Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

  • Dave

    I was wondering how the situation with Sterk transpired: did he go to Choi’s office, oblivious of what gonna happen and then Choi said : your fired, and if you know what’s good for you , sign this document (maybe not as dramatic, but still)?
    I don't know the very specifics. But as I wrote yesterday, Sterk was scheduled to appear at a golf booster outing in Kansas City and had to cancel so he could meet with the president. Another department head went in his place to Kansas City. Both Choi and Sterk declined my interview requests the last couple days. Sterk politely declined and just said he wasn't ready to talk yet, which I respect. 
    Put it this way: This was not expected on Sterk's part AT ALL as of a couple weeks ago. 
    What are reasonable expectations for Elijah Young this year? Do you think he could end up with more carries than Badie?
    I'd be surprised if he gets more carries than Badie unless there's an injury or Young just takes off and proves he's the better option. Drinkwitz has used the term running back committee. If that's the plan, then I wouldn't expect either of them to get a huge amount of carries like Rountree did last year.
    Dave - I always thought Oklahoma St. was tied to any conference move with Oklahoma? Where does Oklahoma St. end up? I have to give them credit - they have built a consistent top 25 teams in football and basketball - and they have a state of the art football facilities. Thank You
    Oklahoma State is a solid football program, solid hoops program, great golf program. But whatever notion there was to any legal attachment to Oklahoma seems to have disappeared in this round of realignment. I still consider OSU to be a power conference program, but I don't think it's strong another to anchor a power conference. Same with Texas Tech or Kansas or Baylor ... or anyone left in the Big 12. If the Big 12 poaches from other leagues, OSU would be positioned to have the best football program - but are the Pokes attractive enough for the Pac-12 to pursue? I'm not sold.
    Dave: The idea of trading Florida and Georgia for Texas and Oklahoma as you have suggested could be a possibility makes my heart sink. It's been a decade now. I have no emotional ties to old Big 12 teams (other than KU basketball). I like Mizzou going up against Georgia and Florida--it just feels like there's more prestige there--because there is. Texas has a brand, but not much behind it over the last decade. Oklahoma is more known for their big losses than big wins. I'm worried that Mizzou is going to get stuck in a Big 12 division with some SEC throw-ins.
    Personally, I think you're underestimating Oklahoma. It's arguably the fourth or fifth best program in the country behind Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia. 
    BenFred said if he were on the hiring committe he's make West Virginia's AD say now, then switch to Baker if that didn't pan out. Would those two be at the top of your AD wish list or is there another candidate you'd like to see MU pursue?

    Additionally, how long do you see this search taking? It seems like it's odd for MU to fire the AD without a replacement lined up to take over.
    I touched on the timeline earlier. Scroll down to check that out.
    If I'm making this hire, I call Ross Bjork and gauge his interest. Yes, he's at Texas A&M, one of the most powerful programs in college sports with more resources than anyone. But there's a lot of drama on that campus and a lot of folks who want to be the boss. He's a Midwestern guy (from Kansas). His wife Sonya is from Dexter, Missouri. He learned the industry from Mike Alden. He knows the fan base. He knows the state. He's been at big-time schools: UCLA, Miami, Ole Miss, A&M. He also makes a lot of $. About $1.2 million. 
    Bjork would register as the big swing Mizzou wants to take. 
    I've poked around. There's a time when Bjork would have walked to Columbia to take over here. But in 2021, he's a long shot. It's hard to walk away from his situation at A&M. Plus, does Mizzou have the cash to essentially double what they were paying Sterk? There's more money on its way with SEC expansion, but keep in mind, if Drinkwitz is the guy you think/hope he is, at some point you'll have to pay him more than $4 million. 
    From there, there's a lot to like about Shane Lyons, BenFred's choice. Wren Baker would do an outstanding job at Mizzou. He'd supply the morale boost the department needs. He'd raise money and find ways to tap into new revenue sources. He's also paid highly enough, sharp enough and young enough (42) to be choosy with his next job. 
    Mark Alnutt would be a strong candidate - not based on his MU ties but based on the job he's done at Buffalo. He's going to have a good P5 job sooner than later. 
    Dave, Longhorns recruited 47 4 star players and 5 5 star players in the past 3 years but havent sniffed the playoffs. Is that on Tom Bowl Herman, or entitled UT players or both?
    I don't know that program internally enough to have a great feel. Herman couldn't get the most out of that situation like people thought he could. He was a really polarizing guy. Maybe one of those coaches who's clearly a very intelligent and charismatic person but that always doesn't translate into running a structured, disciplined, functional team. He reminds me some of a young Quin Snyder. Quin had the intellect and the passion to be a big winner at Mizzou but was missing other key ingredients when it came to building a consistently running operation.
    Does Baylor & TCU find a new home?
  • They'll have a conference to call home. But it might not be on the same platform as the SEC, Big Ten or ACC.
  • Dave
    It appears President Choi is the one who gave Sterk the short haircut. Who is this guy, where did he come from?
    He's been in place for nearly five years as president of the UM system. He's since merged that position with MU's chancellor position, so he's arguably the most powerful campus leader the school has had in a long, long time. 
    Here's more from his official bio: 

    Before serving as the UM System president, Dr. Choi’s 25-year career in higher education included serving as assistant and associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (1994-2000), department head of mechanical engineering and mechanics at Drexel University (2000-2008), then dean of engineering at the University of Connecticut (UConn) (2008-2012). Later, he took on the role of provost and executive vice president at UConn (2012-2017).

    Dave: The departure of Sterk feels very Mizzou. Just at a time when things seems to have stablized--overcoming the softball coach controversy, well-past the weird Mack Rhoades one and done, CM making the program respectable again, Drinkwitz seemingly like exactly the right guy, etc.--the powers that be decide, "So much for stability, let's shakes things up again."

    To be perfectly honest, while I believe there's a solid chance that Mizzou makes a good hire for the new AD, I believe there's just as a good a chance they bungle it. I know that's my Mizzou paranoia speaking, so talk me down if you would, please.
    Yes, on the field Mizzou teams have found some stability. But internally that power struggle has been simmering since the Drinkwitz hire. There was a tremendous uneasy sense around the department the day Drinkwitz was introduced as head coach. Everyone in the room who read the coverage here and PowerMizzou - at least those who believed what we reported - understood that the hiring process got clunky. That day, Choi and the curators were going above and beyond to praise Sterk. It seemed hollow at the time - and others who understood what had unfolded knew why. Then, Sterk had that awkward but brief dalliance with UCF and Alex Cartwright. The cracks in the foundation were there to see - and it soon became clear he wasn't getting an extension even though he was hitting the stage in his contract where you're either part of future plans or a lame duck. I'm just not sure Sterk had enough allies in his corner.
    The new AD will need to navigate NIL and fundraise we know this. Other than renewing contracts and potentially hiring new hoops coach down the road what else is there for the AD to do? I know Pinkel always wanted to see cranes but it seems like all the facility upgrade are already in motion.

    So Dave what would you like to see from the next AD???
    The best media access in the SEC!
    I understand your question, but the AD's job performance doesn't have much of any bearing on my life. 
    As for what fans should want, you should hope for someone who connects with the fans much like the way Drinkwitz has connected with the fans. And not just the diehards. Those folks are buying tickets regardless. Sterk made it a priority to visit all the counties in the state and assign Mizzou ambassadors with their boots on the ground in each county to help promote the program and provide feedback. That was smart. Now, the next AD needs to do more of the same but perhaps make stronger connections with those folks. That requires help from a dynamic staff, too. Mizzou needs a stronger fan base. That's the only way MU will thrive in the SEC. More butts in seats. More dollars flowing into the coffers. That's how you afford nice things. 
    Thanks for doing this. I’m 63…family native St. Louis and but now spread over the Midwest. I’ve never fully understood how Nebraska was able to move to the Big Ten but not Mizzou. For a lot of reasons I still think the Big Ten is a better fit for MU (compared to the SEC). Why, exactly, was Mike Alden unsuccessful in his attempt to gain admission to the Big Ten?
    Because the Big Ten didn't offer what Mizzou wanted and ultimately wasn't as sold on Mizzou. It was widely reported that Big Ten newcomers had to take in a lesser share of the conference revenue. That was never the case in the SEC, where the shared revenue is split evenly for everyone. Maybe the Big Ten is a better fit geographically and culturally, but when the last round of expansion was moving fast, it wasn't the right fit at the right time.
    Does coach Drinkwitz have a history of utilizing his TE position with his play calling? Looks like we have a couple good TEs and I was curious how much Drink uses them or gets them involved.
    I'm not sold on Mizzou's tight ends being a huge plus for this offense at least in terms of the passing game. Parker is a helluva blocker on the edge. He's not a dynamic receiving threat. Hea did some good things catching the ball last year and figures to keep that role this year. I'm not sure any of the experienced guys are true difference makers in this league. Drinkwitz has had years where the tight end barely gets any catches. Other years where they were more involved in the passing game. It really just depends on the personnel and how it compares to the talent and depth at receiver.
    Dave Cleo, who is the next AD? Also please give your top 3.
    Dave do you see any path where the Big 10 opens up Pandora on alignment and say Texas A&M and Missouri would get an invite to join along with say a couple of prime ACC members?
    My email inbox gets this question about once every couple days and frankly I've run out fo ways to answer it. 
    In a word, no. Mizzou isn't leaving the SEC. No, no, no.
    MU has a football coach who was born and bred to coach in the SEC. He's not sticking around if MU should for some reason would want to leave the SEC for the Big Ten. 
    Where does this Big Ten yearning come from? Because a schedule of Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota would be easier than Oklahoma, Texas, LSU and the Mississippi schools? Is this all about easier football schedules? Then why does everyone want to only play noncon games against Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, etc? I can't keep up. Are easier schedules better or harder schedules? 
    Of all the people you were able to interview during sec media days, who impressed you most and why?
    Case Cook was a pleasant surprise. Far more personable and interesting than he's been in four years at Mizzou.
    Dave will you be at every fall football practice or is the media limited to certain days?
  • We can cover about seven practices, I believe. That's obviously not every practice, but I'll be there any time there's media access. 
    By the way, the first practice is Aug. 6, next Friday. That one will be open to the media 
    When Mizzou joined the SEC, did we have forfeit some bowl revenue or something the first year? If so, would the same be applied to TX and OU?
    Missouri did not collect Big 12 revenue its final year in the league and missed out on about $12.4 million. Too early to know what happens with OU and Texas because there might not be a Big 12 when those schools officially depart.
    Ticket Sales are booming, people are excited about what's happening in football. Is Mizzou football on the upswing? Could Mizzou be a factor on the SEC in a year or two?
    I picked Mizzou third in the SEC East for this season. The roster and recruiting is built for 2022 to be more of a breakout year, in my opinion, in terms of really pushing the top teams in the division. But you never truly know. Nobody expected 2013 to unfold the way it did for Mizzou.
    Hi Dave. As someone who had a work life like you in the sense of a man who at times had to drop other priorities I had or walk out in the middle of a wonderful family time to “attend to business” I send you these questions …..What were you involved with or looking forward to do when Sterk’s leaving became known ? Any other hot news times in the past that you had to drop something nice you were involved in to take care of breaking news that you want to share with us. Your time becomes the jobs time but it sure is difficult with the personal life sometimes.
    I was driving when I first got a tip about Sterk and couldn't get to my phone but finally got word in the parking lot at my kid's preschool. Then promptly raced home to post a story and make some calls. 
    The worst-timed story was in 2012. My wife and I were in Omaha to see Bruce Springsteen on a Thursday night. (I was still at the Columbia paper.) Word got out that Sheldon Richardson had been suspended. I spent desert at a nice steakhouse and then the first few songs of the opening set punching out a story on my phone and sending it into the editors to publish. (My wife still hasn't forgiven him for screwing up a pretty special date night.) But I saw most of the show. All good.  
    So from what I read it looks like Sterk was asked to leave, giving him his remaining 2 year salary. What is the reason why he was asked to leave? Why now?
    I don't have the specific words President Choi used in that conversation, but I've touched on the reasons explained to me from multiple university sources. Here's the essence from Tuesday's story: 

    University leadership views this as an opportunity to hire a dynamic, aggressive leader who can guide MU through all the new challenges that are now part of college sports and the Southeastern Conference. In other words, university president Mun Choi and the Board of Curators will look for the AD version of football coach Eli Drinkwitz. Someone who’s innovative, bold, charismatic. A visionary.

    “We want to think big,” one high-ranking source said Monday. “It’s about the future.”

  • Any thoughts on Addison Potts decommitting from Mizzou women's basketball. Is it a case of her thinking she can land with a bigger program or do you think some recent recruits persuaded her to look elsewhere?
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