m. because of other work commitments, and let's face it, there are already questions in line and waiting. So let's get to it.
    But first ,the Blues have made some roster moves. Logan Brown is on IR and Jake Neighbours has been sent down to Springfield. Called up are Josh Leivo and Nikita Alexandrov. This is kind of the low-hanging fruit department when it comes to moves.
    So 8 games dropped consecutively… when is a change going to happen??? We certainly cant wait till trade deadline… unless we want to go 3-50-0 or so… Hoping a change happens this weekend
    The simplest and quickest change has been made by sending Neighbours down and putting Brown on IR, freeing up two spots, It's essentially the only change the Blues can make without the help of another team. (They're not just going to put a guy on waivers, other than maybe Pitlick, and give him away for free.) As for bigger changes, that may take a while. Thanksgiving is one of those dates on the calendar that stand out. But a lot of it will depend on what the lay of the land looks like between now and then. If the Blues don't win a game soon, that will speed everything up. If they start playing at .500, that buys everyone some time. But if this losing streak hits double figures, all bets are off. The San Jose game is key because after that, the Blues go to Vegas and Colorado, where they will be decided underdogs.
    Messaging from South Korea, so sending this in early in the hopes that you'll answer it.

    Try as I might, I just can't get behind Colton Parayko. I've never been impressed with his play, and as hard as his shot is, the wind up for it is the most telegraphed shot in the game. What would it take to get him to move on? Is there any way to get rid of him?
    Well sure, there are ways to get rid of him. He would have definite value on the trade market. Thing is, he's the best defensive defenseman the Blues have, by a country mile. I've been saying this for years, but I'll say it again: Don't think about him as an offensive player. That's not what he brings to the team. He's a very good defensive player, and defense is one of this team's problems. (Along with offense.) He's the one guy on defense that you would want to be part of Blues 2.0. 
    At the same time, because he's younger than Krug and Faulk and Leddy, he's also probably the easiest to deal. He also has a no-trade clause, and he loves it in St. Louis, so he's not walking out the door. 
    If the Blues trade Parayko, one of the first things they'll be looking for is a player who does the things Parayko does. 
    Is Doug Armstrong on the hot seat?
    Among everyone on the team, I think Armstrong has the least hot seat. He built a Stanley Cup winning team. He has kept the team relevant for the past decade.
    Why would you send Neighbors out and not Kyrou? At least he takes the body and isn’t afraid to forecheck.
    Because doing that would mean you would lose Kyrou to another team. Kyrou would be waking up Friday morning in Ottawa. (Assuming the Senators are at home; I haven't checked.) Neighbours doesn't have to go through waivers. In the long term, and even the short term, Kyrou is going to be the better player than Neighbours.
    You and Gordzonga were making a big deal out of Neighbors. Potentially a Brayden Schen? So far he's a 4th liner to me.
    He's also 20 years old. and has played 19 NHL games. I'd give him some time, and a stint in Springfield will probably be good for him.
    Happy chat day Tom!
    I usually wait until Thanksgiving to look at the standings to see how all the teams stack up. The Blues would have to win the next 7 out of 8 just to get above 500 which currently they don’t look like they are capable of doing. I was high on Kyrou in his rookie year, but he is a bigger liability than an asset this year. He peeled away from the puck carrier entering the zone the past two games and both times it resulted in a goal. His minus 17 +\- should be cause for alarm. Army should take action before his new contract goes into effect.
    I see that Zack Bolduc is tearing up the Quebec league. Is he eligible to be called up to the Blues? I know he’s not eligible to play in the AHL, so will that prevent us from seeing him this year in the NHL?
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    Thanks for subscribing! Much appreciated.
    I don't know what action Armstrong could take before Kyrou's new contract goes into effect. It's signed and on the books and is happening. There is no turning back, and if this season marks the start of a new generation for the Blues, it will be Kyrou and Thomas who are leading it forward. 
    The things you point out about Kyrou are hardly new. Being stronger on the puck has long been discussed as where he has to get better. It is the focus of every summer for Kyrou, getting stronger, so he can win more puck battles. The Blues are expecting him to get better at it. He hasn't yet, but I suspect he will, though I have no idea how long it will take. I also suspect we will never talk about great Kyrou is on defense. That's not his forte. He'll score 35 goals for you, and the Blues have to hope he gives up 10 at the other end, not 20. Relatively speaking, Kyrou is one of the better offensive players on the Blues this season. He is second on the team in expected goals per 60 minutes, behind O'Reilly. His defense has not really improved. 
    I believe once the season begins, you can't call up a player from juniors until their junior season ends.
    There's a lot of talk about the blues being on the precipice of a major trade, but that inherently means that another team is ready for a big trade. We're a month into the season...can we really expect an active market out there? Or at least a market that doesn't require us to provide lob-sided consideration.
    The Blues wouldn't be looking for a dollar for dollar trade at this time of year, since if they're unloading high-priced talent, they'd be looking for a prospect or draft picks coming back. So if you're looking to trade Tarasenko, you would want to find a contending team that has $7 million of cap space, or has a bad contract that they want to unload to lessen the blow. It's a bit early for that, unless some team took a major injury hit and knew someone was going to be out the rest of the season. So it will be tricky to find a dance partner this early. And I think it's a bit early for the Blues to enter a sell-off mode.
    Army's job is to provide Berube with the specific ingredients to play Berube Stanley Cup winning hockey. Army takes out key ingredients Schwartz, Sunny, Perron, Husso and doesn't replace them with equal ingredients. He removes Parmigiana Reggiano cheese from Italy made the same way for 100 years and replaced it with Velvetfa. This debacle is what I am on record as predicting. 100% on Army!! I would never fire Berube he's the chef not the ingredient provider.
    I don't know that Armstrong's job is to provide Berube with players to play Berube Stanley Cup winning hockey. I think that misstates the chain of command. The job is for Berube to use the players given him by Armstrong to play Armstrong Stanley Cup winning hockey. And Berube is more than capable of winning using different sets of players. 
    Players come and go. It's hard to replace them with equal matches. I thought they should have kept Perron, especially considering the deal he got from Detroit. 
    By the way, there was a temporary exemption to the Husso rule on that last question because he was part of a larger group of players.
    I see a lot of comments on how losing DP57 has hurt the team and we should have found a way to keep him (I do agree, he was my favorite player), but the fact of the matter is if one person makes our team that much worse, it does not say much about our team. Same goes for Husso.
    It's not as though getting rid of Perron has never happened before.
    Thanks for the chat. My qualified opinion. The blues are soft on moving people away from the front of the net. I watch OReilly get mauled as he works hard to stand in front of the net. I don't see that same response from the Blues on defense. I am not in Panic mode. Yet!
  • Don't think you'll get much argument from anyone that the Blues are not strong at getting people away from the front of the net, as the picture with Jim's story from last night shows:

    The Blues’ record-setting eight-loss slump defies logic. What’s the way out?

    STLtoday.comBerube, players search for answers after a 5-1 loss Tuesday in Philly is a franchise-record eighth straight loss.
     And the analytics confirm it. The Blues are way below average on shots from in front of the net and way above average on shots conceded in front of their own net. 
    Hi Mr. Timmermann,

    I have no idea how to even look this up, but I wonder if any team in NHL history has had an eight game regulation loss streak at any point in the season and still made the playoffs. I would guess the answer is no. Even though it's still very early in the season and a hot streak could be right around the corner, the line between miss and make on the playoffs is so thin that I think the Blues have done enough damage already that they're a longshot. Fair assessment?
    Actually, I would guess the answer is yes, just because there's been a lot of hockey played over a lot of seasons, many where a very high percentage of teams went to the playoffs. Almost everything has happened once. 
    But yes, the Blues are in quite the hole. With no points in eight games, they're at the point where they can't just play pretty good hockey the rest of the way, they have to play really good hockey. has the playoff line in the West right now at 91 points. So the Blues have to get 85 the rest of the way to be in the mix and probably will have to get 90 or more to get in. That's going to be a lot over what is now a 71-game season for them. Hockeyviz has them at an 18 percent chance of making it. puts them at 9.8 percent, just a smidge better than Chicago. Not only do they have to turn things around, they have to turn things around drastically and run off a lot of wins. 
    I would offer Vladi the C and a 5 year extension now. ROR has to be moved he can fetch you a high draft pick and a disgruntled player in return. Vladi rejects it then he can be traded as well.
    I'm not sure I follow this. Sure, you can trade O'Reilly, fine. But I don't know that you need to offer Tarasenko anything before you can trade him. He's asked to be traded. And I don't think the Blues would give him a lame-duck C. They'd give it to Schenn and move on.
    maybe I am in the minority, but having a really bad season may not be all that bad. We can finally pick in the top 5 and get another generational talent. Worked out great for us when we drafted Petro. It's hard to continue to be a top team when you are picking in the back part of the first round every year.
    That the Blues have stayed contenders for as long as they have is no small accomplishment. Just about everyone else has had some ups and downs. The one year in the past 11 they didn't make the playoffs, they were eliminated on the last day. The Blues have not played a game where they were in contention for a playoff spot or in a playoff spot since 2011. Think about that. Every Blues regular season game since 2011 has been relevant in some way. 
    But it seemed like this would be a conversation we'd be having next season, not this one. 
    Tom I am not an player assessment expert. But what's the difference between Rosen and Leddy? To me Rosen is a way less expensive version of Leddy and younger. It's not enough of a difference to keep Leddy!!!
    Right now, the big difference is about 800 games of NHL experience. Leddy is regarded as a good skater and puck mover. Leddy is a better offensive player. Defensively it's about a push.
    Its time to put some meat on the burner! Time to trade veteran players with big contracts and play your minor leaguers to see what you have going forward. The draft this summer has gems I could build a team around. You can't be expected to compete for the cup every year, at some point you have to start over. Its not Army's fault, the team has been so successful he never had the chance to draft in the first round. And Bolduc is lighting the lamp again this year, he will soon be ready for the big club. ...And keep Brown, at 6'6" he could be a future Tage Thompson.
    I remember getting comments like this in early stages of the 2018-19 season, when the desire was to ship out the whole squad and elevate San Antonio. I am not a firm believer in lightning striking twice, but the Blues aren't as bad as they've looked. Three of the eight games in this streak were essentially tossups that could have gone either way. They could have, and probably should have won, the Edmonton game here. I talked about this on the podcast: In seven of the eight losses, they have scored less than their expected goal total. (Montreal is the one exception.) In five of the eight, they have allowed more than the opponent's expected goals total. They give up goals at the exact wrong time. The third goal for Philadelphia last night was a dagger. The way the Blues were playing, going into the third down 2-0 was do-able. Going in 3-0 was another matter altogether. Also this season, their defense when they are down a goal has been terrible, far below the league average. 
    The clock is running on Logan Brown. He may benefit from a house cleaning, which would give him a dependable spot in the lineup. That served Thompson in Buffalo, where they had room to play him and help bring him along. But Brown is going to have to make a solid case for himself this season or the Blues will move on from him as well. 
    Tom for a myriad of reasons I find myself rooting hard for Logan Brown to succeed. I hoped with the experience he received last season he would come into this season ready to assert himself and take a job. I know it’s early and understand the “Tage Thompson big man development “ theory but he still seems like he’s skating laps at Steinberg Ice Rink. He doesn’t seem to want to fight for the puck. How precarious is his position and how patient will the Blues be with him. Thanks
    The previous answer dealt with some of these issues, and we'll have to see how long he's out from this injury. Brown had a very good camp before he got hurt and I don't think he's gotten back to that level yet in season, though his past couple games have been promising, though with very limited ice time. But since he's not waiver exempt anymore, he has to earn his spot. Much may depend on what this rebuilding process looks like and if the Blues try to do it on the fly.
    hi tom, hope you had a good lunch - please pass a note to Doug Armstrong that i think it's time to blow it up and rebuild. thank you!
    Not sure when I'll see Armstrong next, but I'm sure he's heard this message.

    I imagine the Blues don’t make much of a profit and desperately need to make the playoffs to balance their budget. So, a tank-and-rebuild would be financially disastrous.

    I may be confused about his, but when Dave Checketts owned the team didn’t he give away concession and parking rights to get more cash? If that is accurate, do you know if the Blues ever got those revenues back?
    Checketts sold the concession rights to Levy for 20 years and took the money up front. That deal runs through 2028.
    Tom, I noticed something on TV last night, not sure if anyone else caught it. After RoR scored he skated over to fist bump everyone on the bench. Kyrou was the first player standing there and it looked like RoR never gave him the time of day. I don’t think the coach is the issue. I think we have a divided locker room.
    I didn't see that. If that was more than accidental, I would be surprised. That wouldn't be a very O'Reilly-like thing for him to do.
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