Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    Bingo. But also to get him a win. But bingo. He saw Wainwright at 100 pitches as the arm that could get him through the fifth as well as the other options to make sure he didn't capsize the available arms he did have to hold a lead.
    If Boegarts becomes a free agent this year and with Contreras hitting the market at years end, who do you think would check more boxes for the Cardinals? Who do you think the FO would target more? Lastly, what do you think it would take to get one or both of them? Thanks for all your great coverage!
    It would take a lot of money to get both of them -- and also interest in either of them. I'm not sure you can really guarantee that from the Cardinals. I don't yet know that number for Contreras, but he will get a qualifying offer, so he'll be seeking some kind of guarantee well above that, and maybe an AAV around that ($19m, can he command that? what about slightly less than that, but for four years?). Maybe they've hid their interest all these years, but the Cardinals have never really shown much in Bogaerts. That's just being honest. They have sought a different profile in their shortstops, or they had DeJong signed to be that guy, and figured he was a superior defensive player. The shortstop market will be interesting this offseason. There is the move the Cardinals could make for someone they think they have, at a high dollar, for a long commitment. (Does that make any sense?) Or there's Trea Turner. He's a leadoff hitter, too.
    DG, Thanks for the chat. They are always great. While this is not a timely question I wanted to ask your opinion. How does Edmonds not make it to the second year ballot for the HOF. Any HOF bar you set for him he can jump it. Defense, Offense and Winning. The man has a career 903 OPS. Thanks again
    Jim Edmonds fell off the ballot, I contend, because of one of the more remarkable trends I see in voting: The curse of being the second best to the best ever. We see it time and time and time and time and time again. Why did Ted Simmons fall off the ballot the first time he was on it? Well, he played for much of his career with Johnny Bench as the benchmark for catchers. He wasn't Johnny Bench. But who was? Isn't the second best to Bench still a Hall of Famer because, dang, Bench was so good. Same with Tim Raines. He was one of the best leadoff hitters of all time, seriously. Easily. But he wasn't Rickey Henderson. Henderson just happens to be one of the best players of all time. Isn't the second best leadoff hitter to one of the best players of all time still a Hall of Famer? And on and on and on we go. Trammell to Ripken. Smoltz got into the Hall of Fame easily. Why did it take Mussina a little longer? 
    This is where Edmonds come in. 
    We could have predicted the outcome the moment we saw the ballot.
    Ken Griffey Jr. was on it. Griffey Jr. was the preeminent center fielder of his generation, and he was going to slide into Cooperstown with the only question being would he be unanimous. Well, Edmonds was on that same ballot, and it's natural -- it's common -- for voters to compare the candidates. And it should be no surprise that when Edmonds was on the ballot, the voters had to go, well, Griffey is definitely a Hall of Famer, and Edmonds isn't Griffey, so...
    The curse of being the second best to the best.
    I voted for Edmonds. I bet many others would have if, say, he was on the ballot with Andruw Jones, who has seen the Hall of Fame voting trends that should have been Edmonds', too.
    The Cardinals have lost some close games to qualify opponents. I have felt all season long the Cardinals worst match up was Atlanta. Are you seeing the same thing?
    I don't know about their worst matchup. I will say that Atlanta is the best team I've seen in person this year. Atlanta put on a clinic in that series at Atlanta for what a contender looks like and can do.
    I was surprised the Brewers traded Hader but even more surprised they traded with the Giants for Trevor Rosenthal who’s injured and hasn’t pitched in the majors in several years. What do you think of that move? Are the Brewers on the hook for his $4.5 million salary if he doesn’t make it back from the IL? That would seem to a high risk gamble for their budget conscious FO.
    They are on the hook for a prorated portion of that salary, and the owner recently told reporters in Milwaukee that the addition of Rosenthal increases their payroll for 2022. Rosenthal is part of that mix of relievers that, if healthy, could really be utilized by Counsell's creativity. Add to it. It's a sneaky move for the Brewers, but it outfits the bullpen with multiple different looks, not the one Hader look that has always been there for them late in a game.
    At this point, who are our 3rd and 4th starters in a 7 game series? Assume Flaherty is not available. Would Waino pitch on short rest in Game 4, for example, or would it be Monty and the bullpen?
    The Cardinals, like you, are eager to find out. They don't have a view on this, because they don't have to yet and they want to see performance make the decision for them. Heck, they need to worry about getting through a three-game series or a five-game series before they even have to consider the 7-game series.
    If I'm being honest, by the time that 7-game comes around the Game 4 starter could be any of six relievers who are just available because the pitching staff is gassed and just trying to survive at that point.
    The Cardinals wish they could script such assignments.
    October won't let them. No way.
    Hi Derrick, so why does the HOF voting process eliminate players, when so many guy who deserve serious consideration are eliminated so quickly? Seems like the process is flawed.
    Well, as long as voters are allowed to only vote for 10 on the ballot, such things are necessary to limit the traffic on the ballot and not have it bloat to so many names, no one gets any sort of support. There has to be a floor for eligibility, if there is the high ceiling for induction, otherwise the process would just be so diluted ...
    I haven't done any kind of in depth dive into the numbers, but at a glance it seems like Quintana is having as good a year as any starting pitcher who got moved. But it seems like people (not so much in STL) are treating the trade for him as a fairly minor move, a la trading for Lester or Happ last year. Am I misreading Quintana's season? If not is it maybe because the Bader trade used up all the thinking budget people are willing to devote to an NL Central team?
    You are not misreading Quintana's numbers. Solid year. Strong candidate for one of the better starters moved. There are a few reasons likely for how the deal is being perceived. First, it was an in-division trade and that was a surprise given the Cardinals' stances on such things for years now, and their wish to avoid such moves. Two, Quintana has moved before, into the division, and there is probably some folks who remember that he was OK, solid, fine with the Cubs, but not the ace that they gave up Eloy Jimenez to get. That's right, the Cubs traded one of their top prospects to get Quintana, and then he was fine for them.
    Is money the only reason T.J. McFarland is on this roster?
    No. They've walked away from more.
    Where (or when) do I find the 2023 schedule?
    Soon. It's going to be released soon. The final one has been given to teams. The Cardinals open at home against Toronto the last week of March. There have been other details on the 2023 schedule in recent coverage at the Post-Dispatch, for example Sunday: 

    Cardinals notebook: Jack Flaherty set to start rehab route, spot in rotation awaits

    STLtoday.comRight-hander, eligible to come off the injured list on August 26, returned to St. Louis on Saturday, will throw bullpen Sunday, could see rehab game soon.
    Cubs traded Eloy AND Dylan Cease for Quintana. Hoo boy would they like to have that one back ...
    Yes, great point. Thanks for the back check on that.
    Why do you think the writers devalue defensive production stats like dWAR and DRS when in comes to HOF voting? If you put up an oWAR of 80 and a dWAR of -20 you’re in straight away. But, if you put up an oWAR of 60 and a dWAR of +10 at the same position you wait for years, even decades.
    I don't think writers do. I think more and more voters are including those numbers in their considerations. That's my experience, at least. To qualify for a Hall of Fame ballot, a writer must be a member of the BBWAA in good standing for 10 years and also maintain a job covering baseball. You're seeing the generation that grew up with easy access to those numbers and nimble use of those numbers in the coverage now start to get ballots.
    Re: the HOF voting. Will Waino receive the same fate as Edmonds because of playing at the same time as Kershaw?
    Don't know. But that's something to consider if he's on the ballot the same year as Wainwright. We won't know what will happen with Posey and Molina unless Posey hangs on the ballot for another year. Maybe the votes for him one year paves the way for Molina the next, or maybe they go in together because of the comparison. Not sure.
    This much I do know: Wainwright isn't done burnishing his claim for Cooperstown consideration.
    Instead of England I would love to see MLB have exhibition games in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, or Mexico again. since so may major leaguers come from these areas. These areas deserve more attention paid to them by MLB
    That's part of the plan, yep. They've been to those places. They've played some regular-season games in those places. Cleveland played in PR. Cardinals-Reds played in Mexico, and there will be more Mexico series in the coming year. There's the chance of a game in Omaha. There's the Iowa cornfield games. And on and on and on. Baseball is making a big part of their future these games in international cities and non-traditional sites. Paris will host an MLB game in a few years.
    Derrick, love your commentary -- insightful, candid, forward looking. Have been a Cardinals fan since age 6, in 1958' moved away in "74 and subscribe on-line to the Post for the sports and chats. Yadi is one of the best pitch callers and framers. Hudson and Gallegos are as slow and snails in molasses; they will have to adjust in '23, but can they adjust this year in a pennant race; if they can't do it with Yadi, the n '23 may not look good. Is Woodford so much worse than Hudson (I know the team wants Woodford to improve his slider) that Woodford can't be called up and Hudson sent to get the mechanics right in Memphis?
    Great point about how the new rules of 2023 will influence roster decisions and how valuable a pitcher is to the organization. It adds a skillset that will be taken into account, and there will definitely be an emphasis in spring training on who can and who cannot deal with the pitch clock, and how that plays. If a pitcher cannot get faster and gets dinged with a ball, that's going to be how the team determines that pitcher's role. Period.
    Jake Woodford's use this season is one of the great riddles, and as much as we ask about him, we are definitely not getting a satisfactory answer. So we ask more, just as the fans do. Woodford was a key part of the team's run in 2021, and he did everything he needed to do to impress in spring training and even outpitch other candidates for that No. 5 spot. And then, from out of left field, Hicks got it.
    And thus began the taxi-squad nature of Woodford's season.
    The Cardinals leaned into the predictive metrics and those showed where Woodford needed to make an improvement. They put more stock in those than the actual past production metrics -- and that's fine. The data is enough that teams feel they can see what a pitcher is going to do, and not make decisions entirely on what he's done. That's valuable. And what the data suggested is that Woodford would have trouble facing a team a second time, facing a hitter a third time, that his slider wasn't where it needed to be to have enough for that second look against a team, say if he started twice in 20 days against Milwaukee.
    Like I said, there needs to be more detail in this answer, or it seems like Woodford would benefit from a change of teams so that he could get the opportunity his performance has merited.
    Hi Derrick, I understand that perspective on HOF voting, but if someone like Jim Edmonds is eliminated right away, the current process is flawed, right? Some other solution is needed. thanks
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    It's why the Hall of Fame has veterans' committees to review candidates who slip through the ballots. Or, I submit for your perusal, a suggestion -- what? -- almost 10 years in the conversation, from a writer at the Post-Dispatch: 

    Goold: A modest proposal to improve Hall of Fame voting

    STLtoday.comA backlog of PED-laced players and an archaic rule have made voting for Cooperstown difficult. Here's one way to fix that.
    Say you're the Cardinals GM/POBO, what would be your plans for the catching situation in the offseason? A tandem of Kniz and Herrera, bringing in a defense-first veteran to play with one of those guys, or try to land the big fish in Contreras?
    I would not go for Contreras. If you're handing the roster over to me, I would look for another position that could provide a bigger, brawnier bat for the offense. I'd look for more bang for my big bucks, honestly. Get a catcher who handles a pitching staff and see how it sorts in spring training.
    So, I think there has been an interesting shift in the way the Cardinals talk about starting pitchers. We all know their predilection to go for groundball guys, but you wrote/talked about swing-and-miss arms as something the Cardinals were seeking to acquire at the deadline if possible (I hope I'm not misrepresenting your reporting). I've always felt that swing-and-miss is what plays in the postseason when you're going up against the best teams with the best lineups at their most focused and disciplined. How do you see the Cardinals squaring this moving forward. Do you see them changing their priorities in terms of the types of pitchers they want?
    It's evolving for sure. They learned that too much of the same type of pitcher when those pitchers are getting erratic results makes it difficult to be consistent. If all of the pitchers worked out and pitched at their best, then the Cardinals' approach works. But walks with a contact oriented team -- well, there's no way out of some rallies. That's the nature of balls in play. Oliver Marmol has talked a lot about the need to have swing and miss in there to counteract that, to give the pitcher an out that isn't relying on a double play or a fielder being behind the ball all of the time. And so, you're seeing the staff evolve. They're not going to abandon the sinkerball approach. The defense is too good. But they did prioritize getting some swing and miss in the rotation, just so they had another out, a way to cover some of the lack of it elsewhere.
    In their last 8 playoff games under Albert this team has scored 1 run or less 5x. It is against elite pitching but there also has to be a failed plan of attack too. If the offense is a total flameout in October again this year do you think there are moves made in the off-season?
    (That's kind of a cop out though, there are changes every season. They're based on the entirety of the season. But October is a real litmus test for this team. It's been too long since they had any advanced success there.)
    Mr. Goold - what percentage of beat writers in MLB would you estimate are bi-lingual? How much do you think the ability to speak Spanish fluently helps writers on their reporting? How is your Spanish?
    -- I don't know the percentage, but it's too low.
    -- I think it great helps because you're meeting a player, not asking that player to accommodate you.
    -- Not as good as it should be. A real hole in my game is the ability to learn language, and always has been. (Cue the jokes about my command of English.) I took four years of Russian in high school. It would have been better to take Spanish. A mistake on my end. I am constantly learning more and more and more -- and most of all I realize that it's not fair to ask someone to adapt to me if I won't at least try to adapt to meet that person. So, I make every effort. And I know each day I could better.
    Is Masyn Winn still seen as a possible 2 way player? Or is he done with pitching?
    Still listed as a two-way player. His career as a pitcher is not over until he's in the majors as an everyday shortstop. The arm is always a possible avenue to the majors for him, if the bat isn't. So it's always in play, until the day he's the everyday shortstop (or some other position).
    DG -

    Which of the following players do you think will have the most positive impact on this team before the end of the season:

    Paul DeJong
    Lars Nootbaar
    Juan Yepez
    Tyler ONeill
    Paul DeJong. The opportunity is there. The position is right.
    Do you think the balanced schedule next year will have an impact on teams (fewer 'soft' divisions, etc) or do you think it will all 'balance' out (sorry for the bad pun)?
    It will balance out. Less chance for the AL and NL Central to just feast on the tankers for a way into the postseason. They'll have to deal with the AL East and other divisions enough that they're going to have to rethink their approach. Whereas, the schedule will be a lifeline to a team like the Colorado Rockies. Less games against Dodgers, Giants, and Padres, more against the AL Central.
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