Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    The big need the Cards missed at the deadline was a 2nd closer. When Helsey's not available, things are dicey to say the least. Why do you think they didn't go get Michael Fulmer? It wouldn't have taken much to get him.
    Michael Fulmer would be a compelling addition. I think they didn't get him because of the cost/commitment to use some of those players to get starters. There were discussions, because there are with all teams, but I never got the sense that they got very far, not at the deadline and not this past offseason (when the potential for a trade first came up). I'm not so quick to say the Cardinals did not acquire a second closer, though. It seems like through a series of moves they sure did acquire a second option at closer, at least in several specific situations, one of which we almost saw Sunday. At the deadline, they did get a right-hander in the bullpen who is a real interesting option to close games.
    Andre Pallante.
    Nader is hurt and if he’s not ready to play by the playoffs the Yankees get to choose another player from a submitted list, correct? Do we know the names on that list and if they choose the above described player do the Cardinals get Bader back?
    That is correct. There is a Player To Be Named Later rider on the trade. That was not in the announcement of the deal, but sources first told the Post-Dispatch that was the case. We do not know the names on the list, but I was told it will be a lower-level minor-leaguer. The way the PTBNL happens is if Bader is not available for the postseason roster. That's it.
    Yankees traded for Bader. They have him on their roster. He's not coming back to the Cardinals any more than Montgomery is going back to the Yankees. But if Bader is unavailable for the postseason, then the Yankees get an additional PTBNL. That list was/will be negotiated. 
    Why do the Cardinals seem resistant to piggybacking starters? I could see a situation where both Pallante and Flattery could be used in this way.
    I don't think they are. They have done it, they just don't call it that, per se. We've seen it. One thing they are adverse to doing is riveting them into the position of not having a reliever available because he's got to handle four, five innings the next day. They do want to avoid that if at all possible. But we saw a lot of piggybacking of starters early in the season. They just didn't call it that for semantics, I guess.
    The Cardinals need Flaherty to be ready to start, to be on a normal schedule as a starter, or why have him come back. They tried the previous way. Didn't work. They need to determine what Flaherty is, how he can contribute to this season, and what role he'll have for 2023. For him and the organization, it's time to clear the air and give him the best chance to be the starter that he portends to be.
    Geez! All starters all piggy-backed the days of a pitcher going 9 innings are long gone.
    What ever happened to Alex Reyes?
    He had shoulder surgery. Is focused on preparing for 2023.
    Which pitcher in the Cardinals minor leagues does the team believe has the highest ceiling?
    Gordon Graceffo at the moment. But any given day it could be Liberatore or McGreevy, too. They want to see Hjerpe before they start talking about the newcomer lefty in these terms. That said, there is a high bandwidth of possibilities for Hjerpe. You're going to hear Sale comps if he reaches his ceiling, you're going to hear Andrew Miller comps. Get ready.
    HI Derrick, do you have any sense of whether the potential PTBNL on the Bader trade is a depth guy or a real prospect?
    I don't know the list, not today. I may later. It may not be completed; I'm not sure. But I was told that it was a lower-level player. That means a player at a lower affiliate, and you're not talking about a top 10 prospect. That's not how the PBTNL works out. It's not going to be a case where all of sudden, under the cloak of darkness, the Yankees pluck Hence from the Cardinals roster. Nope. Could it be Jhon Torres? It could be Jhon Torres, for example.
    Good afternoon, Derrick. Any update on Mozeliak's contract status? Do you foresee him staying in St. Louis or moving on to something else?
    He has another year on his contract in his current role. That was part of the extensions from a few years ago. He has indicated that St. Louis is home. He's not looking to leap to another organization to run it. Could that change? Sure. Situations always do. But he's lived in St. Louis longer than he's lived anywhere, is very clear when we talk that he sees St. Louis as his home, and that some role with the Cardinals -- not always leading baseball ops, for example -- is where he sees things going, or, if he's curious, a role outside of baseball.
    Your article concerning game 2 with the Yankees was fascinating. I felt like I was in the middle of the game. Thanks much. My question…how do you get such insights that make the game come alive. Like reading a mystery novel.
    Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. This is one of the nicest compliments I've received on an article, possibly ever. Truly. 
    Reporting. Observing. Reporting some more.
    I went to the post-game clubhouse with an idea for a story in mind, a thesis that I set out to prove by asking around, and when I presented that to one person, the answer that came back was a peek into the Donaldson at-bat. So I followed that thread -- either to use it as an example of my thesis, or if I could get additional details the backbone of the story. As I was able to get a handful of more interviews -- getting a chance to talk one on one with Arenado, Marmol, Nootbaar, and, of course, Molina -- the whole story came into view. I then went back and watched the last inning (as it happened I was writing the first edition story that is due with the final out), charted every pitch and twitch I could from that vantage point, and put it all together.
    Deadline turnaround, but I hope it turned out good.
    Were you surprised the Cardinals were able to make two seemingly impactful additions (plus Stratton) while A) Not dealing away one of the Top 100 prospects and B) Only removing Oviedo and an injured Bader from the 40-man?
    I was not. I hope that I did a good job through the course of the coverage and the chats to make the point that starters would be available to the Cardinals are all sorts of price points. There were more starters available for trade than there were trades made, and that meant they could find a quality option for the price they were willing to meet. The supply was greater than the demand, and I hope the coverage at least painted that oncoming possibility.
    I was surprised, given the indications from sources and reporting in previous years, that they made the trade in the division. That was new. 
    Since the 2 DeWitts along with Mo,run the Cardinals,what do you think happens when Dewitt retires,because he is getting up there in age.Or,is it simply his son takes over everything?
    Bill DeWitt III is in position to move into the chairman spot. Please keep in mind that there is a group of owners, not just the DeWitts. But DeWitt's holdings do have a lot of ownership beyond just what Bill DeWitt Jr. owns. Going into 2020, before the pandemic rewrote so many future plans, the Cardinals were discussing what the next generation looks like and how to have that plan in place. Spoke with DeWitt Jr. recently and he has not indicated any timetable for his retirement, but it is something that he and the other owners/executives with their 5-year-plans are at least discussing.
    DG, it was hot in Helena yesterday, 86. The national media made it sound like the opposite was true in regards to SP. That there would be a bidding war of sorts to acquire any SP of value. In my mind the Yankees made a sideways move, if Montas is >Montgomery it's slight and could go the other way for them. Cards were exceptional IMO at this deadline.
    The best part about discussions like this one is we'll all have the numbers in two months to find out. They cannot hide from how they did at the deadline. We have box scores!
    James Naile went from teaching my 10yo pitching here in Nashville to the Bigs in a few months. What a great guy and good story. What does he have to do to stay in the majors beyond maintaining his stellar 0.00 ERA?
    Run out of options. He's just part of the churn. It's not great, it's not a great position to be in, and it's never one that gets to unpack. But but but ... it's better than not being in the majors at all, I'm told. That's the nature of the job and how it works for pitchers given the days they cannot pitch and the need for fresh arms.
    That reader who praised your Game 2 story jogged my memory. I too thought it was a fascinating insight into the game. Well done.

    On another subject, I was thinking about the rookies we have at the major league and AAA level. (Not Walker and Winn.) Now, not everyone has proven themselves in the big leagues yet, nor have all been there. But, of this wave of rookies (Gorman, Donovan, Yepez, Burleson, maybe Gomez), it kind of looks like Burleson could be the best hitter. Albeit in the minors, but he's hitting for high average, power and drives in runs. I'd be curious to hear what you think.
    Alec Burleson has become the hitter the Cardinals imagined when they drafted him. They were intrigued by the idea of having him focus entirely on hitting and what that would allow him to do. He was a strong two-way player in college, but the time pitching and moving around the field, and all of that, did cut into the time he spent as a hitter. What would happen, the Cardinals wondered, if he got a chance to get into their system, in front of their hitting coaches and hitting lab and hitting approach, and focused that sense/eye/swing he had naturally into just being a hitter?
    This hitter -- steady, advancing power profile, strong OBP -- is what they thought would blossom, and Burleson, to his credit, put in the work to do so.
    He strikes me as a hitter who will do well against elite pitching.
    I don't type that sentence lightly.
    DG -

    Just wanted to jump in and give my man Mo a big shoutout. Really wasn't sure about a lot of his offseason roster management. Knew pitching would be an issue going in. But the moves he made at the deadline show why he's widely considered one of the best GM's in baseball. Masterful moves. Thanks for giving us hope big guy!
    All it took was becoming the first NL team in 15 years to sweep the Yankees in a three-game series and all of sudden the entire tone of the chat has changed.
    I'm not prepared for sunny-side chats.
    Derrick thanks as always for your great chats. Two questions for you. First, could you see a situation where Andre Palante replaces Hudson as the fifth starter? I think Andre could make a difference down the stretch and in the playoffs much the same was as a rookie Michael Wacha did for us.

    Secondly, why in the world was the home plate umpire squeezing the pitchers so badly yesterday? At least it was both ways but geez, make them swing the bat!
    1) Yes. That is part of the ongoing conversation for the Cardinals.
    2) No clue. It was weird. The miss on the curveball was the first sign of trouble. I don't know if it was the heat, or if there was something else going on, but it was a tough day at the office, for sure, and maybe MLB needs to have an outlet in place to address that sooner in a game. Maybe the other umpires need to be honest with each other. They have replay now, and the ump knows that his call might be publicly overturned. Why not give them a chance to meet privately and discuss a switch, if something feels off?
    Just an idea.
    DG - love your thoughts on how the series would have gone had we been playing in a more hitter-friendly park as Yankee Stadium is compared to Busch. Phenomenal series. The Cards playing to their strengths with a more pitcher-friendly park -- but how would we stack up in the post-season with some of those loooooong fly outs we saw. I thought about it more with Carp's near miss and Judge's long fly outs and paid less attention to how many of those we had.
    Well, it would not have been a 1-0 game, that's for sure. To quote one of the Cardinals: "We know Carpenter would have had at least one homer in the series." The benefit is that the Cardinals would also have played in the hitter-happy park. Would that have been enough? It probably would have gone 2-1 Cardinals if that was the case, honestly. Hard to see that 1-0 game lining up like it did. Easier to see that Sunday's game would have been six hours long, though.
    Just for fun, who does Burleson make you think of? For me its Lance Berkman but i guess not a switch hitter
    I don't have a good answer for this, sorry. But I'll share yours so others can start thinking what the answer is for them.
    It was a broiling hot day. Home plate umpire Ed Hickox is 60 years old. He was clearly stunned and disoriented by that 99-mph fastball to his facemask. Wasn’t that a textbook example of what you call being concussed? Other sports have protocols for that situation. Shouldn’t he have been removed?
    MLB has protocols for this too. And they were in place. That was what you saw happening on the field. I'm not going to diagnose a situation from the press box, when there are trainers there on the field to do such a thing in person. Admittedly, I was not around after the game -- flight to catch -- to ask about this. But I go back to my recent answer.
    If umpires have embraced replay and the possibility they'll publicly have to point out they got a call wrong, then why isn't there a mechanism for them to have a conversation, peer to peer, about not being right, and then make a switch. There should be no shame in that.
    When Yepez comes back and everyone is healthy who do you see getting the most AB after the core of Goldy, Areanado, Carlson, Molina and now Dejong? If Edman and O'Neill and right now Nootbaar are included than that leaves one spots for Donavan, Yepez, Gorman and let's not forget Pujols. How do you see Marmol keeping everyone fresh and engaged while still winning w the above main 8?
    We're entering the phase of the season where he who plays best, plays most. That simple. Yepez is the right-handed complement to Nootbaar, but if others struggle then you'll see at-bats shift to someone else. There are plenty of at-bats to go around, not that many starts. And while matchups will still (always) guide some of the lineup choices, you're going to see more and more and more the Cardinals ride what they think are the productive hitters. Right now, Nootbaar is one of them.
    Any chance the Cardinals go with a 6 man rotation when Flaherty is ready to rock? Giving Waino an extra day of rest down the stretch could help a lot, not that I'm not expecting Waino to be Waino in playoff games anyway. He's been incredible in the playoffs the last few years.
    There's always a chance. That is not the preference.
    Regarding Wainwright pitching the 5th yesterday -- the rest of the game it seemed pretty clear Marmol was trying to patch together innings. Stratton was far from dominant but got two innings; Hicks got an unexpected extra inning. So I think part of it was Marmol saw bulldog Waino as close to whoever else he'd have used.
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