Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 1 p.m. Monday

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 1 p.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 1 p.m. live chat.

    That may be good enough in August. The trouble is it's July, and they have at least another month before that group is all together. So, there's 25 games of coverage that they need to survive first, and they don't have the guaranteed innings to do it. I feel Chicken Little a little bit.
    The innings are falling.
    The innings are falling.
    The innings are falling.
    The innings are falling.
    The innings are falling.
    10 Questions for you
    1. Would the Cards trade a bullpen arm for minor league players-Gallegos for high upside players.
    2. What’s up with Tommy Parsons?
    3. Will Knizer ever start again this year?
    4. Is Jon Gray a possible trade target?
    5. Will Lane Thomas get another shot?
    6. What isn’t Andrew Miller used in high leverage situations?
    7. How is Justin Williams doing in the minors?
    8. Should Edman get another shot at lead off? Carlson doesn’t look like the answer.
    9. Is there anyone in the high minors that we should know about but don’t?
    10. Should Goldschmidt bar behind Arenado given his hot streak?
    Alright, everybody give me some time for this pop quiz.
    1. Would the Cards trade a bullpen arm for minor league players-Gallegos for high upside players.
    Probably not. Doesn't make much sense at this point.

    2. What’s up with Tommy Parsons?
    He throws strikes. Made strong impression in spring training. Not on 40 man.

    3. Will Knizer ever start again this year?

    4. Is Jon Gray a possible trade target?
    The Cardinals wish. So they'll try.

    5. Will Lane Thomas get another shot?

    6. What isn’t Andrew Miller used in high leverage situations?
    He has been. In chase situations. He's had a very interesting role in the past month, and he's pitched well in it. The Cardinals needed that close/trailing pitcher, and he's been the answer when so many others struggled in that spot.
    7. How is Justin Williams doing in the minors?
    He's had his struggles.

    8. Should Edman get another shot at lead off? Carlson doesn’t look like the answer.
    Perhaps. The Cardinals need to find an answer here, too, though it's less urgent than the rotation. Siding with matchups makes a lot of sense, as Shildt has done recently.
    9. Is there anyone in the high minors that we should know about but don’t?
    I'm not sure who you do and don't know, honestly. It's a hard question for me to answer without a better understanding of how much you pay attention the minors. Judging by the questions in this chat, the readers have a good feel for the minors, down to the entire rosters of the upper levels. Don't get prospect fatigue on Perez and Plummer. Now is not the time. They're rising.

    10. Should Goldschmidt bar behind Arenado given his hot streak?
    Nah. I don't think that would help or change much.
    Recently the Cubs have purchased contracts for a few players on my local team, the Missoula Paddleheads. They used to be affiliated with the Diamondbacks, and now they are independent, in the Pioneer League. With being independent now, how are scouts getting information on how a player’s profile is looking? I can’t see every team, having scouts at every independent league game. I hope you were able to get some family time in over break, and I really appreciate this chat.
    They have scouts/coaches there. They do. They have data provided from those games, with some of the top tech being installed at the ballparks to be sure to provide all teams all of the data they desire and all of the same. It's in MLB's best interest and part of the setup for information tog get out to teams from those teams. Thanks for the kind words. I spent the break writing in Colorado, covering the All-Star Game. It was a good chance to see some people who are as close family and meet a new baby that I wasn't able to see in person because of the pandemic.
    Will there be more Cardinal Red shirts in the stands or more Cub blue shirts for this series?
    Good pole question also.
    Could be 50/50. I'm eager to see if they actually get a sellout. There was hope within the Cardinals that this was their best chance for a sellout. But word this weekend at the ballpark was that they had not yet sold enough tickets to be ASSURED of one. That's interesting.
    .203 BA | .272 OBP | .582 OPS
    .266 BA | .345 OBP | .709 OPS

    That's leadoff hitter Dylan Carlson vs #2 hitter Dylan Carlson

    .269 BA | .312 OBP | .697 OPS

    That's leadoff hitter Tommy Edman.

    Carlson has been much better as the #2 hitter, but Edman wasn't getting in done enough at leadoff (apparently). You can't add a leadoff hitter from outside the organization without first subtracting.

    If you can add pitching, then how do you address this?
    Matchups. Get creative. Wishcasting. Betting on someone improving. You outline the numbers and the bind the Cardinals are in well. They have to count on someone improving in that role -- and they can grease that by tapping into the matchups.
    The Cardinals goal to reach the playoffs every year is a greater goal than most teams in some ways, but a lesser goal in others. They will never be the favorite in the playoffs even in the best of times. If the odds hold up the team will miss the playoffs for the 4th time in 6 years. Tell me again why you can rebuild? The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Does the ownership/front office believe they need to make significant improvements, or will this be chalked up to bad luck?
    I'm not real sure how to answer your question because you make it clear that no answer is fitting. You've set me up to fail. If I suggest they should rebuild, then you've set up in the question that you think their goal of making the playoffs every year is "greater" than other teams. If I suggest they hold serve, then your question has set the trapdoor that they've missed the postseason four out of six years, and that's just not acceptable around St. Louis, not anymore. Not with one of those years in the playoffs being an expanded playoff year in a pandemic. At every turn, you've asked a question that set up any answer to fail. So, I'll do my best ...
    -- They cannot chalk it up to bad luck. If they do, don't let them. Yes they've had injuries, but they've also had serious issues with the roster, and when they had a chance to add pitching they chose not to -- twice. Twice. Say it again: Twice. And that has caught up with them.
    -- They cannot rebuild because they have Arenado & Goldschmidt at the moment. If the Rockies or Diamondbacks had both of those players and their fans were wondering if it was time to rebuild, the Cardinals fans would rush to Twitter to suggest trades. 
    The Cardinals have seemingly faired well during the waiver trade period in August. How do you think that not being an option anymore will alter their (and other teams) approach?
  • We haven't seen it change much in either of the previous two years. The Cardinals mostly have been idle at the deadline for about six years. So, if I don't see this as a motivating factor for them.
  • How difficult will it be to make up 9 games on the Brewers?
    Very. But Brewers starter Brandon Woodruff mentioned something interesting to me when I asked him about the division race. He said the Brewers cannot possibly know how their rotation will do when the innings start to catch up. He brought that up. He said they're entering the stretch of the season when the innings are going to get much more than they pitched in 2020, and what will be the ramifications of that, the stamina of that, and can they maintain what they've done, or does a team like the Cardinals getting pitchers without that mileage on them have edge? He wondered.
    Starlin Marte would be a big help not only to the line up but to the defense. Trade for him and try to sign him? Go after him as a free agent after the season or not a good fit for the Cardinals?
    Sure. He would definitely help. The Cardinals have had interest before. Good luck making that trade and one of a starter, too. Might be interesting as a free agent, for sure. Especially if the Cardinals flip an outfielder in a trade this winter.
    I’m in the camp of thinking that if the Nats don’t trade Scherzer we should pursue him as a free agent if he’ll accept a short term contract. Do you think Scherzer would be interested in a 1-2 year contract or is he going to be looking for more security?
    The offers that await Max Scherzer as a free agent will be short term, high dollar. According to sources, that's what his camp expects because of his age. So you're talking about a higher average annual value, but a shorter term, especially from non-Nationals teams. There is an expectation that his market will be robust as a result, maybe contenders interested.
    Who do you think Mo needs to try to trade for at this trade deadline? Trades for next year in mind? What will Mo do at this deadline?
  • A starting pitcher. The Cardinals need a starting pitcher. That will make them better now, stronger for August, and interesting in September. And if they pull off a deal for someone signed through 2022, they have one question already answered before they face it this winter. They get a jump on the market -- and we know Mozeliak likes to do that. What will Mozeliak do at the deadline? Well, he'll definitely do what he and his staff are already doing -- negotiating, canvassing, and looking for a starter. They've talked to Texas and Minnesota and Texas again and Minnesota again, and they'll definitely have talked to Kansas City multiple times by now, though I have yet to confirm how many times, or how aggressively. But that's what they're doing. And they're trying regain some leverage with performance from Woodford and Oviedo to buy time and lower costs. We'll see if that works. Because the safest bet is always that the Cardinals play it safe and may not make a move at all -- because that's their trend.
  • Will the 2022 season start on time? Will it start at all?
    No one knows. Everyone is concerned.
    Don’t care for the shift, Is it here to stay? I wouldn’t mind it so bad if you shift infielders have to stay on the infield dirt and not in short right field.
    I hope the shift stays. It's foolish to outlaw it. Might as well outlaw the cut fastball, too.
    With all the roster churn this season to fill out the big league bullpen, why haven't we seen Johan Quezada yet? Is he really any further behind than all the other pitchers currently on the 40-man roster?
    He's been injured, and only recently started his way back.
    Why do you think the Cards didn’t retire Joe Medwick’s number? Eleven years and a .335 BA.
  • Oversight. Complete oversight.
  • DG,

    Hoyer seems to be on the fence a bit. As long as they’re middling along, he doesn’t really have to do anything with the big 4 before the deadline.

    If we were to take 3 of 4 (or sweep!), he’s free to sell. Our rallying cry for this week should be, “ Free Jed Hoyer!”
  • I dig that. Someone should print t-shirts.
    I understand why you keep saying a SP should be the priority because of the innings need, but what's the point of getting innings if the offense struggles to scratch out 2 and 3 runs a game? The reality is that they need both--weeks ago.
    To me, if a boat is sinking you fix the hole in the hull, not the sail to make it go faster and try to outrun the leak.
    Is there a correlation between Mo's expanded reach and level of control within the organization and the team's downward trajectory that began in 2015?
    Interesting question -- and yes. But perhaps not in the way you meant. If you dial back to that time when Mozeliak moved to POBO and Girsch was named GM, one of the reasons why Mozeliak wanted that position was because he felt the Cardinals had lost their edge, and that they were being surpassed (even lapped) by other teams. He saw the advancements being made on pitching labs and hitting approaches and tech and wanted to lead the way. Remember, one area the Cardinals did find themselves ahead of in the industry was the Dept. of Performance. This is something borrowed from European soccer and Australian rugby for example -- and it's a fusion of health and training and data to, as I wrote many years ago, chase the notion of "anti-fragile" athlete. Or, if you prefer: prehab. You know what rehab is right? After an injury. The goal of the Dept. of Performance is to prehab -- that is literally avoid injuries to give the team the benefit every team seeks -- it's best players on the field more often. 
    Mozeliak also had his pet project of the pitching lab, and they had expansive plans for how to better utilize tech for both pitching development and hitting development. They have made strides in both -- significant strides -- and yet still trail peers in key areas.
    The Cubs have a pitching lab. The Cardinals don't yet have the one they imagined.
    Mozeliak, in a way, was moving position to fend off what you're describing. And while they've made some strides, they have not yet made the imagined strides --- because of infrastructure, because of spending, because of the pandemic. They have greatly increased the use of tech and availability of tech throughout the minors. They have expanded coaching staffs to be larger and more familiar with modern approaches. They have paid for a second DSL team and upgraded the academy in the Dominican. The Cardinals, under Randy Flores, have returned toward the front of the game when it comes evaluating and identifying upside players at a variety of levels/ages, and the past few drafts have been strong, respected throughout the industry, and this one has a chance, especially with Baez. Speaking of which ... there is a stronger group of position players working their way through the system then in many years, maybe in at least 20, and the improvements some of them have made as hitters (i.e. Plummer, Baker, Perez ...) can be traced to the modernized hitting approach that was part of Mozeliak's plan.
    But all of these improvements that are a part of regaining that lost edge are out of sight of the major-league standings, not exactly something that thrills the STL faithful around the trade deadline. And so many of them have been overshadowed by deals that have not worked, that have not sparked the fan's imagination, that have not resulted in a rise in the standings.
    So, again, you ask an interesting question. And it's something the Cardinals saw coming and thought a move would help improve their pace. Instead, it's kept them winning but not yet surging. 
    Mr Goold, Dan Caesar's Media View Cardinals Viewer Crowds have yet to fully rebound?
    I loved it. It was right on. What did you think of it Mr Goold?
    Thank You for the great chat
    It's hard to know what's the pandemic and what's the standings at this point, still. Both are challenges when it comes to selling out the stadium.
    The Cardinals have the second-highest ratings in the majors based on market size. That's pretty solid. 
    If the FO doesn’t want to trade top prospects, and is a bit leery of spending big on free agents, how do they improve on what they have?
    They've got to get over it.
    (Aside: And they have. This idea that they don't trade top prospects doesn't compute with all of the angst that Kelly, Alcantara, Gallen, Garcia, Arozarena, Voit and others are playing elsewhere. Cannot have it both ways.)
  • Am I being fair in being disappointed at the lack of opportunity Nogowski was given? Seems like the team promptly sent his bat to the freezer after its red hot spring. Goldy was struggling to begin the season (not that Nogo would replace him, just get a few starts) and we were willing to play poor fielders (Dean, Williams) in the OF, so I don't understand why he was limited to pinch hitting. Was excited to see him get opportunity after we let Ravelo walk, and he never got it. Happy for his current success, though.
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