Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Join Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter for his live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Dave Matter in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Greetings, chatters. I'm here for the next couple of hours. Let's get to it.
    I read your article that Coach Hanson is leaving for Bosie State as offensive coordinator at a salary of $400,000. Which is $150,000. Less than he is making at Missouri. Do you take this move as a sign he wanted to have complete control over calling plays vs the situation with Drink.
    Would you describe to your knowledge how our football coach is handling recruiting on the portal. Does the recruiting start with a phone call and if interest is shown flying the athlete to Columbia or does the coach fly to the athlete? This almost seems a little like the NFL draft.
    Bush Hamdan.
    Drinkwitz was mildly surprised by Bush's move. I reached out to Bush last night but haven't heard back. I suspect he figured he wasn't going to be promoted to offensive coordinator/play-caller beyond the bowl game, and this was his opportunity to get an OC job - at his alma mater, no less to work with a former teammate in Boise head coach Andy Avalos. 
    I'd like to go on the record with my vote for new Offensive Coordinator/QB coach: Bryan Ellis, Georgia Southern. I'm not aware of any connection between him and Drinkwitz, so I'm not betting on it happening, but he looks like an up and comer. Do you have any ideas on who Drinkwitz might be considering to replace Hamden?
    Too early to tell on who he'll hire. He can bring in an established QB coach and give him a coordinator title. Or he could just hire a QB coach and once again not have a designated coordinator. Ellis has good credentials for a young OC but no idea if he's someone Drinkwitz would want to hire. I still think it's unlikely he hires someone to come in and completely revamp the offense. He'll still have a major influence over the system they run.
    So many things to ask but I will keep it short. In your opinion, should Gates be a little more forth coming when it comes to Isiah Mosley, I mean the fan base was very excited about getting a top 10 portal transfer. Kansas game the guard play was horrible and Isiah never played. Every thing I read from Mizzou fans is why isn't Isiah playing, has to be so much more to this then Gates is saying. I also read where a writer that covers SEC basketball said Mizzou was the most undisciplined offensive team in the SEC. , And this type of defense against high level teams will not work and he can see SEC teams scoring a 100 points against this chance taking defense. I had us winning 17 but pretty concerned winning SEC games will be very difficult. If Central Florida beats us bad we are in for a long conference season. Central Florida is very good. Thanks
    Missouri hadn't turned the ball over very much until the Kansas game and was one of most efficient shooting teams in the country. So not sure where the undisciplined comment comes from. They had a bad day against Kansas - as most KU opponents do. It doesn't ruin the season, but it might have exposed some glaring weaknesses that were harder to uncover during the 9-0 start. I thought their decisions on offense at times led to easy KU baskets in transition. Mizzou has to be the team that scores easy baskets - not the other way around.
    As for Mosley, BenFred and I addressed the topic yesterday on our podcast. A little more clarity on the situation might be in the best interest of Mosley and the team considering some of the wild conspiracy theories I've read from fans in the last couple weeks. If some of the things I've heard second-hand are true, I think fans would be more sympathetic toward the situation - and more understanding. Jimmy Dykes said on the TV broadcast last week that Mosley wasn't at the practice Dykes attended before the KU game. If there's a personal issue in his life that's keeping him from attending practice, that would explain why he's not playing in some games. He was in the practice gym yesterday putting up shots with teammates and managers before the team's practice. 
    Good morning, Dave. What does your reporting and insight tell you about Coach Hamdan's departure to Boise State? Your reporting says he apparently is taking a $150k drop in salary, which to the common man/woman seems extraordinary. Thought he and HCED were tight? What do we need to know to square the circle here?
    I touched on this earlier. He's getting a coordinator title at his alma mater. Hamdan has made a lot of money in his career for a guy who's only 36 years old. He likely got a massive buyout from University of Washington when he was fired there in 2019. A drop in pay in exchange for a coordinator title is not out of the ordinary.
    One more for today. Sadden to read about the passing of Mike Leach. College football needs more Coach Leachs without question and maybe fewer Nick Sabans and Jimbo Fishers. I do hope others are ready to pick-up The Pirate's thinking regarding ending this NIL, transfer portal nonsense and moving towards simply admitting what the sport has become. A professional game. Players are professionals and the relationship with the various universities should reflect that. Contracts, waiver wires, DFA/cut from the roster status, multi-year scholarships, free agent signings, and so forth.

    BTW, what ever happened to the lawsuit that Craig James' family filed against Leach while their son was playing for Coach Leach at Texas Tech? Happiest of holidays to you and yours.
    Very sad week indeed with the loss of Mike Leach. That said, I'd say Nick Saban has been very good for college football. What makes the sport great is you can have different sorts of personalities running different programs and all aiming for the same prizes. 
    Leach's initial lawsuit against Texas Tech for wrongful termination was dismissed, but he sued again and I believe that case remains unresolved. 
    I was listening to your Eye on the Tigers podcast, great listen as always, and I found your comments on Isaiah Moseley very interesting. Wishing him the best and hope whatever the personal things he's dealing with go well for him.

    My question, is if Moseley has extra eligibility for next season if he chooses to return or is this it for him. Seems that this season may end up being a wash for him but id still love to see his potential if he can come back.
    He has another year of eligibility after this current season.
    Couple of questions:
    1. What is the likelihood that some MU players participate in the bowl game and then enter the portal or NFL draft after the game?
    2. Is it possible that players have already made a decision about the portal or draft, other than the ones we know of, and that information has not been released to the media?

    Trying to get an idea about the construction of the bowl roster and next year's team roster.
  • Yes, there could be players who decide to enter the portal after spending five days in Tampa. The portal remains open for several weeks in January. It's a mystery still as to who will stay and who will go. We know Jayden Jernigan and Kris Abrams-Draine will be back.
    KAD says he's returning, good news, any thoughts/ideas on Robinson, Little Hopp, Carlies, Mevis, etc?
    Dove, coming back?
    Nothing to report yet. We haven't interviewed players since the Arkansas game three weeks ago.
    Have NFL evaluations been returned to players? When is the deadline to submit for the draft?
    Players are getting their draft evaluations back now from what I understand. The deadline to enter the draft is Jan. 16.
    Hi Dave. Seems Mizzou women’s basketball is off to a good start despite the exodus from last year’s team. I thought Coach P was on thin ice. Lots of season left obviously. Thoughts on SEC season???
    Strong start so far. They've lost to the only ranked team they've played but it was mostly competitive until a drought in the third quarter. They've beaten two high-major teams in Wake Forest and Arizona State. Not exactly powerhouses but that's good for the postseason credentials. They're No. 32 in the NCAA's NET rankings. That's very solid. Here's where this team was smart with scheduling: They played beatable teams away from home, so you get the NET reward for playing away from home but the games weren't against elite teams. They've gone 4-1 outside of Columbia. Regardless who played, that's going to help their strength of schedule.
    Dave, really concerned about the coaching of C. Gates. When commentator Jimmy Dykes is shocked about the simple breakdowns on defense, it is really concerning. This comes down to coaching defense. How can we be that bad after 10 games and all the practices? In contrast look at 1st year CJans at Miss St. They have held every team to under 60 points, including holding Utah to 49, Marquette to 55 and Minnesota to 51. Lastly, your article on Dickey Nutt was great but concerning. How can C Gates have an assistant that experienced on staff and his team be that bad on defense. We might have 3 four stars committed but if they are not taught proper defense it will not matter they are 4 stars!!!
    This is not a wildly athletic team on the defensive end. And let's not forget that Kansas has an elite roster. Self has very skilled offensive players who are going to do that to many opponents this year. Gates' high-pressure defense can be susceptible if teams break the pressure and avoid turnovers. I wouldn't throw up red flags just yet.
    How many games can a freshman play in basketball and still redshirt?
    Zero. It's not the same as football, where you can play four games and still use that year as a redshirt.
    Mevis will have to stay another year to raise his draft status I would think, do you agree? At the beginning of this season I thought he might go to the draft, but he wasn’t the same consistent kicker as he was in the past and he won’t win any of those awards that he was on preseason watch lists for.
    I thought he took a step back this year with some of the short misses. He's a very motivated guy. No doubt he'll work to be better in 2023.
    Hey, Dave ... last week I asked about who was driving the success that is happening in the athletic department and I don't think I asked the question well. My idea is that there are some schools where the president/chancellor understands the marketing value of success on the field - I can't tell you how many of my friends spend big bucks sending their kids to Alabama because those kids want to be in that football championship atmosphere.

    I did a story a few years ago about how Appalachian State saw its number and quality of applications skyrocket from the combination of 3 national football titles in 4 years and that big win at Michigan on national TV. Sports - football in particular (though UNC has a similar advantage in men's BB) - is the marketing arm of so many schools. And at other schools, the head person sees athletics as something to, at best, be tolerated as it, in their eyes, "drains resources from the core, academic mission."

    I'm wondering to what degree Mun Choi is in the first camp, driving for something more than, "pretty good," in sports. It seems the hiring of AD DRF and what they're paying HCED are steps in that direction.
    Mun Choi made some pretty bold statements when he fired Jim Sterk and hired Desiree Reed-Francois:

    “Business as usual goes out the window with our new athletics director."

    “I’m going to throw down the gauntlet: We’re not going to go from good to great. Today, we’re going to go from good to becoming champions, the very best. And with the right leadership, the right vision and investments, we can get there.”

    That was Choi back in August of 2021. I don't think it was just a bunch of press conference rhetoric, but actions will speak louder than words. I think that higher standard was evident when MU fired Ia squeaky clean basketball coach one year removed from an NCAA Tournament appearance. It was evident when they poured more money into football salaries and the new indoor practice facility that is more of a luxury than absolute necessity. The Board of Curators has sway, too, as we saw with Drinkwitz's contract extension. So, as usual at Mizzou, it's a bit of Game of Thrones on who wields the most power from year to year, month to month, week to week.

    I don't know enough about Drink's offense to know if the slot receiver is prioritized over the outside guys - maybe it just seems that way because our QBs have to get the ball out of their hands quickly and Lovett became a good route-runner with solid hands ... the point of asking is whether you see LB III moving to the slot this year and whether you think that might be a good fit - I'm hoping to see him make a similar leap in production to what we saw from Lovett (which I'm confident he can do, if he has a QB like NC State's Devin Leary tossing him the rock).
    He could move inside where he might be more of a mismatch against smaller slot corners or slower linebackers/safeties. I could also see Mekhi Miller getting some action inside, too. It might depend on who develops for the outside positions.
    If you are coach Drink are you comfortable with the current quarterback situation going into next season, or are you looking to upgrade, knowing that likely means defections, Cook?
    Put on your head coaching visor,
    I think you have to do due diligence and explore the transfer market. If there's someone you believe gives you a better chance to win in 2023, you have to recruit that QB. The decision also depends on what they believe they have in Horn. If they truly believe he's a top-tier SEC quarterback, then you have to keep him around and invest in his development. If you believe Brady Cook can take his game to another level and become one of the better QBs in the SEC, then you can rest easy this offseason - as long as you know both guys are absolutely coming back. I do think it would be wise to find SOMEONE for depth purposes, similar to what Jack Abraham provided this year.
    In your opinion, does Gabarri Johnson seem to be a solid commit, or is he in danger of flipping with Hamdan going to Boise?
    I reached out to Johnson last night and haven't heard back. Drinkwitz just visited him last week in Tacoma. I don't think Mizzou should be worried about Johnson following Hamdan to Boise, but what if some Pac-12 schools closer to home become more appealing now that his QB coach isn't going to be in Columbia? It's worth wondering. Signing period begins next Wednesday.
    Is there any true chance for the NC State transfer QB or is that just some Mizzou fans hoping and praying since Drink recruited him once?
    I haven't seen any substantial connections between Mizzou and Devin Leary. I will say Drinkwitz would prefer to keep any QB shopping off the public radar this time around. So you never know. But I wouldn't hold my breath as of today.
    Assuming Schrader stays at running back, almost guaranteed, and Jones returns, why wouldn't he, what do make of the rest of the room?
    If playing time is an issue, don't know why Young, Harris, Cox and maybe even Butts wouldn't look somewhere else? Looks like portal time to me. Thoughts?
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