Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    There's no way to know for sure. I had someone from Mizzou ask the same question. And if that person didn't know, I'm not sure how anyone truly knows. Athletes are encouraged to report all their deals to the university for compliance reasons, but I'm not sure every deal is reported. Also, the school isn't obligated to share that information publicly. They are private contracts, not public documents. In fact, I know that some NIL contracts prohibit the company from disclosing financial terms of the deal to the media/public.
    How is the coach handling the lost of a number of in state 4 star players.
    I asked him about it on Monday and wrote about it:

    In his most candid comment of the day, Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz admitted that recruiting in-state talent has been more difficult than he expected.

    “For myself, I thought it would be easier,” Drinkwitz said. “But you’ve got to remind yourself you’re going against some great programs and you’re recruiting against the best. And you’ve got to continue to go get results. It’s no different than a loss. You go in, you evaluate what happened, where we’re behind, what we didn’t do great and how do we improve going forward?”

    “Game’s not over yet,” he said. “It’s not over yet. … I got a tweet this morning (from a fan) that said we need some more commitments. We need people to sign. Signing day is the third Wednesday in December. So we’ll do our jobs. We’ll do our jobs.”

    Hi Dave,
    I know it is only July 21t, but what is the ONE area on the football team that concerns you the most?
    I think it's the defense. Questions concerning the linebacking core and defensive backs.
    I'd say not knowing on July 21 who will play the most important position on is a bigger concern.
    They love Ty'ron Hopper at linebacker. He play one of the two positions. I imagine Chad Bailey and Devin Nicholson will complete/rotate at the other spot. This team has a deep group of safeties: Manuel, Carlies, Charleston, Carnell, Williams. That group is pretty solid. Abrams-Draine should be one of the better corners in the league. Rakestraw is coming back from his knee injury, but he'll be a factor at corner. The staff/players are high on Norwood. I don't know if it's a great secondary by any means, but I'd rate the QB situation as a bigger concern. 
    As conferences consider additional schools, the calculus can be pretty simple. If the per school payout is $35M, does a particular school under consideration add $35M in revenue (or value) to allow the existing schools' slice of the pie stay the same or increase? As I think about this in today's world, I wonder if Mizzou would make the cut if they were still in the Big 12, and considering a move now. It doesn't seem like they would move the needle enough to warrant an invitation. Were they fortunate to move when they did or are there other factors that are still true today that would support the same decision as was made 10 years ago?
    Yes, Mizzou was fortunate to make the move in 2011. I'm not sure the athletics program overall is as appealing now as it was a decade ago - when the football team had won 10 games or more three of the past five seasons, men's hoops was more competitive nationally and the department overall was more stable in terms of leadership/staff continuity. Mizzou just had its lowest finish in the Director's Cup Standings (No. 52) since its first year in the SEC. MU wasn't much better in the late Big 12 years but regularly in the 40s and twice in the 30s (No. 36 in 2009, No. 38 in 2008).
    Dave: With conferences continuing to expand such that teams in football don't play all their other member schools in a season, or for several seasons, at a certain point, what does a conference even mean other than shared revenue (and maybe that's the answer). Basketball teams will essentially only play each other once per season. At a certain point, conference is a just a word, and there's no real sense of how teams stack up against each other.
    Shared revenue, shared TV deals, shared bylaws, shared governance, shared schedules (to a degree, like you mentioned). Yes, it's impossible for every team to play every team every year, but there's still value in belonging to one conference over another.
    I see the D1 council (or whatever it’s called) is supporting unlimited transfers. Is that correct? So essentially free agency. The people running the show have no idea what repercussions are coming. They think they are the smartest people in the room, but are going to ruin the best sport going. Fools.
    Yes, it appears unlimited transfers is going to become the new reality. It's actually been that way for a few years. Most waivers have been accepted. This isn't happening because the NCAA wants teams to turn over their rosters every year; it's more about the legal challenges. If you're going to say that athletes aren't employees, then you can't legally limit their ability to change schools.
    I don't love the idea of players being able to switch schools every year, but that's where we're headed.
    There’s been a lot of talk about the weapons on offense this year (rightly so), but what are your thoughts on the defense with a new DC at the helm? It took half a season for Wilks to get the defense playing great, curious if we should have the same expectation this year. Has Drink talked any about 3 DC’s in 3 years and what effect that has on a team?
    I would expect the transition under Blake Baker to be more natural for the simple reason that he's actually been coaching in the college game for several years - unlike Wilks, who really seemed to struggle to adjust last year. In his first seasons as D-coordinator at Louisiana Tech and Miami, Baker's defenses improved dramatically. That's promising. 
    Here's what Eli had to say earlier this week:
    Baker "has definitely set an expectation for how he expects the defense to play. Blake is a guy that brings incredible passion and energy to the  workplace every single day. He's young, he's vibrant. He definitely knows what he's looking for in this defense. He's taken the collaborative approach with Coach Smith and Coach Peoples and Coach Pogue and Coach Davis and really focused on these were the things that we did well, this is where we got to improve, these are some things that we can do to help our players be more successful. And this is how we can utilize our players' strengths. As a guy who's been designing and calling defenses for really the last seven seasons, I'm excited about what he's going to do for us. He understands the challenges that he's facing. But he's also excited about meeting that opportunity."
    Dave - Thanks for your Tiger coverage, one reason I keep the PD subscription, why has Macon fallen back in the QB competition? He was a 4 star of out E.St. Louis and an early recruiting victory for ED, he seems to have same profile as the 4 star they recently recruited from Washington, seems like an athletic qb with ability to run when needed fits his offense, No?
    Thanks for subscribing. It's much appreciated.
    Recruiting rankings are irrelevant once the player arrives on campus. It's all about how they absorb the offense, making the right decisions, being accurate with the ball. I just haven't seen enough from Macon as a passer to think he passes Cook or Abraham for the job. But maybe he's had a great summer and will make a run at the job in camp.
    But back to the rankings. Not every outlet had Macon as a four-star. 247Sports had him as a three star and ranked him the No. 35 quarterback in his class. That's not an elite ranking. The same site ranks Gabarri Johnson a four star and No. 20 in his class. 
    I hope that the MU Athletic Dept. is providing student-athletes with access to skilled accountants. Otherwise, they may be explaining why the star [insert position here] is being audited/fined/jailed for tax evasion. I can say from experience that the IRS doesn't have a sense of humor.
    Yes, the athletes have resources at Mizzou to help with their taxes.
    If Drink can’t keep the best players in the state home, no one will. Mizzou will be a bottom feeder until one super conference emerges and Mizzou is on the outside looking in with Vandy and Miss State.
    Dave, quick question how were all these so-called experts wrong about how high Sam Horn would be drafted. The press was saying he was a top 100 pick or top 3 rounds. I understand later in the rounds he may have told them not to draft him because he wouldn't sign for the money slotted for that round, but he didn't go early at all. All the speculation just brought out the Mizzou haters and the Mizzou worryers when in the end it was NOT the truth.
    Secondly does the press ever go back to its "sources" and ask why they were so wrong about the information they gave you. thanks!
    I think you're confusing where he was ranked with where he was projected to get drafted. He still very well could have been considered a top 100 prospect my most MLB clubs, but from what I understand, he made it clear he wasn't going to sign a baseball contract unless he fell very early in the draft. Teams clearly knew he wasn't going to sign; hence nobody using a later pick on him. Folks who produce the prospects lists are getting good information.
    If you would cease publishing Jon Rainvold’s tiresome and predictable political commentary I for one wouldn’t mind.
    You should see the comments I don't post.
    That'll do it for today. I've got one last story to write and a flight to catch. Thanks for everyone stopping by. We'll do this again next week.
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