Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    It's essentially a lost season. He played just a few snaps at Georgia and was never targeted. Banister's just a more reliable, proven player at this point.
    What are the odds that Drink makes a call to Muschamp as soon as this season is over? I don't see Muschamp going back to Florida to be a coordinator. Not sure if whoever Alabama has as a DC is going to get a head coaching job somewhere and I'm sure Muschamp would be top of the list for a job like that but I just don't see him getting a good head coaching job anytime soon and - assuming the Steve Wilks (good man, maybe not right for this job) leaves - Muschamp would be a home run hire. Proven he can win in this league as a DC.
  • I have no idea how to set odds a complete hypothetical. It would just be a wild guess. He's going to have options. His son plays at Georgia, so he might be content to stay there and coach special teams and help with the defense. I doubt he'll just chase the highest dollar figure thrown his way. 
    If I'm Drinkwitz, and I'm not sold on Wilks for 2022, I'd go to my AD and ask for $3 million for a two-year deal and make the call to Muschamp. Obviously he can coach defense at the college level. He knows the SEC. He knows the offenses across the league. He'll recruit like crazy. Drinkwitz and Muschamp both have Jimmy Sexton as an agent. It shouldn't be difficult to set up a call. 
    But, like I said, he'll have options. Maybe LSU hires an offensive-minded head coach. Muschamp would be an appealing choice to run the LSU defense. Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning will get a head-coaching job at some point. Muschamp would be the logical person to promote. 
  • Chances we remove the "Interim" from my Interim DL Coach title at the end of the season? The line is showing some signs of life in recent weeks.
    I think he'll have a shot. You can see some progress there. Plus, I think the guy is really impressive. I've never interviewed him - Drinkwitz doesn't let the position coaches talk to the media during the season - but he was Mike Kelly's guest on Tiger Talk last night and sounded like someone I'd want to keep on my staff. Lots of charisma and energy and really seems attached to his players.
    Will a less than 100% Bazelak play or will we see another Cook/Macon split?
    I don't know the answer to that yet.
    When is the first MUBB game to be televised on the SECN? I know the first month’s game aren’t going to be the games of the year, but since MU has so many new players this year it would have been nice to see the Central Michigan. I would assume by the December 11th game at Kansas, the games would be showing on SECN.
    The next two games are also on SEC Network-Plus, Monday vs. UMKC and next Thursday vs. Northern Illinois. 
    The two Jacksonville Classic games are on CBS Sports Network on Nov. 21-22.
    Then the Wichita State game is on regular SEC Network on Nov. 26.
    If you have the technology to take part in this chat, you should be able to access SEC Network-Plus.
    Hi Dave. Glad to see Coach Anderson recognized for her work so far with softball. Another super regional this season? World Series possibly? Your thoughts on what should be a great season!
    They return their entire lineup and have added some new pieces who will contribute. I think they'll be preseason top 10 and an obvious contender for the SEC and WCWS.
    In this life of constant instant gratification, is Cuonzo pretty much "on time" with the program? Did Mizzou basketball, no matter how well-meaning he was, just hit such a nadir with Kim Anderson that it has taken (and been something of a miracle) four to five years to actually be relevant again? Also, the news from the recruiting front seems hopeful. Mizzou, supposedly, got the 57th best player in the country in Aidan Shaw so that's pretty great and a real reason for optimism. Thanks, Dave.
  • I think it's fair to point out how uncompetitive the program was when he took over - and the recruiting damage that the previous regime did to the program's credibility - while it's also fair to expect better results now that he's in his fifth year. You can't discount the injuries. Had Jontay Porter stayed healthy, we'd probably talk about a program that went to the NCAA Tournament every year the tourney was held in Martin's first four seasons. (There was no tourney in 2020, don't forget.) It's OK to both put in perspective that nadir you mentioned while also expecting better results now and in the future. 
    The Shaw signing was definitely a sign of progress. MU recruited him for four years. It paid off. 
  • Every time that I’ve seen Cox get some snaps he seems to get yardage and punish tacklers. Why doesn’t he get more chances?
    Drinkwitz didn't name names but he might have been referring to Cox in the quote I posted earlier about needing to prepare the right way to earn your snaps and carries. It could have been an overall message about that group. Let's not forget, Cox has done enough to earn a scholarship, so it's not like he's been a complete disappointment behind the scenes. He's an impressive young man. Very driven. I'd like to see him have a bigger role. In the small sample size we've seen he looks like a legit SEC back.
    What do we know today about Cook and Macon that we did not know before last Saturday? Is it clear whether or not Bazelak is significantly better than either one? In what way/s?
    I think we learned that those guys are tough and composed. They handled that atmosphere and challenge at Georgia better than I've seen some older QBs who have been in that position. Cook can sling it. He's got some speed. I asked him about that yesterday: Are you a better runner than most people realize? And he really perked up. "It seems like a lot of people don't know I can run. I can run."
    (Not to be politically incorrect, but too many people see white QB and assume he can't run. The dude can run.)
    As for Macon, clearly he's comfortable running those zone-read options and QB draws. He can push the ball downfield, but the accuracy is a concern, especially on some of those short throws. I don't think he's polished enough in the basic throws to be pulling off the Mahomes sidearm passes. But he's clearly got talent and is a natural leader. For their sake I wish we could see both get extensive chances. But there's only so many snaps for that position. 
    I really liked what I saw from the transfers Tuesday night. The zone slowed us down some. What can we expect the transfer from K-state to bring to the table?
    Martin says DaJuan Gordon is the team's best perimeter defender and the team's best rebounding guard. He has not been a great shooter as a college player, but he was a prolific offensive player in high school against good competition in Chicago. He's a slasher. He'll attack the rim, get put-backs. He's got the profile of a classic Cuonzo player. Not incredibly polished offensively, but does other things well enough with high energy.
    Dave - When a player is listed "questionable", do they still suit up and are available to go into the game? Thank You
  • Players listed as questionable are essentially game-day or game-time decisions. I haven't tracked every injury report vs. what we see on Saturdays, but Drinkwitz said the questionable players have seen the field just about 50% of the time this season. The doubtfuls have almost always been out of uniform on game day.
  • Whether through your sources or just intuition, do you think there will be wholesale changes to defensive staff, or maintain the course with the bulk of staff currently in-hand?
    I would not expect wholesale changes. Charlie Harbison plays a major role on the staff as Drinkwitz's elder statesman and associate head coach. DJ Smith has been a really successful recruiter. Aaron Fletcher just got here and delivered the two Tulsa transfers. Remember, position coaches are about recruiting as much as anything else. Yes, they have to coach a position and develop players, but first and foremost they're paid to recruit talent.
    With 3rd and goal inside the Georgia 5 yard line, Macon ran to his left on what looked to be an option play. Since Macon is a better runner than passer, I thought he would surely run and at first it looked like he had a path to the endzone if he went right away. But he stopped and threw an incomplete pass. He easily scored on an option run the week before vsVandy. Do you think he would have scored had he tried to run it in? I was disappointed they didn’t score especially since Georgia fans booed the Tigers both times they called a timeout in the last minute desperate attempt to score a TD. I also want applaud Eli for attempting the onside kick to start the second half. They were already down big so why not try an onside kick.
    I think Macon would like a mulligan on just about all of those goal-line plays. He could have ran for a TD on the play you mentioned. The fourth-down pass to Parker was ... not good. He probably could have run that one in, too. Tough series. 
    I also liked the onside kick plan. Drinkwitz said he wanted to keep the game as close and competitive as possible in the first half and then get aggressive in the second half and take some chances, starting with the onside kick. The execution was not good.
    It seems that the play calling had been very conservative. Almost all plays go to Badie which make them predictable. When they DO throw, the QB seems laser focused on the intended receiver. Many, many times there were wide open other receivers.

    1. Are these QB's not taught to check for open receivers or told to only go to the intended receiver?

    2. Why the continued calls for Badie? Although he is great, you need to change things up. Why don't they involve many other players or different plays?
    I don't think you're taking into consideration the pass protection. They just don't have a lot of time back there to develop donwfield routes. Badie is a dynamic receiver. More often than not, I'd trust the ball in his hands on a short catchable pass over a more difficult downfield throw to a lesser receiver.
    So you said last week that Back in 2003 you wrote about the 25th anniversary of that 1978 game and you interviewed Powers over the phone. A couple of things related to that which were awesome: 1. A reunion of that 1978 team that they held at Faurot Field during the 2003 MU-Nebraska game. 2. That Mizzou coincidentally managed to end that 25 year losing streak to Nebraska that same night! Perhaps the timing of you writing that article and the '78 MU team that had last beaten Nebraska being there that night brought them good luck! 😄
    I'll gladly take all the credit.
  • Hi, Dave

    Gotta run. Work calls. Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for these chats. The P-D sports chats are a major reason I subscribe - from afar - to the online version. Thanks, and I hope you have a great weekend!
  • Much appreciated. Come back next week!
    Whats the ceiling for this Mizzou mens basketball team? Does Conzo have the offensive coaching ability to maximize the athleticism and talent of the collective group? A lot of his teams get streaky and can turn blowouts into close games and close games into blowouts
    Good question about the team's ceiling. Hard to say. The schedule is grueling. The SEC is very top heavy. Lots of really talented teams on the slate when you talk about Kentucky, Bama, Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee. There will be nights when the offense struggles. They're going to have to unlock a zone defense. When the opponent doesn't turn the ball over, MU won't have easy transition chances. There will be some growing pains with this many newcomers. But I like the upside I saw Tuesday.
    I'm sorry if this has been asked a few times before but why do you think Coach Drink hasn't fired or demoted Wilks? Many other head coaches have no problem with letting go of ineffective assistants but Drink just keeps hanging on with Wilks.
    by This may have been asked a few dozen times before 11/11/2021 6:57:15 PM
    Because he just hired him. Because he'd have to promote someone internally, which means he'd have to promote someone he already passed over for the job when he hired Wilks. If he thought Smith or Harbison would do a better job, he would have promoted them in the first place. Plus, it's expensive to fire the highest paid assistant coach in university history midseason. It's in Drinkwitz's best interest for the Wilks hire to work out. Ultimately, if it doesn't work out and he has to fire him, it's an indictment on the head coach's decision-making and judgment. At some point he might have to make that call, but they're not winning any championships at this point. If you fire him now, it's only for the optics - and he already did that with Jethro Franklin. 
    On a related note, anyone paying attention to what Ryan Walters is doing at Illinois? In Big Ten play, Illinois is No. 4 in the league in scoring defense, No. 7 in yards allowed per game, No. 6 in pass defense. And that's with a gutted Illinois roster. The Illini are arguably the most improved defense in the Big Ten and just took out Penn State and Minnesota largely because of the defense. If I'm the Mizzou AD and Drinkwitz comes to me wanting buyout money to fire his hand-picked coordinator midway through the season, I have to ask, "Remind me why you let Walters go in the first place?"
    Dave, I am optimistic that MIzzou will win at least two of their remaining games, if not all three. With that out of the way, what bowls do you see them being considered for? Given the current situation, the additional practice days are very important looking forward.
    Mizzou could be in the running for the SEC Pool of Six: Outback, Music City, Gator, Liberty, Texas, Duke's Mayo (formerly the Belk Bowl in Charlotte).
    Then any remaining eligible SEC teams will play in the Birmingham Bowl or Gasparilla Bowl in Tampa, which is new to the SEC this year. 
    In 2022 and 2024, the Las Vegas Bowl rotates with the Duke's Mayo Bowl for SEC teams.
    Macon looked REALLY upset after the 4th and goal incompletion to end the UGA game. Do you have any idea what got him so upset?
  • I assume he was upset with himself that he threw the ball behind Parker. Or that he didn't run it in himself.
  • How do you evaluate the mens basketball and football head coaching jobs? People seem to want to run off Drink and Conzo if they don't take the programs to new heights within 3 years. These are bottom of the SEC jobs because of location, funding, fan support, experience, etc. Do you think administration will see it that way and keep giving them opportunities to build it up or is there a timeline to see success?
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