Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Greetings, chatters. Hope everyone is doing well and staying dry. I'll be here for the next couple of hours to talk all things Mizzou and anything else that comes up - within reason.
    When I read FedEx is big NIL Money for Memphis basketball I wonder how are we going to compete with that to get the 7 5 player we could really use. It is looking more and more like Horn is headed to mlb. He is having a very good season and is 71st rated player in draft and 31st best pitcher. Could get 2 million to sign. My fear is mizzou just can't compete in this NIL Era. To get good players.
    I'd pump the brakes on believing Sam Horn is definitely signing with a baseball contract. Yes, MLB's latest draft rankings rated him No 71 among all eligible prospects, but some other outlets don't have him ranked nearly that high 
    As I wrote earlier this week he's expected to move to Columbia in a few weeks. The draft is in two months. He could have a decision to make. We'll see. An NIL deal could be a factor. An MLB team would have to vastly overpay for to give him $2 million - unless his stock soars over the next couple of months.
    As long as the NIL collective trend isn't shut down by the NCAA or Congress, it essentially comes down to Mizzou boosters mobilizing and putting their resources ($) toward NIL deals to secure players from taking better deals elsewhere. There's only so much the schools/coaches/administration can do.
    Mizzou will never compete from an NIL perspective. I’m giving up and redirecting all of my TSF money to academics. I’ve talked to other fans who are doing the same.
    Why say never? The Mizzou NIL collective is behind. No doubt. But we're barely 10 months into the NIL movement. Mizzou wasn't competing with the Goliaths of college sports anyway, so I don't know why anyone expected Mizzou to go toe-to-toe with Alabama/Georgia/Ohio State/Florida, etc., when it comes to NIL.
    it appears some of the elite programs have made a sham out of the NIL fairly quickly with their third-party collectives. How fast do you think the NCAA will move to regulate this? If it is not regulated I see the gap between the haves and have nots widening. Your thoughts?
    The NCAA is attempting reform and hopes to enforce its own rules that NIL collectives can't be pay-for-play shell companies. But is it too little too late? The NCAA already decided that state laws will determine the rules that govern NIL collectives. How are they going to enforce any new reforms?
    What must the next president of the NCAA bring to the table when they start in 2023?
    My opinion might not be popular, but it's time to allow the athletes to unionize and create their own collective bargaining agreements so they can be paid as employees. That way, with salary/contractual structures in place you can avoid endless free agency where athletes are constantly following the highest bidder from one school to the next and using the transfer portal as leverage for better NIL deals. Blow up the entire system. The NCAA should exist to host championships and little else.
    Does Boo Smith have a shot at making the KC Chiefs as a wide receiver?
    Unlikely. He's got a rookie minicamp invitation. That's much different from an actual contract. Maybe he'll get a deal to join the training camp roster and can turn some heads in July/August, but he's a huge long shot. I wish him well. Seems like a likeable young man.
    What is your projected starting 5 for Mizzou basketball? Also, I know Gates stated they like to play fast with pressure defense (standard response for 99% of coaches), but how did his Cleveland State teams actually play?
    His teams played more zone defense than what Mizzou has seen the last eight years with Anderson and Martin. They'll pressure some in the backcourt, but that'll depend some on personnel and depth.
    As for a starting five, really hard to say until they fill these final two scholarships. Jamarion Sharp, the 7-5 transfer from Western Kentucky, would be an obvious starter at the five if he picks Mizzou. The staff is hoping to get him on campus tomorrow for a visit. He's not a lock for MU by any means. 
    But, let's assume he picks the Tigers.
    5: Sharp
    4: Kobe Brown
    3. Noah Carter
    2: D'Moi Hodge
    1: Sean East
    Or ...
    5: Sharp
    4:  Brown
    3: Hodge
    2: East
    1: Nick Honor
    You can have two point guards on the floor - think Dru Smith and Xavier Pinson - and then mix and match the other guards and wings off the bench. Then at the 2 and 3 positions you also have Tre Gomillion and DeAndre Gholston. Where does Aidan Shaw, Mo Diarra and Ronnie DeGray fit in? They're probably natural 4s, but Shaw can play on the wing some ... Diarra and DeGray can play minutes at the 5 if you don't have better options.  
    Do you believe the sports media will now push for the revamping of NIL? Nearly all of them dismissed the fans concerns on NIL and said “we” were overreacting and the NIL is going to work well and it would not lead to pay-for-play. Well what a shock, the elite media was wrong and we have legalized cheating now. The media should sometimes get out of the comfort of their free tickets in the press box and actually listen to the fans. And please don’t just put the blame on the NCAA, the media pushed for this more than anyone.
    The elite media? What the heck is that? Am I included in that elite company? If so I need to update my business card.
    I don't recall the media ever saying it wouldn't lead to pay-for-play. Just the opposite. Most figured it was inevitable ... but also realized it's a more transparent way of paying players than under-the-table payments that have gone on forever. I still think the current setup is better for the college athletes than the old way of doing things. It's more chaotic for the coaches, but ... that's fine. They're making millions of dollars to deal with headaches. Nobody forced them to become college coaches. What's the downside to all of this? Young athletes making money? Nobody is holding a gun to the boosters forcing them to pay. If athletes use their leverage for more money, how is that different from any other industry? It's the American way.
    I still believe allowing players to earn money off their NIL is the greater good and a net positive for college sports. Look at all the talented college basketball players who are choosing to return for another year of college because of NIL opportunities. Oscar Tshiebwe, Caleb Love, Armando Bacot. That's just three in men's hoops. Auburn got to watch Suni Lee compete in gymnastics this year solely because of NIL. Now, can the NCAA and the conferences add some reforms to eliminate some of the blatant pay-for-play shenanigans? Sure. That's possible - and probably will happen. But here's the truth: As long as there are rich people who love college sports, they'll find ways to pay great athletes to play for their team. That's never going to change - unless you blow up the structure and make the players employees and pay them like you would in professional sports with structured and binding contracts.
    Okay we got Cook who couldn't play healthy when bazelak was hurt but drink kept him out there. We got Macon who has very little experience and we got Horn who is looking at a huge signing bonus to play baseball. Every report I read says Mizzou will be lucky to win 6 games because of their QB situation which is ranked 13th out of 14th in Sec. Drink is much smarter than me and it is hard for me to imagine he will allow the QB position be what keep mizzou from being competitive. I know he has been trying in the portal or I hope cook and Macon are much better than I give them credit for.
    OK, we got a question there? The QB situation is certainly more muddled than you'd like it to be on May 5. If the season started tomorrow I believe Cook is the starter. If Gerry Bohanon chooses Mizzou, I'd give him the edge. If Horn says no thanks to a MLB contract or isn't drafted high enough to have much of a choice, maybe he has a great camp and puts himself in position for the job midseason if the starter struggles. But it's very clear Drinkwitz wants to add a more proven, experienced player to the mix. That's not even up for debate - and we can draw conclusions as to what that means about the current mix of contenders.
    What do you think of the 2 latest NIL BB deals? 1) Nigel Pack transferring from K State to miami Hurricanes receiving $800,000 for 2 years and a car. I wonder what kind of car he is getting if $800000 isn’t enough for him to buy his own car? 2) player of the Oscar Tshiebwe is getting $2,000,000 to return for his senior season. Because of his immigration status he was ineligible for NIL last season and met with Mitch McConnell for changes to that rule. Is this what Congress intended NIL to be? If these guys are that good, just turn pro and have it over with. College basketball can go on without these millionaires
    If it's not your money going to Pack or Tshiebwe, why the concern? College basketball is a better place with better players on the floor - and Oscar was the national player of the year last season and lots of fun to watch compete. If it takes $2 million in endorsement deals to keep him in the college game for another year, how does that impact anyone's quality of life other than Oscar? I just don't understand the unrest over someone else's money, especially when the greater good (a better product) is enhanced when he makes that money and stays in college.
    As for the Nigel Pack situation ...  your market value is whatever someone is willing to pay you. If Miami wants to pay that kind of money for the Big 12's No. 2 scorer, then ... why not? Now, there are risks that go along with that, as we saw when Miami guard Isaiah Wong clearly didn't like the deal and threatened to transfer if he doesn't get a better deal from the same NIL directive. But that's Miami's headache to deal with. I don't see how it dilutes college basketball or college sports at large. 
    Any word on Gerry Bohanon? And thoughts on the potential signing?
    No updates. There's interest from South Florida and he might visit there soon. If he wants to play at a Power 5 program and start in 2022, Mizzou figures to be his best option - unless there are other quiet contenders in the mix.
    Dave, do you have any news on Bohannon? I think Brady Cook could be a fine quarterback but he lacks Bohannon's experience. I wonder if Tyler Macon has the passing skills to be a Division I quarterback. Thanks.
    Just touched on Bohanon. No news today.
    I'm intrigued by Bohanon. Strong leader, true dual threat. The Big 12 has quietly become a very good defensive league. (The Big 12 had five top 25 defenses in scoring defense; the SEC had just three.) And that adds credibility to his numbers last year. 
    One of Mizzou's goals is for the quarterback to produce two rushing first downs per game. In 12 games last year - he missed two with a hamstring injury - Bohanon ran for 29 first downs. He's not an elite passer but, again, in an improved Big 12 he was one of the better QBs in the league last year. 
    Obviously Gates is looking at Sharp to fill one of the two open scholarships. What skill mix/position should be looked for to fill the last spot and are there any names out there still that would fit?
    No clear contenders, but I would think they'd still want to add a proven shooter.
    Here's the best single-season Division 3-point percentage for each player that's committed to next year's roster:
    Gomillion: 42.9 (42 attempts)
    Carter: 40.0 (40 attempts)
    Gholston: 37.4 (123 attempts)
    DeGray: 37.0 (27 attempts)
    Honor: 36.7 (202 attempts)
    Hodge: 32.9 (173 attempts)
    East: 32.1 (81 attempts)
    Kaleb Brown: 28.6 (14 attempts)
    Kobe Brown: 25.3 (75 attempts)
    Shaw and Diarra haven't played in a Division I game yet.
    So, what you have are a couple 40% shooters, but those were low-volume shooting seasons for Gomillion and Carter. What you don't have is a proven high-volume 3-point shooter who's been 40% or better from deep - and especially at the high-major level. 
    Has Robin Pingeton normally been one of the three head coaches to participate in the Mizzou Come Home tour due to the women’s basketball team having the third largest season ticket base? I would have enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate with either Brian Smith (Big 12 champions) or Shannon Welker (finished fifth in the NCAA tournament. Thank you!!!
    Robin has always been a regular on these offseason caravan stops in the larger markets. Smith took part in a few other stops.
    Do you find it oddly quiet on the WBB front? Four players leave by the portal (all signed with new teams now). But no new portal players coming in yet. Also, the lead assistant took a head coaching job, but not a peep as of yet about a replacement for her.  Or maybe I just missed something??
    Pingeton has an assistant coach hired, it just hasn't been formally announced yet. It was going through the university HR process. She's going to add two to three transfers. I'd say the main reason that process has been more quiet is there aren't national outlets that diligently (obsessively) report every offer and every visit for every women's transfer like you see on the men's side.
    For years (decades, really), the left has started and waged culture wars against a disengaged opponent. Conservatives have woken up and are finally fighting back. I love it. Adios Roe.
    Wrong chat, Jon. Nice try, though.
    Hello Dave!

    So, since pay-to-play is obviously ok now, does this let the Jayhawks off the hook. It's been 4-5 years now and no consequence for KU and Adidas paying players to come to KU.
    But pay to play is not OK now. It's still illegal. The NCAA made that clear last summer when states were allowed to craft their own NIL laws. The challenge, though, is proving that NIL collectives are only operating as pay-for-play ATM machines. If the NCAA cracks down on collectives, they will certainly lawyer up and show their receipts to "prove" the athletes are indeed being compensated for name, image and likeness purposes.
    I'm happy to see the progress that Mizzou made in baseball this year and I hope it continues going forward. Is it feasible for them to make the SEC tournament? I believe not all teams make it in baseball unlike softball.
    The division champions make the SEC tournament field and then the 10 best teams in terms of conference winning percentage. Right now, Mizzou, Kentucky and Ole Miss all have the same SEC record at 7-14. If the season ended today, only one of those two teams would make the SEC tourney. MU has the head-to-head tiebreaker over UK. The Tigers play at Ole Miss this weekend. The Tigers stand a good chance of making the 12-team field. After Ole Miss, MU hosts Florida (8-13) and then finish up at Georgia (12-9). Mizzou can absolutely win a handful of those nine games and make it to Hoover for the SEC tourney.
    Dave, you don't have to change your business card. What i should have said instead of "elite" was the national media with ties to ESPN, FOX Sports and Yahoo. But just reading your last comment, i think you've been listening to them too much. Just months ago, you said you did not believe in pay for play. And now you've done a 180 and not only want players to go to the higher bidder, but want them to unionize. THis is COLLLEGE! not the pros, this isn't the discussion when players weren't allowed a sandwich, etc for lunch, most fans thought that was wrong, but it's now millions of dollars determining where the players go. I'm a firm believer if you want to get paid turn pro, if not play in college. And i'm betting most fans feel the same way!
    I admit I've gone back and forth on the pay-for-play concept, mostly because I'm not sure it's sustainable for all the sports outside of football and basketball. But if the binary choice is "pay the players a salary with a structured pay system" vs. "pay them nothing and let the highest NIL bidders pay them whatever they want," then I'd rather see a more structured system with contracts and salaries. Yes, it's technically college sports - where some coaches are making $7 to $10 million a year on guaranteed 10-year contracts and the richest conferences are clearing close to $800 million per year in revenue. This is really professional sports with college students as the players.
    Also, I can come up with my own thoughts and opinions without being swayed by national media. Some of those folks are incredibly smart. Others, not so much. I don't need their opinions to form my own.
    “The elite media? What the heck is that?”

    The elite class is the single biggest enemy of this country. People misconstrue that to mean wealthy, but it doesn’t always. Elites are people who think they know best for everyone. It is unbridled arrogance. Most of academia is part of that group, as is the media. Progressives carrying the torch for the moment, but there has always been an elite class that tries to push their world view down on everyone. Soros and his ilk fund it.
    We're sticking to Mizzou and college sports, Jon.
    nil will be the death of college sports
    How so? I don't agree. I can make a case NIL is strengthening college sports and giving college-age students a greater incentive to compete in college sports and thereby creating a stronger product that will entertain more fans and drive up interest in college sports. College basketball is better with Oscar Tshiebwe and Caleb Love. College sports is better with Suni Lee. Did you see the NCAA gymnastics championships TV ratings?
    Dave, serious question here. There have been some well-publicized cases recently of mental health struggles/issues and NCAA athletes. How does the NCAA help with this....or is it up to each school? It seems with the advent of NIL, it's possible you may see the need to additional mental health assistance (Example....booster pays six figures to help woo an athlete who ends up grossly underperforming). We've all seen the ugliness of social media nowadays.
    The NCAA and the conferences and the schools have invested in mental health resources now more than ever. It's been something Greg Sankey has emphasized at the SEC level. Mizzou, too.
    Hi Dave,

    Did you read the recent Twitter/online murmurs of discontent about the athletics department from past employees? Something to be worried about, or just normal drama to be expected? If we aren’t winning at the level of the top programs, I would hope at least we treat our people well.
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