Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Hello, Mizzou chatters. Thanks for stopping by. I've got a hard out at 2 pm today. Please be patient when it comes to getting your question asked. No reason to resubmit if you don't see it answered immediately. Let's get started.
    Gates was primarily hired because it was believed he would be a much better recruiter than Martin. But, he was unable to retain the teams most promising young player. This is not going well. Do you see any hope for this team?
    I don't think it's fair to write off his recruiting acumen based on one outcome. There were rumblings for the last several months that Brazile would be looking around after the season regardless who's coaching the team. Gates made a pitch - he has said he talked to the players in the portal before and after his introductory press conference - and Brazile decided to play elsewhere. 
    Do I see hope? It's too early to have any expectation one way or the other when there's only six players on the roster, one recruit signed and two transfers committed. Mo Diarra appears to be an impressive addition. I'm not as sold on DeAndre Gholston, but not everyone is recruited to be an immediate starter or 30-minutes a game player. Gates is clearly scouring the market and getting involved with most of the top players in the portal. 
    Pinson already went through portal , doesn't a player have to sit out a year the second time they enter the portal.
    They can get a waiver for immediate eligibility based on the circumstances for their departure. I suppose your coach getting fired for recruiting violations would qualify in this case. Pinson is one of seven LSU players currently in the portal.
    Got some questions about the roster. Not one word about Keita , he has a Bad knee everything I see he is still on the roster I don't see how he will play with a bad knee. Kobe Brown nothing on him or Kaleb ,personally I think kobe is trying to find a place they both can play. The only players I see that might stay Davis, degray , the recruit from East st louis but I don't see him as an upgrade. I think gates brings in a minimum of 8 new players
    The Browns and Keita haven't entered the portal, so until they do, it's not really worth speculating if they won't be back. As of this moment, there are six returning players on the roster who haven't entered the portal: Kaleb Brown, Keita, DeGray, Davis, Coleman and Kobe Brown. Christian Jones hasn't indicated that he's not still coming to Missouri. Then you have the two new commitments, Diarra and Gholston. So, if barring any more players entering the portal - and that could change at any moment - and assuming the other five uncommitted players in the portal (Durugordon, Brookshire, Gordon, Wilmore, Pickett) don't return, then Gates has four more scholarships to use for the 2022-23 roster.
    Make the pain go away. Tell me Mizzou Basketball will be ok. I can’t see the silver lining.
  • What has changed since the Gates hire? They landed two commitments, a few more players entered the portal. This was always going to be a rebuild. When you make a coaching change, you risk losing a bunch of players. Even if you don't make a coaching change, you risk losing players because it's never been easier to transfer and play in someone else's greener grass. Don't forget, Cuonzo Martin, the guy everyone wanted gone, inherited the scraps of an 8-win team, added a transfer (Robertson) and two freshman bigs (Tilmon, Jontay Porter) and built a 20-win team that finished fifth in the SEC. Quick rebuilds are possible.
    Good day to you Dave, and hope all is well your way. Regarding Dennis Gates, if he has any kind of reasonable succes at Mizzou, how likely of a chance do you think that Mizzou would be a mere "stepping stone" to him if there becomes for instance an opening at Florida St?  Leonard Hamilton is after all in his 70s and you have to think retirement might be in the near future for him. And as much as it pains me to say it, let's face it: FSU has a much better basketball program than Mizzou right now. Heck, one can argue they're more of a "basketball school" now than they are football!
    Or what about maybe someday leaving Mizzou for Cal, his Alma Mater,, should the head-coaching position ever be available there?
    Cal is not a better job than Missouri. That place has major financial/resource challenges. I don't get the sense he has an affinity for the place that he would leave an SEC program for his alma mater. Florida State is a different situation. I would think he'd be considered a natural successor to Hamilton if he has success at Missouri. But that only happens if he wins game at Mizzou. You want to hire coaches who other schools want to hire as head coaches. That's not a bad thing to have someone who's in demand. 
    Then again, maybe let him coach a game at Missouri  before we start worrying about what school will lure him away.
    I know it's still many months away, but any idea of any interesting non-con opponents Mizzou 🏀 might have on their schedule next season(outside of KU and ILL, of course)? Or any idea what non-con tournament they're going to participate in next season? It seems like they do at least one of those every season now.
    No word yet on schedule additions. Most noncon games are finalized in the summer. I can't imagine he'll want to schedule too many difficult games considering he's got a Final Four team coming to Mizzou and plays the defending Big Ten champions in St. Louis. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure if Mizzou is committed to a multi-team event for next season, but there's still time to find a tourney.
    Love the negativity from the start!
    Is JT Daniels a realistic possibility?
    He's only visited one other school (Oregon State) and could still visit another (West Virginia). So, until he picks a school or officially eliminates Missouri, I'd say it's a realistic possibility he ends up at Missouri.
    What is your sense of what Mizzou's greatest assets are in recruiting for basketball and football. The facilities (finally) seem to be pretty good. What else - are these kids 100% focused on 1) Will it get me to the pro level; 2) How soon I'll play and ) 3Will this program win? It seems those have always been 90% of it (understandably so) and maybe 7%, "My family can get here, easily to see me." But I suppose NIL changes this equation and is the new #1 for the recruits that matter.
  • Not every recruit weighs every factor you mentioned in the same way. The facilities are fine, especially for football. Mizzou football can sell the NFL experience if it points to a few recent success stories (Nick Bolton, Larry Borom, etc.), but you're not winning that battle against the likes of other SEC schools that have more success producing NFL prospects. Gates helped recruit and develop a handful of current NBA players while at Florida State. It should be part of his sales pitch.
    Fan support is another factor. When recruits come to games on official visits, they want to see big crowds and great home environments. The last couple years, the football and basketball staffs have avoided taking recruits to home basketball games, for obvious reasons.
    NIL resources are going to be a major factor for some recruits. Mizzou is hoping to be more competitive there but other fan bases seem more organized and backed by more resources as we approach the end of the first one-year cycle of NIL in July. 
  • You mentioned the off-the-record conversations with coaches (which all of us journalists do, to varying degrees, to help us be better reporters). Are any of those with Coach Pinkel, these days (or since he retired)?
    I did write his book with him, so, yes, we've had many conversations since he retired. We keep in touch.
    So,no Gordon, Brazile, point guard, no Aiden Shaw. Can this team actually be worse than last year?
    We all do realize that Gates is going to remake this roster, right? There are a ton of players in the portal and Gates has been connected to nearly 20 that we know of, including all the best point guards. If fans were hoping to see last season's roster back on the floor next season, then why did everyone want a coaching change?
    Any updates on Sean East? Do you expect Gates to prioritize the PG position?
  • East visited last weekend. He's been linked to several high-major programs. He was a priority for Martin's staff, too. 
    Gates has been connected to most of the point guards who are in high demand: I'd say Bradley's Terry Roberts should be a priority for any team needing a PG. 
    For most of these transfers, they're going to announce they're in the portal, then one of the many Twitter accounts that tracks transfers will put out a list of schools that have reached out to the transfer and then we won't hear a word about the process until the player tweets out his commitment. Very few transfers discuss their process until it's over. Some make recruiting trips but not all of them.
  • If not JT Daniels, do you see another upgrade over Cook currently in the portal?
  • No. There are a few uncommitted QBs in the portal but none with better credentials.
  • Hey Dave, I have a question about expectations for Dennis Gates as coach. The transfer flurry sort of mirrors last year's offseason, with so many new faces coming, so many familiar ones leaving. Most consider Gates' strength to be recruiting. But what about his coaching? Is it way too early to set any sort of expectations? Am I nuts in wanting a season comparable in the win column next year? To me it shows that with the same circumstances, if Gates can come out with more wins than this past season in year 1, that will go a long way in setting fans and players minds at ease. What are your thoughts?
    Thanks for taking the time to do these!
    If this team wins fewer than 12 games next season ... wow, that arena will be empty by February. I don't think anyone involved with this hire expects him to have a worst record next season than what just took place. If Desiree Reed-Francois expected whoever she hired to win fewer than 12 games next season then she wouldn't have fired Martin. She would have saved $3 million and put off the decision for another year.
    That doesn't mean it's fair to expect Missouri to make the 2023 NCAA Tournament but in the transfer portal age, you should be able to address immediate needs and upgrade your roster every offseason. 
    Gates was hired not just for his recruiting upside but his track record at Cleveland State indicates he can step into a grim situation and rebuild quickly. He squeezed 11 wins out of a dire circumstance when he took over and a year later won the league championship. 
    I look forward to your chats more than any of the others on PD. Thanks for making Mizzou sport coverage interesting and being well studied and prepared. Just a comment to say I am disappointed Trevon Brazile transferred. I guess it is what it is now days in college sports. My other comment is seeing that he is transferring to Arkansas did not surprise me. I realize there is more to transferring than almost being a home kid what with NIL, school prestige and all that. But if one lived in southwest Missouri as I do since retiring and moving close to daughter, there is the realization that anything related to Mizzou seldom comes up in conversation. Arkansas and Oklahoma basketball and football are routinely covered in scores and highlights on Springfield and Joplin tv stations. On Joplin stations Kansas basketball games are covered. As well.Very seldom Mizzou. When I shop at Sam’s Club in Joplin I see Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas sweat shirts for sale. Nothing Mizzou. Ever. Sam’s in Springfield does the same. I hope soon Mizzou sports raises the bar and Mizzou gets some attention here.
    The products and content those stores and TV stations are offering only reflect what their local market demands. The state lines are fairly irrelevant in that part of the state. Mizozu is the only Power 5 football program in the state and the only high-major (Power 6) basketball school in the state but MU doesn't have the luxury of statewide support like you find in other SEC states, like Arkansas enjoys in its state.
    It was disappointing to see Brazile transfer to Arkansas. He was a bright spot in a dismal season. I hope Gates can turn this around quickly. UAB had 8 transfers and made the NCAA tournament so it is possible. He already got Diarra. Can a point guard be far behind? My hope is to have no soft losses to teams on the December non conference schedule, win the close conference games that got away from them in second halves and make a respectable showing against Kentucky, Illinois and Kansas, meaning no more 20+ point losses. I guess asking to beat Kentucky or Kansas in COMO would be asking too much?
    It's hard to make any predictions when we really have no idea what the roster will look like. Auburn went from 13 wins in 2021 to 28 wins and an SEC championship after loading up on transfers - and signing a five-star freshman in Jabari Smith. Kentucky went from nine wins to 26 wins after loading up on transfers. Immediate and dramatic progress has never been more possible in college hoops.
    Point guard and 3-point shooting should be major priorities.
    Thanks for the chat. One of the reasons I subscribed…

    Seems to me that Xavier Pinson would Invite unnecessary comparisons with Coach Martin; i.e. why can Xavier play for the new coach and not coach Martin? Was he hoping to get Coach Martin fired and is now returning for a victory lap? And then his inconsistent play. Coach Snyder took a chance on a point guard which didn’t turn out very well.

    I like Coach Gates and his energy and willingness to look to jucos for help. (Coach Stewart did so effectively, which tells you I have been watching Mizzou for a while.) I hope he continues to press forward without any unnecessary backward looking messes.
    I can't see Pinson coming back to Mizzou. He has a history of spending his offseasons flirting with multiple fan bases via his Instagram account. He's doing the same thing now. He likes the attention and drama. It's Gates' responsibility to check with former coaches when considering a transfer and if there's any mutual respect between Gates and Martin - and Gates has told me he has great respect for Martin - then Martin will explain where things went off course with Pinson at Mizzou. There was off-court tension at times, but on the floor, he wouldn't run the plays Martin wanted him to run. It caused issues internally. A veteran player stepped in and addressed the problem mid-game late in the 2021 season, but things didn't get much better. His family members were critical on social media. (That's putting it nicely.) Lots of drama. Is that something a first-year coach needs? 
    I sat courtside at the LSU-Arkansas game in the SEC tournament and watched Will Wade unload on Pinson for not playing defense - then he benched him the final eight minutes of the game while an assistant had to console Pinson on the bench. It was Wade's last game at LSU, and by then there were already some rumblings from LSU's staff that Pinson wasn't coming back next season.
    He can be a productive playmaker, but he's not a good shooter and still turnover prone. You can find better players in the portal with less baggage.
    are missouri and arkansas still comparable programs in football and hoops?
  • Arkansas' basketball program is miles ahead. Back to back Elite Eight appearances, the No 2 recruiting class in America. Musselman has that program rolling. He's developing first-team All-SEC players and last year had an NBA lottery pick. 
    Arkansas football had a better Year 2 under Pittman than Missouri had under Drinkwitz but those two programs are much closer in terms of being competitive with each other and competing in their respective divisions
    Who comes out on top in the Blue Blood Final 4? Like probably most on this chat....hoping for anybody but KU
    I'll go with Duke over Kansas. KU got a lucky break with the Villanova injury. Duke is the most talented team in the field and has been playing with an edge lately.
    Now that we have experienced the transfer portal for a year, do you feel it should continue as it currently stands basically allowing players free agency or should it return to the old rule where transfers had to sit out a year? I have mixed feelings about it. I am in favor of current situation in the case where a coach bolts for a more lucrative contract, but allowing everyone to transfer once without the penalty makes the coaches jobs much more difficult. Seems like coaches can rerecruit players they missed out on the initial recruitment.
    I like the immediate eligibility rule. As long as regular students and coaches can hop from school to school every year, no reason the athletes should be handcuffed to one school just because it causes headaches for the millionaire coaches. Now, that doesn't mean there can't be some guardrails installed into the process. Maybe a stricter calendar in terms of when players can leave one school for another. Maybe for second-time transfers there should be a higher standard for immediate eligibility at school No. 3.
    From the list of all the available candidates::

    1) Who would be your top choice for adding a true ball handling point guard?
    2) A legit 3-point shhoter?
    3) A Strong inside Post scoring threat?
    4) A dynamic assistant coach who is an ace recruiter?

    For Mizzou Football (speculate as beat as you can at this point"

    1) Who starts at QB?

    2) Who starrts at Runningback?

    3) Rate the postion groups (on a scale of 1--10) in terms of strength for this Fall"
    Interior DL:
    Edge Rushers:
    ' Safety:
    Return Men:
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