Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

    Alrighty, Mizzou fans. It's the last weekly chat before preseason camp gets started on Monday. The team has not given the media a camp schedule as of today, but we know that the first practice is Monday. Assistant coaches and select players will meet with reporters on Sunday. We'll have lots of coverage over the next month as we gear up for another season of football. Let's dive into your questions.
    Mizzou had the TUTOR scandal a couple of years ago for which they receive a one year probation. Tennessee is accused of 18 major violations with $60,000 of impermissable payments. College sports is now in the NIL era with Alabama’s Heisman trophy QB receiving a million $$$ NIL deal. A KSt basketball player transferred to some college after receiving a $800,000 NIL deal (plus a car). Kansas has skated past their allegations long enough to win another trophy for what seems to me similar to the current charges against TN. So what penalties will TN receive in the ERA of NIL? $60,000 in impermissable payments is a lot less than the NIL deals being floated around by Alabama, TXAM and presumably all the pereniel contenders for the National Championship. I’m OK with paying the players but it seems to me college football is turning itself into a semipro league preparing players for the pros. Seems to me MIzzou’s one year probation will end up being rather harsh compared to what sanctions TN will get.
    Keep in mind you're talking about a lot of different kind of violations here. They're not all created equally. The NCAA views academic violations differently than illegal recruiting benefits. Mizzou turned itself in on the academic charges. Other schools have been more resistant. 
    What happened at Tennessee is a unique case because the school did an exhaustive investigation hoping to find exactly what it found because the violations allowed the school to avoid paying Jeremy Pruitt a $12 million buyout. Had Pruitt been a more successful coach, the school clearly wouldn't have been so ambitious to uncover all the misdeeds. It was strategic on UT's part, a cost-cutting measure. They'll be ready to absorb the punishment because they knew it was a sacrifice worth making to get rid of Pruitt and avoid paying his buyout. Plus, everyone involved in the allegations has already been fired or moved away from UT. That will likely mitigate the punishments. Tennessee has reportedly self-imposed some recruiting restrictions and scholarship reductions. The case isn't expected to to be resolved until next year, so unless the Vols self-impose a bowl ban - I wouldn't expect that - they'll play in the postseason this year. Interestingly, UT hired NCAA investigator Michael Glazier, who also worked with the Mizzou tutor case, to lead the investigation. 
    And keep in mind what Tennessee allegedly did this time would still be considered illegal under the new NIL laws. Coaches and coaches' wives can't directly pay for extra benefits. 
    I was reading what the big 10 commissioner was saying about building a super conf from coast to coast. Sec would follow that lead and schools like Mizzou and Vandy would be subtracted since they are considered as second tier programs. You agree
    No. I don't see the SEC cutting member schools.
    Congrats to all three Cardinals who made their own health decisions. While the vaccines provide some protection, they were wildly oversold by our public health establishment and political class. Young, healthy people did not/do not face serious risks from Covid and should not be required to take the vaccine. Mask and vaccine mandates had failed repeatedly and it is laughable that they are being enforced in any country. That said, perhaps it is time for MLB to reconsider having teams outside the US. While the US has the same policy for international entry, unvaccinated citizens move freely domestically. Relocate Toronto to Nashville and be done with our socialist hat.

    The far more egregious issue is the expired passport. While it is a failure by the player, I would expect the team to manage that issue every year. Someone should lose their job for that.
    Jon, you took a wrong turn somewhere in the Internet. This is the Mizzou Chat.
    Why is Jeff Gordon so scared of John Tortorella??
    Huh? I don't know what you're talking about Gordo does his chat on Fridays.
    Any thoughts about what happens to some of the second rank teams in the SEC, Big10 as realignment and consolidation moves forward? Do you see scenarios where teams like Northwester, Vanderbilt, Missouri are forced out of the big conferences to allow for others to join?
    I don't understand why folks are so worried about this. Nobody from the conferences has made any comment, suggestion or indication that the leagues are going to jettison members. Last week I posted the SEC bylaws: It would take 10 of the other 13 members to vote somebody out of the conference. I don't see that happening. Leagues are getting bigger, not smaller.
    I asked Drinkwitz last week if he's heard anything about this discussion, that's mostly fueled by fans on social media and some actual media members just casually throwing out ideas. "Like maybe a trade? I'll ask Greg (Sankey) today if he's ever thought about trading a team out of this conference. That would be a new one for us."
    Why doesn't Mizzou sell naming rights for the football stadium and basketball arena? It seems like a simple way to generate some revenue for the athletic department.
    Try Googling "Paige Arena." 
    I imagine the university still has scar tissue from that episode. 
    We're underdogs going in to many games against teams with new coaches, or teams that we've been good against in recent years. We weren't terrible last year, but we're being picked to be second to last in the division. It looks like it is assumed that all teams except Mizzou have gotten better. We picked up a lot in the transfer portal, and Lovett, Luper, Burden and Dove all looked good at the spring game. Florida has a new coach, Harsin is massively on the hot seat, nobody knows how spencer rattler will actually perform at SC, and I'm just never sold on TN (for good reason I believe, they're as bad as nebraska with the "we're back" talk). Do you feel Mizzou is being evaluated too low? Seems like it to me, esp considering the rather large questions around other schools
    Considering I picked the Tigers sixth in the East on my ballot, no, I don't think they're being slotted too low.
    Like Ben and I said on the podcast yesterday: Quarterbacks drive the discussion. And when you don't know who your QB is on Aug.1 ... when you go 0 for 3 on Power Five transfer QBs .... when you're on your third defensive coordinator in three years ... when you've been outscored by 118 points in two seasons and by 21 points in more than a quarter of your games ... the expectations should be measured, at best, going into 2022.
    Tennessee returns major pieces from a record-setting offense. South Carolina was better than anyone expected last year - and added a Power Five transfer who threw for 3,000 yards and 28 TDs two years ago. 
    I like a lot of the pieces Mizzou added this offseason. I think Blake Baker has been an instant upgrade at D coordinator. The playmakers at receiver have a ton of upside. But if I'm asked to rank the East teams 1 through 7 based on what we actually know about their rosters AND who they each play this year, it's hard for me to put Mizzou anywhere but sixth. If the South Carolina game were in Columbia West, I'd probably switch those two teams on my ballot.
    But, like I said on the podcast, I'm excited to cover this camp and this season because there are so many unknowns that will unfold over time - and those teams can be the most interesting to write about if they're full of surprises.
    0.0% chance the SEC wants to get rid of Mizzou. They didn't add us because they thought we would win championships. We were added for multiple reasons, including the KC and STL TV markets and academics. We have had a few rough years in football but we have also won our division more times in the past 10 years that most other teams in the east. Basketball has been a disappointment for sure but that isn't getting us kicked out no more than basketball is going to get kU added. I think the SEC hoped we would be mid-range performers in the two revenue sports, with a surge now and again, and to maintain our academic standing and TV market share. .
    Agreed. These membership decisions aren't based on the most recent standings. If the SEC started kicking out programs based on football division titles, then why are A&M, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Vandy still in the league?
    don't you have someone monitoring the posts? Jon, really?
    I do the monitoring, and trust me, a lot of questions don't see the site.
    has basketball passed football for positive juju?
    It's hard to compare because basketball hype is based mostly on blind faith. Dennis Gates has put together a roster - did anyone think he wouldn't? - but the bulk of these players have never played in a high-major program. He's off to a nice start in recruiting. There is a buzz, for sure. 
    But Drinkwitz captured a similar buzz a couple years ago and kept it going with his recruiting success. 
    The good news is, eventually, we'll be able to measure their success by results and not just juju and buzz. 
    Hi Dave, The reason two chatters brought up Mizzou being asked to leave the SEC is because Jeff Gordon put it in print this morning that Vandy, Mizzou and Miss State could possibly be jettisoned for other more appealing schools. Thank goodness you're the Mizzou beat writer. Deaton, Alden and Pinkel made the right move years ago. Thanks for doing your chats.
    I just don't see that happening. What has Ole Miss or South Carolina achieved in football that Missouri has not?
    “I don't understand why folks are so worried about this”

    I think this in the spectrum of potential outcomes, though not the most likely. But it won’t be conferences ejecting member schools. Instead it would be Alabama and Georgia and LSU saying to Ohio State and Michigan and USC, “hey we all have way more in common with each other than Vandy, South Carolina, Indiana, Mizzou, etc.”

    The potential of a net-new super conference is very real, though not the mostly likely outcome IMO. It can’t be dismissed though. EVERYTHING is changing. You can’t rationally say this is a bridge too far because there is no bridge too far in the NWO of college sports.

    IF it were to happen, the question is how many teams. Anything under 32 likely leaves Mizzou on the outside looking in. The only upside to this would be the only real opportunity in North American sports for promotion/relegation. It actually sets up perfectly.

    See, I can stay on topic when I choose to.
    I'm not ruling out any scenarios. There's just zero indication that the leagues are going to start subtracting teams. These conferences can't even agree on a playoff format or when to play or not to play during a pandemic. And we're supposed to  believe they'll suddenly coalesce into one 32-team super league? Maybe that's the end game. But we're far from that happening.
    Connor Bazelak really struggled in conference play after the UK game last year, and Mizzou still managed a top 4 finish in the SEC East. Do you anticipate that dramatic a dropoff to this year's QB crop to warrant a 6-place finish? That's 1 or 2 conference wins.
    A top-four finish in a seven-team division? Do you get a banner for that? That's also a bottom-four finish.
    Bazelak had better games statistically late in the year against Vandy and South Carolina, so I'm not sure I buy the notion that he only struggled after the UK game. 
    To me, this looks like a 6-6 team, maybe 7-5 with an SEC record of 3-5 or 4-4. So, either way that's not a dramatic drop-off from 6-6 and 3-5 last year. 
    So, I have all but convinced myself that without a strong TE candidate from what I have read about the team lately, that Dom Lovett will be the yards and receptions leader this season barring injury, your thoughts?
    I think he's got a chance to have a big year. Looked much more natural in the slot during the spring. I'll have my eyes on him in camp.
    Good day to you Dave, and hope all is well your way.
    Hey Dave, can the chatters on here who are sane, rational, and no matter what their political beliefs are, know to keep that stuff at the proverbial door to your weekly chat sessions, cast their votes to have a certain chatter with the initials JR voted off the island? Heck, I say why not even make it one of your poll questions that you sometimes do!
    Any updates on season ticket sales?
    I asked the department a week ago and all they'll say is sales are ahead of last year's pace and single-game tickets go on sale Monday. I don't anticipate any more detailed answers, short of filing open records requests.
    RE: conferences kicking teams out, do future CFB revenue projections include sports betting revenue? If so, having large inventory (i.e. more teams) is key to maximizing those profits.
    Is WR Lovett the third best receiver on this team? Dove and Burden top two
    I'd say the list starts with those three for sure. Don't overlook Banister. All he does is get open, catch everything thrown his way and moves the chains. He doesn't have the size, speed or athleticism as others, but he's a valuable part of this offense - and far more proven than most.
    Hi, Mr. Matter. I'm looking forward to another great year of coverage from you on Mizzou football and other sports. My question: which freshman football player do you expect to have the most impact this season? Also, the posts of Jon Rainvold and ROn have me wondering., Is it a full moon tonight? I'd say something stronger, but that likely would get me kicked off the chat.
    Luther Burden is the obvious No. 1 answer. He's got a chance to be the best freshman receiver in the SEC if not the country.
    I'm interested to see what Tavorus Jones can bring to the running back group. There are only so many carries to go around there, but he's someone the staff likes a lot.
    Can Marquis Gracial earn a role in the D-tackle rotation? Lots of older guys ahead of him and he'll face a transition after playing Class 4 football at St. Charles High.
    Maybe DJ Wesolak pushes some of the other young edge rushers to get a job on the D-line behind the two senior leaders. 
    Not sure about the other wideouts, Mekhi Miller and Ja'Marion Wayne. Lots of veterans ahead of them, though Miller looked like he could help this team back in the spring.
    I think Drinkwitz is a great recruiter. But how do you see him in regards to being a good coach? Not including recruiting, what would you say is his biggest strength and and biggest weakness as head coach?
    He clearly knows offensive football. I'm hesitant calling anyone an offensive genius who has a smaller body of work, but when you hear him talk about the Xs and Os, he knows his stuff. I think he's got a knack for the p.r. game and is a natural when it comes to interacting with the fans, both in person and through social media.
    It's fair to say he has more to prove in terms of managing his staff. Lots of staff turnover the last couple years. Is that any kind of reflection on his hiring practices or his management style? Hard to know without being inside the program on a daily basis, but the program could benefit from more continuity there. 
    I'm glad to hear that you don't think that the SEC is eager to eliminate Mizzou--as some of us are afraid they might do-- perhaps mainly due to the TV market factor alone. But Dave, the powers-that-be who run the conference nonetheless have to be displeased with the massive numbers of empty seats they see at both Mizzou football & basketball games--don't you think so?
    How do those empty seats impact the league? That's Mizzou revenue being lost, not SEC revenue. Is the SEC concerned with empty seats at Vandy or Ole Miss? Every league has bad teams that draw fewer fans. I don't see attendance challenges as being a major concern for the folks in Birmingham.
    Dave, thanks as always for the chats. Definitely a highlight of my week. Any truth to the rumors I’m hearing that HFBCED has hired his wife to work in the compliance dept in the athletic dept?
    I know he reads the chat occasionally, so hopefully he understands you're joking, right?
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