Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    FYI, on Saturday the men's basketball program will open the doors at Mizzou Arena for a free open practice from 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    Any chance if Horn is clearly projected to the starter next year that Cook moves to being a slot/possession receiver ala Barrett Bannister? He's got the size and speed.

    You made a previous comment " Drinkwitz tells the TV announcers more than he tells the media covering him". Why? I get the feeling Drinkwitz is positioning himself for a higher profile coaching job down the road endearing himself to national media maybe?
    Most coaches want better jobs that pay more money, but that's not why  Drinkwitz is sharing info with the SEC Network's third-string broadcast team.
    This might be a little inside baseball, but here's how it works.
    It's the same with for NFL coaches. You ever notice the broadcasters talk about things the head coach told them in their production meetings? They're sharing more info with the TV crew than they generally share with their local media. 
    As for Drinkwitz, he meets with the announcers much later in the week than he meets with local media, sometimes Friday afternoons. So, by then he knows more about injury updates. But also, when you're sitting in a room with a couple broadcasters and a producer - or on Zoom - you're more likely to share some details that maybe you won't say at a podium during a formal press conference that's televised live on SEC Network. It's understood in those production meetings that they won't share the info until the game starts - in other words once it's too late for the opponent to learn anything. But anything Drinkwitz tells the local media at his weekly presser on Tuesdays will find its way to the opponent immediately.
    That's just the way it works.
    Lots of love for Josh Heupel now. Seems like he has done a job anywhere he has been. But as I recall he was kind of a jerk when he left Mizzou. Didn’t he say goodbye to his former players via text? He aso left early (took the OL coach with him) and skipped the bowl prep although Scott Frost and staff stayed to coach UCF through their bowl. Texas Bowl was first in 3 years for Mizzou which they lost scoring only 16 points when they averaged nearly 40. Why the rush to leave?

    Mizzou more than tripled his salary when they hired him away from Utah State. Odom handed him the keys to the offense (which included a future All-SEC and NFL QB) and didn’t make him ease up on his fast pace even when the defense needed some rest. Did he ever publicly thank Mizzou and/or Odom for the opportunity? Did Odom even know he was a candidate for the UCF job before he resigned?

    Dave, you were closer to it. What did you think?

    PS> Thought Kirby Smart acted like a jerk at the post game handshake this year too!
    Odom wasn't upset Heupel left. He understood it was a job he couldn't pass up. You don't pass on a chance to become a head coach even if it means leaving before a bowl game. Drinkwitz left Appalachian State before coaching in its bowl game. I believe he did the same when he left NC State for App State. 
    Odom wasn't happy that Glen Elarbee left, too, but mostly because he initially said he'd stay at Mizzou. That clearly bothered Odom.
    There's no great way to leave sometimes. You can't tell every player in person you're leaving before the news breaks. It's just impossible in this age of instant news. Sometimes the group text becomes a necessary evil.
    What did you make of the Burden mess on instagram from a few weeks ago. Seemed to scrub Mizzou from all his social medias and sent out a cryptic message. Was he disgruntled and changed his mind about entering the portal or was this just an overreaction by the fanbase to him implying something else?
    It's what college kids do. It was hardly original. They learned it from the athletes they look up to. Kevin Durant has done the same thing. Russell Wilson, too. This is how a frustrated athlete reacts in 2022.
    Here's how someone close to the situation explained it to me: For parts of two years during COVID these college freshmen only interacted with the world via social media - and they were just high school kids at the time. They've grown up on social media. It's all they know. They don't really talk on the phone. Many of them have no idea how to talk to people in person. Their world is Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. So, when they get upset, they rush to social media and express themselves there knowing full well it will get a reaction from the public. 
    Again, Luther Burden didn't invent this behavior. The richest, most successful pro athletes have done the same - and it usually means zilch. LSU's No. 1 wide receiver did the same thing after their Week 1 loss to Florida State. Everyone overreacted and assumed he was done at LSU. And a few weeks later he was named an LSU team captain.
     It's the way of the world in 2022.
    Do uniforms move the recruiting needle these days? I can’t imagine that they do. If not, then who cares? Or is it just a matter of keeping up with the recruiting competition? PennState seems to do OK.
    Oklahoma changes uniforms all the time. Ohio State has alternate uniforms. Heck, Notre Dame changes up its uniforms several times a year. It's a business. The more uniforms you have, the more you can sell. And,  yes, recruits like the variety. Current players do, too.
    Did we just get a Brady Quinn reference?
    It was a while ago, but I believe so.
    I was hoping for Aidan Quinn.
    It looks like Gates has already courted three 4* recruits for this upcoming class. Other than the Michael Porter year, is this the best Mizzou recruiting class in recent memory? Is there any other names youve been hearing that we should be watching for in thsi recruiting cycle?
    I believe it would indeed be the highest-ranked class of high school recruits since Martin's first year. But I don't have all the rankings at my fingertips right now.
    I like the idea of playing Horn if the game is going as expected and we’re in control late. But I’d rather see Macon get an opportunity if Cook and the offense are struggling. I’d be worried about putting Horn in a position to fail, especially behind a bad offensive line.
    What's the saying, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."
    I'm just not sure all this QB talk is going to lead to any changes. There's no reason Cook should struggle against this Vandy defense. 
    OK, folks. I'm out of time. Look for a new story from Calum McAndrew on Friday and more from me before Saturday's game. BenFred and I are recording a new podcast that should be available tomorrow morning. Have a good one.
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