Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    There is risk of age-related regression. We have seen that to a degree with Paul Goldschmidt. But I woudn't fret about Arenado for a few more years.
    Time after time after time in this chat over the winter fans wanted the Cardinals to move on from Wainwright and Molina. So far they have been stellar this season. On the other hand, Matt Carpenter remains overmatched at the plate. 
    So while there is risk with the thirtysomethings, not every story plays out the same way.
    Did the Blues just lose too much leadership over the last year? The loss of Petro, Boumeester and Steen has been talked about before, but after every second period collapse it seems clearer and clearer that that leadership void is larger than we thought.
    Yes, it is difficult to lose that sort of leadership and, in the case of Pietrangelo and Bouwmeester, the excellent defensive zone coverage as well. But that does not excuse the surviving players for failing to play to their full ability.
  • I was sad to see Jon Jay DFAed by the Angels. Do you think his career is over? Put him in Shildt !
  • Jay is 36 years old. Where did the years go? Joe Maddon is a big fan of Jon Jay, so if he doesn't have a spot for him this may be it.
    Happy Friday Jeff! Long time Carp fan but who isn't a fan of a guy that was drafted 399 and managed to be one of the top OPS batters in baseball. It kills me to watch him go out like this so I was wondering if his current streak continues would MO considers putting him on the DL and let him help Albert? I could really see him helping guys like Baders, O'neil, Williams and even Edman. As always thanks for the chats.
    The Cardinals aren't going to make up an injury and put him on the DL. And given Matt's inability or unwillingness to adapt his hitting approach in the face of repeated failure, I don't see him offering much value as a coach.
    Everyone talks about the change in the Blues since Tarasenko et al came back from injury. We all see the variable intensity of the team especially in the second period. They haven't played well in so long that I'm trying to remember how they were digging out victories before with so many injuries. Your take?
    One reason they were more successful early on is they played lesser teams. When they were 16-10-5, they banked 12 of those victories against Anaheim, San Jose and LA. And two more came against Arizona, which is no juggernaut.  Otherwise they had one victory over Vegas and one against Colorado to that point of the season and they had no faced Minnesota.
    There's a very distinct possibility the Blues stumble their way into the playoffs playing .500 hockey based on how their competition for the 4th spot is playing. That said in their current state it's hard to see this team pulling off any sort of upset. Long term would the Blues be better off missing and getting a better pick? Or pulling in ticket/concession money from 2-3 home games in with a reduced crowd?
    From the pride standpoint, a recent Cup winner doesn't want to miss the playoffs again. But this team is not clicking and some retooling will occur so, yes, the better draft pick would have value.
    Right now it's hard to imagine the Blues winning even one playoff game if they got in. They still have time to "build their game" as they say -- but they will have to do that from the ground up at this point.
    Hey Gordo:

    I’m a Blues fan and have been since their inception when I was five. Like every fan I was thrilled with the Cup in 2019 and was expecting it to spur a lengthy run of dominant years for the franchise.

    Starting with the first COVID-shortened season last year it seems that the team has endured an inordinate amount of turmoil - injuries, health scares, personnel changes in key spots, etc. I am forgiving because much of what has happened is random or unavoidable. And I will always be in Doug Armstrong’s corner because he constructed the roster (including some spectacular trades) that brought the first Stanley Cup to the city.

    However, in hindsight it seems that DA made poor calculations in the players he brought in to replace the players lost due to injury, free agency and retirement . (Granted, Army’s hand was forced with the loss of Bouwmeester.)

    I like Faulk, Krug, and Scandella as individual players, but collectively they pale compared to the trio of Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester, and Edmundson, particularly defensively.

    It’s the same upfront if you compare losing Maroon and Steen to adding Clifford and Hoffman.

    Collectively the five players brought in pale in comparison to the five no longer on the team.

    A net loss all around it seems, complicated by Parayko’s injury, and some underperforming veterans.

    Do you you see this current roster ever competing on a championship level?

    What would you suggest DA to do to remake the roster so that the team can regain some of the “fear factor” that seems to be gone?
  • The Blues put $64 million on the table for Pietrangelo and he left anyway, so it's hard to fault Armstrong for that. Krug is a nice talent, but the Blues already had similar type guys with lesser track records. Faulk turned out to be a great pick up for Edmundson, so I have no beef there. Scandella also fits this team, but he was never going to offset Bouwmeester's demise by himself. 
    The Hoffman gambit was off because he's not a fit at all, although he has scored some big goals. Sundqvist is a critical piece to this team's winning style, so his lost season hurt a lot.
    Moving forward, let's see what the young guys do. Binnington has to settle in as a true No. 1 goaltender and Robert Thomas, Jordan Kyrou and the surprising Jake Walman must keep progressing. I am intrigued by Klim Kostin adding heft and irritability. 
    This team is not far off but clearly it lost the vibe it build during their Cup run. Armstrong 
    I give up. You’re blind to Moe’s incompetence . He could moon the press conference and you would say but he won a playoff game last year. The track record isn’t 2011 to 2013.
    Barely making the playoffs the last few years or not making the playoffs is the trend. I guess when Bernie is talking about soft media in this town he means mean you
    Another weak comeback. You said Mozeliak hasn't made helpful trades, so I point some out successful trades and you've come back with nothing . . . again.
    I have a confession to make: I did not vote for Keith Hernandez for the Cards HOF. I think off the field issues should be considered in making these determinations. Character should count as much as batting average. Kids should be able to look up to these players in all aspects, not just what they do between the lines. I am also in the keep out Bonds and Clemens from HOF camp, in interest of full disclosure.
    If you keep out Bonds and Clemens, then you need to take out about half of the other Hall of Fame members for vaious forms of cheating and other character flaws.
    Hello Jeff: Please acknowledge the absolute cold brilliance of BenFred’s description of Matt Carpenter? I’m not a Carp hater but that points your colleague made in his article are astonishing, and honestly sad because of the fall Carp’s career has taken...
    It's hard to watch, really. Matt was awful in the spring and then he has duplicated that lack of production in the real games. The exit velocity on all of those strikeouts is zero-point-zero.
    Happy Friday Commissioner Gordon. Let's talk shinney, the Blues current brand of hockey.

    I don't give Chief 100% of the blame for the Blues lack of success this year, but he does share in it. First, Chief has mismanaged Mike Hoffman. Why have Hoffman on the second PP unit which gets 40 seconds tops? He needs to be on the #1 unit replacing Krug. Krug has been a failure this year, maybe Freddie (Freddie Krug(ger, get it?) will respond year two much like Faulk has. Secondly, bench Sanford. Third, when someone makes a soft play like Sanford bench him for at least a period.

    Army gets most of the blame in my humble opinion. Army has replaced big d-men and forwards with guys like Krug who can't handle the hitting of his larger opponents. We really miss Pat Maroon. In the off season everyone is vulnerable to trades except for O'Reilly and Binnington. The Blues DNA was dump the puck in and go get it back with physicality. We don't have the players to do it.

    Time for a shakeup, this group isn't going anywhere as it is.
  • Replacing Krug on the point with Hoffman would be disastrous. Krug is an elite power-play quarterback  and Hoffman is a one-time shot specialist in the circle.
    Having said that, spending big money on Krug after Pietrangelo left was a debatable play because they are such different players. There was nobody like Alex in the market -- not even close -- and Krug was like other players the team had. Maybe that money could have been set aside for another opportunity down the road, but Armstrong was in "win now" mode.
    Armstrong wants to see Mikkola play and develop, since that would restore some ranginess to the blue line. But right now both he and Bortuzzo are sitting out while a smaller puck-mover (Walman) plays. Walman is playing well, but obviously the mix is not working. 
  • What is so hard about batting Carlson 2nd in front of Goldy and Arenado and benching MCarp? Is our manager just stubborn or not as smart as we all thought he was?
    He has his reasons for batting the guys in the order he does. Sometimes it works great, but too often the Cardinals get nothing done at all. So it will be interesting to see how he adapts.
    Gordo, I know you only follow the NFL sparingly, but the hype on the draft is just too much. It starts months in advance and the so called experts have no clue usually. What does Mel Kiper know? Get me a lucrative job making the picks.
    The thing is, it usually doesn't matter. Some guard gets picked 18th overall nstead of 15th and this is a big story. And in four years that guy is out of the league. And meanwhile some unsigned free agent plays for 10 years.
    Should we assume Tarasenko won't be himself until next season? Are we asking too much of him this year? He has been out for two years, he doesn't have the legs. Or is he in the twilight of his glorious career?
    I do not know if you will ever see No. 91 score 35 goals again. Multiple shoulder injuries are bad news. He's a shell of his former self now and I'm not sure how a summer of training will change that. I'd love to be wrong because I like the guy a lot.
    What does your crystal ball tell you about how the OF playing time/configuration will look come August?
    I see at least one new face out there. The trade market will heat up by midseason and perhaps the minors will produce a solution -- like Nolan Gorman bumping Edman back to the outfield. That would be a reach in my mind, playing Gorman at second base, but all options will be on the table unless both O'Neill and Williams hit consistently well.
    Do you think Dex is going to retire, since he is out for the year? I don’t see a team signing him to a major league contract next year, do you?
  • I could see Dexter getting a spring training invite, perhaps back with Angles since Joe Maddon loves him.
    I found it very strange Wed. night when Shildt had Reyes up throwing in the bullpen when Gallegos came into the game in the 8th and then failed to bring him in until after the Nats went ahead. There were multiple opportunities for Reyes to come in and preserve the lead, after the leadoff walk, after the strikeout, etc. but Shildt did not bring him in. The obvious question is why do have your best BP arm up if you are not going to use him? The save opportunity was in the 8th after Gallegos walked the leadoff man. No reason to worry about the ninth if the save situation is not preserved.
    Gallegos has worked out of a lot of jams while holding down the eighth-inning role. And like most managers, Shildt likes to have relievers settle into roles. But in this case it seemed pretty clear that Gallegos was off his game from the first batter he faced.
    Uncomfortable observation: Does O'Reilly have the personality to be the captain? Yes, Ryan is a great guy with impeccable character and work ethic, but can he get in the grill of a teammate(s) not giving 100%? The team's issue doesn't appear to be skill but will. The team has lost its core leadership group, namely Steen, Petro, Jaybo (when he talked they listened) and yes Maroon. The team hasn't been able to reproduce its leadership core they once had. Maybe O'Reilly needs a season to settle in as captain, its not an easy role. Its hard to go from a peer to the player-manager of the team.

    What say you oh wise one?
    O'Reilly played the key leadership role during the Cup run, more so than Pietrangelo in my opinion. It was O'Reilly's work ethic and commitment that reinforced what Berube was trying to do. Not to bag on Pietrangelo too much, but he was captain of previous playoff flops here.
    Thanks for taking time to chat Jeff. Have you heard if Tyler O’Neill is coming off the IL today? I am hoping we see Spring Training “Good” Tyler instead of the one who swings and misses as much as Carp. Neither one is particularly enjoyable to watch when that is pretty much all they do. Thanks
    I believe Tyler is good to go.
    Are you having fun yet Gordo? :)
  • Jeff,

    Much has been written about the Cardinals historically inept FO and all their swings and misses on players.

    Garcia is the latest example - after 18 at bat in MLB they decided he was not worthy of a longer, more sustained look - how can you make an informed decision at that point?.

    I know a lot has been made of anayltics, but what about the good old eye ball test and what's the standard for giving someone a shot.

    e.g. the knock on Garcia was he struck out too much and the knock on Arozena is his swung too hard. Anybody seen Tyler O'Neils swing over the course of the last 3 years or so. He is so off-balance it looks like one of my friends trying to hit a driver.

    Gold Glove - wow - how many times have we seen him take a bad direction on a ball or simply pull up or not make a routine play.

    The eye test tells me The FO seems determined to hang on to players to justify their moves.
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