Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live end-of-season chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Join Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold for his live end-of-season chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    I understand why some fans would like to see veteran m Lester back, but I don’t see it, even if he doesn’t retire. Anyone who finished strong will have options and won’t be interested in serving as anyone’s strategic depth.
    Yes, other teams rest guys, but other teams weren't riding a 17 game winning streak either. That's the difference. That's the MOJO that made this situation different!
    I guess we'll have to see how those Quakers of 1880s handled it. Or the Cubs of 1935. They won their 100th game and extended their winning streak to 21 consecutive games. They had two games remaining before the playoffs, both in St. Louis, and they stuck with their lineup, Hack & Co. They lost two games, the first one in extra innings. Did their mojo go poof? After winning Game 1 of the World Series they lost the next three and the series was over in Game 6, as those Detroit Tigers of Hank Greenberg and Schoolboy Rowe defeated them. Was it the final weekend? Or was it the opponent?
    I have to agree with Baseball Fan and Dan, DG. The "streak" was the only thing that propelled this team to the playoffs. It had them feeling invincible. Once that ends,'s gone. If it ended on its own accord, with the A lineup out there, then fine. But to throw it away causally was an embarrassment and very disappointing!

    Very similar to that game in Arizona on a Sunday when we threw one away as well. The "Baseball Gods" are a real thing and they know!.......and no, that's not tangible!
    To each their own. It seems like a real fun party you guys are having, where everything has the most obvious and fantastical explanation and things are based only on the Cardinals and not their opponents, but I'm going to head home, cool? Call me bookish. Call me square. Whatever. I'm just not digging the tunes.
    Been looking in on the payoff games and how boring. 90% of the batters trying to hit 5 run homes every single at bat
    It's an issue throughout baseball. Some of these games have been great, though. The Cardinals-Dodgers game was a great baseball game, in my opinion. Compelling. Great defense. Balls in play. Intrigue. Decisions with ramifications. All of it.
  • This may be a "prisoner of the moment" reaction after his bomb just now, but Joc Pederson seems like a solid DH/4th OF type for the Cards. Also, what about Syndergaard to fill out the rotation? Seems like a possible Chris Carpenter type upside. Your thoughts. Thanks!
    I do think Syndergaard would be fascinating, and a lottery-ticket like move. Do not know for sure that it's one the Cardinals have interest in making, not yet. That is a question to pursue, for sure. 
    Pederson's brother is a coach with the Cardinals. He's long been a fit. Maybe it just takes the Cardinals a few years to land the player they have an eye on ... Holliday, Arenado ... 
    Re: MOJO
    You can't use logic to convince someone who isn't basing their position on logic.
    I still try. Every Monday.
    MOJO isn't real. The team played it smart in doing what they did. The just didn't capitalize on a couple ABs with runners in scoring position. This whole conversation isn't even taking place had O'Neill's liner in the 9th been 3 feet to the other side of the foul line. We're talking about 6 feet being the difference between a win and a loss.
    Correct. Or if Arenado had mashed the pitch from Joe Kelly he got to flip the game. Thank you for adding to my point and I appreciate the detail and information and concrete argument in this contribution, LawBird.
    Do you subscribe to home court/field advantage? Vegas does and they give 3 pts for it. Follow the money, not opinions when referring to MOJO and hot streaks. MOJO, which is used to create luck can help to overcome a road disadvantage. Those are facts.
    I believe in home-field advantage in baseball because the home team bats last. It's like getting the final argument in a debate or the final statement in a trial -- it's over. That's a clear advantage. In hockey, the home team has last change, and can get the defensive matchups it wants. That's not mojo. Those are rules.
    Greetings DG,

    Thanks for your time and expertise.

    It would seem with the Cardinals being satisfied with next season’s outfield it pretty much leaves the middle infield and possibly the DH as the only spots to improve the offense.

    We, part of the fan base, would like either Voit/Pujols, but neither is practical. We’d like Max, but I suspect the next contract he receives will overpay his expected performance. And if it wasn’t done for Albert, it probably won’t happen for Max either.

    Who would DG target & why?

    Thanks again.
  • Thanks for outlining it the way that you've done that. This is a fair way to look at the decisions the Cardinals have to make, and how their actions reveal the directions that they could go. The shortstop position looks like one that they should entertain -- especially with the DH option in play. 
    The names are numerous. There is a scenario where Kris Bryant makes the most sense for the Cardinals, honestly. Not the lefthanded bat, but a transformative one who plays a lot of positions. That said, I think the Cardinals would best served by prioritizing the bat. Go get the hitter who changes to the look of the lineup and upgrades the offense around the trio that performed so well in September. If that's a leadoff hitter, that's a leadoff hitter. If that's a No. 5 hitter to be lefthanded behind Arenado, then so be it. Don't fixate on position. Let that be lagniappe. Go get the bat and adjust from there.
    Odds on Vegas having a MLB team before the decade is done?
    House odds, for sure.
    I got in late Derrick what’s the take on the chat so far are people mad sad glad fire Mo ?
    Of Goldy’s strikeouts this year, do you know how many of his strikeouts were third strike fastballs on the outside corner that he didn’t swing at? Seemed it happened frequently.
    Off the top of my head, I don't know, no. Strikes me as anecdotal, honestly. But maybe someone else has that information at their fingertips.
    I know that I don't know "who" this team needs this winter. What I do know is "what" this team needs to do: Raise the Bar. Mo can feel free to torch the "get in and see what happens" blueprint because the last two years show that doesn't work. This club needs to build a roster to win the division and then be prepared to reinforce that roster at the deadline. Not if the picture perfect deal comes up, no matter what. Then if they go down in a 5-game series they can reassess.
  • I have a sense this is going to be the loudest view shared in chats and on social media in the coming months. Everyone is going to have their own opinion of that "bar" and whether the addition of said player clears it. In past winters we have seen that Goldschmidt was not enough to clear that bar for some. Arenado was not enough to clear that bar for some. It seems to me that until the Cardinals acquire a team that defeats the Dodgers on the field in October, there won't be a move that levels the playing field, even in the imagination of the fan base.
  • Mr. Goold: It appears you don't subscribe to the Crash Davis school of baseball?

    "I told him that a player on a streak has to respect the streak. You know why? Because they don't - -they don't happen very often. If you believe you're playing well because you're getting laid, or because you're not getting laid, or because you wear women's underwear, then you *are*! And you should know that!"

    The manager disrespected the streak and it cost the Cardinals.
    You are correct. I don't subscribe to the musings of a fictional player in a movie written by the excellent Ron Shelton just as NYPD detectives don't lean into the poetic musings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when trying to solve a crime or astronauts rely on the words of Captain James T. Kirk when plotting a course to the unknown.
    Why was Angel Rondon not used more this season? He came up in June and didn’t allow a run in 2 innings and then never pitched again in the big leagues.
    Good question. He was definitely lost in the shuffle of the Cardinals commitment to seasoned strike-throwers, and it seems like he just had pitchers ahead of him added who didn't falter to give him another chance. He also was not available during one stretch, and I think spent some time on the IL, definitely out of the rotation in Memphis. And by the time the opening came around for him to get another crack at the majors, there was Hudson and Flaherty trying to get health and their way onto the roster.
    Thanks for all the chats this year! Should I plan a trip to Jupiter in March? Or wait for more on the CBA?
    I'm trying to figure out the same thing. Wish I knew. Seems like the most pragmatic move is to count on March baseball, question February baseball, and be nimble enough to adjust.
    Hey Derrick, thanks for the great work you and the P-D team did this year. I can possibly explain some of the reservations about the Shildt extension, from a fan perspective. I know you and BenFred have been dismissive of this point, but I think there's truth to the idea that the "happy talk" (as coined by your former podcast partner) in post-game pressers is really dismissive and, at times, insulting to fans' intelligence and can really rub people the wrong way. There's also that creeping sense of the former manager in being slow to mix up a lineup or a bullpen, often sticking with "my guys!" for a few weeks after it's clearly not working. I personally think he's done an overall good job, but that's the feedback I've gotten from my #FireShildt friends.
    I appreciate you spelling this out, and I do understand where this is coming from. Can I offer my perspective of this, having been in the pressers and seeing how multiple managers and coaches through my years have handled this? I'm talking about coaches from Saban to Issel, managers from La Russa to Matheny, Boles to Tracy, and so on.
    The answers you get from managers/coaches when the press conference is being broadcast, sometimes live, are going to change the tone of those answers. That's just the truth. In the Zoom age, this was more pronounced because the team was also recording these pressers.
    So some managers might see the broadcast presser as a chance to speak to the clubhouse (where it might be, you know, on TV) and regardless of the question will do so.
    Hence, some answers that might sound like "happy talk."
    What else would you expect a manager to do? The live/immediate broadcast don't allow for a pause to collect thoughts, don't allow for a moment to talk through an answer before arriving at an on the record one, and Zoom absolutely eliminated, for the most part, the back and forth between managers and reporters that get some of the better answers, though every so often several of us tried, and some times did get that back and forth.
    La Russa was available to the writers away from the postgame pressers. That's why you would see answers in print, in the game stories, in the sidebars that you did not see on television. I'm sure you wondered how that was possible. That's how. Matheny was occasional available like that, though less and less so to me, and not at all during that final year or so. Shildt was available for questions/clarity away from the broadcast presser before the pandemic changed everything. Given the constraints that Zoom brought, he is available beyond the broadcasted/recorded presser.
    I get where you're coming from. I do understand the need after a bad game to hear the manager say that was bad, and not offer some misdirection on commentary on the effort. It makes sense why you would take that as insulting because your eyes saw what he will not say.
    That said, consider his side of the equation. He's got a camera on him and more than fans are watching. I was struck this season by how often Shildt made it clear what the team needed from him, from the players, and from the front office in his comments.
    For me, I welcome the explanations. I welcome the chance to ask a question and get a respectful answer that provides details of how the manager arrived at a move or a decision or saw the game come undone. If he wraps those explanations in compliments to the team, that's OK, that's expected, that's his role as a leader/face of the team, and I'm cool with that because in my career I've been on the other end of it -- where the coach/manager does not feel the fans or, specifically, the reporters deserve an explanation.
    Again, that's my view.  
    September was so much fun. I am ready for pitchers and catchers to report. Don't ruin it for me, MLB and MLBPA.
  • Baseball is at a precarious point. Here is hoping that the country and our communities are emerging from the pandemic by spring, and that baseball is there to welcome us all back as we do.
    It's always been there before. I cannot imagine what it will be like for baseball if it isn't.
  • Any chance the Cards waiting to extend ONeill to make sure he is for real?

    Any real chance the Cards add Alex Wood? And Story?
    That seems reasonable, yes. And also, with the current rules, O'Neill is only now entering his first year of arbitration. The timing for an extension might be more like spring or next season, ala Craig, than it is right now at the moment, especially with an expiring CBA.
    With both of those players, there's always the chance. I would not qualify them right now as high probabilities moves, but they aren't out of the realm of possibility.
    With Ted Simmons’ 23 getting retired, and Molina’s 4, Pujols’ 5, and possibly Wainwright’s 50, how will all of these guys fit on the left field wall?
    They'll have to adjust the font size, or how they present the retired numbers ...
    Hey DG,

    I know that there were a ton of changes done to try and improve the game at each level of the minors this year. Is there any word of the results of those changes? which ones were impactful in good/bad ways? Which ones might trickle up to the majors or be a part of the CBA discussions?
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