Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 1 p.m. Monday

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live chat at 1 p.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 1 p.m. live chat.

    They are not interested in trading Matthew Liberatore. They are really interested in getting Matthew Liberatore to the majors so they stop hearing about Randy Arozarena.
    MLB has to figure something out in regards to games played in Toronto, especially post season games, when unvaccinated players aren't permitted to compete. Can you imagine the uproar if Toronto hosts playoff games and certain stars can't compete for the visiting teams? Can MLB possibly move the effected games to another venue where there are no mandatory vaccination rules? What are the possible solutions, Derrick?
    The obvious solution is those players could choose to get vaccinated. I just want to state the obvious, right? That is their choice, for sure. But that is also the solution. 
    The other solution is that there is a lobbying effort to have Canada change its policy and to give real, cogent, powerful reasons for that policy to change.
    MLB could move the games. They have before. They did to Buffalo and Dunedin, and in the playoffs moved all teams. That does not seem fair to the local fan base that has supported the team, has gone years now without that team, has missed so many games, and it takes a game away from them to cater to the success of their opponent when, again, there is an obvious solution right there for the teams to follow.
    Everybody has the right to make a choice, absolutely. Do I need to repeat that or did everybody get it the first time? Everyone has the right to make a choice. And choices have consequences. 
    Cardinals front office always can’t reach agreement before arbitration with Flaherty.Did they have any talk about extension in past few years? Do Jack have strong will to get into free agent market?
    No, they have not. Not of substance -- meaing that they got anywhere beyond the opening thought of, hey, should we talk extension and here's what it might look like, and that didn't generate much conversation on either side.
    He has not expressed that about free agency, no. He has been consistent from the days of his salary renewals. He would welcome an offer that he feels pays him at the market value for what he's provided.
    Should we be concerned that we’re going on 8 days of camp and no Yadi? Any updates?
    He was here today. I was told he was going to get a short workout on. He was still around 20 minutes ago. Not so short of a workout.
  • Thank you for the chat, they always seem to be informative and entertaining. Could you please
    explain how a six man rotation works, pros and cons. I believe I am speaking of a modified
    six man rotation. I realize that there may be several different ways to use a sixth man, so if
    you can expound on my question and cover the various ways I would appreciate it. Again,
    thank you for your time and knowledge, I think that the PD staff does a great job of covering
    There is the straight up six-man rotation. That would be just like the five man but the pitchers would start once every six games. There is the adjusted six-man rotation or expanded rotation where a few pitchers, say two or three, are on the normal four-day rest and make their starts as planned, and the other starters fill in and move around them.
    There is also a piggyback rotation, and how that would work is that there would be pitchers paired up in twos. That could be two pitchers into one spot or four pitchers into two spots, and they would split starts. The pitcher who starts the game might only go four innings or three and then hand the game to the next pitcher. They would be linked. And they might swap who starts the game the next time out. It's a model that Luhnow championed and used in the Cardinals' minor-league system to get more pitchers into a starting schedule and also manage their workloads. It's the second part that would be the goal in the majors.
    Mo’s comments about being aggressive by signing the likes of Wittgren, VerHagen, McAllister and Brooks is laughable. Value? Maybe. But knowing that Flaherty and Reyes have been iffy, why have they not made a move of consequence to replace what is likely to be at least a half season from two important cogs?
    Well, most of all it has to do with options. I missed the aggressive comment. It sure does seem like the Cardinals are going for quantity, and counting on that to provide quality. We'll see. They don't like it when I point out how the lack certainty. I believe certainty has a price tag that they don't want to pay. Mozeliak challenges me that certainty doesn't exist.
    Are the Cardinals ever going to be competitive when it comes to payroll? By my understanding, and who knows what their books actually look like, but they have around $150-160M in payroll. The luxury tax now kicks in at $230M. Seems like they could afford another $15M in smart money
    They've been in the top 10 for almost every year I've covered them. They drifted to 12th or 11th once when a target free agent did not sign. They rose to something like 8th when they had to spend to get the players they couldn't get via trade (or chose not to get via trade). Pending the raises coming to players through the arbitration process and the raise in the minimum salary, the Cardinals will have a larger payroll than last year. I saw they were ranked 12th -- but that did not have all of the arbitration numbers in, so they could be right back at 10th. They've also been in the top eight or nine in spending during the 2000s. I was recently looking at that and apologize for not remembering if it was eight or nine.
    If that's not competitive to you, then the answer might be no -- no, they won't meet your definition of competitive. 
    Hello, Mr. Goold. Thank you for your time and the chat. Looking forward to another season of outstanding writing from you and the rest of the Post-Dispatch staff on the Cardinals. I've lived in a number of cities around the country, and for my money the P-D baseball coverage is the best. It the main reason I have a digital subscription to the P-D. My question, please: In your years of writing about the Cardinals have you found John Mozeliak to have an "I'm the smartest guy in the room" attitude? He comes across as very intelligent, but to me, he also seems a little smug, and as if he's talking down to people. Thanks for your time.
    Thank you for the kind words. It could be the venue that gives you that impression, and it could also be who he is speaking with. If a lot of your exposure to Mozeliak's comments is not in person or at season-ticket events, then it is probably through his interview with reporters like me and others. It could be how he feels about the question -- I'm guilty of asking some duds and sometimes I purposefully do so because I once covered someone and was well aware how much he really really was eager to correct me (those were the best quotes!) -- or about the questioners. You might get a different perception based on another venue, based on different interviewers. His radio visits perhaps. His times on KMOX every Sunday. 
    Also, the Zoom world did not do any of us favors when it came to press conferences and interaction and answers in that setting. It absolutely changed the tone of media appearances and could lead to clipped, frustrated responses.
    I don't think how someone on Zoom or someone is in a press conference is how they are on the golf course with friends or how they are at a pub with their mates.
    I'll add that Mozeliak has never said anything as condescending publicly as some other general managers. The former guy in Colorado had some thoughts about baseball writers that give you a window into the tone he'd take in a press conference.
    I asked a question about the A's pitchers with regards to Flaherty's injury. When Jack said that it was "interesting" that SLAP tear came up now, do you think he was implying the injury would lower his salary this year since they exchange figures tomorrow? Thanks.
  • That was the question asked. His answer came from the timing of the revelation based on this weeks deadline and the arbitration hearings ahead.
    Who are the Cardinal leaders in cWAR, or clubhouse wins over replacement? Dickerson seems to have a high cWAR
    That's what we're told. Wainwright would have a high total. Goldschmidt is probably the current leader on the position player side, though he probably wouldn't let on, but all his teammates would say that. Knizner and Nootbaar are top prospects, I was told yesterday. Seriously, that came up. What they bring to the clubhouse as young players. Heck, this afternoon Nootbaar was wrapping a grip on Mike Maddux's fungo bat, because Maddux asked, so Nootbaar did there -- and made sure it was precise.
    In speaking about possible SP trades, you mentioned that other clubs are asking for our top prospects. Is that information coming from our front office? Do you have avenues to confirm with sources in the front offices of other clubs?

    I don't doubt your reporting and what info you are getting from your sources. The coverage of Cardinals baseball is the only reason I am a subscriber. I just wonder if that is an easy out for our front office to leak that other teams are asking for our top prospects, even when they aren't. I am not a reporter and trust your expertise, just not sure how you are able to verify information like that when it is coming from a biased source(s). Looking for insight on how you report in general when the source(s) is (or may be) biased but also regarding this particular situation.

    Thanks for your excellent coverage!
    That information is coming from sources and reporting to validate. The Cardinals front office, you probably know, does not comment on such things, and really closed off any sort of comments or even confirmations when it comes to free agents and trades. They prefer to do that on Twitter through the main account. That is their approach now. Mozeliak does not discuss free agents or perspective trades -- or if he does, it's not with me when I ask. He reminds that team policy is not to comment. So, I rely on reporting and sources I can trust.
    Thx for your excellent follow up reporting on the PRP injection for Flaherty. It made no sense that a PRP was to heal a SLAP tear that has been the same size for years.

    That said, seems like they can calm the shoulder down but the persistent irritation will never go away until surgically repaired. Why wouldn’t Jack demand that’s done now rather than later?
    Surgery is to be avoided at all costs. Preemptive surgery is ...not ideal. Surgery by definition is invasive, and surgery is not 100 percent. There are pitchers who don't return from Tommy John throwing at the elite level they once did. They cannot get their fastball, they cannot keep their health, and while that's the outlier because of how advanced the procedure is and how the tech has helped, there are pitchers that don't make it back, and why would you take that risk if you can avoid it. Surgery is the last option. Look at the lengths Chris Carpenter went to avoid surgery and look at alternate options for treatment.
    Tyler O Neill 40 HRs—over or under? I’ll take the over.
    That would be a remarkable year for a righthanded hitter at Busch Stadium. The potential is there.
  • DeJong, Woodford, and L Baker for Montas. Who says no?
    Derrick, who is our backup CF if Bader goes down? Would it be a rotation? Who is best suited to replace or spell Bader in CF?
    Nootbaar is starting in center field tonight -- which reminds me. I need to skedaddle. The game is close to starting. There's Matz to watch. There's daily coverage to finish. Thanks for the chat. Hope I sprinkled in some answers here or there. 
    The chat will be back next week. You'll get a glimpse of the expanded coverage we have planned in the coming days.
    Daniel Guerrero, the newest member of the baseball beat here at the Post-Dispatch and, has joined us in Jupiter, and is already writing away from the back fields. Check out his work, give him a follow on Twitter, @thedanguerrero. 
    Stay tuned. Stay informed. Stay healthy.
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