Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Daniels was a much better passer at USC and Georgia than Bryant at Clemson. I think it's unfair to compare the two. Daniels had two major injuries. When healthy he was outstanding at UGA in 2020.
    I think everyone, including Kim English, would like a couple more years under his belt at GMU before making the move to a Power 5 gig.

    That said, it seems to me that basketball is different than football. Bringing in rite talent has a much greater impact on results than it does even in football. I’m not saying coaching doesn’t matter but in the percentage that effects overall outcome, it just seems to me (maybe because these kids are so well coached before they get to college) that talent is the biggest factor. Great rosters lead to excellent outcomes more often and to a greater degree in basketball than football at the college level … and that’s why English might be as big a risk as would be a similarly inexperienced hire in football. Am I wrong?
    I think there's some truth to all of that.
    I don't doubt English could revive this roster in a hurry via the portal. We just don't have a track record for him to have a sense if he can coach this program to new heights over a sustained amount of time. That doesn't mean he can't. But there's a lot of guesswork and hope involved. 
    A mid-major coach who's won 20 games and guided his team to the NCAAs (like Grant McCasland or Mike McMahon) might be more of a sure thing but hardly a guaranteed success. 
    It has been stated many times on popular Mizzou message board Power Mizzou that college basketball today is more about recruiting than coaching (some say has high as 90/10 recruiting > coaching)).

    Do you agree?

    From the list of names we have seen...WHO in your opinion would be the BEST RECRUITER at Mizzou?
  • I don't agree that it's 90% recruiting. Coaches do more than recruit and coach games. They build staffs; they organize practices/workouts; they develop systems/schemes; they have to instill a team culture; they have to do a lot of public relations; they have to schmooze donors. And these days, they have to manage NIL - or at least delegate staffers to navigate those waters. Yes, coaches are a reflection of the caliber of player they recruit and those players have the most impact of whether the coach wins or loses, but if it truly was just 90% recruiting, then schools wouldn't hire actual coaches and just hire corporate head-hunters and pay them to go land the best players and let a few high school coaches handle the Xs and Os.
    OK, I'm kidding to a degree, but I do think coaching matters, developing skills, squeezing the most of out of your players' abilities, putting them in the best position to have success, adjusting to your opponent, etc.
    I think English might have the most upside as a recruiter, but here's the risk of hiring someone without a track record for success - not Kim specifically but anyone without a proven past: If he doesn't win right away, recruits and fans might be more skeptical as time passes that he can win at a high level. Proven winners like Gary Pinkel and Mike Anderson could always fall back on their history and say, "My way works." That's a less convincing argument with an unproven head coach, say like Barry Odom. 
    What’s your take on the theory that Matt McMahon’s success is more a product of that school always having success than anything Mahon himself has done? I think there’s something to it, personally.
    Yes, it's probably unfair to McMahon personally but it's impossible to ignore. Mick Cronin, Billy Kennedy and Steve Prohm all had success at Murray State. Cronin did well after leaving MSU at both Cincinnati and UCLA. Prohm flopped at Iowa State. Kennedy had mixed results at Texas A&M, but he did win an SEC regular-season championship there. It should be noted, that Kennedy was diagnosed with Parkinson's at A&M, so that has to be part of the calculus when measuring his success post-MSU.
    Is the Mizzou Baseball Team as good as their record shows? With Beiser on the hot seat, is that another situation similar to Pingeton where Mizzou wouldn't want to fire someone in a non revenue sport?
    The baseball team hasn't exactly beaten any established powers, but they're winning games they haven't always won under Bieser and will clearly head into SEC play with more confidence this weekend. That could count for something. If I'm a hitter going up against Vanderbilt pitching, I take a much better approach to the plate if I've been having success over the last few weeks and my team is winning. This team appears to be capable of being competitive. 
    I don't have Bieser's buyout at my fingertips right now, but one key difference between Bieser and Pingeton when it comes to job security: She has led her team to successful seasons and the NCAA postseason. She should have earned more equity with her bosses than Bieser, neither of whom were hired by this AD - or the prior AD. Also, anyone who understands the SEC knows that Mizzou's women's basketball program has a much better chance to succeed at a high level in this conference than Mizzou baseball. 
    Why do some donors want Travis Ford to be the new BB head? Do they forget he left Mizzou after one year. In those days, MU teams were very competitive on an annual basis. Why show loyalty to a guy who didn’t? His teams have made the NCAA tournament numerous times, but only advanced to the second round once. Oklahoma St finally ran out of patience with him and he landed at SLU and made the post season 3 times. His teams lost all 3 times in the first round, the last time was last night to a Missouri Valley conference team on his home floor. He also makes $2.2 million per year and since MU has paid over 15 million to Cuonzo in his 5 seasons here and owes him $6 million more to buyout his contract. The last thing the deficit spending MU athletic department needs is another contract like the one Cuonzo got.
    I don't think he's a good fit at Mizzou. I don't think there's any world where it makes sense to fire Martin to hire Ford. That said, I was told very early in the process that specific donors would support Ford and back him as a candidate. He has an assistant coach in Corey Tate who played at Mizzou and coached at Mizzou and has connections to the movers and shakers who surround the program. That doesn't mean Ford was ever in position to be a real candidate.
    The longer this coaching search goes on the more I'm leaning toward Kim English. Getting elite players is the name of the game now and he's shown he can do that. If he's able to get 4 stars to George Mason, imagine what he could do at an SEC school. Fans these days get excited by the number of stars next to the recruit's name. That should hopefully lead to increased attendance, looking at MPJ/Tilmon/Jontay year as proof.
    Maybe so, but if English isn't high on the list, I don't think six days is time to start settling for lesser choices just because it's been six days. Don't forget, there's a pretty big tournament taking place right now with 68 different coaches taking part.
  • It's nice to see the baseball team being more competitive again. Granted they haven't played too many tough opponents yet, but they looked good against Gonzaga until melting down in the eighth. Can we look forward to some stronger play continuing through the season, or will it all come crashing down to earth when SEC play starts? Their schedule the next several weeks is a meat grinder.
    We'll see. They appear to be more competitive. The roster looks deeper with some nice new pieces playing big roles.
    Who are the top three candidates for the basketball job? Every report seems to list five new coaches from the last report. Is there anything that makes this job appealing besides being a Power 5 job? No fan support, team for next year needs work to say the least, been a decade since a team was more than a middle level team in the tournament, and they just fired the last coach after 2 tournament bids in 5 years. Do people want this job?
    I can't tell you for certain who are the top three candidates. Mizzou has kept a tighter lid on this search than any in my time on the beat. That's straight out of the Mun Choi playbook. He was not happy how the Drinkwitz hire got messy. Donors who are typically in the know are in the dark. People whom I usually hit up for info are hitting me up for info. High-level university folks are in the dark. 
    English is in the mix. I believe matt McMahon will get a close look. Jerome Tang is one assistant under consideration, but I'd be surprised if MU settled for someone without head-coaching experience. Todd Golden checks somme boxes and Reed-Francois is certainly familiar with coaches on the West Coast with her background. 
    A source spoke with Dana Altman earlier this week tells me he wasn't leaving Oregon. But there was interest early in the process. 
    Softball is off to a strong start again this season, but the games against Tennessee on Sunday have me worried. They just haven't been as consistent this year as I would have expected from this team. Kara Daly has been lighting the league on fire though as a Freshman. She is definitely one to be excited about for the next several years. How do you see their odds of finally making it back to the WCWS coming out of a stacked SEC?
    They've got some holes in the lineup that don't seem to be hitting to their potential. A very good team, but last weekend was a setback. Curious to see how they respond.
    Mizzou football is projected to win 4 to 5 games this year. I hope and believe that is a wrong assessment. If that projection comes to fruition, is Drink on the hot seat in year four? I assume he would get more latitude considering the turnover in the sports department and his recruiting success.
    Who is projecting four or five wins? I've said in this space that if Vegas posted odds right now for every game, Mizzou would probably be favored in four or five. That doesn't mean they only win four or five.
    But let's say they go 4-8. Does he enter 2023 under some pressure to win? Of course. This is the SEC. You go 15-20 over your first three seasons - and you work for a different AD than the one who hired you - you're absolutely under some heat to win more games. But he's recruited well and that should buy him some time if 2022 goes sideways.
    Any chance we get Medved from Colorado st?
    He just signed an extension, which doesn't make him untouchable but less likely.
  • I have heard a ton of names that could replace Conzo but What is your realistic top three for the job?
    I could just speculate and throw out names and say they're realistic, but I just don't have a strong enough feel for the actual list to say who is in Reed-Francois' top three. I know that's a disappointing answer, but I'd rather be uncertain than wrong.
    I expect Kim English to get consideration. I've heard nothing that indicates Matt McMahon won't get a close look.
    Instead of taking one of the retreads suggested earlier, why not explore the coaches of successful teams of lower level teams like Drake and Murray St and give them a 3 year chance to see if they can make their magic at the SEC level. I hope whoever was involved in oputting together CM’s contract is not involve this time. That contract was a disaster that is finally over.
    Three years is too short of a standard contract in 2022. You won't be able to sign a decent coach for only three years.
    Jackson Francios, the new AD’s son has committed to Mizzou. Is he the point guard this year’s team needed? Is he a three star prospect who will compete for a job? MUBB needs all the help they can get.
    He's a walk-on. He was not expected to be someone who plays a lot, if at all. He's not a Division I scholarship prospect
    I hear that Mizzou has a search firm. Do you think that Mizzou would give them a name like Kim English to add to the search? I doubt they would come up with his name on their own. Would they be aware of the intangibles like him playing here and knowing the schools in the area?
    Kim is a known coach. He coaches in the A-10 at a program that's made a Final Four. It's not like he's coaching in some low-level conference in Siberia. He's interviewed for several head-coaching jobs over the years. He's been mentioned as a candidate at Kansas State. I'm told he's on the radar at Maryland. The search firm will be well aware of Kim and his background.
    Would DRF face any pushback with letting English go if his 3 years are underwhelming?
  • Maybe, but If Kim English has three losing seasons, Mizzou fans won't care that he went to Mizzou, just like they didn't care that Odom and Kim Anderson were alums when they lost games.
  • If we don’t hire English, what are the chances he’s there 3-4 years from now if things don’t work out?
    Impossible to know. If he doesn't land another job this cycle and has a couple more underwhelming seasons at George Mason, then there's less of a probability he lands a better job. If he goes back to George Mason and builds an A-10 contender, then he'll have appealing offers. There are no guarantees either way.
    Is Dana Altman a realistic target for Mizzou? Jerome Tang would seem to be a great hire but my sense is that he will have better options. Same may be true of Grant McCasland. Niko Medved, Darian Devries and Todd Golden may be the coaches that are realistic. Thoughts on those six?
    I've touched on a few of those guys earlier in the chat. All I can share on Altman is what I've reported: Multiple sources told me there was mutual interest between Mizzou and Altman early in the process. He's since told another source that he's not leaving Oregon, for what it's worth.
    I like a lot about McCasland. He learned from the Baylor system then built a winning program at a place (North Texas) without a history of winning. They will not let him go away without a fight at North Texas. He has a great
    relationship with AD Wren Baker.
    Golden is intriguing. He's about as different a coach as Martin as you can find, and not because he's young, Jewish and white. He was a walk-on at St. Mary's, worked in the private sector until he met the Pearls, worked his way up at Auburn and headed to San Francisco where he's truly embraced analytics. (Martin's history with Pearl is slightly different: He decided against going to Illinois after Pearl secretly recorded conversations with a recruit then gave those tapes to the NCAA, leading to sanctions at Illinois. Then, many years later, Tennessee fans launched a petition to have Martin fired and replaced with Pearl.)
    DeVries is a good coach, runs a strong MVC program. His only time at a high-major program came when Creighton was making the transition from the MVC to the Big East. I'm just not sure he moves the needle enough.
    Do you have reason to believe that there are enough MBB donors with deep enough pockets to fund sweet enough NIL deals to attract and retain (Brazile) enough high-level recruits to be a consistent high-level contender in the SEC?
    I don't know, but I know it's a concern.
    Two men who coach teams called Tigers got fired last week. One allegedly was heard to say he made a “strong ass offer” to a recruit. The other, when asked about unethical tactics, replied, “I am compliance.” Fans of the coach in black and gold may have been envious of the coach in purple and gold who annually attracted top flight players, posted winning records, and had his teams in March Madness. Now they’re both unemployed … but, one would think the former coach in black and gold will land another job interview if he’s so inclined, while the only interviews the former coach in purple and gold can anticipate will be with FBI agents or Justice Dept. officials. So, fans of the two Tigers are left to ask, “What’s it worth to win?” Your comment, Mr. Matter.
    I wrote about that very dichotomy before the Mizzou-LSU game a week ago today. No matter how you felt about Mizzou firing Martin, it's a shame his final loss came at the hands of Will Wade, maybe the most smug, slimiest coach who's come through the college game in a long, long time. 
    It's possible to run your program in the gray areas of the NCAA rule book and win games without completely selling your soul. But there are some shameless people in this business who have earned enough millions of dollars that their kids will never have to work a day in their life - and earned that money at the expense of earnest, honest men who try to be role models for their players. 
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