Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    I would not until I see evidence of this. I see a lot of talk, a lot of bluster, but not a lot of evidence. If you have some, I would welcome it. If this is the choice you've made, then that adds to the evidence. That adds one. I have had this conversation with some people on Twitter -- but they watch the games because within days of telling me they don't, they're shouting at me to ask a tough question about what Shildt just did with a reliever, so they're watching the game. I would welcome more information/evidence about this, and you can email me at I'm open to any argument, but I just haven't seen any substance to it, just shouting, just posturing, just completely misrepresentation for what MLB and its players are saying ...
    Just the use of the word "woke" as a euphemism for something someone doesn't agree with and cannot always articulate why. 
    Mr Goold:

    In your estimation, for the Cardinals to be better in 2022, do they need a new voice in the FO and three new voices in the dugout, or different players, or different players and a new voice or two in the dugout?
    Different players.
    Added voice in the dugout makes sense.
    The former player is something to keep an eye on.
    The addition of an outside voice to the front office would be an interesting element of the offseason for sure, especially if the Cardinals feel they continue to lose ground to rivals or need to be jarred somewhat from their approach, if not the fundamentals of that approach.
    Much has already been said and written about the Why in terms of this season's poor showing. And much, much more will be said and written about it. But can I just offer two things that I would love to see, but somehow know that I will not?

    First, the truly pivotal bad decision was not allowing Reyes to start. Martinez was exactly what we expected as a starter. It is fair to assume he would have been exactly what we expected as a closer. Which is a very good closer. Only now we have Reyes in the rotation and the world does not come crashing down as soon as Flaherty is injured.

    The second thing will seem petty and I get that. I am not looking for someone to be AcCoUnTaBlE. I do not need to see someone fired because I am mad. But my god, I would love to hear Mo come out and just say he was wrong. Not over forty equivocations or "if only.."s. Just say he was wrong. Wrong about not needing more pitching. Wrong about allowing Martinez to dictate his spot in the rotation. Just... just give me something to allow me to believe that the same mistakes are not repeated next year.
    Well said. Having been told I was wrong about the pitching depth over and over, from February to June, that all would be an interesting quote for me to use. He doesn't have to say it for it to be true, but I understand what someone saying this would mean to the fans.
    Cubs and Nationals have been accused of tanking this year . Would the Twins be another team guilty of tanking ?
    I don't think so, no. Nationals aren't either. They divested of their best talent at the trade deadline. That's not tanking. Tanking is going into a season with no intention of competing.
    Give me a moment here. Have to take a pause -- but I'll be back for a lightning round till 4. Just need to be available for something briefly. Thank you for the patience.
    Well, Sean who posted a question at 2:52.12 PM, I'd like to answer your question/criticism of me and my upbringing but I cannot publish it with the curse words.
    Derrick, how do you think the Cubs handled their unloading of stars from a PR standpoint with fans?
    Not great. Not sure there is a great way to have done that. The front office was honest, and it was clear that such a thing was inevitable. What wasn't great was the divesting of great talent, of franchise faces and key members of the team's history, coming just as they celebrated the current ownership and past players with some kind of "Ode to Us" documentary and a Wall of Fame. The optics of that transition was clumsy.
    Interesting comment about not watching because of "woke" - whatever he thinks that stands for . I think it highly more likely that some people especially the younger generation may actually pay more attention to baseball because of the activism shown by some players they they find to be very appealing .
    Social media offers us some evidence of this. I think it's worth watching. But players being more outspoken about their interests, their concerns, their politics, their lives -- that has resonated if you look to social media as a barometer. And I think we're seeing some players grow their following because of how forthright they are with their personality, with letting fans in to see it.
  • Do you think that the Cards make a run for that 2nd wild card spot?
    They'll make a run. The Brewers sure look like the team that will run them out of it. The way the season is bending at the moment, it's entirely possible that the Brewers clinch the division against the Cardinals and eliminate the Cardinals from the postseason.
    Thoughts on MLB’s secretly negotiated deal with Fanatics to kill Topps?
    Disheartening. Tone deaf. As I mentioned earlier, it reminds me of the time the Cardinals left KMOX -- only to return. I hope a similar boomerang takes place.
    I agree with SaintGiff's comments, I believe that management lets the tail wag the dog as far as some players such as Martinez determine how they will be used, I love Yadi to death and he is still a good catcher but he still is getting older and gets rode hard until he's hurt. It hurts Kninzer's development, I'm not saying that he's the answer to that positions future but he does need to play occasionally. If not they should have signed a veteran back up catcher to ride the pine.
    They did sign that veteran catcher -- Matt Wieters. And they had designs on doing the same with a younger backup catcher this year. Knizner beat that catcher out. He's done with Class AAA and belongs in the majors, and we're seeing him play more and more often, and that's not a coincidence as detailed earlier.
    I don't think Martinez is the example you're looking for here. The manager was an advocate of his as a starter, just as the manager likes having Reyes in the closers role.
    We are in the middle of our two-time trip from Nebraska to watch the Cardinals. Love your coverage and glad to be a subscriber. First, we arrived Wednesday and sat down with daughter's family in Ballwin to watch the game with MIlwaukee. The frustration of getting connected was unbelievable. We missed two innings because of passwords, codes, etc. We didn't even try Thursday which is sacrilegious for our family. Move Bally up the list of one of the problems for Cardinals apathy
    Thanks for the kind words. Sounds -- well, I do empathize with what you describe. There are many many passwords these days. Clearly the delivery system for getting coverage to fans (whether that's the broadcast, or the newspaper coverage) is something we all need to be aware of. If it frustrates us, then we can be sure it frustrates readers/viewers. Hope you have a good visit, other than the annoyance of the connections.
    Arenado getting thrown out the other day was such bad timing. Why didn’t Shildt back him up?
    He did. I'm not sure what people at the ballpark saw, or what was shown on TV, but there is definitely some confusion because there was so much going on at that moment -- on the field, in the dugout, and even out in the bullpen -- and let's try to clear that up. Here is the order of events, use them to arrive at the opinion of your choosing.
    Arenado is called out on the check swing for a second time.
    It's a bad call, the wrong call.
    Arenado lets the ump know. He wags his two fingers at the ump.
    He says something along the lines of, "That's twice. That's twice you cost me."
    At the same time, Shildt is trying to run interference, he's in the ump's here and closer to him from the dugout. If someone is going to get run then, it's him at that moment. He was interjecting himself at that time.
    Inning progresses. Inning ends.
    Cabrera comes to the mound to warmup.
    In the dugout, Shildt is stressing to the coaches that Gallegos is not to come out of the bullpen until the Brewers announce a pinch-hitter. Once they do that, then Shildt wants to go to the righthander, but not before. He wants that matchup, or that hitter replaced.
    The PA begins to play Gallegos' entry music.
    The pinch-hitter has not been announced.
    At that time, Arenado pops out and continues to let the ump know what he's thinking. At that point, Shildt is coordinating the inevitable pitching change, waiting for the pinch hitter, and trying to keep Gallegos from entering the game before the pinch-hitter. And then Arenado is ejected. That is why you saw the parade of coaches the way you did, and why O'Neill was one over there, too. 
    There was a lot going on at once, and there was a sense on one of the dugout that the matter had cooled because neither was ejected during the inning, when it clearly had not.
    Hope that helps.
    Derrick - thanks again for the outstanding coverage. Last week, I lamented that the combination of O'Neil, Bader and Carlson is exciting and has a great future if they can get their time in together and grow. What a difference that would've made this year. But they've only been on the field at the same about one month out of the five. Have you heard when Carlson will be back? And Nooty is doing a great job in relief . . . but the other three need to grow.
    Carlson could be back on the active roster as soon as Tuesday. He's going through some tests today/treatment today, and then there will be a check of him at the ballpark tomorrow before that decision is made. The team is hopeful tomorrow is the day.
    Not sure if I agree of your take on tanking. Cubs just decided at the trade deadline.
    That doesn't make them special. That makes them any team that trades at the deadline like we've seen for decades and decades. Tanking -- the issue in baseball today -- is when a team willingly, knowingly enters a season with no intention of competing. Houston did this. Cubs did this. Baltimore is doing this. That tilts the entirety of the race, the entirety of the season. A losing team trading away its best/short-term players to get prospects for the future has been going on as long as there has been a trade deadline. That's what prompts trades. The premeditated bowing out of a team from contention and stripping down the roster to a skeleton crew that shows up for games while the owner saves money and the front office accumulates draft picks for some potential future maybe possible run -- that's tanking.
    How will the Cardinals decide that the low attendance is from covid or the boring product on the field? Would that not have to be decided to tell the Cardinals how to approach the off season?
    They should talk to their season ticket holders. They have had some forums with them, and they have been reaching out a lot to ticket-buyers from the past. They'll get feedback that way. Mozeliak did an event after the game Sunday with a group, and the feedback from that will inform them.
    If Goldy's hitting .330 with RISP why not drop him down to the 3 or 4 hole?
  • Current thinking is that the best hitter on the team hits second. You want more at-bats from him, and there will be a chance for him to drive in runs.
  • Ted Simmons once drove in over 108 runs with 13 HR. He struck out less than 55 times. (‘83)

    Do ballplayers like that still exist anywhere?
  • No. The game has changed.
  • I am in the old camp, I don't want to hear a players political view, etc. They are paid to play a game, not sway me in my views.
    This is a very disappointing stance because they have the same freedom to an opinion that you do and the fact they are paid for your entertainment does not change their rights. It does not shield them from you no longer paying them. Freedom of expression is not freedom from repercussion. I would hope that you would afford them the same right that you've exercised here -- having an opinion.
    Any insight as to what Bally might do for broadcasting next year to a broader audience? Maybe the app like they talked about? What do you think it will cost? I have become more apathetic with no games to watch. I live over 3 hours from St. Louis, but blacked out.
    Alas, no. It's really up to Sinclair, not Bally. I know the Cardinals would like that done sooner than later. If we've learned anything over the past year, the cost is going to be just a little bit north of what we really want to pay. Here's hoping they invest that in the product and get Dan McLaughlin & Co. on the road to provide fans with a better telecast. It's professionally respectful to the fans, first and foremost, and to the talent they have employed, and to other outlets in town.
    Teams waving a white flag at the trade deadline actually just as bad or worse than tanking. Teams intentionally losing is a disgrace to the game and fans,
    I cannot disagree more, Ed. We're just not going to see eye on eye on this. A team that enters a season willingly ready to lose and lose a lot is far more insulting to the integrity of the game and the fan base than a team that decides the season has gone sideways 4/6 of the into it and it's time to start building for the future, as the Nationals did.
    Also, I know people are talking a lot about the crowds. But, as you said, Covid, Delta variant, the bad TV deal for many fans, are all small factors that, when added together, make a difference. Having said that, myself and my family were at the game Saturday night and the crowd was really, really into it. Especially in the bottom of the 6th when the bases were loaded. Crowd was ready to erupt, it just never happened.
  • That a good sentiment. That did stand out Saturday. To me, the lack of fans and vibe at the games against the Brewers was different than in years past. Was really surprised that there wasn't a greater turnout for the Freese Night at the ballpark. There will be others, for sure.
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