Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's getting to work early, anticipating heavy traffic today. Let's go!
    Is Yadi defense starting to deteriorate? Some of the wild pitches look like they should really be labeled passed balls because they are stabbed at instead of dropping and blocking. Being a 38 year old catcher does he need more days off to stay fresher? Both Flaherty and Martinez look comfortable and have been successful pitching to Knizner. Besides wild pitches the staff needs to improve on BB, 1st P strikes, ball/strike ratio and HBP's. Yadi has always been praised for leading the pitching staff. Do he and Kinzner need to take some responsibility for these deficits? On the other hand can the Cards afford to not have Yadi playing every day as the lineup can ill afford to sit his bat in the 5th spot?
    As for Yadier, he does not execute the traditional Ricketts-style pitch blocking on every single ball in the dirt. At his age and with his high leg mileage, that is understandable. Knizner is a converted corner infielder, so he is still learning the craft. But a ball in the dirt is a wild pitch, whether the catcher mades a textbook block or not.
    If the Blues don’t fire Berube and hire John Tortorella, they deserve all of the failure that’s coming. Torts is the best coach in the NHL. The fact that you are terrified of him is just icing on the cake.
    This moron is back again?
    Jeff, as you noted in a recent article, the Cardinals should expect no immediate help from the Memphis team. No disrespect, but it takes a major leap of faith to see any stardom (now or in the future) from the current players that have auditioned for the major league club. That said, how did an organization that only several years ago was stockpiled with outfielders and pitching prospects end up in this sad state? With legacy players like Molina and Wainwright leaving after this season, it is hard to see this team competing or even building toward a WS title in the next 3-5 years. Thoughts?
    When a team trades multiple prospects for one veteran, as the Cardinals did with the Marcell Ozuna, Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado trades, then some organizational backfill will be needed. Had the Cardinals simply held on to all of those prospects they might be ahead today, but in the interim they likely would not have been as competitive -- and fans would have complained about their lack of aggression.
    This team has some very good hitting prospects at the Double-A level, including left-hand hitting outfielders Nick Plummer and Alec Burleson, but they lack immediate help at Memphis. Also, the near-term pitching depth has been compromised through the various trades and injuries. So at the moment John Mozeliak is not in a great position to make more trades, since he doesn't want to move his remaining high-ceiling prospects when this team has so many older players in key roles.
    Mediocre Mo is giving us a team that could hang with Arizona but not with the better teams. Enjoyed your article about mediocre Mo deciding to Anger Lance Lynn. Struggling for outfield production and trading at least four outfielders better than what they have. At some point I would think paying these players to be injured or not perform would irritate Dewitt
    Bill DeWitt Jr. is pleased to have a team in the chase again. He was quite happy with the Nolan Arenado trade. He appreciates the fact that the Cardinals have landed more high-ceiling prospects in recent drafts. So your weekly calls for Mozeliak's firing will continue to go unheeded.
    Hi Gordo, I am a fan of Doug Armstrong and Craig Berube, but I don’t believe improving from within works. We need to see what Vladi and Dunn can get in a trade, and we need to use the J Schwartz money to upgrade to a big defenseman or someone who’s not afraid to shoot. Thomas needs to shoot and play stronger, or not play. I think part of Binners problem was he was knocked around in his crease too often. Being bigger on defense should be priority #1, a shooting physical winger #2. Possible targets, RN Hopkins, Puljuijarvi, J Gaudreau, Eichel, on defense Rustolinen, Prince. And Sanford, Bortuzzo, Peronivich could be added to any package. Even healthy, this could be a boring team to watch next year if they don’t make 2-3 changes. What say you? Thanks
    With a $7.5 million salary cap hit until 2023, multiple shoulder operations on his medical record and a miserable 2020-21 season in the books, Vladimir Tarasenko would have little trade value in the NHL's flat cap world. I'm guessing that he comes back next season and scores at a higher rate than he did this season -- which is a low bar to clear.
    But I do agree on the need to add a sturdier defenseman capable of playing in the Top 4. And Vince Dunn will have some value, whether it's taking the hit and going to Seattle in the expansion draft or heading somewhere in a trade. As for Eichel, would Doug Armstrong be willing to make salary cap space��for him? Would he be willing to change his pay structure to accomodate him? Does he have the assets to make that deal? Is he convinced that Eichel is not a medical risk and that he can overcome all the losing in his background?  I doubt it on all fronts, but Doug has never failed to surprise me with his aggression.
  • Hi, Jeff. I enjoy your Friday chats. Neither Muller nor Webb have pitched well this season. Do you think the Cardinals will now seriously take a look at acquiring a veteran lefthander to shore up the bullpen?
    I will be interested to see if Andrew Miller has more life in his arm than he demonstrated during spring training. That will be step one and we'll see that pretty soon. If he can't get his fastball into the 90s, his slider to bite and his command to return, then this issue will persist.
    As for making a trade, the team has more pressing needs offensively at the moment. The bench was weak going into the season and it got exposed when three regular players went down at once. Offense!
    Who would you like to see in a Blues sweater next year?

    2020-21 cap hit: $6,000,000

    2020-21 cap hit: $6,000,000

    ZACH HYMAN, LW, 29
    2020-21 cap hit: $2,250,000

    2020-21 cap hit: $4,650,000

    2020-21 cap hit: $2,137,500

    2020-21 cap hit: $3,850,000

    2020-21 cap hit: $4,166,666
  • Actually the guy I REALLY like is defenseman Alec Martinez, who was outstanidng this season in Vegas. Sure, he's going to be 34 next season, but he blocks a ton of shots, adds some offense and he would bring a winning pedigree. Vegas has cap issues, so there's a chance there.
    Adam Larsson is a beast on the blue line and still in his prime, but I see the Oilers making every effort to keep him. If not, then he goes to the top of the list.
    Montour is not a big guy, but threw himself around earlier in his career and he's in his prime. Florida has some dead money on the payroll, so maybe the Panthers have trouble keeping him. 
  • Coach Shildt's interview on the hat incident regarding illegal substances was very enlightening. With all statistics available it should be easy to track when pitchers spin rates improve dramatically and they should be watched and checked and punished if caught. A 30% increase is a huge advantage. How can the league let this be happening?
    MLB let the foreign substance horse leave the barn. Getting that horse back in the barn won't be easy. Maybe a crackdown could catch some of the sloppier cheaters, but I have my doubts about baseball could ever achieve uniform and consistent enforcement. The best cheaters tend to stay two steps ahead of the law.
    And, really, given baseball's previous indifference to this issue, can we even call it cheating?
  • Thanks for your excellent coverage and doing these chats Gordo..your the reason I subscribe...seems like patience is a good call for the Blues roster this year..with guys like Blais and Barbashev who goes on the top line next year?
  • Let's see what becomes of Jaden Schwartz, who should be a Top 6 guy if he returns because he'll be getting paid like one. Jordan Kyrou needs to play in the Top 6 and take that Next Step in his career. It might be appealing to play Kyrou, Robert Thomas and Klim Kostin on a third line, but I believe Kyrou is ready for more.
    Obviously David Perron, Ryan O'Reilly, Brayden Schenn and Vladimir Tarasenko are Top 6 guys. I really don't see either Ivan Barbashev or Sammy Blais as a regular Top 6 guy unless injuries hit as they did this year.
  • Adolis Garcia looks like an Adonis at this point. Just another fundamental mistake by FO - Cardinals have more resources and cache than most midsized markets and certainly more than the other teams in a weak division outside of the Cubs.

    If they have to overpay for a hitter/of to beat the competition- and make an impactful trade at the deadline (which they don’t seem willing or able to do) this would be a great year to do it with East and Central not being as formidable and keep Arrenado and Cards fans more content.

    How confident are you that they can manage assets effectively and pull off an effective trade?
    Well, the Cardinals just pulled off the Arenado trade. So I'm pretty confident that at some point they will be able to make another big move. But at the moment the organization must let the higher-ceiling guys develop before trying to make another big move because the earlier trades depleted the group.
    Also, the team will always rely on developing players far more than making trades or signing free agents. Fans want to judge the front office on trades and trading is down the list of priorities for this franchise.
    As for Adolis Garcia, he finally broke out at 28 after every MLB team shrugged went he went through waivers. He didn't earn regular work with the Rangers last season and he didn't make the team out of the gate this season either. Heck of a story there.
    Hey Gordo, do you think this team could win the NL Central?

    Arozarena LF
    Wong 2B
    A Garcia CF
    L Voit 1B
    Brad Miller 3B (.329 avg)
    A Diaz SS
    R Grichuk RF
    C Kelly C

    Pitchers: Lynn/MGonzalez/Gallen/Alcanatra/Gomber Weaver

    Mo has created a good team
    And he also has a team in the playoff chase with handy players like Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, John Gant, Genesis Cabrera, Giovanny Gallegos, Kwang Hyun Kim and Tyler O'Neill -- all acquired in trades or free agency.
    Don’t you think low hanging fruit for the Cards would be getting an effective LH pitcher out of the pen? Webb is awful, Cabrera is inconsistent, and Miller is over the hill.
    I would think a better fourth outfielder would be easier to find, but maybe in this season of offensive suffering that's not correct.
    What is Dejong's timetable on his return? If Sosa continues to play will he move to 2nd w Edman going to the OF?
    DeJong was supposed to hit this weekend, so we’ll know more after he gives that a try.
    Since Edmundo Sosa has been way, way, way more competitive at the plate the replacement outfielders to this point, that seems like the logical move. Sosa adds speed and energy to a team that welcomes both. And he gets more than the occasional hit.
    Did you see the comedy of errors made by the Pirates yesterday? What was the first baseman thinking? And afterward, the manager blamed himself for their 1B not knowing that there is always a force out at 1B. Just step on the bag !
  • If you play first base and you don't know not to chase a guy back to plate, I don't know what to say. That is a tee ball mistake. Did the guy think Baez would get to start the at-bat over if he slid back into home safely?
  • How does Tommy Edman who had 7 HR in 450 plate appearances over the last 2 years hit two monstrous blast off two different pitchers in one game? Could this power surge lure him into trying for more and actually hurt his batting style?
  • Only if he lets it. I don't Tommy Edman becoming another one of these launch angle guys. His job is to deliver tough at bats, hit some balls hard and use his speed.
  • I agree with post about not any players at AAA - the Cards should help them by sending them Williams...

    Also concerning is all the losing records and top prospects not performing well

    Is Burleson a legit hitting prospect - and how has Plummer come back - reports are he changed his hitting approach/style
    Plummer was drafted as a high-ceiling high school hitter. But, yes, he had to fix his swing after enduring consistent failure iin the low minors and recovering from hand/wrist repairs. To this point, the transformation almost seems magical.
    Alec Burleson had a great plate discpline in college. And he can make hard contact. He's hit for average at both Peoria and Springfield during his first pro season after hitting for average in college. There's some reason to believe power will follow. He was a pitcher/outfielder in college and now he is focusing on hitting. 
    Didn't Shildt's latest ejection and fiery explanation raise his stock w Cardinal fans much like his leaked locker room episode?
    I do believe that was PR gold for Mike Shildt. And he followed up the on-field outburst by calling out MLB for taking a powder on this ball-tampering issue overall. Fans have to like the fact he is being more assertive in role while protecting his guys.
    Rank these Blues from most to least likely wearing the Note next season-
    Follow up- which one is most important to the team coming back?
    The Blues need more scoring. So rather than just give Tarasenko away -- which is probably the only way he moves this summer -- they need him to come back and score. It's not like there will be a bunch of sure 30-goal scorers hiting the trade market or free agency this summer to produce in that $7.5 million salary slot.
  • Does a healthy Blues team have a shot at beating the Avs in that series? Or would it just have made it a longer series?
    I believe it would have just been a longer series. Colorado is much better this year. Now, if the Bllues are 100 percent AND everybody is playing to their full ability, then there would have been a chance.
    Actually on that Pirates boondoggle Baez was out of the base path at the plate after the 1B threw to the catcher. He was practically standing in front of the plate.
    In fast-pitch softball I believe the runner is called out for retreating back to home. That makes sense given all the bunting in that sport.
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