Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat, 11 a.m.

Bring your Cardinals questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    Well, mostly because two intentional walks are going to put things in motion with two runners on base and no margin for error.
    I mean, you tell Max Scherzer that he has to walk those two batters and deal with someone else.
    Derrick, who is our backup CF? Poor Edman, who had to cover for everyone? I am a bit concerned they will wear down Carlson. And let’s tell the truth, Carlson is good but he is not as fast as Bader and won’t get to as many balls to save runs. I guess the FO figured Carlson’s bat would make up for it.
    O'Neill and Nootbaar are two options. But this is what I was trying to tell folks at the trade deadline. The Cardinals, during internal conversations, really thought what was their other option in CF. Carlson was the proven one they had. This was a factor in their conversations, their considerations, and whether they needed to add a CF at the deadline if they traded one, for example. It was part of the decision, not the deciding factor.
    Any early indications on how Jordan Walker is performing in the outfield?
    He's learning. The speed of the game at a new position is the early steps, and the comes the reps that turn into instincts.
    What do you think the future holds for Delvin Perez? He seems to be hitting in Memphis and he certainly has the speed for Center field so could we see him put on the 40 man roster next year with hopes he could serve as a super utility player? Possibly a center fielder now that Baders gone? Thanks for the chats!
    Spoke with someone recently about this, and the sense was that Delvin Perez has a utility role in his future at the major-league level. Is that enough to get him protected from the Rule 5 draft, or is he left exposed? We'll see. That's going to be a real interesting call for the Cardinals. But I talked with a scout outside the organization -- this was about the time the Cardinals were looking to trade Sosa -- and his sense was that Perez was about to have that Sosa like start to his career, and could even be the Cardinals' next Sosa.
    Should O’Neil be looking over his shoulder with the many outfield prospects the Cardinals have in the majors and the minor leagues. I am talking about this winter if he has a rough rest of the year or keeps getting hurt? The same could be said about Hudson.
    We all should be looking over our shoulder at the ballpark these days with the young talent coming up around baseball. It's a competitive industry. Outfield is no different than pitching, than managing, than typing fast, than ... roster-building. So, yes.
    It was incredibly refreshing to read your update on Flaherty and think "great, I hope that happens" vs "if that doesn't happen we are so screwed!!" It's nice to want but not need.
    Interesting perspective. That is definitely one that Cardinals needed to get to -- where his return becomes a bonus to the team, not the defining return of their season.
    Is Nootbaar the new, regular right fielder. Sure seems like he’d defensively capable. Can he hit enough to stay on the field?
    For the foreseeable future he is. The Cardinals gave him the opportunity and for a week now he's earned more. We've seen things change. Yes, Nootbaar has a swing that will provide for the back end of the lineup. He's got upside. Left-handed hitting Stephen Piscotty, with maybe a touch more damage.
    Derrick, can you explain how a salary is determined for a veteran like Matt Carpenter, who had been in the minors. I assume he isnt subject to the major league minimum? Do you know what he is being paid?
    Negotiated just like any other contract. He would have negotiated a two-way contract that paid him a certain salary in the majors and a different one in the minors. The Cardinals had a few deals like that this winter, where it was a minor-league deal, but if the player made the majors that salary jumped to $1 million or $2 million. Carpenter's deal, for example, paid him $2 million if each reached the majors. That was his agreement with the Rangers. He was released from that deal, became a free agent. Got the deal with the Yankees.
    Where do the Cardinals put Yepez when he’s done with his rehab? Dickerson and Nootbaar have both come on strong the last month and Gorman adds a left handed power bat to a right handed heavy line up for power. Do they take the path of least resistance and leave him at AAA for a stretch? He was struggling when he got hurt
    You've hit -- no pun intended -- on what the Cardinals will be looking for as Yepez goes out of his weeklong rehab assignment. He does have to produce. He's going there to prove his health, to test his arm, and to get his timing. But as part of that he has to hit his way back to the majors. He's got a head start because they want him to be the right-handed hitting complement for RF, but hitting is part of that.
    DG -

    How Solidified is the middle infield duo of DeJong and Edman? Should we expect a sharp dropoff in play time for Donovan and Gorman? I'm not complaining, DeJong looks like he's up for the challenge by all means. Go with the hot hand! But Donovan and Gorman deserve some serious kudos for stepping in and excelling when this team badly needed them.
    Nolan Gorman will be a factor in the middle infield rotation. He's going to continue to get starts at 2B, and there could be a platoon developing.
    Olli's comments after Dakota Hudson's latest start suggests Marmol is close to wanting to make a rotation change. If Hudson doesn't improve, and Flaherty's not quite ready, has Jake Woodford done at Memphis what the Cards said they sent him down to do, and if so, could you see him called up in the coming weeks?
    Jake Woodford did enough last year to merit this opportunity, and he's been passed over again and again and it's confusing, but it does suggest that it will go to Pallante before it gets to Woodford.
    I thought Jordan Hicks was the "unsung" hero of yesterdays game. He came in and really settled things down. He also looked really good in game 2 of that series. Comparing his last two outings with his previous one against the Cubs, what changes did he make to his approach, pitch selection, etc?
    I actually think it's an easy change. He threw strikes. I agree with you about his "unsung" hero aspect in the wild game Sunday. Look no further than the fact that the Yankees were talking about how few strikes Judge was getting these days. Hicks threw him three. Three strikes. Three pitches in the zone. Judge, the most feared slugger in that league, did not do much with any of them and struck out. That was a significant stride for Hicks. He challenged in the zone with wicked stuff and got swings and misses. Big stride. Hint of what's to come?
    Good sweep against Yankees. It be better if the manager had better options than McFarland in pen like Thompson. Mo has to cut ties with relievers who are not performing.
    Nothing will ever be perfect. Even the Mona Lisa has a smudge.
    I don't think the Cards had a realistic chance at Soto. After the normally aggressive Preller lost out to L.A. on the Scherzer/Turner deal last summer, there was no way that he was going to lose out on Soto. He would have pushed every prospect into the center of the table if he had to.
    The Cardinals made a realistic overture for Soto. Whether they came close to what Preller offered -- well, there's every indication they did not. But what a job by Rizzo to command that package of players from San Diego. He knew Preller wanted Soto. So he had to create the market that got the highest price. The Dodgers being involved help. The Cardinals with their prospects helped. And then there was the chef's kiss -- Mozeliak and Rizzo, caught on camera, talking in a suite. 
    How quickly did Preller's phone buzz when that started to happen? What theater!
    There is the belief around the Cardinals and industry that Preller offered a package of players far above what the other teams were discussing with the Nationals. He was going to overwhelm any other offer, maybe in the same Dombrowski once did for Price.
    The trades are proven to be effective and am proud how the Cardinals have stepped up! What are your thoughts on who should bat 1st and 2nd in our lineup?
    So far. So far. Trades are not made for one time through the rotation. So far. They've got more starts to go to prove that this isn't just the honeymoon, but that this is the reality for the Cardinals as they look to contend, and, as Arenado said, "put some distance in the division race." We'll see.
    The Cardinals need Carlson to be one of those two spots in the order. But it's a tough situation because there isn't a hitter that rises up and grabs one of those two spots. Edman can. I think Donovan is an interesting option, and Burleson is the deep sleeper if RF starts to falter and they turn to him. O'Neill at No. 2 makes a lot of sense. Either way, Carlson has to provide at one of those two spots.
    Nolan Arenado is the NL Player of the Week, fyi. Again.
    With Nootbaar batting at a league-average rate and playing so well in right field, and Carlson & O'Neill entrenched at the other outfield slots, please, please tell me we've seen the last of "Juan Yepez, Cardinal outfielder." If anyone was ever a born DH, it's Juan Yepez. The guy can really hit, DG. But 70% of his starts have come in the field -- costing the team a pair of wins via a trio of specific fielding blunders in the outfield, it could be argued.

    Also, for you personally has Nolan Arenado caught Goldy in the MVP race? Arenado has passed Goldschmidt in WAR at both Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference. And (as they always are) both of them have been amazing with men on base this season, with an OPS of 1.148 for Goldy and 1.119 for Nado. Incredibly, two future Hall Of Famers are having their career years at the same time for the same team. I can't find any other examples of this in MLB history, Derrick!
    You have not seen the last of Yepez in the outfield. The Cardinals have plans.
    On the MVP, Arenado has kept it race. I want to make that clear. He has not made it a race. He is not making it a race. He has kept it race. Arenado is having one of the finest all-around seasons in the majors, and one of the finest all-around seasons of his career, and he's doing so at the same time his teammate is doing the same thing.
    Should be quite the finish.
    Happy Monday, DG. Please everybody, do yourselves a favor and forget Delvin Perez. He never hit a lick in AA (or anywhere else, really, since his PED bust half a decade ago), so it's fair to assume his 65 at-bats of decent hitting in AAA are a fluke.

    My question, Derrick. Why McFarland over Zack Thompson on the MLB roster? Zack has been very good in the Redbird bullpen while McFarland is a highly inconsistent veteran who is simply having another one of his poor seasons. No great mystery. He's bad this year. He's been bad plenty of other years as well. So dump him.
    This was discussed in the opening moments of the chat. A quick recap: It has to do with keeping Thompson pitching, he has options to do so, and how they're preparing for a role of significance when/if that role is needed. The bullpen is not the one active on the roster. The Cardinals are looking at it more globally and will change and adjust accordingly. Thompson had to pitch. Not sit up in the majors under glass, never used.
    We gave up some team speed for pitching (Bader, Sosa). How will the FO compensate for that, especially in the playoffs?
    They may add a pinch-runner to the mix. But speed doesn't matter unless it's on base, and it's got to get on base first. I don't think this will be a big detriment to the team in the postseason, honestly. Defense from Bader potentially. But Carlson, who can be part of that speed, has earned the chance to roam CF and prove he is that defensive difference out there.
    Thinking back, I recall not too terribly long ago you reporting how the Cards' wanted/needed LHP in their staff, and how there was a shortage of it in the system. Since then, in the last 2 years, between their FA signing of Matz, trade acquisitions of Quintana/Montgomery, and a draft class headlined with the 3 top picks being LHP's. Coincidence? I think not! (?)
    It is not a coincidence. When it's a tie, they go with a lefty. When it's not quite a tie, they go with the lefty. When they have a chance to choose, they go with the lefty.
    Why not go back to Goldschmidt, O'Neil, Arendado line-up that worked out so well last year. I know O'Neil has not yet hit to that level, but, it seems intriguing to try again.
    Great question. It's one that Marmol is thinking about. But he does like how Goldschmidt and Arenado are doing in this spots. And Arenado has said how much he likes hitting cleanup. That is a factor in the conversation.
    Are the street performers out today? Boulder is such a wonderful, wacky city.
    Let's hope so. It's a great place. I'm going for a walk shortly. An errand to run once the chat is complete. And that's within minutes here!
    It's crazy that we're now talking about where all the talent PLAYS instead of asking where all the talent IS. How do you see this shaking out in the offseason? Trades for prospects? But we have a strong farm system too. Just don't know what happens to fringe guys like Gomez, Baker, Capel and others. Nice problem to have.
    There is nothing wrong with having a lot of talent. I cannot stress this enough. They do not need to trade the talent they have. Burleson, for example. He does not need to be traded, just as no one needs to be traded to clear a spot for him. Same with Walker. Talent will find a way. Talent will make a way.
    There are 40 spots on the roster for a reason -- because it takes a team at least 50 players or more to be a contender through the season. And those players have to come from somewhere. They cannot all be signed or acquired via trade. They have to be developed for depth.
    If anything, I hope that I can convey this to the readers of the chat and fans of the Cardinals through the years of covering.
    Major League Baseball teams don't have an issue if they have three starting-caliber shortstops. That's just not a thing. They don't need to trade a third one just because. They may trade from that surplus to address what they need. But they don't NEED to trade. They're not wasting talent, like say a Fantasy Baseball Team is with only two spots for shortstops.
    A big league team has to think broader than the 26-man roster, broader than two starters for every position. It's why the Dodgers are such an industry leader. They use their spending to outfit an incredible major-league roster with a strong secondary roster that can provide depth. It's why Burleson is at such an interesting point in his career. His performance has earned a spot on the 40-man roster, but the Cardinals do not need to protect him there. They have a major league talent who can be the 41st man until needed and that is so valuable because it means they can protect someone else in that spot.
    They have to do that. They have to maximize their rosters, and when it comes to maximizing there is no such thing as too much talent.
    Do the Cardinal players look at the PD chats or listen to the sports radio shows and read the paper?
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