Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

  • If the Rockies aren't going to eat any of Arenado's contract then they would have to take Fowler and Carpenter, and then 2 prospects.
  • And, again, only moron would take on both of those salaries.
    I see people mentioning Fowlers name because Carpenter has a no trade clause. I think they forget the Fowler has one too. Let's face it, the trade isn't going to happen. This year or ever.
    Both of those guys face a phase-out from this team in 2021 if they stay. And at some point one or both think about what it will take to get contract beyond this year.
    I'm guess an Arenado trade for Gorman and a new PS5 would probably work.
    Thanks for chatting, Jeff!
    You mention in nearly every chat that MLB owners "took massive losses" last year, and that the Cards "lost nine figures" -- in other words that the Cards "lost" $100,000,000 or more. While it's possible that Redbird revenues were in fact down 100 million from 2019 to 2020, we must bear in mind that their player payroll (like all of MLB of course) also declined massively due to payroll pro-rating to a 60-game schedule.

    Specifically, per Cot's contracts, the Cardinal player payroll dropped by $109,541,313. So it's entirely possible that the team (and most if not all other teams) still turned a profit in 2020. Total player payroll for MLB was 1.8 billion dollars. Total revenue roughly 3 billion. So that's 1.2 billion, divided 30 ways, or an average of 40 million per team to distribute among coaches, scouts, front office, etc.. That's still a lot of lettuce, Gordo. And it doesn't include any Covid stimulus dough from Uncle Sam either. (You know how the rich look after the rich, Bobo.)
    It will be interesting to see the Forbes' math on operatiing losses. There is a lot of calculate, such as did a team take on new debt to meet expenses and what was the cost of that debt? Revenue sharing went away. I'm not sure what sore of relief Fox Sport Midwest got in this market. With the Cardinals, do you add in the bath the DeWitts took on Ballpark Village losing all of that business? And, yes, how much of was offset by forgiveable government loans.
    The Blues have their issues but Jordan Kyrou is something else. The young man is must watch TV when he is on the ice. Haven't been this excited for a Blues prospect since Tarasenko came on the scene. While Vlad may be a better pure scoring talent, Kyrou's speed and playmaking ability gives me McDavid-lite vibes.
    He's no McDavid, of course, but he has more juice than any of the forward prospects who have come down the road lately -- including Robert Thomas, who is pretty darned good.
  • Okay, Jeff, what deal goes down in annals of bar debate history as having the bigger impact on the STL sports landscape.

    JD Drew and Eli Montero for Waino or
    A bag of pucks and a free Niagara Falls boat ride for Ryan O'Reilly?
    Baseball is a much bigger deal here, so what the Cardinals have done on Wainwright's long watch -- thanks to his performance and leadership -- exceed the miracle that was the Blues'  Stanley Cup run. Wainwright, along with Molina, embody the sustained success of the Cardinals in this era.
    Not to try to derail this chat off the Arenado tracks - but I was just wondering if you have any idea what George Hendrick is up to these days.
    I'm not sure if he's been involved in baseball since his coaching days with the Tampa Bay Rays. Silent George was an excellent player here and a popular teammate with many.
    Hey, Jeff!
    Who you got in the player/month office pool for the guy Shildt runs into the ground in 2021? In 2018 it was Yadi starting 27 straight games in August. In 2019 it was Gant throwing 20 bullpen innings in April. And in 2020 it was DeJong starting 31 games in 27 days in September -- he slugged .263 that month, Jeff. Yes that's slugging, not batting average. (Got one day off, Sept. 22, but he was well burnt out by then anyway.) For 2021 I'm betting on Fowler in August. Gotta maximize Dex's playing time so he doesn't get "depressed."

    Okay, REAL question. You're old enough to have seen Mark Belanger play shortstop, right? So who is best defender between him, Ozzie, and new Minny Twinny Andrelton Simmons? (Please accept my apology if you are actually too young to have seen Belanger.)
    I saw Belanger some at tail end of his career, but I would give Ozzie the nod for being able to get to so many hard smashes on such a fast surface. In his prime he was amazing. Then he make adjustments as injuries and age took a toll. As for Simmonds, I haven't watched him day in and day out, so it's hard to make that call.
    Thanks for the chat, and happy Friday, Jeff.
    Please don't think I'm being rhetorical (or snide) here, but is there any publicly available website with WAR totals, other than Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs, and Baseball Prospectus? Because those are the only three I know of, and they all have Harrison Bader worth between 3.2 and 3.8 WAR per 600 plate appearances for his career so far. In other words as an overall contributor he's basically Kolten Wong, or a bit better.

    Wong career 94 OPS+. Bader career 93 OPS+. Both are terrific defenders, and both provide baserunning value. But while learned fans, casual fans, and sportswriters all seem to agree that on balance Wong is a really solid player, there seems to be a nearly polar opposite consensus on Bader. You yourself have repeatedly called him a "platoon player" or "4th outfielder" -- and you are far, far from alone in that belief. (Shildt benched him on August 25 last year when his OPS was over .950, starting him just twice over the next 11 games and bringing him off the bench seven times.) So again, is there some other publicly available methodology out there that says Bader is markedly less of a player?
    The easy answer here is that Kolten Wong has been able hit both right-handed and left-handed pitching of late, so he can hold up as as everyday player. Wong actually hit lefties (.294) better than righties (.259) last year. Bader's dramatic splits -- .185 against righties, .360 against lefties -- led to more sheltered use which skews his aggregate numbers. (Oops, lapsed into Mozeliak-speak there. Sorry). Most starting pitchers are righties, so Bader has not been able to establish himself as an viable everyday player.
    What's your take on the Tennessee hire of Heupel? I liked the AD hire, but I didn't think the HC hire was great from an objective position. As an MU fan I liked it.
    He knows offense but I don't see it being as successful as UT fans unreasonably desire. I think his true colors were starting to show at UCF when he had to start playing with his own recruits.
  • True, Heupel's UCF teams faded after he ran out of the powerhouse team he inherited. But that Tennessee situation is a mess. It's been a mess for a while. No established Power 5 conference coach was going to take that job and even the best coordinators were taking a pass on it. So the new AD ended up brining his coach with him. Odds are Heupel won't be able to raise the Vols to the Georgia/Florida level, given everything working against him, but at least he will make the team more fun to watch. Maybe he's the guy who gets the program ready for a more compelling hire in four or five years. I see his hiring as progress, but not a full fix.
  • Heard anything about Tarasenko's return? Some have said February was his targeted return while I thought it was March. How do you think they'll handle getting him into game shape? Utica, travelling taxi squad, other? Has he been back to the US for a physical or check on the shoulder? Or does that happen in a pandemic?
    We won't know more about Tarasenko until gets out on the ice and starts skating around. After multiple shoulder surgeries, there is no way to predict anything about his recovery. I imagine he will need several contact practices with the team before playing, And here's the tricky part: The Blues won't practice much with this condensed schedule.
    What are the chances the Blues bring back some Broad St Bully play tomorrow night against the Ducks? I know the Ducks didn't do the Blues wrong, but I feel that Armstrong and the Chief might what to bring some pain after what happened to Bortz and Bozak. Since the league refuses to administer penalties to teams not named the St.Louis Blues.
  • 2021 is a transition year for the cards Jeff . I don’t expect much. What free agent bat would you like to see in 2022 to shore up the offense?
    The Blues neeed to win games. They need to figure out how to check again. That will be there focus when they play the Ducks. But they want to play physical in general, so you can expect some banging around.
    Have the Cards made any effort that you know of to re-sign their 2nd-best hitter from last year, Jeff? Brad Miller led the club in homers, was 2nd in doubles AND walks AND ribbies. And he hits righties better than lefties, which the roster needs pretty badly. Yet I haven't read a single word about the Birds bringing him back. All I have seen is Yadi, Waino, Yadi, Waino. (Speaking of the erstwhile Redbird backstop, Miller has been worth 50% more WAR than Yadi over the past two seasons [2.4 WAR to 1.6 WAR], in only half of Yadi's at-bats, per Baseball-Reference.)

    And moreover, Miller wouldn't cost much dough, and he offers defensive versatility -- albeit at a mediocre level of glovework to be sure. The guy has an OPS+ of 126 and 120 over the past two years; please tell me the Cards are trying to bring him back, Bobo. Have a great weekend, Jeff!
    Miller faded at the plate last season, so he was certainly not the second-best hitter on the team by the end. And his fielding left much to be desired, so he primarily filled the DH role last year. And there apparently won't be a DH this year in the National League. So re-upping Miller was not a high priority, especially with the team looking to cut payroll costs. This team could use a versatile utility player who can hit, so we'll see how the market plays out on that front.
    Can we get some clarification from a realist like yourself on the future of some of the Cards prospects that some of your colleagues are hyping as the Next Hank Arron or Cy Young? Would you say;
    Carlson probably 270/350/400 and an above average defender?
    Gorman probably 240/325/450 average fielder and probably ends up at 1st?
    Herrera probably 250/300/400 above average catcher like Matheny?
    Libatore 3.75 ERA 1.3 WHIP high end #2 starter low end #5 starter?
    Carlson could hit better than that, but there's still work to do. That last step is the hardest. He must learn to handle off-speed stuff. If he does, then maybe he hits .290 with power. He's still so young, so give him time.
    Gorman has already filled out his frame, so there's a chance he can stick at third as he matures. And that process will take time. Scouts doubt he will ever consistently hit for a good average, but his power potential is massive. Based on what independent experts say, your assessments of the other team seem about right.
    Mo usually tries to upgrade the roster every year. He does make moves even if not to the level we want. Hopefully there is more than smoke to these rumors. Signing Waino is just nothing but floating,
  • Usually Mozeliak has money to spend. This year he does not, due to the pandemic. That changes everything. I expect the team to look for bargains, but unless the Rockies want to underwrite the Arenado deal just to move on from him, it will be hard to make that trade, trim the 2021 payroll and maintain the blessed flexibility for 2022 and beyond.
  • Hey Gordo - sounds like Chief is trying to re-educate the boys on what his style of play is (heavy). In your opinion, what is the identity of this team? Has it changed?
    To a degree, yes, this is a different team. It can be faster. It can do more offensive damage on the rush. It will have more firepower if Tarasenko makes it back. It is less imposing physically on the blue line, so that will take some adjusting. Sitting back in a box on the penalty kill with this team is not the same as sitting back in a box with Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester and Steen on the PK. I believe this team must use quickly to apply pressure on the PK because they can't possibly be as good at taking away passing lanes and shooting lanes.
    Jeff, biggest blunder by Cards ownership over past 50 years?

    - Losing Steve Carlton to Phil over a $75k pay dispute with Gussie in the 1970’s
    - Not signing the native Matt Scherzer who wanted to play for the Cards.
    - the front office hacking scandal.
    - DeWitt moving the radio broadcast from the booming signal of KMOX which reached much of the country that created legions of fans over decades to a new fledging radio with a signal strong enough to reach Kirkwood.
    - other, none of the above.
    Losing Steve Carlton over peanuts. That was stupid.
    But here was the biggest mistake: Anheuser-Busch selling the team and parking garages on the cheap and watching the franchise value increase by more than 500 percent. Oops!
    I appreciate your responding to the Bader/Wong question, Gordo, but Bader's left/right splits don't really back you up. Bader has received the vast majority of his plate appearances against righty pitchers throughout his career. By vast majority, I mean just under 75%. Therefore if he's been "protected" from righties, it has been to an almost infinitesimal degree. And Bader has in fact hit righties better than Wong has hit lefties -- a .668 OPS to a .652 OPS.

    Strip away those preconceptions, Gordo my friend. They are both above average everyday players. The difference is that Shildt and everyone else can accept that fact when it comes to Wong, but not when it comes to Bader. Something about Bader's personality maybe, or his hair, or something even sillier. Anyway thanks for giving me this forum, Bobo, and enjoy your weekend!

    Oh! Fresh question. Do you think an ageing LaRussa can lead the White Sox to excellence in 2021, e.g., 95+ victories? Or will he lack the physical/emotional/intellectual firepower needed for the 6-month grind?
    When I say Bader got sheltered usage, I mean he sat in the dugout a lot of nights watching somebody else play. He was protected from righties by sitting next to the water cooler while other center fielder hit. Look at his month-by-month at bats compared to the at bats Wong got as an everyday player.
    As for La Russa, who knows. I bet he has the stamina for the job, but he has to win those players over. It's fair to say that there are some skeptics in that clubhouse.
    I really have antipathy toward Tom Brady. Six SB rings, a beautiful wife and family, now playing for a 7th ring. Rich and famous, too. Is there a support group somewhere?
    If you let your dislike of somebody consume you, then that person wins. Throwing a Tom Brady bobblehead into the old wood chipper won't ease your anguish for more than a few moments.
    Depth on the right side defense is the biggest need for Blues. Paranko and Faulk are awesome #1&2 and Bartuzzo is perfect fit at 3 and PK. But his history of injuries (plays so hard plus shot blocking) makes us short.... all our other D are LH and if you notice they struggle when playing their off side - especially board play using backhand to clear our end and pinching in offensively. Another bigger stay at home #3 type( if Gunny was only RH) which shouldn't be too hard to acquire would really solidify our D and PK when Bart is out or needs a breather.
  • Right-handed defenseman are harder to find but, yes, I totally agree that a solid depth defenseman on that side is high on the wish list. Given the cap crunch this season that may not get addressed, but that should be a summer priority. Perunovich is a left-shot defenseman who has mostly played the right side, but will need plenty AHL seasoning before filling that need. Given the weirdness of this season, his time might not come until well into next season.
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