Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    looking at the d corps the blues have the opposite problem this year that they had last year in now you have more LH options than you do RH assuming bortz is not an everyday player. does that mean krug plays his offside and does that set him up to have a year similar to what faulk had last season?
    I see Torey Krug playing the left side and quarterbacking the first power-play unit.  I see right-left balance with the Top 4 of Krug, Marco Scandella, ColtonParayko and Justin Faulk. It's possbile we could two left-shot defenseman on the third pairing with Robert Bortuzzo losing time to either Carl Gunnarsson or Niko Mikkola.
    Not trying to retread the Faulk trade too much, but Edmundson was more productive in Carolina than St Louis and had two more goals and two more assists than Faulk. Does Carolina just play a more wide open game? I know people said it would be an adjustment, but do you have more specifics on how he had to adjust his game?
    Carolina scored 29 more goals than the Blues last season, so the Canes had more firepower. Edmundson was marginally more productive than Faulk despite lacking access to the power play and drawing 55.4 percent of his zone starts in the defensive zone, a career high. That was impressive, although not good enough for Carolina to invest further in him.
    Faulk played an offensive role in Carolina. He ran the point on the power play and got sheltered usage, peaking with 58.7 percent of his starts in the offensive zone in 2017-18. Here he played a 50-50 split with his zone starts, saw only limited time on the power play and he averaged a career-low 20:34 in playing time -- four minutes off his Carolina peak. He never got totally comfortable within the defensive corps. It will be interesting to see where he settles next season and how he's used.
    I think a 2-year deal with Yadi is risky. If he hits the wall physically, it isn't like he's going to sit quietly as a role player and collect his check. He will demand to keep playing. I think this team needs to be realistic about this even if it means Yadi going elsewhere.
    Again, Molina's pride could become a sticking point. I believe the Cardinals really, really want him to finish his career here. But after suffering more than $100 million in losses, there will be a limit to the franchise's loyalty. Also, management could become fearful of a bad ending if he stays. Ozzie Smtih's last year here was rough. Yadier and Ozzie have unreal personal drive. That makes them great. That drive can work against an athlete late in their career.
    Given all the sports revenue that disappeared this year and that might disappear next year, should we brace ourselves for $30 hot dogs when fans come back?
    Actually, we may see the opposite -- heavy ticket discounting and all sorts of concession deals. The impact of this pandemic will linger for years. The days of tickets selling themselves down at Busch Stadium are gone.
    The Blues cup run was built around great defense. With both Petrangelo and Bouwmeester gone, effectively replaced by Faulk and Krug who are not defensive minded how does the team compensate? I thought Dunn's defensive lapses in the playoffs cost them at least 1 playoff game. Further, Binnington was not the difference maker this year he was the prior year. Are Armstrong and Berube on the same page here?
  • Sure, but Jay Bouwmeester wasn't going to play forever and Alex Pietrangelo was unmoved by the prospect of finishing his career as a Blue. So the team moves on. Torey Krug was a nice high-skilled addition at that price, but, as I noted earlier, further defensive adjustments may be needed for the reasons you described.
    What is the point of bringing back Yadi and Waino for a total of $20MM if you aren't going to make a massive improvement on the offense? The team says it doesn't have a lot of money to spend, so then why spend it on two guys that have just a high age-related chance to breakdown, but a very slim chance to be the player that puts the team on their back for 162?
    Bringing those two beloved players back would give the Cardinals something to sell at a time when selling the team could be diffcult.
    Knizner will be 27 by the time Molina gets done with his 2 year contract,is that a concern?
    Not necessarily. He made the swatch to catcher late in his career so he's had time to make the adjustment. As we've seen with Molina, injuries could be an issue if he signs one more deal here. How many games per season will he start? Knizner is due for his chance to be the regular catcher in his absence.
    It seems like every year or so the Cardinals find their version of Vince Papale from out of nowhere. So they obviously do have the ability to see potential, atleast when it's in the form of an underdog/undersized type athlete. Then you have the total misses on Voit and Arozarena, two physically gifted athletes that you might call overdogs. So what are the Cardinals doing wrong in the way they handle these two very different types of athletes? The way you treat a scrappy underdog and the way you treat a physically gifted overdog might need to be reevaluated. The underdog is used to never being handed anything, whereas the overdog might no be so used to this and might be a little more fragile when it comes to his ego and confidence. I'm not suggesting you baby the overdog, I'm just suggesting that the Show Me State motto, might need to be a little more flexible to compensate for these two different psyches. Tampa truly believing in Arozarena, made all the difference in the world to Randy, and it's paying of in spades.
    Well, the Rays believe so much in Arozarena that he would have started this season in the minors had there been a minor league season. To Randy's credit, he added muscle this summer and finally showed the sort of power he never did during his lengthy run in the Cardinals farm system. As I noted earler, Voit also waited until after he left this organization to remake his body.
    W o uld C Martinez ANF O Neill be enough for the twins Rosario.
    I have no idea what Twins GM Thad Levin is thinking. After the 2019 season there was lots of chatter about the team moving Eddie Rosario for a pitcher. The Twins had some young outfielders in the wings. Rosario stayed and had another solid season -- and I'm not sure what the Twins are looking at this season.
    Molina as a DH? Really? The guy had a 662 OPS. Has anyone told MO about Saber metrics? You know the system successful teams use. Besides Molina runs like a snail. Time to move on.
    Well, Matt Carpenter saw some DH duty this past year, so seeing Molina there would not be a downgrade.
  • Will Sam Anas be given a shot to crack the NHL lineup, providing competition to Kostin and Kyrou, or is he mostly just AHL (if it happens) depth in case of injuries? Leading the AHL in points has to point to some ability to chip in some points at the NHL level, and the boyish humor in me would love to here "Perron to Anas on the back door for the goal!"
    Given the crowing this team has at forward, Anas looks to be a depth guy. He's tiny and he spent four years in the AHL without getting a NHL whiff. At some point he may go to Europe for bigger coin.
    Gordo, Manfred has signaled that he wants to keep the extra inning runner at 2nd rule and an expanded playoff format, possibly a 14 team playoff with the top teams in each league getting a bye. I don’t have a problem with those changes, even though 2 of the division winners will not get a bye. He did not mention the DH, probably to use it as a bargaining chip. I do think he could throw a bone to the fans by sticking with the 7 inning DHs and selling one pro rated ticket for the 2 games (more expensive ticket for the 2 games). I think it changes the strategy and makes the game more interesting. They also could schedule more of them and finish the season a week early, giving more time for the playoffs. Which of the rules this year, including DH, would you keep?
    I liked all of the changes, even (I hate to admit it) the universal DH rule even the three-batter relief rule that makes managers think twice about some pitching changes. The tiebreaker worked just fine, despite all the hand-wringing from traditionalists. I like the idea of scheduled doubleheaders with a premium price. Teams might spend years rebuilding attendance and that could be a nice twist to mix into the schedule.
    What if Cashman and the Yanks offer him a contract he cannot refuse? Like 30 mil over 2 years? The Cards can’t match that.
    If somebody wants to pay Molina crazy money, I believe the Cardinals would bid him a tearful adieu.
    What's it going to take to keep Yadi? Does he really believe he deserved the GG this year? Would you really have two DH him twice a week? He doesn't seem to hit well anymore except in the clutch.
    I would DH him here and there, not twice a week if he stays and the DH stays. He will need some days off that are true days off.
    I think teams will non tender a lot of players. Any news on this yet? Or maybes?
  • We shall see soon enough, but you are correct. This is will be a nuclear winter for players. Teams looking for help -- like the Cardinals, who must add a proven outfield bat -- could find real bargains without having to sifting through a dumpster to find it.
  • Hi Jeff. If the NHL is looking at a February 1st start date how many games can they play 40? What do you think of the idea of a Canadian division also? Thanks
    The Canadian division makes sense for the border crossing issue. Also, it would be a nice one-season twist for those teams. I'd like to see a 50- to 60-game season at least, even if it means playing into August. Otherwise it will be hard to keep the business going.
    O'Neil, Thomas, Arozerena 2019 - what do they all have in common? Talented, yet unproven but the Cards FO thought they were interchangeable, but only one has shown they can hit at every level and hit .344 at AAA.

    Liberatore is a great prospect, but we needed offense and production from the outfield first and foremost.

    Just another swing and miss by the front office, but just curious if the Cards could have traded O'Neil or Bader instead or if the Rays insisted on Rakes All Night Day Year.

    Please tell the FO apologists that playing in NL Central and making the playoffs consistently is not the same as playing in other divisions that are more competitive.

    If you can't outhink and use your resources better than the Reds, Brewers and Pirates have traditionally done, you need to go sit in the back of the class...

    O'Neill hit .311 at Triple-A in 2018 and he had 68 homers in his last  235 games at that level. His overall minor league resume was much better than Arozarena's, since Randy had never hit more than 15 homers in a season.
    As for the NL Central, the Pirates were bad but the Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers and Reds were all good last season. And the Cardinals, Brewers and Cubs were very good in 2019 as well. So the competitive depth of the division has been quite good lately.
    It's interesting to see the various philosophies amongst MLB teams. The Cards make a lot of money over the years Dewitt permits spending and he delegates to the executives he's hired to do their job His philosophy is to spend good money on the team/contracts. You would think that that is a successful winning philosophy to a degree it is. But boy what money has been wasted from Mike Leake to carp/Fowler contracts and on and on. Now if he had the philosophy of Tampa Bay focusing on development of minor league players coupled with MLB level OPPORTUNITIES to grow their game. We would not have signed Leake/Fowler/Goldschmidt because that's not done in that Tampa Bay model. We would have kept Voit/Arozarena/Alcantara/Gallen. We might have signed Fernando Tatis junior for the extra $50,000 he wanted because of that development and play organizational philosophy. We would have had a young exciting team and Dewitt would have made a 100 million more approximately. Long big number contracts are never done by Tampa and it pays dividends. An organizational philosophical change to Tampa's model would be very prudent. We have a great farm system but when they get MLB ready our GM drops the ball big time. We develop well but do not execute the final step of actual big league playing time to truly find out what we have. We clog the big league club up with bad contracts and the manager is forced to play inferior players! How stupid is this? Tampa is the way not the Cardinals approach.
    The Rays are the envy of baseball because they've only had one terrible season (2016) while constantly churning their roster to squeeze maximum payroll efficiency. I'm sure other owners, including Bill DeWitt Jr., have noticed that. I would expect the Cardinals to adhere more rigidly to the draft-and-develop method coming back from the pandemic. There weren't be dollars to spend on middling (at best) free agents and twilight-year veterans.
    Can Bader or O"Neill be sent back to the minors if they don't perform next spring or whenever? Is it after 3 option years that a player cannot be sent down without going through waivers?
    At this point if those guys can't stick in the majors they will likely move on to other teams. I see Bader lasting a while here with his glove, since at worst he is a useful fourth outfielder. O'Neill has improved so much defensively that he could stick as a extra guy as well -- although hitting as a part-tme is tricky.
    Given the $100 million loss this year and according to Dr.Fauci Covid will be still affecting us next year so they'll be lucky to have 1.5 million go through the gate next year so wouldn't the logical thing to do is just hit the reset button and see what they have in Montero, Sosa, Schrock, Gorman and others? At this point if Wong and Yadi want big money let em walk because they won't get it anywhere else and they won't be competitive without e 4 or 5 bat anyway
  • Letting Wong go would be stupid, since he was the team's second-best position player by Wins Above Replacement and his $12.5 million club option isn't onerous. He might be willing to take a lower annual average to get a multi-year extension, which would make him an even better value. Beyond Carlson, there are no young hitters positioned to play in 2021, so any upgrade will have to come via a trade (Carlos Martinez!) or a value addition. And, yes, Molina could price himself out if another team is actually willing to pay a premium for him in this economy.
  • There was an article online saying the DH will not be in the NL in 2021, has this actually been decided? Do you think having the DH in the NL works for or against the Cardinasl relative to the rest of the NL?
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