Join baseball writer Derrick Goold for his live Cardinals chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Join baseball writer Derrick Goold for his live Cardinals chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    The difference is far far far more than that. Kyle Schwarber signed for a guaranteed $79 million. Corey Dickerson signed for a guaranteed $5 million. That's a difference of years and of $74 million. Dickerson signed during spring training after the Cardinals took a look at the left-handed-hitting, DH options already on the roster and, yes, waited on the market to cool and then make a play for an outfielder who may not have had as many options as he hoped. They played the market. They signed Dickerson to a one-year deal and minimal expense.
    The Cardinals did not have interest in Schwarber at the expense and years he was going to command. If they added a left-handed hitter, and they did later, they were shopping at a lower shelf -- in cost and commitment.
    I'm sure this is an example fans cling to as conservative in their spending. But that's not new. The Cardinals are conservatives and "data driven" with their moves. But the question isn't is the home run champ worth $20 million more. Schwarber will make more than $70 million more. So the question becomes how much will cost the Cardinals to catch up ... 
    In seeking a big bat to make a true triple threat, do you see DH or SS as the best areas to explore? Is it time to make a splash for a big time free agent signing and end the W.S. Drought?
    Outfield. Add outfield. The Cardinals have lagged behind the league when it comes to having a bona fide bopper out in the outfield with the exception of 2021 for Tyler O'Neill. Outfield is usually the land of middle order hitters in the corners and thunder at the plate. The Cardinals need that. They have not had back-to-back strong, productive above-average power seasons from an outfielder since Matt Holliday. If the DH helps that change, so be it. But that seems like an area of improvement for the Cardinals to explore.
    Trea Turner can play the outfield, right? Would he entertain that idea?
    He can play shortstop, too.
    Seems inaccurate to say Schwarber cost $20M this year when he has an $80 mil contract. 4 years vs 1 year (Dickerson) and dollars to re-allot for the future. If everyone knew Sch would hit 46 HR, the price would have been even higher. IMO
    For kicks: Schwarber hit 46 home runs while calling Citizens Bank Park home. If he was a Cardinal, calling Busch home, he would have hit ... 45. So not so different. But he would have hit more than 50 if he was a Cincinnati Red.
    So I had a 'small' twinge of regret and seeing Bader hit in the playoffs.... until Saturday nite when he run Judge off a fly ball, then dropped it. LoL. Showboat here, showboat there, what a Hotdog!
    We were watching a different game. Bader is the center fielder. It's his job to call off the right fielder when he has an angle on the catch, as Bader definitely did. Judge should have peeled off not walked in front of Bader -- forcing him to try to catch a ball with a giant between him and the fly ball. Judge eclipsed Bader's view.
    Could Tommy Edman win conceivably win two Gold Gloves? And was Brendan Donovan's finalist achievement an actual testament to his defense, or more to his versatility?
    Tommy Edman could indeed win two Gold Glove awards. 
    As far as Donovan goes, why not both? Donovan was strong at third base and rated above average in the outfield, so it is that blend of both things. At third and in the outfield, he had a plus-11 Defensive Runs Saved, total.
    Would the Cards entertain making Edman a super utility player, since he can play multiple positions? That would open possibility signing or trading for a shortstop (Trea Turner, Dansby Swanson. i know the thought was entertained a few years ago with Matt Carpenter.
    They have already done that. This is what they've long intended and tried to do with their switch-hitter. It's need and performance that keeps him at a position like shortstop for the long-term. They're plan has been to use him as a super utility role like you've described, and they've tried that several times over the past few years. He had 50 starts at both middle infield spots this past season.
    Will we ever know what happened to Paul Goldschmidt from Aug 26 to Oct 8? Otherwise, fans are left to speculate any of the following: horrid season ending slump, fatigue from a long grinding season, back flare up or some other injury, lost focus after Mil ceded the division coupled with Pujols mania. How else to explain an MVP season that ended with a crash landing. Would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter.
    I'm never quite sure how to handle a question like this. So, I'll just be honest. Will you ever know what happened to Paul Goldschmidt? A lot of that will depend on whether you seek out the coverage beyond Twitter or the chats, and whether you allow for some nuance in the answer -- or if you only want the answer you want and that answer to be simple, even when it's not.
    Here's what we've reported, written, attempted to explain, and what Goldschmidt has described: He was out of sync. His lower half was not in time with his swing, and that was leaving him in between at times -- late on the fastball, or just off it and unable to drive it. He described times when he got a pitch that he would crush in the first 2/3 of the season and didn't handle the same. His swing felt just off. Now, the root cause of that lack of sync, that timing issue between his stride/stance and his swing could be related to soreness in his lower back. That does happen, and he did miss time with discomfort win his back. The back is key for any hitter, as you know. And as the back tries to defend itself against pain, then it's going to change the mechanics of a swing, just like the body of a pitcher will change the stride length of the delivery to protect against pain in the knee.
    Goldschmidt worked with the hitting coaches to get back in sync and had stretches where he felt it was there, right there, within reach, late in the season. But it didn't happen before the season was over.
    Again, a lot of this has been discussed, with quotes from Goldschmidt, so it's not some mystery kept from the fans to be revealed at another time or reported on later this winter. There may be confirmation of a deeper ailment -- back pain that he did not articulate to the media when asked -- but that would add depth and context, not reveal new information. It's just a matter of where you go to search for this information. There is a wealth of coverage out there from many outlets that plunge far deeper into the information than a tweet, and I do hope that people seek it out.
    Thank you for coming to the chat to do so.
    A bad decision by Marmol and a bad decision by the San Diego manager really helped the Phillies get into the World Series, not the only reason but really contributed to it.
    That's baseball. Remember that one time the Cardinals got in the playoffs because Atlanta stumbled, bumbled, and botched a lead. Yeah, it happens.
    Derrick, when Harrison Bader becomes your best hitter, you know the team is in trouble. Would you agree that this NYY team was the most overrated and overpaid team on the planet?
    I would not, no. But it is in the running. I've seen far worse. I've seen some highly paid teams that don't reach the postseason at all.
    Derrick - Has there been any public explanation from Goldie re his dramatic slump after late August ? He looked totally out of sync.
    Yes, please scroll back into the chat where it was detailed.
    Looking at annual payroll per Spotrac, only the Guardians in place of the White Sox (#7 with $208Million-"M") made the postseason being out of the top 12 as Cleveland at #28 of 30 teams had $82M spent. The heavily favored Astros to soon win the World Series are at #9 with $193M in salary vs the Phillies at #4 with $255M. Meanwhile the Cardinals came in at #12 expending $170M. Last year champion, the Braves at #8 were $200M this season. Although St. Louis will not be getting Colorado to kick in nearly as much money should Nolan Arenado stay here in 2023 the team's payroll is likely still rapidly heading north closer to the $200M range nonetheless. Seems to me this franchise much like teams #8-11 is far from stingy in paying a fair amount of freight while still being in solid position paying fair enough for some more pricey talent going forward and also expecting to seriously compete for another deep postseason run next year. What is your take?
    I wrote about the payroll, the Cardinals need to change their level from competing in the division to competing in the league, and what it takes to compete in the National League extensively in this article: 

    Goold: After summer fun, Cardinals' unceremonious fall highlights rising cost of contention

    STLtoday.comOusted quickly from playoffs, Cardinals face life after Molina without certain starters up the middle and payroll titans taking over the National League.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I really appreciate your insight into the team.

    Are the Cardinals going to add a bat this off-season? If they do where do you think it comes from: Catcher, Infield, Outfield?
    They are definitely going to look to add a catcher. That is obvious and confirmed. They are going to explore that free-agent market and they are going to at least engage one team (Oakland) in trade talks. They want to know if that deal would be possible, and what the cost will be.
    They will also look for another bat to add to change the depth/length/look of the lineup. That could be a leadoff hitter, for example. It could be a DH. That will develop over time here in the next month, and the GM Meetings will give the Cardinals and us a real sense of the possibilities.
    Thanks for your chat
    Great article by Ben today
    While the Cardinals go for the Dexter Fowler’s of the world or Corey Dickerson’s ,.Philadelphia went for Bryce Harper and it finally paid off. Philadelphia went for Kyle Schwarber. These big game free agents pay off sometimes if you want to get to the World Series you would have to go for it. You can’t namby-pamby it like the Cardinals management does specifically mow and then justify it . But I’ve been saying this all year, and the results speak for themselves.
    Point of information: The "Dexter Fowler's of the world" was a leadoff hitter coming off a championship season for a team that he helped ignite all season and was coveted by multiple teams. He also was a part of a free agent class when the Cardinals spent more guaranteed money on outside free agents than any other team.
    Did those signings workout as imagined? Not at all.
    Does not change the fact that they made them. Let's not rewrite history and be so dismissive of a player that was coveted even by the folks here in this chat, some of whom doubted the Cardinals would spend to get him and were right for a long time as the Cardinals did try to trade for Adam Eaton to avoid the free-agent cost. 
    Will DeJong be with the Cardinals next season? Does he plan to go for a cross-the-country tour this off-season like Carp did last off-season to rework his swing? Maybe get a new bat as well. He has time now and he earned some money to pay for the training. The Dispatch has reported he got instructors but this off-season is the time to go all-in for it.
    I don't know at this moment. A cross-country journey like the one ... Arenado did, too? Or similar to the one that Paul Goldschmidt did? Exploring those options is exactly what Paul DeJong is likely to do. He did something similar last offseason, too, you might recall.
    DG, thanks for the chat. Now that we see PHI going to the World Series, do you feel that it was more of a case of a Cardinals' roster that was lacking in some ways, or that PHI has a roster better built for the playoffs, or that they just played better? I'm thinking it is some of each.
    The Phillies have received a raucous postseason from Bryce Harper and terrific starting pitching from two of the top right-handed starters in the majors. The Cardinals did not get production from their two MVP-caliber players and they got one pitching performance similar to what Wheeler and Nola have done several items.
    Those are significant differences in the two teams. 
    So, too, is the payroll and the depth that provides for winning games when the stars don't all align, but it buys time for them to do so.
    Is it frustrating to the PD team that the Cardinals still haven’t had their end of year presser? This is another example of how Mo is frustrating to fans. Where is the transparency and discussions of how the season went and thoughts for the future. It’s like he hopes the fans forget about it and maybe they will or won’t have it all. Even without the plans for Waino and Nolan’s decision still not known you can still acknowledge what went right and wrong and areas of need for next season.
    It is not frustrating to me. I'm not surprised. This isn't the first time. It wasn't too long ago that they didn't have one at all. Every other team in the division has already held their post-season gathering with the media. But because the Cardinals have not ... It a) gave me a chance to take a few welcome days off (just being honest) and b) opens up the possibility for alternative reporting outside of a press conference setting. In many ways that's even better than a press conference. Or should be.
    I understand why fans would be frustrated. The team should answer to them. And fans should be aware how the Cardinals ultimately communicate with fans. 
    We know who the chatters and some of the PD writers think what the team needs but has Mo given any hint of his plan?
    Beyond his interest in pursuing an addition at catcher, not specifically.
    I work at a school 0.8 miles from CVPA/Collegiate. Not feeling like debating the Helsley move once again.
    Thank you for the work you do at a school in the area.
    Is it feasible for the Cards to sign more than one big ticket free agent this offseason? Or would that somehow go against the Cardinal way? Is SS a possibility? Is catcher the number one priority?
    Not sure if catcher is the "No. 1 priority." But it's a priority as an area of interest for addition. They want to see what's possible. They're not going to let that get in the way of other pursuits. They can multi-task. And they do have the payroll space for significant moves, according to people from outside and inside the organization. We'll see if/when Mozeliak speaks to the media how he articulates the payroll muscle they have. That will be a key answer and a revealing one for the offseason direction.
    My thoughts are with the families, faculty and staff of those students, but I would like to ask one question about baseball today. What was your take of Ben Frederickson's article about Willson Contreras this weekend? You and I seemed to disagree last time we chatted, but now he seems to agree with my position.
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