Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 10 a.m. Monday

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 10 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 10 a.m. live chat.

    It's a concern. The entertainment value of the game is something we all need to discuss more. But not one that baseball cannot overcome. My son is 15. He enjoys baseball. He watches it -- just differently than I did at his age. He doesn't watch entire games. Rather, he seeks out the highlights based on what he hears happens or the alerts he gets about something cool/odd/exciting/different/bad happening. But he knows all that happened. He just intakes it differently than I did at the same age, or at this age.
    "It would be odd. It would be a departure from the Cardinals' trend and leadership, and it would signal a radical cultural change that this organization has resisted for two-plus decades. " About damn time!
  • This might be a case of: Be careful what you wish for.
  • When will we find out who the PTBNL will be in the Dexter Fowler trade? Is if possible that player joins the Cardinals at some point later this season? Who are some of the intriguing names on the list of possibilities?
    We already have. They got cash. This deal was not for some prospect. It was a player to be named later or cash, and the Cardinals expected to get cash and got cash. There is no help coming from the result of this trade. This was a trade about paying another team to give Fowler the playing time that he wasn't not going to get with the Cardinals.
    Dewitt is one of the owners? Does he answer to the other owners in any way? Is he the majority owner?
    He is not the majority owner, no. Not alone. He is the chairman of the team, and yes he works with the other owners and has meeting with the other owners. He answers to them in the same way they answer to him. Is this a subtle way of asking if he can be fired without asking it? No. He would have to be bought out by the other owners.
    Sign one of the big short stops this off season. Open compotation in spring training for second base between DeJong, Sosa, Edman or someone else. Sign Starlin Marte for right field and leadoff hitter. Marte, Bader and O'Neill start with Carlson as the forth outfielder. Edman as super sub. Acquire two good starting pitchers. Keep the closer we have now. He is at worst a top five closer in all of baseball. Good moves for the Cardinals?
    You lost me with Carlson as the fourth outfielder, sorry.
    You always say to watch the whole video, but at what point is Ventura winning?
    After Ryan misses on two swings and when Ventura reverses the hold and gets Ryan in a headlock as the crowd arrives, both go down, and it's Ventura gets up. If it were wrestling, he would get 2 points for a reversal and 2 points for a takedown. That's twice as many points as Ryan landed punches. But who is counting?
    Derrick, regarding the ownership group. Do you have any idea of the splits there? BDW certainly acts like a majority owner
  • How does he act like a majority owner? He, his company, and his family have the largest share of ownership compared to the other owners. He is considered by the other owners to be the chairman. He has not been the chairman for the entirety of this ownership group's hold on the Cardinals. He is now. And that title comes with power, as you'd expect, and power to match the influence he has over the ownership of the team -- either by direct ownership or indirect ownership. He personally does not possess 51 percent of the team, not at last check, and that's why he's not considered the majority owner.
  • Will the Red's be one of the two wild card teams? Will the Cardinals finish third or forth in the central?
    I don't know. There are several weeks yet to go.
    Is the word fewer dying? I'm seeing the word being used incorrectly now more than ever.
    No, it's my mistake. When I'm typing answers swiftly in a chat like this, I tend to type and send and not go back and replace less with fewer like I would for an article in the paper. I'd like to tell you that's because I'm being conversational in the chats -- they are called "chats", after all -- but really it's because I'm prioritizing speed of typing over editing my answers to be precisely correct all the time and with all references and all punctuation. If I need to adjust this approach, the chat will go slower as I go back and also edit everything as I would try for an article in the paper, a book on your shelf, or my doctoral thesis.
    When will baseball stop fans from coming to games again?
    Goodness, I hope never. I covered the game during a season like that. It was eerie and haunting, and I don't want to cover a season like that again.
    Well then, Doe's BW own more of a % of the Cardinals than any other single owner?
    I'm sorry, did I not just answer this? Let me double-check. Here is the answer, from moments ago: He, his company, and his family have the largest share of ownership compared to the other owners.
  • DG, The last I looked the Cards were #7 in avg. attendance per game. There were a team or two where their record made them undeserving of that position and several that should be ahead of the Cards based on record. Isn't attendance just down? Aren't the Cards getting good attendance, support, based on play and overall attendance being down?
    Depends on who you ask, and the frame of reference you use. There are empty seats at the ballpark. A noticeable number. The attendance figure you're using is likely based on ticket sales. Not exactly butts in seats, as they say. Turnstile numbers is the other phrase for them. Those numbers are down for the Cardinals. Those numbers and ticket sale numbers are both valuable. It is after all, a team that puts a lot of its emphasis on ticket sales.
    Also, the numbers you're quoting aren't from the same circumstance.
    As of right now, Atlanta leads with average attendance, and no kidding. That area was open to full capacity sooner than other places. The Dodgers would be atop the list, but California had limits. In fact, the Dodgers, Padres, and Cardinals stand out in the top 10 because they had limits in place going June. The Cardinals rank behind Atlanta, Texas, and Houston -- ballparks that had capacity limits lifted and could therefore sell more tickets.
    That still puts the Cardinals fourth, when they've benefited from being second.
    They're behind the Rockies at the moment.
    Will baseball join some of the industries and other places and make all players, coaches and staff have the COVID shot?
    That is highly unlikely. The union will protect its members individual rights to make their choices, and the union has said as much. It has encouraged vaccination, will not allow to require it.
    I am curious about how you perform your job. Before Covid, and hopefully after it disappears, how did you contact players for comments and interviews? Were you allowed on the field freely during batting practice? Could you simply walk into the clubhouse to talk to whomever before or after games? And if you wanted to talk to a specific player at length, did you have to line up a time and get permission from the club or the player's agent, or simply ask the player? Love the coverage, just curious how it's done.
    First, thanks for the kind words.
    Second, I'm about to give you more information than you wish, but I want to be transparent.
    Clubhouses have been closed to the media since early March 2020, and they have not reopened to the media.
    We were not permitted anywhere near the field and players starting in early March 2020, and it was only when the Cardinals went to San Diego in mid-May that a Cardinal had the first in-person interview with an unaffiliated/non-rights holder reporter since March 2020.
    (Paul Goldschmidt spoke to me at Petco Park. He was in the dugout. I was masked, vaccinated, and in the seats, not on the field. Albert Pujols agreed to meet me for a similar interview a few weeks later in June; it was his first in-person interview since March 2020.)
    The field/batting practice/dugouts were closed to the media in early March 2020, and just reopened to the media who can prove vaccination the week before the All-Star Game. The Cardinals, like many teams, allow players to choose if they speak with the media, and if they prefer the media wear a mask during those interviews. For several weeks now, Shildt has met with the media in person before games.
    This past week, due to the Delta variant, dugouts were closed to the media, though we still have access to the field and batting practice if we are vaccinated.
    As far as lengthy interviews -- those are largely limited -- but they take the same planning and advance scheduling as they did before. Location becomes the question at this point. Nolan Arenado and I spoke for about 20 minutes or so for a story over the All-Star break, and we did that in person, in the dugout, at San Francisco.
    Interviews from March 2020 through just recently were mostly set up over the phone, done via text, or in some cases, as was the case during spring training, set up for Zoom or Facetime either through the team or with the player/coach directly.
    When is the front off going to realize the Cardinals are not fun to watch and follow?
    When or are they going to do anything about it?
    There was this revelation coming out of 2020, and it was discussed in some ways coming out of 2019 -- specifically about the offense. They felt that getting Arenado would do this. They felt that getting a full season of Tyler O'Neill, Harrison Bader, and Dylan Carlson would do this. That was their plan. So they recognize it. They've made some attempts to correct it.
    In our starting lineup I think we have three proven players to deliver when the game is on the line. Arenado, Goldy and Yadi. That means we have uncertainty in other areas.

    What is Bader’s role? I love his defense and speed and energy! But why is he not leading off to be that quick catalyst? Is he viewed as an outfielder that must hit 6th, 7th or 8th with the understanding he will not be expected to get Runs, RBI’s? Homeruns? Therefore, his stats after 5 years of being a Cardinal has him batting .241. I would like to see him as our Run guy. The guy who gets on base to spark the team. Drives pitchers crazy while they face Carlson, Arenado, Goldy. If he does not have that skill set what��s his role?

    What is Tyler O’Neil’s role? Great fielder. Incredible speed. Incredible power but he only has 41 RBI’s this year batting mostly 4th. When there are people on the base he currently is not the Pedro Guerro, Mark McGwire, George Hendrick, Keith Hernandez, Jack Clark type of RBI guy. If Tyler can do it, I hope we found out sooner than later to see what his role is.

    Paul Dejong I am stumped. Historically he has been a solid defender with good power. It’s hard to give up on him for potential and price but it’s almost impossible to win when anyone on your starting 8 is batting below 200.

    Carlson and Edman are still young, great value and too hard to judge but they are not on trial other than I wish Edman could get on base more and be that disruptive catalyst as well.

    We don’t have a strong enough bench to push these guys and I fear by the time we figure out if these question marks can deliver – we will have to work on replacing Yadi, Goldy and Arrenado will be older and the cycle continues. Thoughts?
    Not many, no. Thank you for putting in the time for such a detailed description. I would suggest you consider the elite defense that Bader brings and perhaps a sliding scale on his offense related to the fact that he can cover a lot of ground in center and make other outfielders, who may be bats first, better as a result. I'm not sure he's a spark atop the order as much as he's the one who comes in from the latter third of the lineup to get things going again, or turn a rally into a romp.
  • When will Bill and Mo start blaming any attendance drop off on the pandemic?
    Do they not understand that the fans are getting fed up with the bad product on the field?
    All I've heard from both of them through the years -- especially when there was shrinking attendance during a recent playoff run, and a playoff game that was not a sellout -- is that they recognize the product is a factor. Heck, Mozeliak specifically said he felt that the fans thought they couldn't make the big move anymore -- and that was part of the motivation for the Arenado deal. They're saying it, if you're listening.
    DG, I see a lot of predictions on the MI options. My question is, how likely is it that Gorman gets the Dylan Carlson treatment but at 2B within the next two seasons? like it or not the Cards cant have 20+ mil at every infield spot. Doesn't that impact not wanting a long term contract at SS when TE, PDJ, and ES can all play there along with at least one highly rated prospect in Winn. Is Semien with a potentially shorter term a better match?
    Perhaps this gives me a chance to consolidate and summarize some answers scattered throughout the chat.
    -- Gorman is set to get a chance to compete at 2B during spring training 2022.
    As for what do with the infield and moving pieces around, the DH is going to open up the option for a player to be there, here, a little bit of everywhere and that the Cardinals can prioritize the bat and then adjust from there because of the versatility they have elsewhere in the roster. I've mentioned on Kris Bryant will be a fascinating free agent in MLB because of that. And then, closer to the Cardinals, there are these options:
    -- Go shopping for that player.
    -- Consider Paul DeJong as that style of player and wade into the SS market, or as you suggest look at the UT spot for SS or 2B and consider Semien, who would be an intriguing fit.
    -- Turn to Gorman to be that player at 2B, 3B, 1B sometimes and DH.
    -- Open up the DH competition to include Baker.
    That's a summary of all the discussion in a hopes of illustrating what the Cardinals will do entering the winter, and where to look for indications from them about what they'll do. The DH opens up these options for them to prioritize an offensive impact.
    I bet buying lunch with a friend at the start of this season that the Cardinals would finish with a better record than the Cubs. Can I go ahead and collect on that bet now?
    I wouldn't. See if they'll go double or nothing, and you can get a dinner.
    DG, Didn't some of this season HAVE to happen on the position player side? Wanting to find out more about the OFers along with the bigger contracts to production ratios of Matt Carpenter and Dexter Fowler. What if any conclusions do you feel have been made.
    Yes and the pitching/run prevention and division overall was going to allow for contention while that happened.
    One question I struggle with -- how do the Cardinals get better offensively? Historically your big bats play the corner positions and the Cards have Arenado, Goldschmidt, Carlson and O'Neill seemingly locked into those spots for this year and the foreseeable future. Add in Bader in center field and it looks like they're looking for modern day Rogers Hornsby to man second and strengthen the offense.
  • The DH is coming at the right time for the Cardinals. Also, SS is a power position these days. For contenders it has become that.
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